Sunday, January 26, 2020

Surreal scene at LA Live, as mourners for Kobe commingle with people dressed for the Grammy’s. Chants for Bryant are echoing through the crowds.

BREAKING: Rocket Attack on US Embassy in #Iraq

France to evacuate citizens from Wuhan by air

Kobe Bryant was killed Sunday when the helicopter he was traveling in crashed and burst into flames Sunday morning amid foggy conditions in the hills above Calabasas.

Tom Cotton, a military veteran, on CBS defends Trump calling head injuries suffered by American service members in the Iranian missile strike “headaches.” "He’s not dismissing their injuries. He’s describing their injuries."

It requires moral courage to stand up to this President. There's no doubt that he is vindictive — his threatening tweet about me today is proof positive. But we all have an obligation to do the right thing. Moral courage is rare. But it is never more essential than now.

To @SenateGOP : Are you afraid of Trump or Polonium-213? What are we supposed to think when you’re ready to shred the rule of law? So much for Home of the Brave....

Why doesn't Chief Justice Roberts hold Trump in contempt for his disrespect of the Senate trial and his threatening of his chief prosecutor?

House Manager @RepAdamSchiff says he takes this as a threat.

Remember when senators were incredulous that Schiff read a report about someone from the WH making an ominous sounding threat?

Analysis: Four significant questions raised by the newly released recording of Trump and Lev Parnas

False narrative. No legal requirement imposed on #whistleblowers to have first hand info & never has been. Common, in fact, that they don't. At the end of the day, it's whether information turns out to be accurate that matters. And #WBer is entitled to full protection under law.

This is grotesque. And yet, the race for first R senator to parrot this drivel won't be long...

Constitutional Crabgrass: President Trump’s Defenders Distort the Impeachment Clause

Even Fox News legal analyst Judge Napolitano says evidence of Trump having committed impeachable offenses is “ample and uncontradicted.” Will the Republicans vote to end our a Great American Experiment by refusing to hold Trump accountable?

I guess Don Jr can join Hunter on the witness list.

What price would that be?? And why does it sound like the man currently sitting in the Oval Office is threatening a member of Congress. You continue to bring dishonor & disgrace to that office. You lack the honor & integrity that the CinC should have. You’re not a king.

President Trump’s continued use of public intimidation and retaliation is a form of jury tampering. Imagine if a defendant could publicly denounce the prosecution and negatively influence career prospects of a juror.

Why didn’t Schiff release this?

Trump could also have been impeached for war crimes, assassinations and corruption: Law professor

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Schiff says, even if the Trump defense team is “successful in depriving the country of a fair trial, there is no exoneration” #MTP #IfItsSunday@RepAdamSchiff: “Americans will recognize that the country did not get what the founders intended.”

Asked about the argument by Trump defense that the team shredded the Democrats' case, Rep. Val Demings says her message to Trump and his lawyers is "regardless of what you say, the truth still matters and the evidence against the president is overwhelming"

Who is Dmytro Firtash? The man linked to $1 million loan to Giuliani ally has a shadowy past

The Constitution always needs defenders. @RepAdamSchiff is so far the greatest defender of the Constitution in the 21st century.

Gosh, what a problem it would be then if you worked for a man who has lied 16,000+ times in the last three years, huh?

Brand new Fox poll: "On impeachment, by a 50-44 percent margin, voters think the Senate should vote to convict Trump and remove him from office."

This sure looks like a threat.

Pressed about the Trump defense argument that Amb. Gordon Sondland only presumed a "quid pro quo" with Ukraine, Rep. Val Demings tells @GStephanopoulos that President Trump "dangled the offer of a White House meeting before President Zelenskiy."

National Review Editorial: Impeachment Doesn't Require a Crime "Republicans from the president on down are making arguments that range from the implausible to the embarrassing."

Lindsey Graham Could Lose His Senate Seat In 2020, After Democratic Challenger Has Nearly Tied Him In Latest Poll

An update on the corporate takeover of our government: A coal lobbyist runs EPA A pharma exec runs HHS An oil lobbyist runs DOI A Raytheon lobbyist runs DOD A Verizon lawyer runs FCC A banking exec runs Treasury And a failed mail-order meat salesman runs the country

This is who Republican Senators are covering up for. He has repeatedly attempted to solicit foreign attacks on our election, encouraged DOJ to go after his political rivals, violated the Constitution by blocking congressional oversight, and lied to us. Now he pledges revenge.

"If EVERY politician is indelibly corrupt, then Mr. Trump deserves no real punishment. To write off Mr. Trump's wrongdoing as run-of-the-mill politics, then, requires both minimizing what he has done and scandalizing what other politicians do..."

I don’t understand how anyone could read Trump’s tweets this morning and conclude anything other than he’s dangerously unhinged and needs to be removed from office

I’d love a government not stacked with people who believe the rapture is a distinct possibility

Am I the only one who’s concerned about “spoliation of evidence”? If, (hypothetically) other defendants have “proffered” this (or any other pics, videos, or recordings) then Parnas has spoiled that evidence & it’s no longer viable for prosecutors Perhaps that was always the plan.

The White House has concluded its first day of presentation. They're just talking around the damning evidence at this point.

Pope asks Catholics to say 'Never Again' to the Holocaust

Distinguished pol of the week: ‘Give America a fair trial. She’s worth it.’

Graham will oppose subpoena of Hunter Biden in Trump impeachment trial

The Democratic senators realize the managers won something big today: Once the defense attys said House witnesses didn’t talk directly to Trump, they opened selves up in Q session to why not call Bolton and Mulvaney for direct evidence?

Pompeo's "presumption of secrecy, and of his ability to upbraid a reporter without her telling the world about his indiscretion, is yet another instance of incompetence and arrogance, mixed together."

Overlooked -- the White House essentially admitting on Friday that its steel and aluminum tariffs didn't work

@File411 The D.C. dinner at Trump hotel was held on 4/30/2018. These donations were made 4/27/2018. Is it these donations that are part of their indictments?

The viral thread quoted below is missing essential context and contains numerous errors. It does not reflect the latest evidence. #2019nCoV Here is a new thread with the facts:

Trump loves to accuse others of that which he is guilty (he’s the most corrupt politician in modern American history and it isn’t close), but this kind of thing is also going to lead to violence. Shame on all the Republicans who know this but back him for political gain.

Comey writes in memo he laughed after Trump floated the idea of jailing journalists

They can talk all day (& I intend to listen to all of it to make sure there's not a defense I've missed), but unless they can explain why we shouldn't hear from 1st hand witnesses (you know, the witnesses Trump kept calling for) they can't credibly argue Trump did nothing wrong.

Why does everyone close to the president talk like a gangster?

NEW: Dershowitz labeled Trump 'destabilizing and unpredictable' in 2016 book titled “Electile Dysfunction: A Guide for Unaroused Voters.”

Disgusting man

How Trump will tackle Coronavirus 1. Tweet Coronavirus is not so dangerous. 2. Ban Asians from the US. 3. Cordon off cities he doesn't like (NYC, LA) 4. Blame Democrats for spread of disease. 5. Hermetically seal all Mar-A-Lago golf carts. 6. Appoint a camouflaged Disease Force.

Canada identifies first case of coronavirus

US registers third coronavirus case, California health officials say

“Gantz would then re­turn to Is­rael in time for the coun­try’s par­lia­ment to de­bate form­ing the com­mit­tee that would hear Bibi’s re­quest for im­mu­nity from bribery and fraud charges.”

Bondy says Lev Parnas has more tapes and they may be released publicly.

2 dead, 7 injured in South Carolina bar shooting

“A veteran Ohio trial court judge...(said) that he calls up ICE when he suspects a defendant in his Hamilton County courtroom may be undocumented.”

Evil happens when people let it happen, and our best defence against it is never to forget where evil leads. That is why it is so important to commemorate #HolocaustMemorialDay and the 75th anniversary of the liberation of @AuschwitzMemorial on 27th January.

ICYMI: Here are some of the powerful men (including Glenn Dubin) accused of underage sex in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal (based on sworn depositions unsealed by ⁦@MiamiHerald⁩ the day before Epstein was found dead in jail)

Two people were killed and seven people were injured early Sunday morning in a shooting at a bar in South Carolina,

Jim Lehrer of PBS once wrote down what he said were his rules of journalism.

All The President’s Men Are Whiny Little Boys

Billionaire Glenn Dubin retiring from hedge fund amid fury over Jeffrey Epstein ties & accusations of underage sex

Japan to evacuate any Japanese in Wuhan who wish to return - Abe

Listen: Trump tells associates to "get rid of" U.S. ambassador to Ukraine

Eagerly awaiting headlines about Republican Senators gasping in outrage and disbelief that the president's lawyers came onto the Senate floor to repeat, defend, and amplify Kremlin lies and disinformation. ... Or were there no pearls left to clutch?

The lawsuit alleges that the Trump Organization has been using Trump's presidency to line its pockets since Day One

Paris cancels Lunar New Year parade over coronavirus

More video via @muyixiao from “#Wuhan Hospital 11” showing the devastation of #2019nCoV. Sick — even potentially critically ill — patients line the hallway. Such scenes only happen when a hospital is overwhelmed.

VIDEO from a hospital in #Wuhan, #China — the epicenter of the #CoronavirusOutbreak — shows numerous patients in distress, some covered completely (suggesting mortality). This is what outbreaks look like.

Alan Dershowitz labeled Trump ‘destabilizing & unpredictable’ in 2016 book, & warned against voting for Trump who “openly embraces fringe conspiracy theories peddled by extremists.” Dershowitz is expected to defend Trump next week at the Senate trial.

"While there is no real historical precedent for Trump’s abuse of his commander-in-chief authority, if he gets away with it, expect more such misconduct in the future

Let's fix this after the traitors go to prison. "Billionaires spent unprecedented amounts of money influencing elections over the last decade—the top 3 donors and their spouses gave $717M to outside groups such as super PACs—and they’re expected to shell out even more in 2020."

Thread: Joe Rogan and Bernie Sanders This isn't the first time @JoeRogan has backed Bernie. When he did it in 2016, he was quoting Russia Today.

Will you finally tell everyone who you really were in the 1960s? Don't the US forces you way you can command deserve to know why you supported Communists? And you and I both know you didn't avoid Vietnam because you got a high lottery number. Will you fix that @BernieSanders?

Anyone blindly supporting this President can just fully shut up about “decorum” — Preet Bharara

You haven’t released a single document or allowed a single witness to testify. You may be acquitted by your party, but you will never wash away the stench of your corruption and incompetence. You will be remembered as the worst president in the modern era. Fact.

This is what pure contempt for the Constitution looks like.

This is horrific and hypocritical on about 666 levels

Bernie Sanders’ embrace of an endorsement by Joe Rogan drew instant criticism from some corners of the transgender community because of the podcast host’s use of gay slurs and position on trans issues.

As the Kremlin pushes a triumphant version of World War II and Soviet history, Poland and others push back.

For Trump, it seems one advantage to working with unsavory characters is being able to question their credibility as soon as they’re no longer useful

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday he hopes to “make history” during his upcoming trip to the White House for the expected unveiling of President Donald Trump's Mideast peace plan

Some evangelicals say they believe Trump is carrying out God’s End Time plans to bring about the return of Christ—beginning with war with Iran.

He'd do it to get their votes and or adoration in a heartbeat.

China says transmission of the coronavirus is increasing

For the record when I was in government I dealt with Mary Louise Kelly@NPRKelly a fair bit. I found her to be a real professional. Tough questions, tough answers but totally honest. She’s no liar and I’m quite sure she knows where Ukraine is on a map.

There is no happy ending to what Trump has started. If he wins, America is gone. We live in a Monarchy. There is only misery & Putin at the end of Trump’s road. He MUST be removed from office along with all the others that have betrayed the U.S.

China virus toll rises to 54 dead, more than 300 new cases, says government

More than 5 million Americans live in education deserts, lacking any college within a 30-minute drive. The result: Poverty persists.

Jeanine: Do you have the evidence? Rudy: 😳 I got the evidence Jeanine: Can we see the evidence? Rudy: You saw the evidence! It was on Fox. It was just on OAN! Go watch OAN and go watch my podcast!!!

Mike Pompeo is not behaving like someone who graduated top of his class at West Point. He’s acting like a panicked man, caught in a dangerous mess of his own making, terrified the world will soon understand the truth he’s desperately trying to hide. Just like his boss.

I think this statement says it all. The Senate Intelligence, who gave the info to all Senators, now running the #SenateTrial conspiracy clown show, know it’s Russian propaganda Russian President Vladimir Putin “sees Joe Biden as a threat.”

Post this meme in reply to Trumpers, in particular

On the heels of confirmed cases in Chicago and Washington state, a patient in Southern California was diagnosed with the new pneumonia-like virus from China, health officials said.

China is using HIV drugs as an ad-hoc treatment for pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus while the global search for a cure continues

Former Amb. to the UN Nikki Haley joined Boeing’s board of directors. Sine the aerospace company fulfills billions of dollars worth of federal contracts, we want to know if Haley has contacted high ranking government officials since starting at Boeing:

I know a couple athletes who would LOVE to have two hours of truth, Gym.

The heart of America’s oil renaissance is already showing signs of peaking, making the goal of U.S. energy independence as elusive as ever

38 min the #LEVidence tape @realDonaldTrump has talked badly about China, South Korea, the EU, UK, Rep Waters, WTO, OPEC, and PUTIN. But he said Kim Jong-un is a great guy. He talked about import manipulation to help his friends make money and still about an hr left.

Beijing suspends kindergarten. "Suggests" university students remain in dorms. Not Wuhan, Beijing.

Senator, you should pray that people take this tweet as evidence that you are severely ethically compromised because the only other alternative is to assume you are really, really stupid

NPR denies accusations of Secretary of State Pompeo, who accused a reporter of lying and called news media “unhinged”

VFW wants Trump to apologize for dismissing troops’ injuries from an Iranian air attack as “headaches” and “not very serious”

Given its importance to our national interest, we provided the entire 4/30/18 recording of the .@realDonaldTrump and Lev Parnas dinner to the media, for universal access and downloading. Stay tuned. Call the witnesses. Hear the evidence.

Trump’s spiritual adviser Paula White: “We command all satanic pregnancies and anything that was conceived in the satanic wombs to miscarry right now”. WTF is “sitanic wombs”?

Striking moment in the tape. President Trump asks how long Ukraine would last in its war w/Russia. - "Without us?" - "Not long." - "30 seconds." The tape is from April 2018. Then, in 2019, the president orders the withholding of all US military aid to Ukraine.

The lies, the defamation, the temper tantrum, the undercutting of the free press, the overuse of commas, the embarrassing and ridiculous sentence fragment, and the third grade grammar are all so unbecoming of the U.S. Secretary of State.

THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Hard to imagine any public servant using this wildly abusive language. A national embarrassment. — Barry R McCaffrey

Barack Obama called Donald Trump a "fascist" in a phone conversation with Sen. Tim Kaine during the 2016 presidential election, Kaine says in a video clip featured in the upcoming documentary about Hillary Clinton.

In recording Trump asks how long Ukraine can resist Russians: Trump inquired how long Ukraine would be able to resist Russian aggression without U.S. assistance during a 2018 meeting with donors that included the indicted associates of Rudy Giuliani

Busted .... in yet another lie. Parnas recording shows Trump talking with indicted businessmen the President has said he doesn't know

These guys think the law doesn’t apply to them. These guys think they are immune from oversight. These guys think the free press is a nuisance. These guys are a threat to democracy. — Chris Murphy

BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren has won the coveted endorsement of Iowa’s top newspaper

Romney: "It's very likely I'll be in favor of witnesses" in Trump impeachment trial

“Lev Parnas attorney admits to Anderson Cooper that his client has withheld recordings of Trump from @HouseIntel as a bargaining chip, and that Parnas was caught flat footed when Fruman provided the first audio, which Parnas had withheld”

Coronavirus update: - At least 56 people have died in China - More than 2,000 people have been affected around the world - 15 countries or territories have been impacted by the virus

"The highest office in America has turned into a giant cesspool of corruption." Call your Senators at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to vote for a fair trial and then urge them to vote to #RemoveTrump here:

Wait. Karen thinks McDonald's is cutting up people and putting them in sausages?

Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin’s wife in now-deleted Instagram post: "I stand with Greta"

January 25, 2020: Rudy Giuliani is still going on Fox News, calling Marie Yovanovitch "a crook," and linking her to George Soros.

PBS NewsHour published a full video of President Trump calling for the ambassador of Ukraine to be removed from her post during a private dinner.

Language matters. In referring to killing Soleimani, Trump said, “We caught a total monster and we took him out.” Took him out = killed him He used the same language referring to Ambassador Yovanovitch. “Take her out! Do it!” He didn’t mean fire her. He meant kill her.

EXCLUSIVE:@JaySekulow's "Americans of Faith" was charged in a class action lawsuit w/ violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by sending texts to tens of thousands of people across the country without "prior express consent." Actual # texted is millions.

Lev Parnas just dropped another mix tape

Today @HillaryClinton told me she sees Mark Zuckerberg's attitude toward disinformation on Facebook as "Trumpian" and "authoritarian." She says reasoning with Facebook is like "negotiating with a foreign power."

Alan Dershowitz Argues for Trump Cold Open - SNL

The impeachment trial will not result in Trump’s removal, but it could well result in Republicans’ removal from the Senate majority,

This moment on #CNNTonight where @TheRickWilson and @WajahatAli got @DonLemon to crack while discussing @SecPompeo's pettiness toward @NPRKelly.