Friday, January 27, 2017

Will Jeff Sessions start a war on pot smokers?

Trump quips after tough question from reporter: "There goes that relationship"

Iraq war vet lawmaker on Trump refugee ban: "I'm ashamed' he's our president"

Audio recording reveals GOP in chaos over Obamacare

Trump’s Ties to China Go Way Deeper Than People Realize

He even tried to launch a Chinese version of "The Apprentice" in 2005.

Some Residents Along Border Doubt Trump Plan

Joseph Garcia, the director for the Latino Public Policy Center at Arizona State University is critical of President Donald Trump's Mexico trade policy. He says the administration should consult with residents of border states. (Jan. 27)

Robert Reich ALEC Exposed

Senator Al Franken On Resisting: 'We Have A Strategy' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Senator Al Franken talks with Rachel Maddow about how the Senate Democrats are approaching challenging Donald Trump's picks for his cabinet.

Trump Kills Paid-For Obamacare Ads Days Before Deadline, Because Nobody Needs Insurance

Here's a transcript of President Trump's joint press conference with Theresa May, annotated by NPR reporters:

Rex Tillerson

Trump Protest Sign

Trump has made disputed scientific claims and embraced policies many fear will endanger the Earth and public health

Anti-defamation league knocks Trump holocaust statement for leaving out Jews

Potential Trump DHS hire Jon Feere promoted an anti-Immigrant, white nationalist website:

Sen John McCain: If Trump lifts sanctions, Congress will restore them

Spicer takes issue with CNN calling pro-life demonstrators "demonstrators"

Trump: Christian refugees will get priority over other religions

Chuck Schumer - There are tears running down the cheeks of the Statue of Liberty tonight.

Taxpayers Dollars

...and don't forget that ridiculous wall.

McConnell all but rules out possibility of a change to the filibuster

SBA Deletes LGBT Content From Website

Donald Trump pays tribute to Holocaust victims while banning refugees

DonaldTrump won't kill speculation on lifting Russia sanctions


Trump To Publish List Of Immigrant Crimes Each Week, Just Like Hitler!

Kellyanne Conway takes to Fox News to ramble off three anti-abortion myths in under two minutes:

Donald Trump backs Steve Bannon: ‘The media is the opposition party

Sam Bee thinks the inauguration of “white male mediocrity” was too scary to be funny

New US Envoy Puts UN Allies on Notice: 'For Those That Don’t Have our Back, We’re Taking Names'

New U.S. ambassador Nikki Haley in her first visit to the United Nations put U.S. allies on notice: "For those that don’t have our back, we’re taking names."
After making made the remarks to reporters at U.N. headquarters in New York, the new U.S. envoy to the international organization did not take questions about what exactly she meant, saying only, "We will make points to respond to that accordingly." 

Trump’s spokesman’s "easy way" to make Mexico pay for the wall has been revealed

So somehow, anyway you look at it, we pay twice. Is this how they grift off with the treasury?

The Daily Show - Welcome to President Trump's Reality

In his first interview since taking office, President Trump praises Fox News's coverage of his CIA speech and defends a ban on immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.

VP Mike Pence tells crowd at annual March for Life rally that ending taxpayer-funded abortion is a top priority

Everybody Hates Trump!

Scientists determined the likelihood of a nuclear apocalypse is greater, citing in part the words of Pres. Trump

Google, Facebook Take Action Against Fake News

Zephyr Teachout says emoluments suit could result in more financial disclosure for Trump

JUST IN: Trump: Mattis will "override" on torture

CNN Host Humiliates Gregg Phillips, Who Says 3 Million Non-Citizens Voted Illegally

A Doozy

Tillerson won't lift a finger on climate change & won't rule out Muslim ban. I won't vote for him.

A Heartstopping Reminder Of Why We Have Asylum Policies

But if you want to help Putin...

Al Gore will hold climate change summit cancelled after Trump inauguration

Former Presidents Ad From Stand Up Republic

For freedom to endure, we must defend it. Join us.

We have President Trump's inauguration cake. What should we do with it?

Trump says torture 'absolutely' works

What was reality and what was show in President Trump's first week in office?

Trump favor for unpopular Russia raises questions of influence WATCH NOW

Rachel Maddow relays reports of espionage and treason arrests in Russia and wonders why Russia has done for the U.S. to warrant favorable treatment from Donald Trump given Russia's political unpopularity in the U.S. Duration: 17:10

JUST IN: Indiana teachers hold sit-in to demand senator recuse himself from DeVos vote over donation

Russia is making fresh inroads into Afghanistan that could complicate U.S. efforts to end America’s longest war

Vicente Fox Repeats: Mexico Will Never Pay for President Trump's 'F*cking' Wall [full CNN Interview]

Published on Jan 25, 2017
CNN Anderson Cooper 1/25/2017. Mexican Ex-President Vicente Fox to US President Donald Trump: Mexico will never pay for that f*ucking border wall.

Mike Pence On Constitutionality Of Banning Muslims Entering US

Sold Soul For Money And Power Since

Donald Trump just spent the first week of his presidency proving your worst expectations right

Talking with Sean Hannity, Trump lauds Fox News, declares that "much" of the media to be "fake news"

The businesses that our president still owns? They're raising prices and may be expanding.

To Soothe One Mans Ego

The leaks coming out of the Trump White House cast the president as a clueless child

President Trump Has A Secret - New Ad

The President has a secret. How can we trust him if he won't come clean?
Evan Mullen, former conservative presidential candidate and ex CIA operative starts Trump Resistance Group  I am in.

Russia treason arrest seen as tacit corroboration of US intel

Rachel Maddow reports on concerns about Russia's influence over Donald Trump, and the likelihood that Russia's arrests of FSB members for treason is confirmation of some part of recent U.S. intelligence releases about Russia. Duration: 8:43 

God Speed Chancellor Merkel

Dear Madame Merkel, Please tell the world what Trump is really like, his intentions...

A Citigroup lawyer helped Trump pick bank regulators, then returned to work at the bank

Naughty, Naughty Citigroup, Citibank...You should be Boycotted..Some Of You Jailed

Should you resign from the Trump administration? Here are the 9 questions you need to ask yourself first

Made in Mexico

Trump's immigration order expands the definition of "criminal"

Opinion: Trump the bully

Germany is giving up on President Trump

Donald Trump's border wall plan proves just how little he knows about Mexican immigration

Mikhail Gorbachev: 'It All Looks as if the World Is Preparing for War

Mikhail Gorbachev was the president of the Soviet Union and is the author of The New Russia.
Jan 26, 2017
The world today is overwhelmed with problems. Policymakers seem to be confused and at a loss.
But no problem is more urgent today than the militarization of politics and the new arms race. Stopping and reversing this ruinous race must be our top priority.
The current situation is too dangerous.
More troops, tanks and armored personnel carriers are being brought to Europe. NATO and Russian forces and weapons that used to be deployed at a distance are now placed closer to each other, as if to shoot point-blank.
While state budgets are struggling to fund people’s essential social needs, military spending is growing. Money is easily found for sophisticated weapons whose destructive power is comparable to that of the weapons of mass destruction; for submarines whose single salvo is capable of devastating half a continent; for missile defense systems that undermine strategic stability.

No, Steve Bannon. You sit down and STFU. We're paying your salary now, you Nazi.

Chicago To Trump: Go F*ck Yourself

Protesters say they fear Trump more than refugees. "They also pay way more taxes... "

White House petition demanding Trump release his tax returns gets record number of signatures

We really need to find out exactly how shitty a business man hes been among other things.

Coming for your Beer and Tequila

Steve Bannon And The First Amendment

Cummings: Trump's 'gag orders' on federal workers likely illegal

Strengthening a “really depleted” military is “much more important” than balancing the federal budget, Trump says

Self-Care Lessons for the Resistance

With his man in the White House, the architect of Trumpism takes a victory lap around the media

How illegal immigrants took your job

Trump's import tax to pay for the wall would actually hurt American consumers and workers – NOT Mexico. Here's why

Trump is building an FCC that may betray his populist campaign promises

Poll shows Donald Trump with 36 percent job approval for first five days

With Vlad As My Co Pilot

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are scheduled to speak on the phone on Saturday

Lawmakers express "disgust" over Gabbard meeting with Assad

Opinion: Trump’s government looks an awful lot like a badly run business

Get Your Gloat On | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

We sent our correspondents to test the waters at the Trump Inauguration. They are lukewarm, at best.

A 500-year journey to the phrase 'alternative facts'

Trump's labor nominee still hasn't turned in his ethics paperwork

Donald Trump’s bogus fraud claims will give the GOP cover to ramp up voter suppression

Sister Joan Chittister On Pro Life Vs Pro Birth

Where are all your adopted children,? Hypocrites.

Abortion Texas Republican: Criminalizing abortion would ‘force women to be more personally responsible’

Meet Tony Tinderholt
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Truth, Science Go Rogue

Populism and Terror: An Interview with Noam Chomsky

Republican reaction to President Trump and his speech at the annual retreat in Philadelphia

President Trump spent part of his day at this year's GOP retreat in Philadelphia. CBS News' congressional correspondent, Nancy Cordes was there with how Trump was received by other Republican lawmakers.

"Thousands of impoverished, vulnerable women will die," Nicholas Kristof writes in The NYT Opinion Section.

Sen. Franken: No Democrat will vote for Betsy DeVos — and we’re seeking Republicans to oppose her

POTUS and FLOTUS Unsecured IPhones Hacked - Want Thier Emails?