Monday, January 27, 2020

The Hong Kong government has announced that government workers will be allowed to work from home when the holiday period ends on Wednesday. The private sector has also been urged to make similar arrangements, a government spokesman said.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation paid an IRS fine following a @CREWcrew complaint in 2016 for making an illegal political contribution to then-Florida AG Pam Bondi. Today, Bondi went after the Bidens as part of the President's impeachment defense team

Funny Pam Bondi not mentioning she was making twice as much per month as Hunter from Qatar for no apparent reason. "Bondi registered in July under FARA — Foreign Agents Registration Act — as a part-time, $115,000-per-month lobbyist for Qatar."

The White House claim that Rudy Giuliani was a minor player is false. RG directed Lev Parnas, including giving quid pro quos to Ukranian President Poroshenko & Zelensky Chief of Staff, on behalf of Trump. The evidentiary record corroborates Parnas.

I’ll say this much for Dershowitz his speech: he’s not talking to Trump or to Rube Nation. He’s talking for, and to, himself. This is a lecture that he will play every evening to himself as a trophy.

The strength of the Hunter Biden nepotism argument depends on all of the relatives of Republican Senators never benefiting from their family connection.

The president’s legal team is advocating a degree of executive privileges and immunities that would swallow the impeachment power and establish an unconstitutional rule of executive supremacy. — Justin Amash

So odd. Bondi's singular focus on Hunter Biden is undermining their earlier argument about Trump's concern about fighting corruption in Ukraine. A real anti-corruption campaign does not focus on one person on the board of one company ! (Why wasn't Trump focused on Zlochevsky?)

Help me here. So Mariia Butina's ex-attorney is repping Mick Mulvaney on pushback against John Bolton. *But Yet* John Bolton delivered a video message to Mariia Butina's "Right to Bear Arms" group

"The removal of Michele...comes days after Secretary Pompeo harshly criticized the work of an NPR host. We can only conclude that the State Department is retaliating against National Public Radio," the association's president said in a statement.

EXCLUSIVE: Bolton privately told Barr last year that he had concerns Trump was effectively granting personal favors to the autocrats of Turkey and China. Barr said he was concerned Trump created appearance he had undue influence on inquiries

Schiff addresses Bolton testifying and says the House did call Bolton to testify

Yes, yes, heads on pikes. We know

So far, no comment from the State Department. But @shauntandon says NPR's @michelekelemen has been removed from her planned spot on Pompeo's plane for his upcoming trip

This “Obama did it too” speech by Herschmann is an unbelievably bad faith reading of a president that even I was critical of, because there is a huge difference between foreign policy and extortion. This is purely for the Rube Nation audience.

Really want to emphasize this. POTUS lawyers are arguing that believing a conspiracy — even if just one thing in the wacky pile of sh*t can’t be fully disproved — justifies the strong arming of an ally outside regular legal and diplomatic channels.

Trump waived executive privilege when he called Bolton a liar.

Andrew Bates, the Biden campaign's rapid response director, slammed the argument Pam Bondi delivered, saying in a statement: "We didn't realize that Breitbart was expanding into Ted Talk knockoffs."

Did I miss something or is Hunter Biden now President of the United States?

How much does Pam Bondi's lobbying firm Ballard Partners get paid to lobby the defendant Trump

What is happening now on Senate floor: The president’s lawyers are arguing if you **can’t disprove a conspiracy** completely, it might be real, and thus the president believing it is a defense for undermining US interests. This nuance should be lost on no one.

Pam Bondi, who dropped an investigation into Trump University after Trump's foundation gave her campaign $25,000, is here to lecture us about corruption

This Pam Bondi?

Prepare. Don’t panic. We survived many things including the Spanish flu, Ebola, MERS, SARS, etc. We’ll get through this too.

JUST IN: Meadows: Republicans that break with Trump on impeachment may face "repercussions"

What defense? In wake of Bolton book news, White House allies say Trump lawyers bungled defense

Philbin says the US v. Nixon case doesn't apply because the subpoena in the Nixon case was part of a criminal investigation. But the @realDonaldTrump administration has also argued that the president cannot be subject to a criminal investigation, period.

U.N. report on Jeff Bezos phone hack only adds to questions about how the National Enquirer got its scoop

You mean the same Jane Raskin that was cc’ed in this 10/8/19 e-mail by John Dowd, along with you, @RudyGiuliani, Victoria Toensing, Joe diGenova, John Sale and @JaySekulow, updating everyone about the efforts to thwart Lev Parnas’ complying with his HPSCI subpoena?

"Independents said Trump should be removed by a nearly 20-point margin, with 53% in favor of conviction and 34% opposed"

White House Claim: Rudy Giuliani is “a minor player.” Reality: Witnesses testified that Trump directed them to "talk to Rudy" about Ukraine. Trump himself mentioned Giuliani on the call with Zelensky. And Ukrainians viewed Rudy as "the key."

Potus to Parnas: “How long would Ukraine last against Russia?”

McConnell did not know, his aides are now telling reporters.

Philbin now talking about the importance of executive privilege. There's a problem, though. @realDonaldTrump has NOT ONCE invoked executive privilege since he took office in 2017.

Trump attorney Raskin ends by claiming that “Guiliani is just a minor player.” How many fact witnesses repeated the same line of “talk to Rudy?”

'Blow Up the Phones': Demands That #BoltonMustTestify Surge After New Revelations About Ukrainian Aid Freeze

POTUS posse is now attacking the Mueller report to back up the idea that Russia didn’t attack America. This is insane, America

Here's how @Facebook upped its tax-dodging game after Sheryl Sandberg became its chief operating officer.

Oh my god. @JaySekulow is complaining about @SpeakerPelosi's pens. On the Senate floor. Oh my god. Oh my god. He's actually saying this. I'm not hallucinating. This is real.

Stochasitc terrorism: the public demonization of a person or group resulting in the incitement of a violent act, which is statistically probable but whose specifics cannot be predicted.

Ken Starr’s “Rodino Rule” that you only proceed with impeachment when it is bipartisan is baloney, and a distortion of history. The Nixon process became bipartisan only as Republicans discovered his guilt. The GOP of 1970s refused to coverup for him! Not so today, it appears.

.@RepDougCollins by “Facts” you mean the findings in the Articles of #impeachment? Thanks for the affirmation!

As Sanders moves into first place in some polls, a reminder of the hazards of nominating for president a candidate with a 40 year record who has never faced tough scrutiny. Latest in @theatlantic

As you look at Ken Starr, always remember that he was complicit in covering up multiple sexual assaults at Baylor, and ousted as president, was complicit in giving Jeffrey Epstein an illicit free hand to molest more young girls. He is simply a despicable human being.

Key point that hasn’t gotten enough attention ==> Pompeo’s rise to preeminence has not served either the prez or the country well. The secretary of state had a front-row seat to the actions that have gotten Trump impeached—and did nothing to stop Trump

Does @jim_jordan know that the Democrats didn't leak this, nor do they control the publishing schedule? Someone in the WH or Bolton himself leaked this, Gymmy

BLOW UP the phones. TRUTH SCARES. Murkowski 202-224-6665 Romney 202-224-5251 Collins 202-224-2523 Alexander 202-224-4944 Burr 202-224-3154 Grassley 202-224-3744 Sasse 202-224-4224 Enzo 202-224-3424 Gardner 202-224-5941 McSally 202-224-2235


China county offers reward for identifying people from virus-hit Wuhan

As Kenneth Starr drones on, read this:

Mulvaney's lawyer has issued a statement on Bolton's book

BREAKING: On 5-4 vote, Supreme Court lets Trump administration start enforcing new immigrant wealth test, designed to screen out green card applicants seen as being at risk of becoming "public charges".


Trump’s legal team is subject to ‘criminal perjury charges’ in light of John Bolton’s revelations: whistleblower’s attorney

Just in: Email from Chuck Cooper, Bolton's lawyer, telling House last Oct. 30 that his client "is not willing to appear voluntarily." (What he doesn't say: while he voluntarily writes book.)

"The impeachment habit proved hard to kick" Ken Starr - trying to sound sanctimonious about impeachment when he's a recovering addict. He's the Keith Richard of impeachment.

Starr, referring to the British parliament and a Peggy Noonan op-ed, is arguing that impeachment should be "obsolete." The appropriate legal response here should be...WTF.

And one more comparison to Iran-Contra: At least Iran-Contra - which was illegal and un-Constitutional - was in accordance with Reagan's stated policies, and did not personally benefit him. Put another way: This is *worse* than Iran-Contra, and that's saying something.

We are also living the Age of Titanic Bullshit, and this speech will be a Hall of Fame entry.

SDNY & the FBI have reached out to Prince Andrew’s attorneys to interview him, but to date he hasn’t responded, according to U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman.

A perfect look for a guy who was dismissed for mishandling a sexual assault case and is now part of a Team of Mooks

Whoa, sparks fly on Fox News: Chris Wallace tells @KatiePavlich, "Get your facts straight!" @BretBaier then says, "Let's tone it down."

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump continues in the Senate with Trump team's second day of its defense.

Trump legal team resumes defense in impeachment trial

Schiff on John Bolton: "He ought to come in testify under oath. Senators should not wait until March 17 when the book comes out. They should demand this information while it would still be pertinent to their decision."

U.S. Senate: Impeachment Trial (Day 6) LIVE

A trial that doesn't allow testimony from material witnesses isn't a trial at all. It's a cover-up. Your Republican senators need to hear from you today. (202) 224-3121

Bill Barr Facing Possible Impeachment: Bolton Reveals He Went to Barr About Ukraine Matter

The cosplay is getting ridiculous. Clowns.

OMG. The top WH official responsible for preparedness & response to a deadly #pandemic quit, and the global health security team he oversaw was DISBANDED by then-NSA John Bolton in *May 2018*.

Adam Schiff was meeting with other House impeachment managers when the Bolton bombshell news broke. "It was one of those moments where everyone freezes. We all reacted to the story. There were several exclamations that I wouldn't want to repeat in print."

Why would Senators eligible for top secret briefings want to rely on a book manuscript for the public...unless this whole Bolton mess is propaganda

NEWS: Romney says it’s “increasingly likely” that there will be enough Republicans to vote in support of calling John Bolton as a witness. He wouldn’t say specifically who.

Mitch McConnell Knew John Bolton Book Incriminates Donald Trump, Blocked Trial Witnesses, Says Nicole Wallace

That the Senate can avoid calling John Bolton as a witness is not sustainable.

You know, WGA members (& many non-WGA writers/novelists in support) recently fired their agents over unfair practices that were damaging tv writers’ wallets. Simon & Schuster is damaging our democracy. Will their authors fire them?

Senator Mitt Romney said revelations from John Bolton’s book made it “increasingly likely that other Republicans” would push for Bolton's testimony in President Trump's impeachment trial

Icing on the cake: these statements of Trumps sh waive exec priv. Eg “I NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens. … If John Bolton said this, it was only to sell a book.”

Prince Andrew had previously said: “Of course, I am willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required.” ...but, you know, good luck requiring a foreign prince.

Ming think Senate should immediately vote to call Bolton as witness or risk appearance that Republican Senators are compromised and not acting in interest of America.

And with this late night tweet the Very Stable Genius has legally waived executive privilege on John Bolton's testimony. Trump has now made their conversations public. History might show this was Trump's most self-damaging tweet.

How’s Firtash? Still okay with you hustling a six figure monthly retainer out of him for producing zero results? He seems like a soft, gentle guy. I’m sure you’ll be fine

ROMNEY tells reporters just now that it’s “important” to hear from Bolton and said his testimony would be “relevant” at this time.

The Trump campaign releases a long list of surrogates for Trump, including numerous elected officials, cabinet secretaries, and Mike Lindell of My Pillow

Are you speaking in your capacity as the attorney for Dmitry Firtash, as the former employer of Lev Parnas, or as the ‘colleague’ whom President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani suggested the Ukrainian President should meet?

Reason: Very awkward.

New: @SenatorRomney reiterates demand to call John Bolton to testify, says he’s had discussions with some of his colleagues and calls it “very likely” others would join him

Watch six decade-long disinformation operations unfold in six minutes

#SCOTUS this morning asked US government to weigh in with its views on pending cert petition aimed at heading off a trial for mil contractor CACI over torture at Abu Ghraib in Iraq. Earlier:

CDC confirms 3 new US cases of novel #coronavirus (#2019nCoV) infection in the U.S., 1 in Arizona & 2 in California. Everyone can do their part to help CDC respond to this emerging public health threat. See CDC Recommendations for what you can do:

New: NSC spox John Ullyot statement says no one in WH outside NSC reviewed the draft: “Amb. Bolton’s manuscript was submitted to the NSC for pre-publication review and has been under initial review by the NSC. No White House personnel outside NSC have reviewed the manuscript.”

Must read: @neal_katyal @jgeltzer @mickeyedwardsok op-ed (on Senate Rule giving Roberts power to subpoena witnesses). As a perfect complement, just published by historian @AstorAaron: "How Chief Justice Chase in Johnson Impeachment Decided on Witnesses"

"Hours after a leak from John Bolton's book shows, as if more evidence was needed, that Trump was out to shake down Ukraine and all of the president's men knew it, the president's legal team... will return to the well of the Senate today," writes

This week, Democrats can and should ask the chief justice to issue subpoenas on his authority so that key witnesses of relevance like John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney appear in the Senate, and the Senate should subpoena all relevant documents as well.

The following thread regards how we should be planning for the possibility that nCoV cannot be contained. #2019nCoV

In reading this thread about what the response to a global pandemic would require, I find myself wishing we had a real president who believes intelligence briefs and has qualified experts around him, instead of a team of trained seals and a govt from which scientists are fleeing.

“More than 350 Amazon employees violated the e-commerce giant’s communications policy Sunday, in an unprecedented public display of support for colleagues who were warned they could be fired for speaking out to criticize the company’s climate practices.”

Brian Kilmeade says John Bolton's book manuscript being "leaked out" is "more evidence that people within the administration are against the administration." Kilmeade also says it's "devastating timing, because this thing was on the fast track to closing out without witnesses."

Poor dumb kilmeade saying the quiet part loud.

Until now, Simon & Schuster had never even confirmed that it had a Bolton book project in the works. Now there's a release date: March 17

Cool, if Bolton is lying we should definitely get him under oath to clarify the situation! (When Trump issues denials this quickly, the information he’s denying is 100% accurate)

Trump an increasingly lawless and dangerous man. This Trump tweet clearly suggests violence and physical intimidation against a Member of Congress.

Perspective: A big tax refund is nothing to celebrate. Here’s why.

With this GoFundMe, sheet cakes will be delivered to every GOP Senator's office. The frosting will write out the key passage from John Bolton's book that makes the truth 100% clear: Trump violated the Constitution and abused the power of his office.

This is how the Wuhan coronavirus affects the body

Is it more than a coincidence that the reporters Pompeo has treated badly are all women??

A picturesque holiday camp in Hong Kong has been turned into a quarantine center to house those who have came into close contact with confirmed cases of coronavirus

.⁦@AmbJohnBolton⁩ is willing to write a book for money saying Trump told him he was pressuring Ukraine by withholding aid to get investigations that would help Trump. Bolton should say this to Congress and the public right now.

The question now is not whether Republican senators will vote to keep @realDonaldTrump in office. The question is whether they will be co-conspirators in Trump’s cover-up.

In recent years, four Mass. jails got $164 million in federal money to house ICE detainees

Trump and his aides are thinking about how he should celebrate his presumed acquittal in the impeachment trial

Analysis: Four significant questions raised by the newly released recording of Trump and Lev Parnas

"Bolton also described..Pompeo’s private acknowledgment to him..that Giuliani’s claims about Yovanovitch had no basis and that Giuliani may have wanted her removed because she might have been targeting his clients who had dealings in Ukraine as she sought to fight corruption."

"I conspired with low-rent Russian Mob operatives to suck up to Putin" - 22 U.S.C. § 611 et seq

I can NOT emphasize this enough - things are going to get very chaotic. You won’t be able to tell Up from Down. Take a breath. Tune OUT his twitter feed & partisan news orgs FIND YOUR TRUE NORTH Holdfast because the disinformation warfare will increase

Figured ⁦@SecPompeo⁩ was shrewd enough not to lie (about someone lying) when he could be so quickly and easily and definitively proven to be lying. The Trump pathology is contagious.

Bulgaria expels two Russian diplomats for espionage one week after the Swiss expose two Russian “plumbers” as spies in Davos. I’m sure this is the tip of a much larger Russian espionage iceberg.

Opinion: Trump took aim at kids’ nutrition. He picked the wrong food fight.

#HolocaustRemembranceDay The scary thing is that we have become what the world was like in the 1920’s. How could we as a species ever repeat these atrocities, yet there are people in concentration camps all around the world?

'@Facebook should ban #Holocaust denial to mark 75th anniversary of #Auschwitz liberation'

JUST IN: State-owned Ariana Afghan Airlines plane crashes in Afghanistan's central province of Ghazni - provincial official

For both commercial & patriotic reasons, Simon & Schuster should get Bolton’s book out now & dare Trump to kill it. S&S publishes Bob Woodward; they know this drill.

A United States government-chartered plane is set to evacuate about three dozen US diplomats and their families from Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus, on Tuesday.

An Op-Ed from William B. Taylor, former diplomat to Ukraine and key impeachment witness: "To support Ukraine is to support a rules-based international order that avoided war among major powers in Europe for 7 decades. ... Most Americans do."

Trump and his Cult Surrogates have taken Gaslighting to stratospheric heights. They want US to believe a President has the Constitutional right to Cheat to win an election. Democracy is fighting for its life.

Reaction to the death of former NBA player Kobe Bryant

After a person in Los Angeles County tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus, efforts are being ramped up to trace everyone the patient came into contact with.

The impeachment hearing is not a “trial” in any sense of the word. I’m beginning to think that Adam Schiff should call the R’s bluff to subpoena him by volunteering to testify. I would LOVE to see lawyers like Cipollone & Sekulow try to question Schiff. Schiff would crush them.

Premier Li Keqiang lands in Wuhan on Monday to lead the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak

Disputed issues of fact can’t be resolved without testimony from both parties. Bolton is willing to testify. A tweet isn’t enough. If Trump won’t repeat this under oath, there’s no reason to believe him.

The Polish hero who volunteered to go to Auschwitz — and warned the world about the Nazi death machine

How North Korea tricked two women into assassinating Kim Jong-un's half-brother as part of a "prank video"

How to protect yourself from Wuhan coronavirus: - Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness - Cook food thoroughly - Wash your hands - Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze - Wear a surgical mask

Germany Probes Deutsche Bank Payments to Saudi Royal Adviser

Trump says Bloomberg isn’t going to win because he’s a terrible speaker and can’t speak properly

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