Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Just asked Nancy Pelosi about WH saying Hope Hicks should not answer questions about her time at the WH, and she said: “Obstruction of justice.” And she walked to the elevator.

New: Dems asked Hope Hicks to read portions of the Mueller report about her, which she did. Then when asked about the report's accuracy, counsel objected - per multiple sources familiar,

Jerry Nadler on the Hope Hicks immunity claims: "The White House asserted so-called absolute immunity, which is ridiculous and which we'll destroy in court."

99-year-old, last surviving Nuremberg Prosecutor calls Trump’s detention of children in concentration camps a Crime Against Humanity

New: Paul Manafort’s seized Trump Tower condo is listed for sale for $3.6 million by US government

Hope Hicks arrives on Capitol Hill for interview with House Judiciary - amid WH claim she’s immune from answering questions about her time at the WH

(#MuellerReport, Vol. II, pp. 115-116)#AnimatedMuellerReport

(#MuellerReport, Vol. II, p. 49) #AnimatedMuellerReport

West Hollywood City Council votes to have Trump’s Walk of Fame star removed

ICYMI: here is the highlights from the #TrumpRallyOrlando last night

Parody and yet...

Kim Olson’s announcement video is smooth as hell! One of the best I’ve seen. Olson for Congress!

Never forget that Jared Kushner has Khashoggi’s blood all over his hands.

Last night the House passed on a bipartisan basis the Amendment I partnered on with @RepSpanberger @RepCicilline & @RepMalinowski to stop 22 arms sales to Saudi Arabia & UAE. While @SecPompeo chooses to be a lapdog for the Saudis, Congress will not be. Where is Kashoggi's body?

Three Russians and one Ukrainian have been named as suspects in the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in 2014

“At one point, Republicans were willing to tolerateTrump’s brutish tactics and reprehensible character as the price of party loyalty; today many of them seem to relish it. They see the dehumanization of others as a form of entertainment.”

"Now I feel stupid," Jon Stewart said sarcastically. "This is a huge misunderstanding. I didn't know that they were busy ... I didn't mean to interrupt them with their jobs!"

BREAKING: Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was victim of 'deliberate, premeditated execution,' UN expert says in first independent report

“The two most important numbers… are 6.1 and 3.9. 6.1 million people watched Family Feud last Sunday night, 3.9 watched George Stephanopoulos interview the president. There is ‘Trump wear out’… He doesn’t have a new bag of tricks”

BREAKING: UN expert: 'Credible evidence' merits probe into Saudi crown prince's possible role in killing of journalist Khashoggi.

Trump Admin Hid Shanahan’s Dark Past, Senators Say

Donald Trump's policies are prompting Mexico to question its decades-old dependence on the U.S. market

One problem with the shoddy vetting by the @realDonaldTrump Administration is that people who can be blackmailed are getting security clearances and being put in sensitive national security positions. @ActingSecDef should have disclosed this information at the very beginning.

Centrists are coming around to Elizabeth Warren as an alternative to Bernie Sanders

NEW: Ukrainian-Russian developer PAVEL FUKS files suit against the GOP fundraiser @YuriVanetik for scamming Fuks out of $200k he paid for a VIP package to TRUMP's inauguration. *It's illegal for foreigners to donate to presidential inaugural committees.

New filing in In re Request to Make Public List of Matters Related to Special Counsel Investigation: Miscellaneous Relief

It is highly unusual for the Deputy Attorney General to personally intervene on behalf of a federal inmate. Congress should conduct oversight to learn how the request by Manafort's attorneys to the warden of a federal prison came to the attention of the Deputy Attorney General.

Proud Boys member (self-described Western Chauvinist men’s group) says he’s at Trump rally with tactical gear to protect Trump fans from liberals.

All Of The Mueller Report's Findings In Under 30 Minutes!

Activists urge Google to break up before regulators force it to

The CDC is warning travelers about a "record high" number of measles fatalities in Europe

Kamala Harris: Trump's new deportation plan is 'outrageous'

The Blacks for Trump guys are back!

Waiting on Trump

New York state is set to enact the most ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction mandate in the country

An alleged ex-spy is upending Boris Johnson's play for British Prime Minister:

Rep. Katie Porter becomes latest Democrat to support impeachment

President Donald Trump has already given the global economy trade wars. Now there are signs he may be gearing up for a currency war, too

Behind the scenes, @ActingSecDef Shanahan wrestled with how to handle a baseball bat attack in his family that rattled its foundation. He speaks on the record with @washingtonpost

'We have to do better': Florida paper rejects Trump reelection

Orlando Sentinel newspaper makes 'not Trump' anti-endorsement

Rikers Island should be closed forever, but seeing @TheJusticeDept abuse its power to give Paul Manafort special treatment should anger everyone. This is someone who betrayed the country for his own profit and the President’s, and the government does this.

“A demonic network that has been united against President Trump needs to be broken in the name of Jesus” - prayer from Paula White

WH says Hope Hicks is “absolutely immune” from testifying about her time at the WH, something Dems are flatly rejecting. They want to ask about allegations in Mueller report.

There was something pathetic and eerie about “lock her up” chants following references to “Crooked Hillary” over two years after the election in which Trump defeated her

Trump leaves US weak with inability to fill administration spots

Trump vetting carelessness missed high level security risk

White House Counsel: Hope Hicks Is ‘Immune’ From Questions About Her Time in Trump Administration

Wow– April Ryan: “Mr. President, will you apologize for the Central Park 5? Trump: “You have people on both sides of that. They admitted their guilt ... we’ll leave it at that.”

From a disillusioned GOP operative: ‘The Trump campaign is well aware of the organized participation of Proud Boys rallies merging into Trump events. They dont care. Staff are to treat it like a coalition they can’t talk about.’

My favorite Trump quote of the night: “We will come up with the cures for many, many, problems, many diseases, including cancer and others.”

Trump boasts of taking on the lobbyists on the same day he replaces a former Boeing executive with a former Raytheon lobbyist as acting secretary of defense.

Ladies and gentlemen... Introducing the tiniest dicks in America

Trump's Cabinet has dwindled to a last-man-standing Cabinet-by-default, highlighted by the coming departure of acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan

Why do Trumper's keep threatenin' civil wars when they lost the last one so badly?

Dan Bongino praises Trump's speech: "He absolutely blistered Hillary Clinton" (It's June 18, 2019. The 2016 presidential election was 952 days ago)

As Trump kicks off his reelection campaign, he claims the system is still "rigged" and Hillary is yet to go to jail for her "crimes", remindin' us Trump is weak and can accomplish nothin'.

NEW: "It wasn’t just tears, it was screams." Baby Constantin's caseworker gave me a rare look into what it was like to care for separated children. She had to use puppets and drawings to tell to kids that their parents had been deported without them.

Opinion: The absence of an ambassador at the U.N. has created a mess of confusion and inaction that is hurting the U.S.’s diplomacy on key issues

This is no campaign rally. It’s a hate rally. Hate the media. Hate immigrants. Hate Hillary. Hate Democrats. Hate. Hate. Hate.

Marco Rubio drank the Trump poison and now it oozes from his twitter fingers.

Fuckoff @cnn carrying this ridiculous nazi rally even while he directs his toothless minions to chant that you suck. Zucker needs to be fired.

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Trump's speech showed the dark underbelly of his re-election bid. Polling, TV ratings suggest president’s act is wearing thin

.@realDonaldTrump feeds off and fuels hate. That’s what a demagogue does. It’s that simple.

“Thanks to our tariffs, America’s steel mills are roaring back to life. You know that,” Trump says at Florida rally

Another Trump W.H. vetting failure ends in scandal, resignation

Katharine Gorka expected to be named Customs and Border Protection press secretary