Friday, May 19, 2017

Cities are rallying around the idea of public banks as alternatives to exploitative baking entities

Just announced: Former CIA Director Brennan will testify in open session before House Intel Committee next Tuesday as part of Russia probe.

Report: Trump Told Russians He Fired 'Nut Job' Comey Because Of Investigation

So hows dissing the FBI working out for you?

Rosenstein testimony to Senate was profoundly disturbing.

Jared Kushner is shitting bricks

Art of the Deal Ghostwriter: Trump Has to ‘Figure Out a Way to Resign’

Hours after the announcement of Robert Mueller‘s appointment as special counsel probing Russian interference in the election, CNN’s Anderson Cooper spoke with Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of President Donald Trump‘s perennial best-seller, “The Art of the Deal.” When asked by the CNN host how he thought Trump was handling the steady stream of scandals that have engulfed his nascent administration, Schwartz delved deep into the president’s psyche: There is no right and wrong for Trump. There’s winning and losing. And that’s very different from right and wrong. And right now he’s in pure terror that he is going to lose. And by the way he is going to lose. I surely believe that at some point over the next period of time he’s going to have to figure out a way to resign and the reason he’s going to do that as opposed to go through what could be an impeachment process, or a continuing humiliation, is that he wants to figure out a way — as he’s done all his career — to turn a loss into a victory. And so he will declare victory when he leaves.

Paul Ryan - We need the facts.

Flynn’s Job Was to Set Up Back Channel Access Between Putin and Trump.

On Wed, May 10th, Robert Mueller was at DOJ (he arrived at 7:18am) and began informally acting as Special Counsel until off. ancmnt on 5/17.

Putin’s Hacker, Wikileaks Host Pyotr Chayanov, Hacked America’s Vote System And the DNC – <~~~ ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT

Why Trump keeps contact with investigation targets

Fmr. Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and fired National Security Advisor Michael Flynn are reportedly targets of the Russia investigation – so why does Trump want to maintain contact with them both? Indira Lakshmanan and Ken Vogel join Lawrence O'Donnell.

False denials from Mike Pence continue to stack up

Rachel Maddow looks at the many times Mike Pence has denied something about the Donald Trump team only to be proven wrong by further reporting, leaving Pence with a lot of explaining to do.

Comey recounted inappropriate pressure from Trump: NYT

Michael Schmidt, reporter for The New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about his reporting on new details of the Trump administration putting inappropriate pressure on James Comey over investigations into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I'm going to be blunt. Pence is starting his own PAC because he fully expects to be GOP nominee in 2020

#Flynn worked to create #Russia back channel for Trump and Putin to talk directly and BYPASS US national security. Simply stunning

BREAKING: Fox News Roger Ailes is confirmed dead.

May Fox not be far behind...makes you wonder if he drank some polonium tea?

Jeff Jetton, citizen investigative journalist rocking it out of the park

Stephen Isn't Ready To 'Let It Go'

Published on May 18, 2017
Stephen uses the top of his monologue to address the latest controversy out of Trump's administration. No, the other one.

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A source with knowledge at a high level tells me that a FISA warrant has been issued personally against Trump since before 11/8/16

Political unease reverberates across global markets

Trump tweets his indignation LOL!

Gonna be lots of tweetin going it MF.

Maxine Waters: All Trump probes must continue

ALL IN WITH CHRIS HAYES 5/17/17 The Democratic representative welcomes the appointment of a special counsel, but she says that alone might not get to the truth.

Furious Trump breaks Twitter silence with misspelled tweet complaining about ‘illegal’ Obama acts

Ahahahahahah...have a good trip asshole!

Secret GOP audio in 2016: 'I think Putin pays' Trump

The Washington Post obtains secret audio of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy saying to Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders in private, "I think Putin pays" Donald Trump. Lawrence O'Donnell discusses with Evan Osnos and David Corn.

"Trump has caused a catastrophe. Let’s end it quickly."

Man who called Dow 20,000 says stock market could see 1,000-point jump if Trump resigns

Breaking . full audio tape will be the end of Speaker Ryan The 2016 conversation Paul Ryan wanted to keep private

EXCLUSIVE: James Comey's Computer Illegally Accessed, Data Passed to Russian Diplomats

Louise is always right.

Meet special prosecutor Robert Muller

Tick Tock

Watch Joy Ann Reid connect the dots showing Pence is up to his neck in Trump’s Flynn scandal

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Stunning. Trump to Coast Guard grads: "Life is not always fair... Just look at the way I've been treated lately."

Trump whaa whaa whaa's all the time. Get a grip orange dude. It's so unseemly.
No Shame 


Sources allege McConnell & Ryan have been caught on tape discussing how to launder Russian money into campaigns. Could this be method?

...word is all GOP leaders are gonna be RICOed!!!

Tweeting out prayers...Sen Marco Rubio perhaps suspects it time for Russia to release GOP kompromat

Wisconsin! What happened with your Voting Machines? You May Have Been Hacked! The Most Important Thread We Have Done!

Mike Farb, citizen activist is uncovering shocking information that's been in plain site all along. Check out Unhack The Vote

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Marshals Readying; Plan Approved By Justice Dept Official

EXCLUSIVE: Sealed Indictment granted against Donald Trump

Louise has been right all along. trusted sources. Check out here site

Lawyer up MF's

Lawrence PSA to Trump WH staff: 'Lawyer up' Donald Trump fired James Comey after asking him to drop the FBI investigation of Michael Flynn raises the spectre of obstruction of justice. Lawrence O'Donnell discusses with former federal prosecutor Samuel Buell, Tim Weiner, and Joy Reid

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hey Putin...after we deal with them, we're coming for you. Guaranteed!

 Russian dictator bad boy Putin cracks me up...Too chickenshit to go for the hair transplant, he combs over like every other insecure guy. My conclusion...he's taking his anger out on the world cuz he ain't got nothing going on downstairs either! Explains all this woman hating.

FBI Director Comey seems to have confirmed reports that Virginia Grand Jury is impaneled on Trump/Russia

Two sealed indictments emerge in FBI investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

Sally Yates TestifiesTomorrow!

Show em some justice girl! 

Choose Freedom Not Fascism. Viva la France. Love from USA.

Trump happened! Russia weaponized information to target your greatest fears. USA will never be the same. The oppression is horrific. Please don't be another Putin puppet.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Malicious software on a single voting machine can steal votes with little if any risk of detection.

Princeton University Exposes Diebold Flaws

Uploaded on Sep 13, 2006
Main Findings The main findings of our study are:

1. Malicious software running on a single voting machine can steal votes with little if any risk of detection. The malicious software can modify all of the records, audit logs, and counters kept by the voting machine, so that even careful forensic examination of these records will find nothing amiss. We have constructed demonstration software that carries out this vote-stealing attack.

2. Anyone who has physical access to a voting machine, or to a memory card that will later be inserted into a machine, can install said malicious software using a simple method that takes as little as one minute. In practice, poll workers and others often have unsupervised access to the machines.

3. AccuVote-TS machines are susceptible to voting-machine viruse! s - computer viruses that can spread malicious software automatically and invisibly from machine to machine during normal pre- ! and post-election activity. We have constructed a demonstration virus that spreads in this way, installing our demonstration vote-stealing program on every machine it infects.

4. While some of these problems can be eliminated by improving Diebold's software, others cannot be remedied without replacing the machines' hardware. Changes to election procedures would also be required to ensure security.

Monologue: The Day the Presidency Died | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Stephen Colbert scares GOP with the will of the people

Trump camp warned Flynn about Russia contacts, Obama team wary

Rachel Maddow relays late news reports that the Trump transition team warned Mike Flynn about his contacts with Russians, and the Obama team was so wary of the Trump camp's Russia ties that according to NBC News they gave only hours notice before retaliating for the hacks of the 2016 election.

Late cyber attack hits French presidential candidate Macron

LePen will soon be in Le Pen

Viva La France! 

Wisconsin What Happened in Wisconsin 3 Weeks After Election 7 Precincts with over 100% of Vote! That's Crazy!

I defy anybody to look at these voting percentages from PA and tell me how it was not hacked. 3 Precincts with exactly .6666667 for GOP.

See the astonishing results from  Unhack the Vote!


Thursday, May 4, 2017

GOP cheers, claps. Dems sing, "Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey, hey, goodbye!" in anticipation of Repubs losing their seats in 2018

BREAKING: House Republicans vote to approve Obamacare replacement bill, 217-213; bill now goes to Senate.

Russia's bitch we are then.

Waiting for the vote to repeal ACA

I have to believe it's all some kind of bluff. The GOP wins either way.
The evil GOP either do it and chaos ensures. We are truly Russia's bitch for oh, say, the next decade.


It get's shot down and they get to reinvigorate their base with a hearty we tried so hard and that damn Hillary, Obama, Democrats....

Wow, if they're going after Rachael Maddow now then things are THAT BAD!

Via twitter. 

Weekend Worry

After house hearing yesterday I feel like this weekend holds a huge diversion for us. Stay woke.

New GOP defense tactic targets Trump Russia dossier

Rachel Maddow points out how the Republican Party has switched to full push-back mode on the Trump Russia dossier and the overall investigation into ties between the Donald Trump campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 election.

James Comey's Testimony Summed Up In A Word: 'Lordy!'

Trump Russia>>>Focus!
FBI Director James Comey says the thought that his actions may have impacted the 2016 election makes him 'nauseous.' Talk about relatable!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

WATCH LIVE: FBI Director James Comey testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Every American should have been glued to the hearing but, ya know...stuff.

World media needs to treat all Trump's people like Ivanka was treated in Berlin. Ours won't/can't

Seriously, I can't take the audacious stupidly much more. Trump - Russia! Stay focused.