Friday, February 14, 2020

Trump aide fired, under investigation by Secret Service

The Daily Beast reports: The U.S. readied sanctions on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska's associates—then mysteriously backed off. "Somebody overruled [Treasury], essentially," one sanctions expert said. "That's the most likely scenario."

DOJ independence is essential to our nation’s promise of impartial justice. It is not a tool for POTUS to use for retribution or camouflage. My thoughts here.

The Trump administration has repeatedly insisted that its decision to kill an Iranian general was justified because he posed an "imminent threat" to American lives, but that phrase was notably absent in an official White House report sent to Congress

NEW: @TheRickWilson and @ProjectLincoln strike again with a new ad aimed at @realDonaldTrump, “Telling the Truth.”

NEW: Virgin Island officials in spotlight due to Epstein case | Miami Herald

More on the Barr organized crime family

Trump wdn’t know a “legal right” if it bit him in his humongous butt. Anyway, this staged “standoff” btw Trump & Barr is as phony as WWE wrestling. Don’t let it fool you. They’re on the same side — against the rule of law.

Hello Mar a Lago. We are Mad Dog Pac. We do stuff.

Bill Barr Just Checking For 50th Time To See If Michael Flynn WUZ FRAMED!111!1!GHAZI!1!!

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has requested to interview DOJ employees as part of the committee’s investigation into FISA warrant applications and renewals against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page

Stephen Miller’s white supremacist and anti-immigrant ideology has been the driving force behind some of this administration’s cruelest policies. I introduced a resolution in the Senate yesterday calling for his immediate removal from the White House.

Senate Republicans have blocked three critical election security bills. Again. That make voting machines harder to hack. And require illegal foreign interference to be reported to authorities. All blocked. Americans want to know: why won’t the GOP protect our elections?

Judge Reggie Walton told the McCabe prosecutors: “The public is listening... I don't think people like the fact that you got somebody at the top basically trying to dictate whether somebody should be prosecuted ... I just think it's a banana republic when we go down that road.”

So you think people should be held accountable for lying?

President Trump says he has absolute immunity and a legal right to interfere in judicial or DOJ proceedings. Attorney General Barr agrees with him. He just doesn’t want President Trump to tweet about it so it’s easier to cover up

Attorney General Barr lied to Congress and used the Department of Justice to intervene in criminal proceedings against the President's political flunky. I demand his resignation. RT if you agree

25 Congressional candidates promoting QAnon conspiracies and yet most of DC still says “huh?” when you point out people promoting its ideas. Republicans need to stop pretending this isn’t having a serious nationwide impact. QAnon believers are organizing domestic terror attacks.

NEW: Nine Dem sens sent letter to AG Barr calling on him to resign for what they call "a clear violation of your duty to defend fair, impartial, and equal justice" in Roger Stone sentencing.

Playing on Kansas City Radio: Russian Propaganda Radio Sputnik, a propaganda arm of the Russian government, began broadcasting on three Kansas City-area radio stations during prime drive time.

When Trump demanded that Gov. Cuomo drop lawsuits against him—even as the admin banned NYers from the trusted traveler program—"it was an almost uncanny parallel to one of the post-acquittal scenarios that the House impeachment managers had warned about."

Former top FBI official demonized by Trump won’t face any charges — despite the president’s urging: report

WUT? They won't let us in? This is a #TrumpRat Hotel! It's an outrage! We demand JUSTICE!

JUST IN: House Foreign Affairs Committee releases Trump admin’s legal and policy framework for the Soleimani strike. The report does not mention an “imminent threat” against Americans, despite Trump and senior officials citing one after the strike

Pres. Trump and top officials lied about the existence of an imminent threat to excuse his having engaged in an act of war without congressional approval. For Americans’ safety, the Constitution forbids unauthorized offensive actions regardless of the president’s justification.

Somebody has the phone records of Jordan talking and I hope they send them to my office

Feeding at the trough?

Trump repeated the "theory" that the virus will die in April. His CDC director told CNN in an interview: "This virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year, and I think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we will get community-based transmission."

‘Disturbing’: Federal Judge Blasted DOJ for Leaving McCabe in ‘Limbo’

Barr privately ordered re-examination of Michael Flynn's case, US officials say

New Jersey invests in fossil fuels, shunning others’ carbon pullback

THREAD: What should we make of news that Barr has assigned a team of prosecutors to review “politically sensitive” cases, like Michael Flynn’s?

Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovebirds out there

A U.S. judge has halted a cloud computing deal between the Pentagon and Microsoft. More here:

Happy one year anniversary today at the helm of the Department of Justice, Mr. Attorney General. How's it going?

Why would you need the U.S. Attorney in St. Louis to review Mike Flynn's case at EDVA?

Yates: "For Justice leadership to order the reversal ... is unprecedented ... Regardless of whether the decision to reverse the prosecutors was made before the president tweeted, action in anticipation of the president’s reaction is as dangerous as action in response to it."

BREAKING: We just got unsealed court docs that show DOJ stringing the Andrew McCabe case along while looking for a reason to indict him. It should come as no surprise the announcement they won't indict happened right before we got the docs. Read them here:

Sally Yates writes for @PostOpinions: "Trump thinks the Justice Department is his personal grudge squad"

We visited the Department of Justice and the Trump Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue today. A good time was had by all. We are Mad Dog. Shop or support. We do stuff.

Valentine's Day Law Tip: Even if Barr's people agree to allow Flynn to withdraw his plea, (obviously the endgame), Judge Sullivan DOES NOT have to allow it. He could find there has not been a showing of a "fair and just" reason to withdraw the plea and sentence Flynn anyway.

It strikes me that DOJ could have left Andrew McCabe hanging. Striking that the DC US Attorney’s office chose this week of all weeks to give him clarity. — Preet Bharara

Susan Pompeo, the wife of Mike Pompeo, is listed in the Munich Security Conference program as “Special Assistant to the Secretary of State.” (And read the note at the bottom.)

BREAKING: Michael Avenatti found guilty of trying to extort Nike

Trump & Barr broke the DOJ. Silver lining: they also shattered the case for their extreme unitary executive. It had little historical foundation & no moral foundation, even if it may have 5 votes on SCOTUS.

Mrs. Pompeo is a "Special Assistant to the Secretary of State"? What?

Strikes me that Bloomberg could probably just send this story out to every suburban mom in America and it would work as well as just about any ad>>> Trump’s words used by kids to bully classmates at school

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe after the DOJ dropped its criminal investigation: "It's an absolute disgrace that they took two years — and put my family through this experience for two years — before they finally drew the obvious conclusion"

I hope Ryan McCarthy isn't planning on a long tenure in office. Good of him to take the hit, thereby incurring Trump's wrath, rather than having a general make the announcement.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said today that “there’s no investigation” into Vindman and that he’ll be heading to War College this summer as planned

Andrew McCabe on CNN: "I've been greatly concerned by what I've seen take place in the White House and in the Dept. of Justice, quite frankly, in the last week and certainly the president's kind of revenge tirade following his acquittal ...has only kind of amplified my concerns."

Barr privately ordered re-examination of Michael Flynn's case, US officials say FFS!

This is obstruction of justice. Impeach Barr -- and Trump again -- NOW

“The President has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case.” A.G. Barr What about a civil case? Why didn't he say 'the president has never asked me to do anything'?

MIT: Hackers Could Alter Ballots in Widely Used Voting App

Trump bucks Barr’s request to stop tweeting about Justice Dept., declaring a ‘legal right’ to seek intervention in criminal cases

Amal Clooney calls for Magnitsky sanctions to be applied to dictators and kleptocrats who torture and kill journalists in new report prepared in conjunction with the International Bar Association.

Not 24 hours after AG Barr publicly warns President Trump to stop tweeting about the Justice Department, Trump tweets about the Justice Department, asserting his “legal right” to ask the AG to get involved in a criminal case.

Also yesterday, here is the WH spokesperson saying the President is America's "top law enforcement officer" - a sloppy attempt to claim powers for the President he clearly doesn't have.

Your tax dollars going straight into Donald Trump’s pockets.

Even the neo-nazis think this stinks.

Ex-Bush official Jack Goldsmith on the Stone case: "Where are Republicans? ... The answer is familiar but still ugly: They don't care about the principle when ignoring it serves their political interests. Which means: They don't care about the principle."

“Gee, yes I love being famous as a Harvey Weinstein rape victim...what a career highlight!”

Shame they couldn’t find the same courage to vote for witnesses in the most important trial of their careers.

Trump tweeted & raged about investigating his enemies. Barr, not shy about helping POTUS & overruling career employees, felt he was losing the department. The months-long backstory of the AG’s brushback to Trump

Exclusive: Republicans snooped on Democrats’ House polls

Jim Jordan is morally bankrupt. His willingness to lie and act as an instrument in the Trump cover up was on brand. Support @ShannonFreshour and help oust this spineless sycophant.

Scoop: In mid-December, Treasury signaled it was about to roll out new sanctions against people and entities linked to Oleg Deripaska. Two months later, the sanctions haven't materialized, sparking concerns of political interference

Playing on Kansas City Radio: Russian Propaganda Radio Sputnik, a propaganda arm of the Russian government, began broadcasting on three Kansas City-area radio stations during prime drive time.

Collins “seems to get her kicks from positioning herself as a potential swing vote...and then delivering crushing blows of disappointment to Dems.” We stopped believing her antics long ago. Let’s kick out all the traitors in Novembe

This is big news for ND and for the fight against voter suppression -- TRMS viewers will remember that we covered this intensively in the lead-up to the 2018 elections

We have a voice. So do you. Together we will prevail. Please support the #resistance. #TrumpCrimeSyndicate must be defeated

Whoa. Rep. Mac Thornberry, top House Armed Services Republican, on Trump’s plan to shift $3.8b from military to pay for the wall: The “re-programming announced today is contrary to Congress’ constitutional authority” and “requires Congress to take action.”

My new piece is not kind to John Kelly. General John Kelly, Trump Stooge, is No Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, Patriot

You’re a filthy little homunculus who protected child molesters. Sit your ass down.

"And another barrier has fallen. Now, states can expect to be harassed by King Donald, and their citizens denied rights, if they fail to acknowledge his absolute power," writes

.@SenJoniErnst has blocked a vote to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act — a law that could have saved Lilly's sister's life. Now Iowa women are coming together to ask Joni a simple question: Why? Why is she putting the NRA before victims?

Barr is cornered, so he tells a tale - the Trump accomplice has been bullied - yeah right - disbar this jerk - run him out of town - read on -

Black Trump supporters explain why they back the presidenth

We remember their names. We remember their lives. We will move forward with strength and purpose until we #EndGunViolence and defeat the Republican special interest agenda that advances the priorities of the NRA

Lindsey Graham is forever getting wasted

Seems that @Jim_Jordan has made a career out of enablin’ criminals.

But Republicans assured us there was no need for witnesses or documents.

Families of Sandy Hook school massacre victims, who are suing gun manufacturer Remington, will get access to the gunman’s computer after winning a long-running legal

Ah, the missing verses of the Emma Lazarus poem.

CDC director says coronavirus will probably stay in US far beyond this year. “We're in an aggressive containment mode—but eventually the virus will find a foothold” ⚠️Trump’s massive budget cuts to the CDC made US less ready for CORONAVIRUS—now he wants to cut 16% more from CDC!

The confusion surrounding a planned WHO mission of experts to China shows how lingering mistrust between the world’s biggest economies could hamper efforts to combat a pathogen quickly spreading across the globe

Bret: Democrats say there are 395 House bills sitting in the senate... Is that true? Mitch McConnell: It is true... They’re right, we’re not going to pass those

fucking idiot

It’s two years post-Parkland, and the families of the victims are still pushing for change, even as their spotlight dims in light of a seemingly endless lineup of mass shootings and new political battles.

2 video bloggers recorded dozens of videos from Wuhan, streaming unfiltered and often heartbreaking images from the center of the coronavirus outbreak. Long lines outside hospitals. Feeble patients. Agonized relatives. Now, they've gone silent.

Rep. Jordan, a former OSU assistant wrestling coach, maintains he wasn't aware of the abuse.

The Fox & Friends studio audience explodes in applause for James Carville's response to Bernie Sanders that "I am a political hack! ... At least I'm not a communist."

Remembering the 17 lives lost in Parkland

Prince Andrew has a lot of interesting friends....

Analysis: Trump’s authoritarian style is remaking America

Bill Barr’s gambit was ‘carefully staged’ to keep the Justice Department doing Trump’s bidding: Ex-RNC chairman

So trump committed the impeachable act that republicans said he didn’t?

Probably because most evidence came from foreign intelligence services and revealing one of those, the Dutch operation (that actually saw the Russians interfere the US elections), was more than enough?

Flawed peace plan for Ukraine repeats Kremlin talking points - Atlantic Council (signed by me among others )

When will @Jim_Jordan be held to account? House Ethics Committee?

"What folks are going to have to decide at a certain point is: Do you want a president picking on judges, trying to change cases?"

This guy, Republican legislator, Wes Goodman was married and worked for Jim Jordan in DC. Wes spent his time sexually harassing ... you guessed it ... young men. Why is Jim Jordan always so close to male sexual predators who abuse young men?

Fox & Friends assures everyone that Bill Barr didn't cave to Trump's demands to go easy on Roger Stone, because Barr himself had already decided to go easy on him.

CDC director says coronavirus may last “beyond this year,” contradicting Trump claim it might “miraculously” disappear by spring

Dear Everyone on the TV, Stop saying “unprecedented”. Replace it with “CORRUPT”. I shall spell it for you, since you seem incapable of forming the word: C-O-R-R-U-P-T CORRUPT. “The President’s behavior is CORRUPT.”

"The deeply worrying moment is when you start to become a one-party state," “The Republican Party has shown that it has no interest in multi-party democracy ... They are much more concerned with power, with consolidating power."

A Russian woman who escaped a hospital ward where she was under quarantine for novel coronavirus is facing a lawsuit filed by heath authorities for endangering the public, according to Russian state media.

Thanks for asking! I don’t know of any past president whose private business charged taxpayers for the liquor White House staffers drank. This is different b/c @realdonaldtrump owns the bar (and sets the prices).

Merrick Garland passes gavel to Sri Srinivasan to lead influential appeals court

NEW: Women’s wear mogul Peter Nygard accused as vile sexual predator, hosted ‘pamper parties’ where he drugged, raped and abused underage girls, lawsuit says.

Amazon's arguing that Microsoft only got the gig because President Trump wanted to "screw" over CEO Jeff Bezos.

They are absolutely desperate for an indictment of anyone. Comey, McCabe, Page, Strzok, Ohr etc. They don't give a shit who just any warm body will do. For 3 yrs on FB I hear "it's coming it's coming" and finally they are going to indict someone.

China admits 1,700+ health workers are infected by coronavirus, and six have already died from it

“Would-be totalitarian rulers usually start their careers by boasting of their past crimes and carefully outlining their future ones.” —Hannah Arendt, “The Origins of Totalitarianism

Having people listen in is very inconvenient when you want to crime.

You know, I’m old enough to remember when republicans Accused Democrats “of Tearing This Country apart.”

Nancy Pelosi says President Donald Trump’s comments on the criminal case of Roger Stone are 'an abuse of power’

Democrats are fighting to protect and strengthen Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Republicans are plotting relentlessly to obliterate these critical lifelines that millions of Americans rely on for their health, financial security and well-being.

Thread: #AGBarr must resign. If he does not resign, the @HouseDemocrats just #ImpeachBarr. When he whines and sniveled about bullying the one thing he did not say was “I did not discuss lessening Roger Stone’s sentence with @POTUS”. No one should have to have such a man as a boss.

Boris Johnson is copying Donald Trump in a war on the U.K.'s mainstream media

The Despicable History of Roger Stone


Attorney General Barr thinks of himself as Trump’s personal lawyer instead of the people’s lawyer. It’s imperative that the Senate Judiciary Committee put him under oath and get to the bottom of improper political interference at the DOJ.

2 Years. Forever in our 🧡.

Or maybe Barr is worried that the New York City Bar asked Congress to investigate whether he's corruptly using the "levers of government." (Narrator: Barr is corruptly using the levers of government) And Congress IS investigating

Trump’s exclusion of NY residents from the Trusted Traveler program violates the core constitutional principle against taking hostages and hurting them in order to pressure someone else into doing the government’s bidding

I’ve released 21 years of my tax returns — why hasn’t Donald Trump released his? He is the most corrupt president we’ve ever had — Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330)

Voters in retiring Rep. Mark Meadows’ North Carolina district received a mysterious text message recently alleging the incumbent's endorsed successor called herself "never Trump"

Louise, in case you missed it, Amy just lost all credibility hiring this guy @LouiseMensch . Vetting, what is it?

The fact Cliff Sims was invited to a meeting by a White House rival was strange. Then came the reality-TV show pitch. Here's this week's PayDir

Trump falsely claimed that Vindman, after hearing the Zelensky call, "went to Congress, or he went to Schiff, or he went to somebody." Vindman reported his concerns to John Eisenberg, top lawyer at the NSC, where Vindman worked. He spoke to Congress only under subpoen

The only reason for a 78 year old heart attack patient who hides his medical records to continue to drag his cult towards the 2020 elections is to help Trump. The GOP gets it. Russia gets it. The #Deplorabros and #Deplorables get it. Will America?

So, is Trump trying to strong arm New York into dropping investigations into his business?

The shortsightedness of this administration is dumbfounding. The President is stealing money from programs that keep us safe during real national emergencies to fund his stupid border wall

Roy Cohn 2.0 is never the good guy. Don't buy it

Mitt Romney on a potential pardon for Roger Stone: “That would be a mistake”

#BreakingNews: @EliseStefanik accepted a HUGE campiagn contribution from Steve Wynn. The former #GOP finance chair, who has been accused of sexual assault and misconduct by dozens of women. Today, I am calling on Stefanik to do the right thing: return the contribution.

Hope Hicks should be in prison right now for obstruction of justice, as should be Roger Stone, Michael Caputo, Corey Lewandowski, and a slew of others.