Monday, September 17, 2018

Alumnae of Kavanaugh accuser’s high school write letter backing her

Credit union association chief warns another recession could hit US in 2019

Schiff calls Trump's declassification move a "clear abuse of power," says: "I have been previously informed by the FBI and Justice Department that they would consider their release a red line that must not be crossed as they may compromise sources and methods."

Manafort went "above and beyond" with plea deal, says ex-federal prosecutor

There it is. Tariffs on $200b of imports from China. Immediate escalation if China retaliates. 10% to start, 25% by end of year.

"I've never before seen a statement from the White House ordering declassification of something that the intelligence agencies were not ready to declassify... That's going to have huge repercussions"

NYT reports that the public hearing will be Monday.

BREAKING: Trump orders declassification of FISA docs, other records related to Russia investigation

White House just announced that Trump has declassified pages in a Carter Page FISA warrant application, FBI reports re: Bruce Ohr and Carter Page, and all texts re: the Russia probe of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr

JUST IN: Mueller says FLYNN is ready for sentencing.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Special counsel asks judge to set sentencing date for ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in Russia probe.

As the Saudis use famine as a weapon of war, starving millions of innocent Yemenis to near death, the U.S. refuels, coordinates and provides bombs for Saudi airstrikes. The House must debate and vote on removing U.S. forces from this senseless conflict.

About a year ago a woman came to me with a highly credible and deeply disturbing sexual assault accusation against a current senior government official. Over the past year, I have stayed in touch with her. She has been reluctant to come forward. Moments ago she sent me this text.

Breaking News: Judge Brett Kavanaugh said he was willing to speak with a Senate panel to answer assault allegations after his accuser said she would testify.

Kavanaugh Loses Support From 63 Out Of 65 Women Who Vouched For Him

All 10 Senate Judiciary Dems sign letter to Grassley asking him to delay Kavanaugh’s committee vote:

Judge Kavanaugh is at the White House this morning, White House official says -

@AndrewRestuccia and I called many of Kavanaugh's 65 female HS acquittances who signed a letter supporting him. After his accuser came out on Sunday, only TWO said they still stood by him. More than two dozen didn't respond, and two declined to comment.

Exclusive: WikiLeaks docs show Assange bid for Russian visa

Perspective: Trump’s false claims about Puerto Rico are insulting. But they reveal a deeper truth.

The perils of Paul Manafort

NEW: The Ted Cruz campaign is mailing out donation requests disguised as legal summonses, confusing some Texas voters

Bill Burck works for Don McGahn. And Priebus and Bannon. You know, because of their treasoning and mobbing and the US Govt frowning on that. He’s also the person deciding what documents will see light of day re Kavanaugh.

Corker: Kavanaugh accuser should be heard out before panel votes

kavanaugh’s friend (mark judge) appears to have deleted his youtube page since i took this screenshot

"Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs"

Presidents Erdogan, Putin to meet in Sochi on Monday as Idlib looms

Read the letter Christine Blasey Ford sent accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct

Kansas woman told birth certificate wasn’t enough to prove citizenship for passport <-- Part of disturbing, increasing pattern of passport refusal for US citizens, with a twist -- the government asked for her "family bible" as proof of citizenship

I admire the courage Ms. Ford has shown in coming forward with her story. This requires a pause, at a minimum, in the unseemly, special-interest-funded rush to put Brett

Flake opposes quick vote on Kavanaugh, putting confirmation in doubt

Breaking: Sen. Murkowski tells @stevebruskCNN that Senate Judiciary might need to consider delaying Kavanaugh vote: "This is not something that came up during the hearings. The hearings are now over. And if there is real substance to this it demands a response."