Friday, March 27, 2020

Aide to D.C. Mayor Bowser dies of coronavirus, as officials warn people to stay home and away from others

This is reminiscent of the 1968 Memphis sanitation workers strike that brought MLK to Memphis on the last day of his life.

BREAKING: *preliminary* data show potential benefit of convalescent plasma containing #coronavirus antibodies (from recovered #COVID19 patients) for the treatment of critically ill patients. Same approach was used for H1N1 and Spanish Flu. Larger study needed to confirm

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Penn.) announced Friday he has tested positive for the coronavirus, becoming the fifth known member of Congress to have contracted COVID-19.

Old white guys in suits aren't that into social distancing, apparently

.@ewarren announces that she's starting something called "Warren Democrats" - "a movement for everybody who believes in the power of bold, inclusive reform" Last July, I wrote about how she was trying to thread a movement Warren Democrats

Fox Business Fires Trish Regan After Coronavirus ‘Impeachment Scam’ Rant

According to WH, there will be no Dem lawmakers in the Oval when Trump signs the stimulus bill.

As cases rise in Alabama, Governor Ivey is *also* not issuing a stay at home order. But at least her announcement makes clear that Alabama counties doing more to save lives will not have their local rules superseded by her lax statewide order.

Bloomberg: The maker of Purell hand sanitizer was denied in its request for Trump tariff relief.

Trump handing out pens at his signing ceremony to all the attendees. By contrast, Pelosi didn’t hand out pens at her enrollment ceremony bc she had been advised not to given concerns over spreading germs

So many high risk people here not social distancing

Per pool, Trump confused General Electric with General Motors in the Oval just now, in talking about the Defense Production Act: “I have instituted it against General Electric."

Cruise industry often registers abroad to avoid US taxes, environmental regs, worker rights Now seems they want a taxpayer-funded bailout?! No—We rebuffed GOP attempts to bailout companies registered abroad Cruise companies registered or organized off our shores won't qualify

NEW: At least 36 sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt have now tested positive for the novel coronavirus, U.S. official says. Navy officials expect the number to continue to grow.

It is official: Defense Production Act invoked. (For context World Health Organization Global Health Emergency declared Jan. 30 2020. And WHO pandemic declaration was on March 11 2020)

In Italy, more than 8,100 people have died from the coronavirus — more than China and Spain combined. “Usually we honor the dead," said a funeral director in Bergamo, the bleak heart of the outbreak. "Now it’s like a war, and we collect the victims.”

A longtime Republican fundraiser sent an email to his clients on Thursday abruptly announcing that he would no longer be working for them. The reason: He saw an opportunity to capitalize on the coronavirus response

Greeting the #USNSMercy as it arrives in Los Angeles. The ship will serve as an additional hospital with up to 1,000 beds

Inside the Javits center

New: Leaders at the Department of Veterans Affairs say they are ready to answer the call to assist HHS or FEMA. But the call has not come

U.S. House approves the largest stimulus package in U.S. history, sending the measure to Trump for his signature

As usual with “this” president, Donald Trump defects responsibility for his own failures and incompetence. Stop talking about invoking the Defense Production Act — and just do it. How many Americans must struggle to breathe before you act?

“Thick darkness has gathered over our squares, our streets and our cities. It has taken over our lives, filling everything with a deafening silence.”

He doesn’t want to appear anti-business or offend corporate bosses. So instead he declares the name of the Act (“invoke P”?) and tweets gripes and commands in the general direction of certain companies. That way he can claim he “invoked” the Act without ever truly using it

The French government has extended measures to confine citizens to their homes during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said

Former President Jimmy Carter is asking donors to "forgo (their) next gift" to the Carter Center and instead support local groups working to ease the "suffering caused" by the coronavirus pandemic

Instacart’s workers will strike for safety protections and hazard pay. A lifeline of groceries could be caught in the middle

Just a reminder: New York is offering free mental health counseling. 1-844-863-9314

Tea Pain's old enough to remember when Trump and Pence promised anybody that wants a test can get one.

How does Dr. Birx sleep at night?

The Henry Ford hospital in Detroit circulated a letter telling staff to prepare to save the scant supply of ventilators for the youngest & healthiest. As for the rest? That blood is on the hands of every senator who voted to allow Trump to use extortion to get what he wants.

As Trump signals readiness to break with experts, his online base assails Fauci

Wow. The German Embassy has just recommended that all German citizens who are currently in the United States return home as quickly as possible. That... tells you a lot about how badly America is handling the pandemic.

Bernie is gross

He’s totally fucking insane

Breaking News: Rep. Thomas Massie, Republican of Kentucky, said he’d insist on a recorded vote on the $2 trillion stimulus bill, delaying its passage

GM cannot reopen a plant they don’t own. They sold the complex. You tweeted about it when GM announced the sale. Stop shitposting nonsense and do something productive. Or better yet, just be quiet.

Putin will say (and I defer to ⁦@JuliaDavisNews⁩ as to whether he already has or not) that this is another reason American “chaos” in government is inferior to the Russian system aka Putinism

Michigan governor says vendors ‘being told not to send stuff’ to her state — after Trump bashed her

As of Thursday, 280 of the 1.4 million-strong active duty force had been confirmed with the disease, up from 51 a week earlier.

We are implementing the Quarantine Act to keep all Canadians safe. So let me be clear: If you do not go home and stay home for at least 14 days after coming back into Canada, you could face serious fines or prison time.

Dr. Redlener: Trump admin. sending ‘mixed messages based on ignorance’ for coronavirus response

“And two of the hardest-hit areas in the nation — New York City and Los Angeles County — released guidance earlier this week encouraging doctors not to test patients unless they think the test will significantly change their course of treatment.”

Fmr. Obama health advisor: Trump's Easter reopen is a ‘pipe dream’

Trump doesn’t care if we die.

The WHO calls for a stronger attack against the coronavirus, trying to rally support while Donald Trump and others question the need for the extreme steps the agency has championed

"Where New York is today may be where Miami is tomorrow,"

Pregnant ER doctor makes decision to leave ER due to coronavirus

Sen. Klobuchar: ‘You just don't know how someone in your family is going to react to this’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently stated that "humanitarian assistance to Iran is wide open; it's not sanctioned." Yet few countries are willing to sell even critically needed supplies to Iran for fear of violating U.S. banking sanctions.

Trump's refusal to relax Iran sanctions during the coronavirus threatens everyone

Donald Trump is suing to take this off TV. You guys know what to do.

Banjo calm — Steve Martin

If you're wondering where Trump got that whole 'New York doesn't need 30,000 ventilators' thing, this aired on Fox News shorty before Trump called into Hannity's show.

@POTUS on @GovWhitmer : "She's not stepping up. I don't know if she knows what's going on, but all she does is sit there and blame the federal government. She doesn't get it done... Now she wants a declaration of emergency, and you know, we'll have to make a decision on that."

Doctors say pink eye with other key symptoms may represent COVID-19 cases

.#Wipes don’t break down like t.p. & clog sewer pipes, lift stations & other equipment, leading to backups, & nobody wants that kind of contamination on their bathroom floor added to the rapidly spreading #coronavirus

After Considering $1 Billion Price Tag for Ventilators, White House Has Second Thoughts 🩸BURIED LEDE Ford Exe stated the 80K ventilators would be completed (sorry for yelling) BY THE END OF THE YEAR Trump is a lying sociopath & doesn’t care how many die

"I have four small children. I'm always thinking of them," California family physician Dr. Jessica Kiss said. "But there really is no choice. I took an oath as a doctor to do the right thing."

As an immigrant and a cook, I’m so humbled @TIME shared the story of one more person trying to help...but I share the honor with the millions around the world feeding humanity especially in these uncertain times. Not I the Person, but WE the PEOPLE @WCKitchen we will be there!

New York City EMS received 6,406 medical 911 calls yesterday. It was the highest volume ever recorded in the city, surpassing the record that had been set on Sept. 11, 2001.

Seriously, can anyone explain why Bernie Sanders is still running? I honestly can’t fathom his motives at this point.

Jared was in charge of getting tests. Now he’s in charge of ventilators while right-wing media attacks Dr. Fauci as part of the Deep State. What could possibly go wrong?

"Now it’s time for the young slumlord to once again fail upwards," writes @MollyJongFast. "This time, hundreds of thousands of American lives are at stake, but I mean, Jared did go to Harvard (via a $2.5 million donation), so…"

Were doing the opposite of contact tracing. My father-in-law tested positive and the PA Dept of Health told him not to tell anyone because it would be "alarmist"

This is not the time for Congress to go on recess. Our work isn't done. We need to force Trump to use the Defense Production Act to ramp up the development of tests and necessary equipment for health care professionals. And we need to do more to help struggling families

It’s a BUFFET??!?!?

A friend who is a nurse in NYC just texted me, “COVID19 has found its way into our labor & delivery ward & now we are in lockdown to protect mothers & babies. Sh*t meet Fan.” Meanwhile 45 is still claiming doctors in New York are lying that they need 30K respirators Reckless

The Trump campaign seriously just issued a cease and desist for this ad so I'm doing my part and sharing it as widely as humanly possible

I'm old enough to remember when we were told we'd have 1m tests by March 6. It's now March 26.

EXCLUSIVE: Support for Hong Kong protesters' demands rises even as coronavirus halts rallies: pol

In one of the first accounts from inside the precautionary military lockdown, a returning Afghanistan veteran describes unpreparedness and absurdity

Trump’s reconsidering a $1 billion price tag for ventilators, & has called off a deal with GM & Ventec Life Systems—to produce tens of thousands of ventilators. Trump told Hannity last night, “I don't believe you really need that many ventilators.”

California union locates 39 Million N95 masks for healthcare workers and local governments.

NEW: Clothing stores are reopening, restaurant dine-in services are restarting, & churches are meeting again in Moss Point, Mississippi, after Gov. @TateReeves' executive order overrode Mayor Mario King's efforts to combat #COVID19.

Dear @realDonaldTrump: It’s possible we have enough ventilators. Or not. For every ventilator we are short, a patient dies. You downplayed risk of #COVID19 & now US has most cases in the world. Don’t downplay risks again & repeat the same mistake. Use the Defense Production Act.

New: Disaster preparedness plans in Washington and Alabama say people with cognitive issues are a lower priority for lifesaving treatment. Disability advocacy organizations have asked the federal government to clarify the plans

I am dedicating this tweet to all of those people who accused me of being "pro-China", simply because I pointed out the incompetence of the American president, who has comprehensively failed to lead the Western allies, let alone the rest of the world

Here's a simple graphic that should help those challenged by this.

Karen Mannering: "I am 39 years old, & I am 26 weeks pregnant...I've just been told I have #COVID19, & I've been here for 2 weeks...I've got pneumonia on both lungs & I'm fighting for me & my baby. It's not worth going out...Don't go out. It's not worth it."

Nearly 1.5 million N95 respirator masks are sitting in a U.S. government warehouse in Indiana and authorities have not shipped them because they are past their expiration date. CBP has no plans to offer the masks to hard-hit hospitals

Trump to Hannity tonight: “When you talk about ventilators, it is a highly intricate piece of equipment. Heavily computerized and the good ones are very, very expensive. And they say Gov. Cuomo and others that say we want 30,000 of them. 30,000. Think of this.”

He doesn't have a fricking clue. We've got scuba gear guys in Italy who've made improvised ones due to a deadly shortage there. No computer complexity at all. Why wouldn't he activate the defense production act?

If you're still supporting this guy while he does this, don't complain about the contempt you are sensing from the rest of us.

"I don't believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators. You know, you go to major hospitals, sometimes they have 2 ventilators." -- Trump suggests Cuomo is exaggerating about the medical gear he needs to keep people alive

UK tells people not to move as housing market freezes

Here's where this thing is headed -- Trump is going to blame blue state officials for coronavirus deaths in their states while trying to restore a sense of normalcy in the red and purple states he views as key to his reelection hopes.

"I don't believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators. You know, you go to major hospitals, sometimes they have 2 ventilators." -- Trump suggests Cuomo is exaggerating about the medical gear he needs to keep people alive

TRUMP: "Everybody wants to go back to work ... the sooner we go back, the better the lift we're going to get." (74 percent of voters actually support more stringent social distancing.) Note how Trump also subtly blames blue state officials for having more coronavirus cases

Good thing we elected Trump to be President of the United Private Businesses of America

Hannity and Trump are now playing the whataboutism game by bashing Obama and Biden for their response to the H1N1 flu -- as if that's a defense of Trump's mishandling of the coronavirus

Trump opens by saying he pushed back a diplomatic call with President Xi of China so he could talk to Hannity on Fox News

Because he was installed to destroy us

Bill Gates on @CNN right now making a ton of sense. Why are we not bringing people like this into the government response? Why is Trump not convening a Manhattan project of all the great minds in this country to "work" this problem?


Trump: I don’t think governors "need" the medical equipment they’re begging for

A Tale of Two Cities Yesterday Trump told a tale of great success against #Coronavirus *at the same time the US became the world’s worst virus epicenter Yesterday Trump told a tale of doctors & nurses thanking him, at the same time doctors/nurses were begging for protective gear

“Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light... ... Do not go gentle into that good night.” — Dylan Thomas

Mass antibody testing could offer new coronavirus insights

Medical students called into service early to help in COVID fight

States fight for supplies in absence of federal coordination

Army Corps of Engineers gives options to states facing COVID crush

This the extortion tactic he's playing. You need 30k ventilators? I need those criminal cases dropped....or NY dies. Pathetic the US media won't call it what it is. They may not be fake news, BUT they're certainly cowardly with the truth.

U.S. lacks a quarterback in COVID response as Trump fails to lead