Sunday, April 26, 2020

.@SueMiTerry: Odds are the N Korean regime will stagger along no matter what happens w/Kim but you never know. Few predicted the collapse of E Germany. Winter could be coming sooner than anyone expected in N Korea’s game of thrones. We had better be ready

A train possibly belonging to Kim Jong Un is spotted at a resort town in eastern North Korea - amid conflicting reports about his health.

Three hours apart.

Sean Hannity vs. Sean Hannity

The "Wartime President" retreats.

Oh, Lordy, when you check to see why President in 2017 is trending and realize Rudy is one of those Covidiots who probably thought Obama was President during Hurricane Katrina too.

THREAD: Three weeks ago, a Russian intelligence operative flew to Prague. He was driven directly from the Prague airport by a Russia diplomatic car to the Russian Embassy in Prague, carrying a suitcase with „ricin“ poison,according to Czech intelligence sources

"The new U.S. senator for Georgia, and former CEO of bitcoin derivatives exchange Bakkt, sold between $1.3 million and $3.2 million in stock following a private Senate briefing on COVID-19."

Tom Cotton is the GOP idea of the Trump of tomorrow. Which is important for people to remember. Once Trump goes, that's not the end of the story. The hate, demagoguery & danger will come from new sources.

You should not be allowed on a plane without a mask. I can’t believe flight attendants even have to send a letter. RT to show you stand with them as they transport essential workers.

From the millions of unemployed and thousands of dead Americans: Deepest condolences on the unflattering article about you eating a hamburger.

Democrats are directly challenging Trump — and GOP incumbents — over Trump's handling of the coronavirus. Just this month two Democratic super PACs have launched ads tying Sens. Susan Collins and Martha McSally to Trump's management of the virus response

I am a hard no on shielding liability for businesses that kill people or make people very sick through their negligence. This dangerous idea by @realDonaldTrump will be DOA in the House of Representative.

What they say

Republicans were taken aback by the results of a survey commissioned by the RNC. It found Trump struggling in the battlegrounds and likely to lose without signs of an economic rebound. The Trump campaign's own surveys have shown an erosion of support.

Apparently, Americans aren’t dying fast enough for him.

The year of “magical thinking” that led us to our sorry state,

How much Russian, Chinese, and Saudi/Qatari money went directly or indirectly to the NY Time through its real estate advertising section, and what % of revenue and profit was this?

BREAKING: Autopsy shows that the #CA woman—who suffered the earliest known #COVID19 death in the US—had a massive heart attack and HEART RUPTURE due to #coronavirus. “A perfectly normal heart has burst open...Normal hearts don’t rupture.”

Republican strategy memo advises GOP campaigns to blame China for coronavirus

Emails obtained by VF show Trump's political appointees applied extraordinary pressure on health officials to back up Trump's boasts about hydroxychloroquine and make good on his promises to deliver the drug, despite clear warnings from federal clinicians.

Happy Birthday Melania!!!

80% of Americans are in favor of stay-at-home orders, according to an AP / NORC poll.

“Disinfectant in the body - you know what they call that? They call that embalming - that’s the medical term,” Pelosi says to @jaketapper

Everyone has to think outside the box — because there is no box. — Andrew Cuomo

Another “article” from CNN about Trump’s lackeys without mentioning when one of them was a Kremlin employee and proud of it

Just going to leave the sentencing transcript of Flynn’s GUILTY plea here:

Is it overt racism sprinkled with general cruelty, or the other way around?

Beyond grotesque. #Russia’s mega-church to feature mosaics depicting Putin, Stalin, the head of FSB, the annexation of Crimea, war criminals involved in Russia's aggression against Ukraine. RF Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, donated money for the construction of the church

Trump had one event scheduled yesterday, a 3pm phone call. Today he has no public events scheduled. If you go to your mailbox today or buy groceries you’ve done more than the POTUS has all weekend in a time of global pandemic & the 6th week of economic shutdown.

The COVID-19 rate of transmission (Rt) in NYS is now about 0.8. That means 10 positive people infect about 8 others. We must keep the Rt below 1 to keep slowing the spread.

Rage-tweeting all afternoon is one way to spend your wife's 50th birthday.

The *Nobel Prize

This is psychotic

Gov. Whitmer: McConnell's 'bankruptcy' suggestion is "outrageous" and "incredibly dangerous. I don't think that the vast majority of governors in this country, Republican and Democratic, would agree with him. He’s wrong and we need Congress to step up and help states." Via ABC

I don’t say this lightly but the string of tweets Trump posted after the one about going to virtual Catholic Mass this morning are along his most bonkers

New York sends tens of billions more every year to the fed gov than we get back in return. We are a donor state. Alabama, Mississippi & Kentucky are exactly the opposite. They take billions more from the fed gov than they provide in return. Get your FACTS straight Mitch.

To accommodate Trump’s sudden decision to speak at West Point, cadets will be called back, tested off campus, then isolated for 14 days in rooms with masks. They’ll eat in segregated groups. No decision on whether family members may attend.

Joe Biden says corporate America is “greedy as hell”

Renaissance Technologies, the Long Island hedge fund where Robert Mercer made billions of dollars innovating algorithmic trades, has owned stock in Comscore for the last six years. Four months ago, it bought another 19%.

Gantz fails at preventing Netanyahu from obtaining leverage over the justice system that is trying him ‘Destroying the Knesset’: Thousands protest in Tel Aviv against coalition

I will sign an Executive Order allowing independent pharmacists to conduct diagnostic Coronavirus tests. This will unlock a network of over 5,000 pharmacies as COVID-19 testing locations. Social distancing measures still apply. This will help us meet new lab capacity.

NARRATOR: "He said it was a hoax."

Ok, I will bite. What did Bill Gates do exactly?

NY has given $116 billion more to the federal government than we received since 2015. Kentucky *took* $148 billion more from the federal government than it gave. Just give NY our money back, Senator McConnell.

This is absolutely absurd! Come on Republicans. Stop this nonsense. Tell Trump to deliver his address on Zoom.

This is the world we will live in if China becomes the dominant force. Truth will become whatever Beijing says it is

I don’t think sabotaging the postal service and raising delivery prices is the winning strategy that @realDonaldTrump & @GOP thinks it is. Do Americans really want their mail stopped and to pay more for delivery in the middle of a pandemic? Are you freakin kidding me?

While you guys were watching Shake Shack and Ruth's Chris, a big Trump donor, Monty Bennett, was getting more money out of the PPP than all of them - and he hired a pair of Trump fundraisers, Jeff Miller and Roy Bailey, to do it ... the deets:

The Trump Organization is seeking U.K. and Irish bailout money to help cover wages for bartenders, bagpipers and other furloughed employees

The team at @TrumpSoftDrinks also has you covered if your quarantine soda supply is running low! Check them out at your own risk.

USA #1 though.

Feb 28th: “They tried the impeachment hoax... This is their new hoax.” Language matters. Even tRUmp lackeys at Fox News pushed the COVID-19 “hoax” until it was so undeniable even they couldn't pretend otherwise.

So... is everyone fully distracted from the Bank of China story, yet? Can’t we just combine these strings into a game? Write a headline that says it was the Larry King caller, with the bleach, in the Wonsan kitchen. Then we’ll ALLLL forget that POTUS is Putin-Xi property. Right?

“An appeals court has reinstated a California law requiring background checks for people buying ammunition, reversing a federal judge’s decision to stop the checks that he said violate the constitutional right to bear arms.”

Patriots kicker is a white supremacist. My bad, he tends to like white supremacist things. Carry on, nothing to see here.

We don’t need sufficient PPE. We need a glut. We need to produce so much that profiteers abandon out their warehouses.

Bank of China’s estimate for the carnage to retail investors from the collapse in a product linked to U.S. crude oil futures to more than $1 billion, sources say

How not to be a greedy grocery shopper: Check out our food calculator to see just how much you need to put on your list before hitting the checkout

Of all the family members who could eventually take the reins from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, his sister seems like the obvious choice

Judge box of whine festoons herself in yellow bows in honor of bleachgate, the possible incapacitation of Kim Jong un and Easter.

Satellite images reveal huge amounts of methane leaking from US oil fields in Texas & New Mexico. *Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, & since the Permian Basin is so large, the excess waste is a significant contribution to our already warming climate.

"Treasury said yesterday it has released $9.5 BILLION in additional funds from the Payroll Support Program to U.S. air carriers, bringing to $12.4 BILLION the total provided to the airline sector..."

President Trump: Stop treating the coronavirus crisis as your personal playground to reward friends and punish enemies. If you let the postal service go down because of a personal vendetta, tens of millions of Americans and businesses will be hurt.

While attempting to dismantle our health care system, McConnell actually tried to eliminate a CDC fund to prevent pandemics like COVID-19. About two-thirds of the fund went to state and local health departments and programs — including those in Kentucky

One of my relatives in Florida is a small business owner who voted for Trump. He was just turned down for a PPP loan from the SBA, and he’s furious at Trump. In fact, when he got the news, he donated $50 to the Biden campaign!

Reopening states too soon will come at the risk of losing progress we’ve made in slowing down the spread of coronavirus. Here’s a better option: A proactive plan to stop this virus in its tracks—and that includes establishing a nationwide contact tracing program.

Martial law is when you have a military-occupied territory where civilian law enforcement and courts aren’t operating.

And now, a message from Dr. Anthony Fauci.- SNL

We all know that Trump didn't really care about the testing fiasco because he was perfectly happy to have no testing. Because he didn't want to spook the markets & hurt his reelect. He told us the virus was under control himself! Azar is just a fall guy

This video from Republicans for the Rule of Law has clocked more than a million views since we released it less than 24 hours ago. I'm re-posting it here in case you missed it, or if you might want to retweet or forward it. Or just to watch again and be, again, horrified by it.

Kim Jong Un’s train spotted at coastal resort, intel reports scotch death rumors

“Three Illinois meat plants closed in the past week as COVID-19 cases mount. It could mean higher meat prices, fewer choices at supermarkets and for farmers, ‘some tough choices.’”