Monday, February 24, 2020

My memories of Syria, where the world collectively lost its humanity

NEW: Lawyers for Julian Assange plan to rope Trump’s new intel chief Ric Grenell into their defense strategy

Scoop: Joe Biden is airing a new ad accusing Bernie Sanders of attempting to undermine Barack Obama's 2012 primary reelection.

NEW: Julian Assange's lawyers plan to introduce evidence this week involving Ric Grenell. Evidence includes a Grenell ally's recorded conversations, which we obtained, suggesting access to "classified info" about Grenell's involvement in Assange’s arrest:

Sen Sanders is an angry man with a terrible political past. He is a revolutionary outlier on the extreme left. It is astonishing that his clever rhetoric is moving him into a position to bury the Democratic opposition to Trump in the 2020 election.

I’ve never been more terrified by a tweet than this one. Music cue: Blue Öyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”

Pres of the American College of Cardiology, Richard Kovacs, says Bernie Sanders has failed to release a “standard” measure of Sanders’ heart health The left ventricular ejection fraction, has been kept from the public Sanders refuses to release more

Dow closed down 1,031

Incredibly moving comments from @JoeBiden discussing the tireless advocacy of @fred_guttenberg and the need to #EndGunViolence

Ok this is a receipt. @BernieSanders was a deadbeat dad

Why would the Russians support Sanders in the primaries? It’s not because they have our best interests at heart. They see him as an agent of chaos who will exacerbate divisions in US politics before ultimately losing to Trump. And they are probably right.

It’s a great day to vote in beautiful downtown Burbank! I’ve just cast my ballot, and I encourage my fellow Californians to do to the same. Every vote counts. You can find your early voting options here:

Does not spark confidence

Pompeo appeared to coordinate with Giuliani on Ukraine, new docs show

NEW: Mike Bloomberg's campaign is preparing a media onslaught against Bernie Sanders. Opposition research, more digital ads, op-eds and surrogate TV appearances are all in the works to attack the Democratic front runner.

BOOM! “Khawaja says that in September 2016, Nader told him why he needed the payment engine. Abu Dhabi wanted help making ‘online micropayments’ in bulk to the Trump campaign and the RNC.”

The struggle for America’s future isn’t left vs. right, it’s zombie sheep vs. people who have critical thinking abilities. God help us.

Better for the Dems to expose Sanders now than wait for Trump to do it in July. That's what the GOP did in 2015-16 and Trump ran the table.

Do "micropayment" donations sound familiar?

Thread: NEW: @FEC sends @BernieSanders campaign a letter flagging 510 pages worth of "apparent excessive, prohibited and impermissible contributions." Letters such as this aren't uncommon for large presidential campaigns, but this is still a lot. Full doc:

If you consider earning $29k a year means you’re “very rich” then he’s right. Everybody above that pays 4% extra out of their paycheck, compulsory, under Bernie Sanders plan.

Among the gifts that President Trump has received from foreign leaders: a Louis Vuitton golf bag, a Chinese vase, Italian jewelry, and... a gold-framed portrait of himself

Our purpose is making a real, positive difference in the lives of the families that sent us to Washington from #CA12 and every other district to fight for them. When the #TrumpBudget puts Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security on the chopping block, the battle lines are clear.

Markets continue to tumble. The Dow is off nearly 1,000 points and the S&P is down 3.3%. Here's the latest

Jim Bakker says they sold more silver solution in one day last week than they have in months. Obviously, falsely claiming that it kills the coronavirus turned out to be a pretty lucrative scam.

Ok the hearing has adjourned for today, and will continue tomorrow. This will be a lengthy process as the attorneys representing the US and the attorneys representing Assange make their cases for and against extradition. There will not likely be a final decision until May.

Make no mistake. In this dissent, Justice Sotomayor is calling out the new 5-4 conservative majority—which includes Chief Justice John Roberts—for being White House errand boys

For any millennials and Generation Z folks who are wondering -- no... gang rape, bondage and sexual abuse fantasies were NOT the "norm" in the 1970s. This was just

NEW: Weinstein was just remanded to custody and will be sentenced on March 11th

Indeed @xychelsea is a scumbag traitor and her sentence should never have been commuted. Hearing all the people she and Assange betrayed and named makes me want to vomit

Anti-Islam activist Philip Haney reportedly took his own life last week, so naturally Rep. Steve King, Glenn Beck, and other right-wing activists are all insisting that Haney was murdered.

Weinstein Convicted of Third-Degree Rape and First-Degree Criminal Sexual Act

BREAKING: Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein—once revered as one of Hollywood’s most influential power brokers—was found guilty of third-degree rape and a criminal sex act at his watershed rape trial in Manhattan

TV networks claim Russia is just trying to cause chaos, with no specific goals in mind or a preference for a specific candidate. The Russians have been explicit about waiting out Trump's first term, expecting him to pay off like a slot machine after 2020

We are back. Magistrate asks Assange’s attorney Fitzgerald if his client is likely to give testimony this week. It’s very unlikely, Fitzgerald replies.

The heavy toll on American families campaigning to free their loved ones imprisoned abroad

LIVE: The Dow tumbles 981 points at the open. Watch our live coverage

The double standards protecting Bernie Sanders’ record on gun control — and much else — are inexcusable. But there’s been so little pushback that most people don’t even know it.

Dutch investigators say there is no doubt that the anti-aircraft missile that shot down passenger flight MH17 was launched by the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

Is this the week that Trump panics about covid-19?

Prosecutor is now citing intelligence recovered from the Osama bin Laden raid as showing that Al Qaeda was using WikiLeaks, asserting that it demonstrates enemies of the US were using WikiLeaks to harm the US and its allies.

Rohrabacher told Assange that information about the source of the DNC leaks would be of interested to Mr. Trump, Fitzgerald says.

Update - Prosecutor then asserts the US is aware of specific individuals who “disappeared” after their names being made public by WikiLeaks’ publication of State Department ca

Nice deflection, Mr. President. But your false claims fool no one. You welcomed Russian help in 2016, tried to coerce Ukraine’s help in 2019, and won’t protect our elections in 2020. Now you fired your intel chief for briefing Congress about it. You’ve betrayed America. Again.

France warns Boris Johnson not to use “blackmail” to secure a trade deal as EU member states prepare to finalize their negotiating position

You know what else Castro did when he came into office, @SenSanders? He herded gay men into concentration camps

Timothy Shea told the prosecutors on the Stone case on his first day that he wanted a more lenient recommendation for Stone. He pushed back hard when they objected. They grew suspicious that Shea was helping his longtime friend A.G. Barr to please Trump.

The hearing now resumes; James Lewis representing the US argues that there is a material distinction between whether Article 10 is being raised as a bar to extradition, versus whether it applies to the charges Assange faces under the equivalence of the Official Secrets Act.

While Republicans in Congress openly act to support Russian interference in our elections, Republicans in state legislatures are determined to limit the number of Americans who can vote. Without these twin assaults on democracy, they know they can't win.

Trump stands in front of a Taj Mahal that he didn't bankrupt, for a change.

Classic, from the playbook. “Crimea succession,” “ongoing armed conflict” (with no mention of repeated RU violations of Minsk Accord and world condemnation), “bloody coup,” and of course no mention of an airliner shoot down killing hundreds. Russia, rewriting history.

A reminder that Super Tuesday voters are already voting. In Massachusetts, Texas, California, and elsewhere

Wikileaks Russian Ties: Julian Assange’s Forgotten Trips To Moscow

This is my scoop gentlemen! Last month! First person ever to report it! And many more ties to Russia listed

President Trump is currently in India, the country with the most Trump properties outside the United States. When Don Jr. went to India earlier in the administration, the Trump Org offered buyers special access to him. In September, ~100 of them got it.

Yellow vests & Assange supporters singing for Julian outside Woolwich

Update - Prosecutor is citing specific instances of sources named in documents released by WikiLeaks in Iraq and Iran who were “subject to retribution.”

Uodate - The publication of Afghan and Iraq war logs by WikiLeaks created a “grave and imminent risk” to human sources, the prosecution once again alleges.

My goodness. Rick Grenell as Acting Director of National Intelligence?! He’s not fit to direct traffic at a slow intersection. Please read about him, watch his interviews online and call your elected representatives. This appointment is dangerous!

"House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, who wields enormous influence in his home state of South Carolina, is planning to endorse @JoeBiden on Wednesday."

It is unbelievable that Sanders could become President with his consistent views over the years. — Jeb Bush

The publication of Afghan and Iraq war logs by WikiLeaks created a “grave and imminent risk” to human sources, the prosecution once again alleges.

Modi: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

I’m at Woolwich Crown Court, where the extradition hearing for Julian Assange has just begun.

We will updates 

BREAKING: Judge Amy Berman Jackson has denied the motion from Roger Stone to disqualify her from presiding over his case, stating that the record back to Jan 2019 shows she took each issue he raised seriously and that recusal is not warranted.

America, meet the Bernie Bros.

Still waiting for that list of Sanders’s accomplishments in the Senate..

I see Russia, tRUmp, and Bernie trolls want to “cancel” CIA. Can’t imagine why. Wake up, Democrats. You’re re-electing tRUmp. Don’t say you weren't warned on November 4th...

Bye-bye Florida.

Your Republican-led state #Alabama has refused Medicaid Expansion and you vote to starve rural hospitals and cut CDC funding. Your anti-health care voting and xenophobia are far more dangerous than a #coronavirus patient.

Nevada GOP activist reveals how he ‘caucused for Bernie’ to help Trump win: ‘It would be a dream election’

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is working to identify members of the “deep state” who are “disloyal” to Trump so he can replace them with toadies.

Bernie comes off a charlatan in this part of the interview. A full of shit full on charlatan.

Elizabeth Warren went on 60 minutes and talked about her vision for healthcare. Bernie Sanders went on 60 minutes and praised murderous dictator Fidel Castro’s literacy program. Tell me again who’s a better general election candidate?

Last time I polled Fidel Castro’s fav in Florida was in the early 2000’s, but back then it was 92% unfavorable

I might know a thing or two about Florida. Maybe. But by all means, B**nie Bros, tell me more of your vast experience here and how much Florida loooooves Castro and how “but literacy programs” is gonna sell, not only in Dade/Broward but, well, everywhere.

Castro executed thousands of Cuban dissidents. I don't care about his healthcare system

Donald Trump is the most corrupt president we’ve ever had — and the American people deserve to know what he’s hiding in his tax returns. — Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330)

Wallace nails Vice President Pence's Chief of Staff here. Wallace: "I don't understand. You're saying it's not true and they leaked it." Issue: Marc Short's denying US intelligence officials informed Congress that Putin has a preference for Trump in 2020 elections.

In “60 Minutes” interview, Sanders goes out of his way praise elements of Castro’s reign of Cuba. “We’re very opposed to the authoritarian nature of Cuba but it’s unfair to say everything’s bad. When Castro came into office you know what he did? He had a literacy program.”

HORRIFIC: In Germany, Mike Pompeo appalled Europeans leaders with a self-congratulatory speech that sounded like a Trump rally — earning Pompeo the title “delusional Trump toady.” European leaders concluded that Europe can no longer trust, or depend on US.

Mostly kids in freshman year of college sitting their dorm saying, “Well, AKCTUALLLY, true communism has never been tried.”

Sanders Wants New NATO with Russia

This Is the Only Move That Will Stop Sanders Now

They already have a conservative supergroup to protect #Impeached4Life Trump - it’s called the Roberts Court!

Um, does this mean that supreme court justice Clarence Thomas endorses president trump?

.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump is putting all Americans in danger by the lack of readiness of the US Government and agencies! We need a plan, and we needed now....We need a global approach.....Ebola response was great! #coronavirus not so much so far......

I was in 2nd Grade when Sandinistas came to power in Nicaragua. They adopted Cuban education model. The books/curriculum taught ideological indoctrination. Children had to recite communist, revolutionary, anti-American slogans. That’s how communist teach people to read and write.

Activist Ginni Thomas plans new conservative supergroup to “protect President Trump”

This nutbag is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife.

Just a reminder of how it’s done. No reason for Russia, and others, to stop. Very effective psyop.

Keeping vs. abolishing the CIA is really a tough choice for swing state voters. There's just no telling what they'll choose on November 3rd.

Yeah who needs US IC when you can just read Infowars, duuuuuuh.

Russia supports Bernie because—at the most basic level—he represents one polar end of the our political spectrum. By supporting Trump and Bernie, the Russians help divide the major parties and Americans generally to such a degree that we can no longer defend or govern ourselves.

The most important part of Marianne Williamson endorsing Bernie is that you should absolutely vaccinate your children.

Some think candidates can’t control whether they attract Kremlin backing, but that’s incorrect. They win Kremlin backing when they vote or work against critical sanctions on Moscow, run divisive campaigns, and advocate for destructive policies. Ask Trump and Bernie. They know.

China's tech giants have responded to the coronavirus outbreak by deploying autonomous vehicles to bring supplies to medical workers, fitting drones with thermal cameras to improve detection of the virus and lending their power to help develop a vaccine.

So you mean, like, a purge -- right? Because these are purge lists.

Trump eliminated a position called Senior Director of Global Health Security. That person used to work in the NSC to coordinate responses to global health emergencies and potential pandemics.

I am a Cuban Refugee and Victim of Comunism. It’s a fact that Communist dictators and their Elite enjoy a luxurious life style. It’s the rest of the population that suffers under a Socialist/Communist regime.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson has denied a motion from Roger Stone seeking her recusal from deciding a new trial. Judge Jackson said Stone's legal team did not provide any "factual or legal support" to have her removed from presiding over his case.

Perspective: We have entered the Trump Unbound era — and journalists need to step it up.

We’re not just trying to beat Donald Trump. We’ve got to take back the Senate, keep the House of Representatives, and unite our party.

He has no idea. At least @warren can do calculus on the spot. Why do men get to be so lazy?

Bernie Sanders: It’s "unfair" to say "everything is bad" about Fidel Castro’s Cuba

BS: I think it’s about 30 trillion [for M4A] AC: do you have a price rage for all of these things? BS: no we don’t. No... AC: do you know how it’s going to be paid for if you don’t know what the price is? BS: I can’t rattle off for you every nickle