Monday, November 4, 2019

WATCH: At Pres. Trump's campaign rally in Kentucky, Sen. Paul claims that “we now know the name of the whistleblower" and calls on the media to "print his name," the latest example of President Trump or a Trump ally pushing to out the whistleblower, despite legal protections.

BREAKING: Republicans consider moving Jim Jordan to House Intelligence Committee

Sean Hannity says he will address his name coming up in the news today in what he calls an “insane” news story

Parnas' atty used impact words: "Very upset" "Trump’s plainly false statement" "Extensive dealings w/ the president" Parnas is testing the waters- signaling that he can nail Trump & want's to trade impeachment testimony for a deal w/ SDNY. He knows a ton

Former State official McKinley in sworn testimony says he spoke with Pompeo three times about a public statement for Yovanovitch, including on Sept. 26 when Pompeo offered no response Pompeo, to ABC in Oct., says he "never heard" McKinley say a "single thing about his concerns"

Lev Parnas's turnabout occurred after Trump denied knowing Parnas. "Mr. Parnas was very upset by President Trump’s plainly false statement that he did not know him," said Parnas's lawyer. Parnas maintains that he has had extensive dealings with Trump

Hannity said just now that he has “multiple sources” confirming the whistleblower’s identity but will keep “playing the game” for now and not reveal it, says the whistleblower’s attorneys have threatened to sue him if he does.

Per the weird impeachment subplot in which Giuliani's guys, Lev and Igor, are trying to push out the head of Naftogaz and replace him with their own guy... Here's Yovanovitch's testimony on Naftogaz and the guy they were trying to oust. Who might want a guy like that gone?

The Trump administration is mulling proposals to privatize national park campgrounds

Strasburg left Trump hanging

Breaking: Alabama making preparations for President Donald Trump to attend LSU game.

"Migrant in ICE custody removed from life support over family's objections"

My God. Right wing media just posted a video of the alleged whistleblower’s house. They are going to get somebody murdered.

The White House excuses keep changing. First it was: the House hasn’t held a vote. Then, a claim of immunity never upheld by a court. Now they want their lawyers to participate, which is against the rules Republicans wrote. It doesn’t add up—except as evidence of obstruction.

Giuliani associate Lev Parnas now willing to comply with Trump impeachment inquiry.

The revelations on Ukraine have shown Mr. Pompeo had direct knowledge of Mr. Trump’s shadow policy, and seems to have enabled it. thereby earning him the title of worst SecState in history

Sean Hannity constantly pops up out of nowhere in the weirdest places. Remember when it was revealed in court he was Michael Cohen's other client? Or when Julian Assange, talking to someone impersonating Hannity, implored him to reach out over "other channels"?

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff criticizes White House after a fourth Trump administration official defied the panel’s summons to testify at the impeachment inquiry

Asked Schiff if he'd try to secure testimony from Bolton and his former deputy Kupperman by seeing how lawsuit is resolved over Kupperman's testimony, and he said: "We're not going to delay our work. That would merely allow these witnesses and the WH to succeed in their goal"

NEW: RNC paid about $60,000 for the president and his entourage to attend the UFC match this weekend inside Madison Square. Still unclear how Republican lawmakers can take tickets for free without it being a fundraiser or political event:

Breaking: FBI agents have arrested a suspected white supremacist in Colorado who wanted to bomb a synagogue. White supremacy remains a major threat in America. This Nazi sympathizer told FBI agents he wanted to start a holy war against Jews and was planning to kill.

Special Counsel Mueller Investigation Records — FBI Records Vault

FBI: White Supremacist Richard Holzer Arrested In Plot To Blow Up Synagogue In Colorado – CBS Denver

Ukraine has decided to fire the prosecutor who discussed the Bidens with @RudyGiuliani, according to Reuters

Mike Pompeo said he "was no longer able to protect her from President Trump." Yovanovitch was shocked.

Omg… Yovanovitch says she was told that as she was being recalled, Pompeo would try to find out what was going on by…. calling Sean Hannity

Flynn‘s lawyer is just as stupid and dishonest as he is. He was not fired from DIA over an “audit“ of the “deep state.” He was fired for incompetence (amongst ‘other‘ things); something he’s proven to be true over & over again. That is all.

Chairman Schiff: Former U.S. Amb. to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch is "one of the first witnesses to this irregular back channel that the president established with Rudy Giuliani and the damage that it was doing to America's national security."

DOJ has written a letter to the anonymous author of "A Warning," telling him or her they might be in violation of a nondisclosure agreement, @brianstelter reports. The author's literary agents say they support the publisher against efforts to "intimidate."

Journalist E. Jean Carroll has sued President Trump for defamation. He has denied ever meeting her. She has accused him of raping her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room two decades ago.

Impeachment inquiry testimony reveals ex-ambassador was ‘threatened’ by Trump

JUST IN: Michael McKinley, a senior adviser to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, said he resigned over concerns about how Yovanovitch was treated

Facing a concerted campaign from Rudy Giuliani and his allies to oust her, an Oct. 11 deposition transcript reveals that former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich was told that sending a flattering tweet about Trump could save her job

Rep. Adam Schiff on newly released deposition transcripts: "Contrary to the claims of the president and his fact, Republicans were present for all of these depositions, and in fact they had equal opportunities with Democrats to ask questions"

Later, Yovanovitch says it was Interior Minister Arsen Avakov who warned her about Parnas and Fruman

Yvanovitch says a Ukrainian official told her to “I really needed to watch my back” and told her about Parnas and Fruman

"We will be releasing further transcripts. Tomorrow we are scheduled to release the transcripts of Ambassador Volker and Ambassador Sondland," Rep. Adam Schiff says, adding that they "will soon be moving to open hearings."

Great piece by @MaxBoot. Unfortunately, our Soviet backgrounds are becoming quite relevant in the age of Trump! Slavish devotion to the party & leader sounds too familiar.. — Garry Kasparov

Here is a second TRANSCRIPT. Get ready for a lot of reading--and new threads to emerge. Going to intensify the impeachment effort. Detailed transcripts of what each witness has said. Here's MICHAEL MCKINLEY, former senior advisor to the Secretary of State h

HERE COME THE TRANSCRIPTS. House impeachment investigators have started to release transcripts from closed door interviews with key witnesses. We have begun a new phase of the inquiry. DEPOSITION OF MARIE YOVANOVITCH, former US ambassador to Ukraine

Which begs the querstion: Why is Hannity so anti-Ukraine?

Read the Constitution.— Justin Amash

The three-judge panel on the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in New York rejected Trump's argument that he is immune from criminal prosecution and investigation while president

The 2nd Circuit noted Trump conceded any presidential immunity from prosecution would go away once he leaves office — there was no "obvious reason" why a state prosecutor couldn't start an investigation while a president was in office and prosecute later

Trump’s defenders have so little to say

BREAKING - House intel has released transcript showing US Ambassador to Ukraine felt threatened by Trump's vow that she was "going to go through some things." And still does.

Pompeo accused Congress of "bullying" State Dept. officials. But State Dept official George Kent raised concerns that he was being bullied by the State Department, not by Congress, according to McKinley. His concerns were apparently put in writing.

Despite an ongoing impeachment inquiry, Giuliani and those connected with Trump's Ukrainian campaign continue to move ahead with their cause unabated. (Note that Barr is still appealing to foreign intel agencies for help as well.)

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. voters say Trump has not made them better off.

Turkey struck a convoy of Doctors Without Borders on Serekaniye-Tel Temir road. There are injured doctors. One in critical condition.

Reminder: House Democrats have said that they will forgo court battles with defiant impeachment witnesses and instead consider their efforts to stonewall lawmakers as grounds for a separate article of impeachment on obstruction of Congress.

The Second Circuit Appeals Court has just affirmed the district court’s order denying Trump's request for a preliminary injunction, which means unless SCOTUS grants cert on his case and agrees to hear it, he will have to turn over his taxes.

BREAKING: The 2nd Circuit will not block a NY grand jury subpoena to Trump's accounting firm, finding Trump isn't likely to win arguing that any presidential immunity extends to something like this state grand jury investigation

#Russia's state TV airs another segment bashing Hillary Clinton and praising Tulsi Gabbard, under the guise of "Let's get to know Tulsi." Before hysterical Russia apologists say it's intended "for domestic audiences," let me point out that the Russians translated it into English.

Amb. Yovanovitch is a dedicated American diplomat who was forced from her position after a vicious smear campaign orchestrated by the president’s allies. Today, we’re releasing her transcript, and that of another committed public servant, Amb. McKinley

.@MichaelSteele has a question for Republicans loyal to Pres. Trump: "Is this one man worth all that you are sacrificing right now?"

JUST IN: Yovanovitch and McKinley impeachment transcripts have been released:

The head of Russia’s State Security Service, the FSB, made the surprising announcement that Russia and the United States have resumed cooperation on cybersecurity

An advice columnist who says President Trump sexually assaulted her in a New York City department store dressing room in the 1990s is now suing him for defamation.

All Four White House Officials Scheduled To Testify Monday Plan Not To Show Up

Breaking via NYT: E. Jean Carroll has sued Trump for defamation, saying in a lawsuit filed in state court that Trump had damaged her reputation and her career when he denied her allegation of sexual assault in June.

Breaking via CNBC: A federal appeals court has ruled that Trump's tax returns must be turned over to a state grand jury. The panel rejected Trump's argument that he's immune as president from criminal investigation while in the White House.

By "intelligence sharing" the FSB means "we steal all your intelligence and give you nothing in return." Fortunately, the US IC knows this, even if the Trump WH doesn't

"The transcripts ... demonstrate clearly how Pres. Trump approved the removal of a highly respected and effective diplomat based on public falsehoods and smears against Amb. Yovanovitch's character and her work in support of long-held U.S. foreign policy anticorruption goals."

One year out from the 2020 presidential election, Democrats are working to energize one of their biggest strengths – young voters

Asean leaders snub U.S. summit after Trump skips Bangkok meeting

Trump has grown enraged that so many of "his employees," as he refers to them, are going to Capitol Hill and testifying, WaPo reports. The president has asked for copies of witness statements so he can decide how to criticize them.

Critically important elections Tuesday in Kentucky and Virginia! Vote like your life depends on it!

“Trump's Department of Homeland Security has made significant cuts in two key task forces of its Cyber Security and Infrastructure Agency.”

In South Korea, military cost dispute and Trump’s moves in Syria fuel doubts over U.S. commitment

"Internet-Savvy Nazi Says a Bunch of Old Fashioned Nazi Shit in Leaked Tape"

“Behind-the-scenes cooperation with the Trump administration, particularly when it comes to cybercrime and terrorism, is a theme the Kremlin likes to push onto center stage every so often.”

State Department’s first-ever employee Christian faith group underscores Mike Pompeo’s influence

Dude is terrified. Should be.

Jared Kushner 'greenlit' arrest of Jamal Khashoggi in phone call with Saudi Prince

This is what a cover-up looks like.

Here is the Munich Police alerting the public (thus also media) to a disinformation campaign targeting their city. This is meant to pre-empt potential unrest caused by manipulative, divisive content that targets specific communities. Who provides such warnings to Americans?

Trump Org was looking to build a hotel, golf course, and yacht club in Ukraine in the early 2000s, Politico reports

The guys trying to stop immigration musing about how their grandfathers immigrated because irony.

President Trump may have violated criminal provisions of the Hatch Act: It’s a felony to order federal government workers to further a partisan political campaign.

Federal prosecutors examining possible contacts between Rudy Giuliani and former Rep. Bob Livingston over Ukraine

Trump will help Russia with wildfires but not California?

Republicans' fixation on obliterating the Affordable Care Act is threatening our health care & the protections of 130 million people w/ pre-existing conditions. We'll continue fighting against the assaults & deliver on our promise to lower health care & prescription drug costs.

The only thing that will force the GOP to recognize that its current trajectory won't work is massive losses across the country and the way things are looking, that's the likely outcome at some point in the future.

The question should’ve been “Mr. President, what evidence do you have that Colonel Vindman’s testimony wasn’t credible?” The media has to stop playing into Trump’s game of disqualifying any American who doesn’t support him politically.

Stephanopoulos: "Why go forward [with the impeachment inquiry] in the absence Republican support?" House Foreign Affairs Chair Rep. Eliot Engel: "Well, it's not a matter of Republican support. It's a matter of what the president did."

Reminder: John Eisenberg, National Security Council Legal Advisor, and Trump admin officials Michael Ellis, Robert Blair, and Brian McCormack are scheduled to testify today before the House impeachment committees. Their attendance is reportedly unlikely.

House Intel Cmte.'s Rep. Jackie Speier says that the public will see "all of the transcripts that are going to be released, probably within the next five days" and that they are going to be "very telling."

It’s almost like every time he opens his mouth he commits an impeachable offense.

Voters could hand control of the Virginia legislature to Democrats on Tuesday — potentially setting in motion a raft of legislation addressing liberal priorities.

Florida state bar investigating Matt Gaetz for threat to Michael Cohen

A top military commander exposes the grave danger to our national security from @realdonaldtrump. Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President

Did you hear it? Yesterday, on the South Lawn, Trump threatened a shutdown over impeachment.

Facebook is knowingly complicit in the corruption of British democracy.

Obstruction of Justice — in plain view! *As Trump moves to bully witnesses & derail impeachment, Democrats see obstruction

BBC News - Powerful 'Putin's chef' Prigozhin cooks up murky deals

Trump Impeachment Inquiry Turns Focus On National Security Council's Eisenberg

Rumor: Kushner gave the green light to MBS to arrest Khashoggi, who was later murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Turkish intel has an intercept of the call between Kushner & MbS & Erdogan used it to get Trump to roll over & pull US troops out of N Syria.

I know we're all numb and all. But the President has no basis for hailing the role of his AG in an investigation.

Why is Leslie Stahl allowing Maria Butina to peddle Kremlin talking points on 60 Minutes

Voting Machines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Trump slams California for forest fires even though last week's fires were not in forests

"I didn't do it, but if I did, it would be ok. But I didn't. But if I did, there is nothing wrong with that and I shouldn't suffer any consequences. And it's false that people are saying it's ok, although it is. They just aren't saying it. But if they were, they'd be right."

Rep. Schiff says the impeachment inquiry has had to do the investigation that AG Barr should have authorized when a criminal referral for Pres. Trump's behavior was made to the justice department.

#Norway arrests US white supremacist ahead of far-right conference saying his arrest, and similar actions "are part of how we prevent attacks, such as the one we saw in New Zealand, from happening here as well."

Thousands of Iranians chanted "death to America" as Iran marked the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Embassy takeover and ensuing hostage crisis in Tehran with the Supreme Leader declaring the two countries "implacable foes"

After helping to free 100s of Isis terrorists, now President Trump is boosting Jihadists propaganda by stating that America’s sole interest in the Mideast is purely imperialist : Capturing the oil.

Robert Blair, a senior adviser to acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, is refusing to testify on Monday before House lawmakers in the impeachment inquiry. Blair was one of several U.S. officials on Trump’s July 25 call with Ukaine’s president.

oh well now THIS is juicy... "Kushner (allegedly) gave the green light to MBS to arrest the dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, who was later murdered and dismembered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul."

-Who doubts Kushner would have given MbS the green light to arrest Khashoggi? -Who doubts Turkey had knowledge of that?  
given those 2 things, Occam's Razor seems pretty sharp here....

Witness intimidation. Another impeachable offense.

Repeated attempts to unmask a whistleblower who is protected by law, and publicly urging others to do so? Seems like a high crime and misdemeanor.

From today: "My relationship with Russia is very good. My relationship with China is very good." Yeah dude. It's your relationship with America that's your problem. Bigly.

Nothing says innocent like holding the Federal government hostage until they exonerate you for the crime you confessed to

The Governor and Lt Governor of Virginia are Democrats

Observation: Roger Stone goes on trial on Tuesday for witness tampering.

You're as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Dear @realDonaldTrump: The deposition transcripts were all recorded by official stenographers & reviewed by the witnesses. And if you are so scared of the full witness transcripts, I can't imagine how you're going to feel when we hold televised hearings with the same witnesses.

‘Seven whistleblowers’ And a story that — if true — could be deadly for Jared Kushner.

Do you plan to defend your people Secretary @EsperDoD or are you willing to lose credibility with the force? The DNI and Secretary @SecPompeo showed themselves as cowards. You're up!

THREAD: This should be, in any sane country, a bipartisan moment. The President is now committing multiple impeachable offenses every day by demanding laws be broken at his command. Republicans - especially - should have cut Trump loose long ago as a matter of duty

Yes, some support for Trump is "polarization." But it's also something darker: It's a party of opportunists manipulating an ignorant mass of propaganda-addled people. The GOP and its media enablers are as hollow and cynical a group as has ever existed in American politics. /3
"Polarization" implies that people give a shit about policies and ideas. I will fight all day long with or on the left, or on the right, because we disagree about policies and visions for America. That's not this. This is something else. /4
This is what happens when a group of people whose lives are ordinary and full of normal problems spend too much time connected to an internet and a cable box that tells them their lives could be awesome but for the people in the Emerald City. An old story, with new technology. /5
What's also new is that the GOP - once called the party of ideas even by Sen. Moynihan in my lifetime - has now decided that being in power is more important than fidelity to ideas or to the Constitution itself. There is no legal or constitutional red line they respect. /6
Mass communication technology exploited by unprincipled and cynical leaders in wink-wink cahoots with foreign powers, demagogues getting rich by scaring rubes and old people, a sociopath with a cult following. This is something we once would have joined together to stop. /7
Nixon was heading for impeachment for a *fraction* of what Trump has done. Republicans know this. They once prided themselves on being the messengers to the White House that the line had been crossed. No longer. /8
But back to the main point: Our fellow citizens who affirmatively support this behavior do not deserve our understanding or our patient arguments. They are beyond this. They deserve our unyielding - and peaceful - disapproval. There is no obligation to be "understanding." /9
Their support for Trumpism should not produce shouting matches or ruined family dinners. It should produce resolute changing of the subject. Outside of family, it should lead to shunning of friends who insist on arguing over why Trump is right to smear combat veterans. /10
At some point, friendship and comity require shared values. Americans have broken friendships over early Communism, McCarthy, civil rights, Nixon, Vietnam. This was not a tragedy. It was the social opprobrium that is a sign of moral health rather than relativistic anomie. /11
This is another of those times. The President has become a raving paranoid on national television, name calling members of Congress, smearing military officers, promising secret revenge, demanding others in the govt break the law, deriding our intel and LE professionals. /12
There is no "but socialism" or "but abortion" hiccup that is acceptable. None. Republicans did not say "if we impeach Nixon the commies will roll over us and there will be abortions in the streets." They did their duty before the Constitution. The country eventually agreed. /13
I have no interest in debating anyone on why Trump's crimes are not impeachable. We all know better. Sens. Portman and Collins and Romney and yes, even McConnell, all know better. This is not a good-faith disagreement, and it never was. /14