Saturday, August 24, 2019

ICYMI , Deutsche Bank was fined $16 million the SEC yesterday for hiring family members of Russian & Chinese state owned companies. Oh, they were creating false books / book keeping as well. FFS

A Danish newspaper’s portrayal of Trump

Diamond and Silk say Trump campaign never paid them, FEC filing shows otherwise

Texas Lawmakers Slam Gov. Greg Abbott For ‘Inciting Violence’ Against Immigrants Another Texas Christian

BREAKING: Israel confirms striking in Syria, says it foiled Iranian drone attack

Week 13 of Hong Kong protests. Beijing dosn't know what to do. There's too many expats in HK, too much money / capital flight risk, and Taiwan closely watching how China deals with HK.

The Trump administration has just urged the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that firing an employee simply because they are gay is perfectly legal. The request comes in the form of a 34-page amicus brief, which was not required, but voluntary

Screenshotting before it gets deleted. For the second time today, the president has tagged an Emanuel Macron parody account with 900 followers.

Tennessee House Republicans on Friday twice rebuffed efforts by Democrats to oust Rep. David Byrd, R-Waynesboro, the retired high school coach accused by three female former students of sexually assaulting them during the 1980s

"Senseless disputes": E.U.’s Tusk says Trump’s trade wars are damaging global economy

JUST IN: EU says it will "respond in kind" if US slaps tariffs on France

If Trump were a relative, you’d long ago have staged an intervention. As a country, we need to stage an intervention on Nov. 3, 2020. If not, bolstered by reelection, Trump will do unimaginable damage to our country and to our democracy.

Flashback: Father of #Koch Brothers Helped Build Nazi Oil Refinery, Book Says

So I learned some details re: the new immigration regs today, all 600 pgs of them. Indefinite detention End to pending asylum claims No visitations of any kind This is just for starters. The end of Flores is going to mean the start of unobserved detention. This equals death.

Former CEO makes wild claims during CNN interview Two former top FBI officials deny former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne's claim that the FBI directed him in the summer before the 2016 election to pursue a "romantic relationship with Maria B...

Trump is still lying about tariffs. "People don't understand that yet," he says about his false claim that China is paying for them. (Tariffs are actually taxes on American importers generally passed on to consumers.)

BREAKING: Trump adm. just cleared the way for coal mining, & oil+gas drilling on land stripped from Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante monument. They’re acknowledging “adverse effects” on land and resources in the monument😢 Trump’s giving away our most precious land to fossil fuel

New White House press secretary Grisham's career history includes "losing a private-sector job after being accused of cheating on expense reports, a later job loss over plagiarism charges and two arrests for driving under the influence."

Trump is headed to the G7. It’s like watching your drunk Uncle pick up the microphone at you wedding reception. God knows what embarrassment is coming.

The Kochs wanted to repeal Obamacare, dismantle labor unions, repeal environmental laws protecting clean water & air, roll back voting rights, privatize Social Security, stop a minimum wage increase, & destroy the checks & balances in American democracy to get their way.

A Kentucky miner with black-lung disease, after a 10-hour trip to see his senator: “Mitch McConnell let the coal companies walk away from us, and after a minute, he did, too.”

Opinion: Trump may be a lot more vulnerable than you think

I am quoted by Kerry Eleveld, "Psychiatrist warns Trump may be ‘at significant risk for deteriorating into full-blown psychosis’"

Court upholds ruling that Kentucky must pay $224,000 over clerk Kim Davis refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses

A high-ranking U.S. border official refused to allow American citizens to enter the country, sending them back to Piedras Negras, Mexico. Then, Mexican authorities threatened to arrest them.

Pelosi asks Dems for "leverage" on Trump impeachment

Donald Trump’s war on the Federal Reserve

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has set up a political action committee in a bid to prevent Donald Trump’s re-election

Trump Has Told Friends That Gutting Medicare Could Be a Fun “Second-Term Project” A scathing new Pentagon report blames Trump for the return of ISIS in Syria and Iraq Dow plummets more than 600 points after Trump orders US manufacturers to leave China

Protesters form a human chain Friday night called “Hong Kong Way.” Organizers commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the Baltic Way, an estimated 2 million person chain across Lithuania, Estonia & Latvia on August 23rd, 1989 to protest Soviet oppression.

I hate to repeat myself, but we really don't talk enough about how the president is completely insane.

Trump is not well. Trump is not stable. Trump is not fit. Trump is a danger to the country and he’s becoming a big danger to your pocketbook. Nothing we didn’t already know

Trump pulling out of Paris was a green light for leaders like Bolsonaro to turn their back on protecting the planet

“Historically, at least for the last several decades, the White House has had a norm of never commenting on Fed policy at all, let alone sort of cyber-bullying,” reports

Devastating ad for McConnell