Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Their courageous stand moved the conscience of our nation. Today, the President signed it all away. Still want to give him a chance?

Cheering crowds chanting "Yes we can" swarmed Rep. John Lewis at DC airport

Trunp Protest Sign

Why you should call — not email — your legislators

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NEW: Trump's budget pick says he won't back down from vows to reform Social Security and Medicare

Trump just ordered government scientists to hide facts from the public

House Republicans plan to allow state agencies to sue peaceful protesters for police overtime costs

Cruz introduces bill that would let states ban refugees

Incoming White House staffer Julia Hahn was among Paul Ryan's biggest critics while at Breitbart:

Right now NYC demo #NoDAPL #NoKXL.

Spontaneous #NoDAPL & #NoKXL rallies are forming. Here's one by the White House & another in San Francisco

Trump Expected to Sign Executive Orders on Immigration

Trump's orders were expected to involve restricting access to the United States for refugees and some visa holders from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, said the aides and experts, who asked not to be identified.

Randy Rainbow - Alternative Facts

Trevor shares his thoughts on this weekend’s Women’s March

Meet the 'Western chauvinist' fraternal organization that partied its way through lDonald Trump's inauguration

Trump supporters are engaging in a campaign to manipulate French social media to artificially boost the far-right

Rep. Luis Gutierrez To President Trump: Bring Voter Fraud Proof Forward Or Shut Up

Lindsey Graham says it....Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Il., discusses President Trump's claims of voter fraud in the 2016 election. Current topics

Senator Asks Budget Director Nominee To Compare Inauguration Crowd Sizes

When shown a large poster comparing 2009 and 2017 inauguration crowd sizes, Rep. Mick Mulvaney first responds, “I’m not really sure how this ties to OMB,” or the Office of Management and Budget.

He's Going for Standing Rock and Keystone...more

An anti-government ideologue like Mulvaney shouldn't run OMB

President Trump said he would name his Supreme Court pick next week. The leading nominees are a study in contrasts

Trump Protest Sign - Build This Wall

What's Wrong With This Picture?

George Orwell's '1984' is a bestseller again

BREAKING: White House says Trump believes debunked claim that millions of votes were cast illegally in 2016 election

President Donald Trump's Oil Grab Policy Puts US Troops At Risk | Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow looks at how Donald Trump's continued mention of taking oil from other countries as a spoil of war makes those countries feel threatened and puts U.S. troops in those countries at risk.


America will help you with a safe escape plan. We'll get you a wicked good lawyer and a permanent restraining order. We can get his sorry ass thrown in jail if he has hurt you
Just say the word.

Bernie Sanders Trump's Bigotry Brings Us Together

Schumer: Congressional leaders did not challenge Trump's false voter fraud claim

Ha, Mitch McConnell and Paul invented alternative facts.

Trump - Maybe We'll Get A Second Chance

Mitch McConnell Is Ready For ‘Us’ To Get Along And Stop Acting Like A Bunch Of Mitch McConnells

"Over the last eight years, our country has experienced a legislative hissy-fit like no other. Government shutdowns, solemn vows to make sure President Obama can’t get anything done, no matter what it is, refusals to give hearings to Supreme Court nominees hearings, etc. etc.
But Mitch McConnell is ready for us to put all of that behind us! Because he is a very, very gracious man. He is ready for Democrats to not do any of the things that Mitch McConnell did over the last eight years, and for them to treat Donald Trump with the respect that the GOP refused to give to President Obama. To just like, let him do whatever

Read more at http://wonkette.com/610862/mitch-mcconnell-is-ready-for-us-to-get-along-and-stop-acting-like-a-bunch-of-mitch-mcconnells#LfXFURx0D0LfHJj0.99"

Cordray says CFPB will continue enforcement of existing rules in Trump administration

Secret Service agent wrote she wouldn't take a bullet for Trump

Kellyanne Conway Don't Need No Stinkin Secret Service Attachment - She Can Take Care Of Herself

Fist Fight Broke Out At Trump's Victory Ball !!!!
The fight started while the thug below tried to defending Scott Baio!
Ahahahah! Yup,  reality TV all the way.
Here is the first hand account

Hey Wikileaks can you get a tape of this so I can die laughing?
...and remember

"Eight years. Eight years.": Trump and his team are already assuming a win in 2020

"Eight weeks, Eight weeks, Eight weeks" - Then 25th Amendment him. He's dangerously nuts

Trump Creates Jobs For Ten Million Fact Checkers

Give Trump A Chance

O'Reilly: Womens March protesters were "told to show up," just like "totalitarian governments in the 20th century

Fox Propaganda

Why we didn't publish the Russia memos

Trump: 'I want new plants to be built here for cars sold here'

Sounds great but...
How many actual people will have long term employment if we give automakers all the corporate welfare they could ever dream of. What is the return on investment and whom will actually reap the profits? Workers, Wall Street or The Cayman Islands?
Hey, dum dum, who is going to make the assembly line robots? Where do auto parts come from? That's just the beginning of questions you perhaps forgot to ask.
Where are the financial spreadsheets proving that this move to all domestic production will not impact the sales price of cars so much that sales plummet?

Toyota Camry Hybrid Factory Robots 

How many people working do you see? 

These folks make the robotic assembly lines
KUKA Systems GmbH
KUKA Systems GmbH, Blücherstraße 144, 86165 Augsburg, Germany 
KUKA is the world's leading provider of production systems in the automotive industry. With years of experience, we are the master in the design of flexible and efficient production processes.
They do have a one plant located in the United States. I am too lazy to look right now but who makes the stuff to make the robots?

Following are some of Ford's main parts suppliers, along with the parts they supply:
• Flex-N-Gate Seeburn, Ontario, Canada: door hinges and arms;
• NHK Spring, Shiga-ken, Japan: suspension stabilizer linkages;
• U-Shin Europe, Komárom-Esztergom, Hungary: steering columns;
• Valeo Electric and Electronic Systems, Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland: starter assemblies;
• Webasto Roof & Components, Schierling, Germany: sliding sunroofs;
• Summit Plastics, Nanjing, China: instrument panel components;
• Dee Zee, Des Moines, Iowa: running boards;
• Warn Industries, Milwaukie, Oregon: axle assemblies;
• Chaidneme, Carabobo, Venezuela: mufflers and exhaust systems; and
• Autoliv, Valencia, Spain: airbags.

Ok, the point being it may sound good and look like people are doing HARD WORK and DEEP THINKING but has anybody thought this "Made In America" SLOGAN through? Can we see what you've got please? 
The bottom line is Trump's many great ideas and yuge deals have caused him multiple bankruptcies (preferably with other peoples money) untold litigation including fraud....Oh, I can go on.
Trump is now using OUR MONEY for all his great ideas and genius deals. 
More transparency on what is planned and projected result would really help allay people fears.
Unless there is no plan. Like healthcare... "MADE IN AMERICA" seems like a repeal with no plan to replace thought out.
I am leaning more towards ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS.

CA bill would require schools to teach students that Russia helped Trump win

Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s pick to run OMB, faces confirmation hearings about personal taxes

Conway: I have secret service protection because of the media

An alternative truth Kellyanne. You hissing threats to everyone and spewing just the most fantastical propaganda since the Third Reich.. Your mouth is a national security risk. That would warrent protection.
I would think the is media thrilled as circulation has boomed while America, dropped jawed, wonders what could possibly happen next.

Is Trump ready for war in the South China Sea, or is his team just not being clear?

Bill Moyers + historians on the big lie that Donald Trump rode into office:

Grant County, Nebraska has the highest rate of Obamacare enrollees in the US. It also voted overwhelmingly for Trump

Senate committee postpones vote on Rick Perry "until further notice"

BREAKING: President Trump's Press Secretary Hints At Him Approving Dakota Access Pipeline #NoDAPL

Keystone too...

President Trump says he wants to "cut regulations by 75 percent. " But it is unclear what that really means.

It's time to start talking about the 25th Amendment

Trump repeats debunked voter fraud claim at meeting with Hill leaders

China urges U.S. to act and speak cautiously on South China Sea


Anybody who thought Trump’s propaganda tactics would change in the White House had been kidding themselves.

Hey Charlie Baker, you can’t go MIA on President Trump forever

Did he ever return, no he never returned and his fate is still unlearned....

Senate Democrats will unveil a $1 trillion infrastructure plan — and offer Donald Trump their support if he backs it


Donald Trump’s national security adviser is reportedly under investigation for contacts with Russia

Tom Brady on his friendship with Trump: "If you know someone, it doesn't mean you agree with everything they say"

It mean's you're down with pussy grabbing bare minimum. You can say you think that's wrong but you have not...It reflects poorly on the Patriots and probably leaves your non white teammates with a poorer view of you...shall I go on. Your Trump friendship says to your teammates...screw you. I got mine. To be fair, Brady has been hit in the head allot.

Comey, Trump Share a Little Kiss - America Retches

Coup complete

Price to face grilling on Trump's order to weaken Obamacare

Elation as Tillerson Confirmed

Trump’s nominees rejected his most extreme positions. Don't be reassured

Trump to Lawmakers: ‘Illegals’ Cost Me the Popular Vote

Time for the 25th Amendment yet?

Lawrence O'Donnell on Protests and Journalism

Trump's Global Gag Rule reinstatement will lead to an increase in abortions, writes Laurie Garrett

Robert Reich shuts down CNN’s Jeffrey Lord’s unhinged rant about women’s periods and NAFTA

White House Open to Cooperation With Russia in Syria, Press Secretary Says

U.S. earlier Monday denied collaborating with Russia on a combat mission.

Strangers in Their Own Land: The 'Deep Story' of Trump Supporters

Scoop: Trump admin has ordered freeze to EPA contracts & grants. Could affect wide swath of work

Trump names his Inauguration Day a ‘National Day of Patriotic Devotion’

How very Kim Jong-un-ish