Wednesday, November 8, 2017

BREAKING: House Republicans consider repealing individual mandate in tax bill - sources

‘This is outrageous!’ — Rep. John Larson going off on the GOP for being shady af

Darrell Issa says he'll vote 'No' on current tax bill: 'We can do better than this'

NEW VIDEO: Yes. We rejected Trumpism last night. But a new poll says 91% of his voters would support him today. Seems terrible. In fact, this means he’d lose reelection by 135 Electoral Votes

Texas GOP worries Republican women hate Trump too much to help win in 2018

House committee passes bill to expand oil and natural gas drilling on federal land and offshore

CBO: GOP tax bill would add $1.7 trillion to national debt

Senate advances Trump EPA nominee who used to work for fossil fuel companies

McCain: I'll vote against every Trump nominee who supports torture

Is the Political Class Drifting Toward War with North Korea?

Eric Trump’s brother-in-law promoted at Energy Dept

Schiller's closed-door testimony to the House Intelligence Committee was one of the most vivid signs yet of how deeply the Russia investigations are penetrating the president's inner circle.

CBO: 13 million more uninsured if you repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate

The Fakebook Inside Facebook

Fake billionaire Wilbur Ross boasted that the Trump Team plans $250B in deals from China visit, offered few details.

The Strange Pleasure of Seeing Carter Page Set Himself on Fire

InfoWars Has Republished More Than 1,000 Articles From RT Without Permission

NYT: Trump’s DOJ wants Time Warner to sell CNN before it will approve the AT&T merger.

Just in: House intel committee has withdrawn Devin Nunes' subpoena for Fusion GPS cofounder Glenn Simpson, per Fusion counsel Josh Levy. Simpson will appear before the committee voluntarily next week

Senate Dems introduce bill banning assault weapons, bump stocks

NEW: For first time ever, FEMA to airlift Puerto Ricans to Florida & New York

Top former intelligence leaders dismayed over Pompeo meeting with conspiracy theorist

Will Trump’s IRS Pick Help Robert Mercer Eliminate His Firm’s $7 Billion Tax Bill?

Corey Lewandowski says "my memory has been refreshed" and he now remembers receiving email from Carter Page about Moscow trip (in March he claimed he didn't)

lDonald Trump said he got a phenomenal response from the Korean people? He wasn’t lying....the large crowds of protesters were phenomenal.

White House blames Iran for missile attack on Saudis

Dowd Praises 'Level of Diversity and Inclusion' on Election Day

Pence broke the tie and Trump signed the bill throwing out years of work to protect consumers from Wall Street

Russia wants U.S. to extradite doping whistleblower: investigators

Inside secret court hearing in Mueller's Trump-Russia probe

Lara Trump taking on White House duties in troubling and unprecedented move, officials say

President Trump mentions golf property during speech at South Korean National Assembly

U.N. urges Saudis to reopen Yemen's ports as humanitarian crisis worsens

Upper Peninsula Michigan House seat by that Trump won by 4 points goes to the Dem by over 20 points.

Oh man. AARP is going full throttle against the tax bill now.

Fox isn't covering the election. Weird.

These ex-felons are psyched they can finally vote again

In authoritarian China, Trump’s love of free expression on Twitter is put to the test

DICKEY AMENDMENT. Speaks volumes that some in GOP are afraid of even researching gun violence prevention—CDC is not allowed to fight this public health crisis

Exclusive: Russia Activated Twitter Sleeper Cells for Election Day Blitz

Carter Page Wanted Trump to Give Landmark Speech in Russia as Presidential Candidate

52 and making $28,000 a year: The "roaring" economy is still failing part-time workers

Russia investigators probe 2016 GOP platform fight

Fox News Went 100 Minutes Tuesday Night Without Discussing the Republican Loss in Virginia

Stephen Colbert goes in on Donald Trump Jr. for telling Virginians to vote a day late

Opinion | Why America needs more conservative liberal arts majors

Trump is confusing the end of negotiations with the beginning.

WATCH: Labour MP Kate Osamor calls for Priti Patel’s resignation after she misses parliamentary questions about her secretive and unauthorised meetings in Israel

Analysis: The "Paradise Papers" expose Trump’s fake populism

GOP Voter Suppression Is the Countrys Greatest Scandal

Ed Gillespie Predicted His Own Downfall 11 Years Ago

Kremlin warns of mutual damage if Ukraine cuts diplomatic ties

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross ‘lied’ about his wealth to make rich list, says Forbes magazine

Russia is still involved in our elections. This war is not over

Jared Kushner might not be telling the truth about Russia

Republicans thrown on defensive after study shows tax hike

Jeff Sessions to testify before House Judiciary Committee

Senate GOP tax bill could delay corporate tax cut and make other big changes that break sharply with House plan

On Nov. 8, 2016, Russian troll account "MarchForTrump" unveiled a Voter Fraud hotline in a series of tweets

Bundy Legal Team Includes a Birther, an Alleged Ponzi Schemer, and an Ex-White Supremacist

Schiff to AP: Trump a graver threat than Russian meddling

Virginia Rejects Your Hateful Politics, Mr. Trump

These Are the Dealmakers Behind Donald Trump and Xi Jinping

Trump's Calls For The FBI To Investigate Democrat Rivals Have Even Republicans Concerned

Ex-RNC chair fires back at Trump for criticizing Gillespie: "Did YOU win Virginia?"

Speaker Ryan breaks record for shutting down floor debate

As Trump steps back from the UN climate talks, Coke and HP are moving in

Russia eyes cryptocurrency dominance

Photo: Wilbur Ross behind Trump in 1990. These scam artists have known each other for at least 27 years.

Giovanni Brignoni is a pilot for Fura, the Puerto Rico state police. He has been heralded as a hero for reporting while rescuing. His humanity is inspiring. His stories are sobering.

"I think Chris Christie has destroyed the Republican brand in New Jersey for a political generation"

Meet Tom Tancredo, the white-nationalist apologist and Breitbart columnist running for Colorado governor

Analysis: Kiev is buzzing about the Manafort indictment

Conservative senators are trying to repeal part of Obamacare in the tax bill. This could get messy.

Devastating video from @CNN. This quote from a senior Republican adviser is... wow. "Total Dem sweep. Crushing numbers. It. Is. Over. This is a referendum on Donald Trump and his presidency."

Ex-Trump adviser Roger Stone seeks donations to help pay for his defense in Russia probe

CNN poll: Trump approval hits new low of 36 percent

CIA Director Mike Pompeo met with the DNC hack conspiracy theorist at President Trump's urging, sources say

The Texas church gunman once escaped from a mental health center.

Oops. You're not supposed to say this out loud. Putting donors over 38 million middle-class Americans

Republican state Rep.: This was a referendum on the president

Regulators should remember the risks of the insurance industry

NEW: A fourth Trump judicial nominee -- Brett Talley in Alabama -- has been deemed not qualified by American Bar Association

Trump Drags Down GOP Candidates in Virginia, N.J.

BREAKING: Maine voters expand Medicaid in statewide referendum seen as bellwether for support for the Affordable Care Act.

Kushner seemed panicked after Mueller’s first indictments were unsealed, three sources tell

Republicans are about to make a public display calling for Robert Mueller to resign

BREAKING: Dems flip over a dozen Virginia House seats in largest gain in over 100 years

The coincidence of the rise of political polarization with the rise of social media is terrifying

Exit polls show top 2 issues for Northam voters tonight were health care and guns. Say it again. Health care and GUNS.

A resounding defeat tonight for President Trump. Voters around the country rejected the ugly politics we have seen this past year. Instead, they chose candidates who unite and inspire us.

Pussy Riot's warning about Trump for the U.S. resistance

Nadya Tolokonnikova from the Russian punk music and protest group Pussy Riot joins MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss the similarities and differences between President Trump and Vladimir Putin and to share her advice for the American resistance.

Ex-GOP Rep. on Democrats: 'This is what a wave feels like'

Former GOP Rep. David Jolly says of the 2017 election results "this is what a wave feels like, and Democrats won tonight because Donald Trump is president." Jolly and Krystal Ball join Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss the races where voters rejected Trump.

Trump fails to act on gun violence mental illness concerns

Rachel Maddow points out that while Donald Trump is quick to concoct his own diagnosis of the latest mass killing shooter as mentally ill, his actions in office so far show a disregard for mental illness and gun ownership.

Lawrence and Rachel Maddow on historic election night results

Lawrence O'Donnell asked Rachel Maddow to react to a big night for the Democrats across the country and what it means for President Donald Trump.

GOP underperforms outside of Trump base in Virginia races

Steve Kornacki, MSNBC political correspondent, shows Rachel Maddow the dynamics of the voting in Virginia where Democrats took the top state offices and flipped many state delegate seats as Trump-style campaigning failed with suburban Republicans and energized urban Democrats.

Democrats finally got big victories they were craving in the year since Trump won the presidency. Five takeaways:

Democrat Phil Murphy wins New Jersey governor's election: media

BREAKING: Hoboken elects first Sikh mayor in New Jersey history

Openly trans Democrat defeats anti-trans Republican in historic Virginia election

Virginia Democrats celebrate big win in off-year election

Senator Mark Warner talks with Rachel Maddow about Democratic election victories in the state's top offices.

On an election night, 2 more House Republicans announced they won't seek re-election in 2018