Sunday, December 20, 2020

Fmr. OLC Attorney: “I never harbored delusions about a Trump presidency. Mr. Trump readily volunteered that his agenda was to disassemble our democracy, but I made a choice to stay...”


Enjoy your $600, peasants


#BREAKING: McConnell on the floor: We have “finalized an agreement” on the $900 billion covid relief deal


VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY SPEAKS: “@JoeBiden, it seems to me, knows Ukraine better than the previous president,” said the Ukrainian president, who had a bit of, uh, history with TRUMP, adding that BIDEN “understands the difference between Ukraine & Russia.”


“Thus the Trump presidency ends as it began — with Trump denying the reality of Russian cyberattacks and serving as an apologist for the dictator in the Kremlin.”


DeSantis lied to the public and the medical profession about Florida's shipment of Pfizer vaccine. DeSantis says "shipments on hold" Pfizer says "Wrong. Florida hasn't ordered any"


BREAKING: Coronavirus mutation first found in the UK also found in Italy, health minister says


WATCH: Sen. Mitt Romney slammed President Donald Trump over his flirtation with the idea of imposing martial law to rerun the 2020 presidential election


Italy suspends all travel from UK




Very happy that Miss Belarus 2008 & former press secretary of FC Dynamo Brest Volha Khizhynkova was released today after 42 days of detention for participating in peaceful protests. The conditions of her imprisonment were inhumane. The state terror in Belarus must be stopped.


Here’s Lin Wood, who Trump recently retweeted, saying there will be violence in the streets unless the election results are overturned


My opening comment on @ReliableSources today: The best word for what is happening in America right now is radicalization.


France joins a growing list of countries to ban travel from the U.K. amid concerns about a new, more infectious coronavirus strain. Other European Union nations to announce restrictions are Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands.


Toomey has one vote, like everyone else. This is Mitch’s play, to deny Biden what he let Trump have. Pure power grab.


“This is extraordinarily serious and when the President of the United States either tries to deflect or is not willing to call out the adversary … he is not making our country safer,” Sen. Mark Warner says as Trump downplays Russia’s role in cyberattack.


Another topic to investigate: participation of foreign security forces in crackdowns against protesters in Belarus. A few days ago, the Russian National Guard has signed a cooperation agreement with Lukashenka’s police to combat ”terrorism and extremism”


The former top intelligence official at DHS has reported to Congress as part of a whistleblower complaint that he was pressured by the Admin to exaggerate the role of far left agitators in violent acts.


UK health secretary says new COVID mutation is ‘out of control’


I got some news for everyone. The military swears an oath to the constitution and won't break it for a wannabe Hitler mobbed-up trust fund baby reality television host. — Wesley Clark


Plotting a military coup seems like the kind of behaviour that impeachment and removal were invented for


“Advisers fret that Trump ‘is spending too much time with people they consider crackpots or conspiracy theorists’...It’s apparently well and good for Trump to spend some time with crackpots and conspiracy theorists — just not too much time.”


Bulletproof vests, helmets and masks will never protect against power of shame, disgrace and absence of conscience. People of #Belarus woke up and are fighting for their freedom today, every Sunday, every day, more than 4 months. Observation is not enough!


To be clear, Moscow Mitch just told Democrats that he’ll continue to block life saving stimulus unless they allow him to blow up the economy by blocking the Biden Admin from taking care of the looming great depression. He’s one of the most evil destructive forces in US history.


White House officials were planning to put out a statement on Friday that said Russia was behind the massive cyberattack on U.S. agencies but others forced them to nix it, according to reports


Through all these years living in America, even long after I started to advocate for #HongKong on Capitol Hill, I’ve never imagined the day when my personal safety literally comes up for debate. I’m so blessed to have @SenatorDurbin get emotional and stand up for me like this.


OPINION | Repressive moves made in Hong Kong this year are analogous to the Tiananmen crackdown in Beijing in 1989, writes Jeffrey Wasserstrom


Xi Jinpings’s incompetence will give the West time to counter China’s nightmare world vision


How Hong Kong is targeting the moderates to quell all forms of protest


The Alternative Citizens’ Deliberative Platform – a new way forward for Hong Kong’s opposition


Step by step, Belarus is becoming more like North Korea. To demoralize the protesters, the authorities organized hundreds of tractors, agricultural machinery, police vans driving around the city with Lukashenka's flags.


"People's Tribunal" (Narodny Tribunal) aims to prosecute Lukashenka and his allies in the future. "Our country has turned into a crime scene. I declare A.Lukashenko and his accomplices a terrorist organization, which must be held accountable for its crimes,"Tsikhanouskaya said.


POTUS is not, by any sane measure, either doing his job or connected to reality — including to the reality of the state of our national security, be it at home or abroad. His poison has so corroded what we are that no one even talks about this as something that can be mitigated.


"I know who wanted to kill me. I know where they live. I know where they work," said Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny in a video watched by millions of people.


Jeff Bezos added $13,000,000,000 to his fortune in a single day during the pandemic.


Nearly 20,000 US-based Amazon workers have contracted coronavirus. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos has accumulated enough wealth to give every Amazon employee $105,000 and still be as rich as he was before March. This is what pandemic capitalism looks like


Senior officials are increasingly alarmed that Trump might unleash — and abuse — the power of government to try to overturn the election. Trump is spending too much time with crackpots and conspiracy theorists and flirting with blatant abuses of power


Gregory F. Treverton, a former chairman of the National Intelligence Council, the government’s senior-most provider of intelligence analysis, said that Trump “behaves so much like a paid Russian agent.”


4000 of Amazon’s employees are on food stamps while Jeff Bezos’s net worth increased by OVER 90 BILLION DOLLARS during covid alone. How’s that trickle down economy going?


U.K. Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned the new mutant strain of the coronavirus is “out of control” and suggested parts of England will be stuck in the new highest tier of restrictions until a vaccine is rolled out


The White House was days away from sending face masks to every household in America over the summer. USPS even wrote a press release for the plan. Trump nixed it over personal feuds with USPS & Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Read that draft press release


Axios confirms: Rudy Giuliani called Ken Cuccinelli, second in command at the Department of Homeland Security, on Thursday night and asked him whether DHS could seize voting machines. Cuccinelli responded that DHS does not have that authority.


Amazing. He’s done with an ongoing massacre that’s claiming thousands of American lives a day? Trump has blood on his hands. And so does every Republican who supports him.


.@RepJohnCurtis: Trump was just talking about a military coup, he’s not actually doing it, what’s the big deal?


What a few extremists have supposedly urged Trump to attempt as a last-ditch way of preventing the presidential succession from taking place peacefully on January 20 would be a serious federal crime punishable by 10 years in prison.


Two Georgia hospitals in the same district. One is slammed with #COVID19 and received no vaccine this week. One, an influential for-profit cancer hospital with no ER, gets its entire 1000+ staff vaccinated, administrators and all.


That's you Michael Flynn. Need a second pardon? You've got 30 days to get one.


"Deputy Speaker of the Russian State Duma responded with an ominous threat: “We’re going to use their computers to make sure that people like Biden & his entire team will never again imagine that they have the right to world domination. Just wait and see”"


It just learned that seditious conspiracy, unlike “regular” criminal conspiracy, doesn’t require an overt act in order for the crime to be completed. Did not know that


Seems like a disgraced former National Security Advisor who pled guilty to lying to the FBI and his wackadoodle lawyer hanging out in the Oval Office and encouraging the disgraced, impeached, bigly loser POTUS to use the military to force a new election should be a bigger deal.


As the damage Trump has done becomes clear over the coming months, I *almost* feel sorry for the Republicans who declined to remove Trump when they had the chance in February. It's on their heads.


Dear @VP @Mike_Pence: If the below is true, you should start taking a look at the 25th Amendment


Sarah Palin says Julian Assange "deserves a pardon"


WORRISOME—Key things on new Flag of United Kingdom VUI-202012/01 #SARSCoV2 mutation: —Likely more infectious, possibly up to 70% faster transmission. —R0 increase of ~ +0.4 —23 unique changes, many in spike protein. —Comprises 62% of recent London cases, 43-59% E/SE.


When Trump is "retweeting threats of putting politicians in jail, and spends his time talking to conspiracy nuts who openly say declaring martial law is no big deal, it’s impossible not to start getting anxious about how this ends."


1) Putin puts bounties on US troops. 2) Putin poisons his oppo leader. 3) Putin directs massive cyber attack against US. Trump? Silent on all. There is no rational explanation. I don’t believe in coincidences. I was a skeptic but seems clear that Trump is compromised


Remind me - how much money did Trump’s stupid border wall cost American taxpayers?


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has spent years successfully dodging legal and public relations blows. Now he confronts a formidable new opponent: A federal prosecutor with a team of FBI agents investigating criminal allegations from Paxton's deputies.


The number of students applying to medical school is up 18%. Some credit Dr. Fauci with inspiring a new generation of doctors


In October, Lindsey Graham refused a COVID-19 test before debate with Jaime Harrison even though he was exposed to virus. Today, he cut to front of line to get vaccine.


Now the president is not just silent on Russia and the hack. He is deliberately running defense for the Kremlin by contradicting his own Secretary of State on Russian responsibility.


If there is one constant in the otherwise chaotic hot mess that is the Trump administration, it has been the President's cold, sweaty fear of the Kremlin.


Kelly Loeffler & David Perdue embraced Trump’s scheme to nullify 5 million Georgia votes. Then they endorsed a plan to suppress absentee voting in their own runoff elections. Georgia’s Republican senators are openly campaigning to disenfranchise voters.


“If you thought you’d heard about all the financial chicanery Donald Trump and his family have engaged in during his presidency, rest assured there’s plenty more to be revealed.”


Where was Pat Toomey when people were doing the work to reach a bipartisan deal? Nowhere. He waits until we might actually get money to people who desperate need it, then tries to stop us. Pat Toomey: conservative when convenient.


Senator Elizabeth Warren has just introduced a Bill that bans members of Congress from owning or trading stocks aka criminals Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue and Ron Johnson. Love this.


I was very pleased to hear that after @Tsihanouskaya's visit to Berlin, @DeutscheWelle decided to expand broadcasting to Belarus,launch a separate "Belarus page"& add programming in the Belarusian language. It would be good if @VOADirector, @USAGMgov and @BBCWorld follow example


Americans are suffering and are counting on us to #BuildBackbetter with real #covid relief, good paying jobs and justice for all. Republicans are standing in the way. Progress is on the horizon but we need to win the Senate! Please help #FlipGeorgiaBlue


Spies on Flynn-Trump Coup Talk - SpyTalk


‼️GRIFTERS: Nearly half of the $1.26 billion raised for Trump’s campaign was funneled into Jared Kushner’s shell company that spent hundreds of millions of dollars to pay Trump family members, along with other expenditures it wanted to keep under wraps.


1. A country attacks us. 2. Our President then comes out and takes the side of the country that attacked us. 3. What is that, if not treason?


I’m very much looking forward to this sad Russian stooge leaving the White House so that we can start to take stock of the damage that he and his backers in Moscow did to the nation.


BIDEN MUST WARN TRUMP AND HIS CONSPIRATORS: THEY WILL BE PROSECUTED. Trump’s Oval Office meeting last night was a conspiracy to overthrow our government by military coup. President-Elect @JoeBiden must warn that such treasonous plotting will not be tolerated.


At moments like this, it’s hard not to be grateful that Trump is so dumb and so hopelessly inept and impotent


You bend over for Putin at every turn. You claim it’s for a “good relationship.” He laughs at you and screws you/us over and over. It’s because you are weak. You’ve left us defenseless and pitiful. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


House Democrats passed a bill with direct payments all the way back in May. This is a question for Republicans.


Senate Republicans bear the responsibility for not removing him when they had the chance, and they are holding their breath and hoping they can get to January 20 without Trump forcing them to vote on removing him again. /1


When I was at the FBI handling foreign cyber attacks, the Obama team was constantly on our case to swiftly identify the culprits. By contrast, Trump just defended an adversary identified by his own Secretary of State, and then went on to accuse an entirely different country. Wow.