Friday, September 4, 2020

BREAKING: Two self-described “Boogaloo Bois” were charged for allegedly conspiring and attempting to aid extremist Islamist group Hamas as part of “their desire to overthrow the government” after protests erupted over the police-killing of George Floyd

The VA reported that 3,044 veterans and 53 employees had died of the virus as of Friday afternoon.

Trump on Navalny Poisoning: I think it’s tragic, it’s terrible, it shouldn’t happen. We haven’t had any proof yet... It is interesting that everyone is always mentioning Russia...

Trump murders irony by criticizing Cuomo for incompetent handling of the coronavirus

Well worth watching. It sounds like @JenGriffinFNC source is Fuentes; I base that assessment on the fact that she describes him as “a former administration official” rather than “a former senior....” which one would use of Mattis, Dunford, or Kelly.

Fox News confirms @realDonaldTrump disparages our troops. — Rep. Eric Swalwell

NEW, @JenGriffinFNC confirms former Trump admin official confirms details in The Atlantic story, including quotes about veterans. When the President spoke about the Vietnam War he said, “It was a stupid war. Anyone who went was a sucker.”

Opinion: Biden shows how a president heals a broken community

Trump will lie, cheat, and steal to win. We cannot become complacent.

"The ones that we have lost aren't losers, they are ordinary people who did an extraordinary thing. They answered the call," says @brikeilarcnn in response to a report that Pres. Trump called the US war dead "loser and suckers."

This is the only sane way to deal with Qanon

Update in our USPS case— The judge granted our motion for expedited discovery, meaning we will get some answers from the Postal Service by September 18th. We must block all of Louis DeJoy’s illegal attempts to disrupt our mail delivery and election. — Maura Healey

Sen. Tammy Duckworth: "I take my wheelchair and my titanium legs over Donald Trump's supposed bone spurs any day."

Sugar Bear Zilby Laura M JB Hooks Erik K McGreevy These were just a few of my friends who did not come home. Not losers. Not suckers... American heroes.

The Defense Department has ordered Stars and Stripes newspaper to shut down by the end of the month as Congress debates its funding

Unprecedented show of force this morning above the skies of #Ukraine. Two US B-52 bombers, escorted by the Ukrainian Air Force, flew within 20 miles of the border with #Crimea.

Trump still doesn’t have a plan—and Americans are paying the price.

An explosive report alleging that Trump disparaged dead U.S. service members threatens to further imperil his struggling re-election bid

Kayleigh: *runs away*

Donald Trump called our fallen troops "suckers" and "losers." They can't speak for themselves, but these 6 Gold Star families speak for our fallen. Here is their POWERFUL message.#GoldStarParents

"Suckers." - @realDonaldTrump

Biden just outed William Barr for lying about the threat of Russian election interference.

Jacob Blake's sister on CNN: "The visit was really encouraging because Biden without— before we could even bring up some of the points that we wanted to speak to him about, he already brought them to the table. He wasn't just there for comfort, he was there for a purpose."

NH State Rep. Under Investigation After ‘Dangerous Calls To Violence’ In Facebook Post

Joe Biden on QAnon supporters: "I've been a big supporter of mental health. I'd recommend people who believe it should take advantage of it while it still exists under the Affordable Care Act."

Biden on Trump: "Bottom line, Mr President, do your job. Get off your golf course and out of the sand bunker. Call the leaders together in the Oval Office. Sit with them and make a deal."

The state of Florida has told local health officials not to release coronavirus data about public schools.

Opinion: The latest polling suggests Trump’s ugliest campaign strategy may be imploding

Biden: "President Trump has demonstrated he has no sense of service, no loyalty to any cause other than himself. If I am honored of being the next commander in chief, I will ensure that our American heroes know I will have their backs."

Biden: "Donald Trump may be the only president in modern history to leave office with fewer jobs than when he took office.

THIS! ‘It’s disgusting … who the heck does he think he is?!’ — Joe Biden came down hard on Trump for his reported anti-military comments

Biden: "Quite frankly, if what is written in The Atlantic is true, it is disgusting. It affirms what most of us believe to be true -- that Donald Trump is not fit to be the commander in chief."

Sir, The Atlantic Magazine was founded by Ralph Waldo Emerson. YOU lie about your weight, your IQ, your taxes, your bone spurs, your toilet flushing, and you cheat on all your wives

Judge says Ken Cuccinelli unlawfully appointed to lead US immigration agency

"If what is written in the Atlantic is true, it's disgusting," Biden says.

Why Trump Supporters Can’t Admit Who He Really Is Nothing bonds a group more tightly than a common enemy that is perceived as a mortal threat.

Is anyone surprised that the man who criticized John McCain belittles those who serve our country? You know who honors our military? @JoeBiden.

This 911 call has rocked me to my core. Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth calling to police for help, because he still doesn’t realize it was the police who shot her.

Bill Barr's father was a pedophile who hung w Epstien. He raised Bill to be a pedophile too. That's why he is AG for fellow Epstein friend and pedo Trump. I'm basing that on logic.

Troops: White nationalism a national security threat equal to ISIS, al-Qaida

Witness the untold story of the murder that shook the world. From the Academy Award-winning director of Icarus comes #TheDissident. Coming Soon.

A KGB Man to the End The origins of Putin’s worldview—and the rise of Russia’s new ruling class

BREAKING: Anne Applebaum Interviews Peter Strzok

The "Commander in Chief" hates the military. The Pentagon has ordered Stars and Stripes to shut down.#TrumpHatesOurMilitary

Joe Biden blasts President Trump over his handling of school reopenings amid the pandemic: "American families all across this country are paying the price for his failures and his administration's failures ... This is a national emergency"

Donald Trump thinks these heroes are losers.

the dumbest shit, every day

Mary Trump, in a previously unaired portion of her interview with Rachel Maddow, talks about a family anecdote in which her uncle, Donald Trump, threatened to disown Don Jr. if he joined the military.

President Trump called Americans who died in war “losers” and “suckers,” but at least he never saluted a Marine while holding a latte

Democrats are running on the most progressive police reform agenda in modern American history Democrats may not want to defund the police, but they are more open than ever to reimagining public safety.

President Trump has cranked up pressure on health officials to expedite work both on a coronavirus vaccine and on treatments that might signal to voters there is an end in sight to the life-altering pandemic that has imperiled his reelection prospects

New detail in WaPo: In one account, Trump told senior advisers that he didn't understand why the U.S. government placed such value on finding soldiers missing in action because they had performed poorly and gotten caught and deserved what they got.

Trump doubles down on telling his supporters to vote for him twice in the November election and continues to promote voter fraud at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania Thursday night.

"When McCain died...Trump told his senior staff...“We’re not going to support that loser’s funeral,” and he became furious, according to witnesses, when he saw flags lowered to half-staff. “What the fuck are we doing that for? Guy was a fucking loser.”

For Donald Trump, the pitch now is less that voters are better off, and more about how much worse things could get for them

Humiliation terrifies him

This, in Trump-speak, is a full confession of guilt. He's sweaty and terrified right now.

Pompeo and Simple Jared have been in the Middle East strategizing with Netanyahu, MBZ and MBS on the US election - chew on that. They have also been planning the cover up in case Trump is removed from office. Barr is back home covering their asses. America 2020 sucks ass.

My father was taken prisoner in occupied Shanghai by the Japanese military in 1943 because he’d become an American citizen years earlier. Trump would’ve called him a “sucker” and a “loser.” How wrong can someone be? The biggest loser in American history is Donald J. Trump.

Update: @JimLaPorta has a second source confirming the story. His sources are current, not former, @DeptofDefense officials - which is truly fascinating.

Just a reminder the second amendment wasn’t designed to kill people practicing the first.

It high fucking time some of you 4 stars step the fuck up, speak out, and then resign in protest. You already got your fat pension. You have nothing to lose. Save America.#TrumpTraitor

Everything about this moment in history feels painful. Our entire citizenry & national identity is being abused by our leaders - & a significant % of us is sickly relishing in it. I was not raised in an abusive household, but I now have a new level of empathy for those who were.

44% of Americans say they would take a vaccine before w Phase 3 trial. In other news, 56% of Americans know what a Phase 3 trial is.

I am amazed that Kelly didn’t flatten him right there in Arlington.

Trump’s “losers” and “suckers” comment sure explains why he was A-OK with Putin paying bounties for dead American soldiers.

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai is found not guilty of intimidating a rival tabloid's reporter in 2017

Today on "The Daily," Jimmy Lai — Hong Kong’s most combative media tycoon and the highest-profile figure arrested under the city’s new security law — discusses his quest for freedom

This film is released today. But because Disney kowtows to Beijing, and because Liu Yifei openly and proudly endorses police brutality in Hong Kong, I urge everyone who believes in human rights to #BoycottMulan

Amazing reporting by @JeffreyGoldberg. Incredible. Trump asked “Who were the good guys in this war?” about World War II. At the grave of John Kelly’s son in Arlington @realDonaldTrump said to him: “ I don’t get it. What was in it for them?”

The AP confirms the Atlantic’s reporting

For the first time in your life be brave: Resign and face the consequences. — Mary L Trump

A man suspected of fatally shooting a supporter of a right-wing group in Portland, Oregon, last week was killed as investigators moved in to arrest him. That's according to a senior Justice Department official who spoke to @AP.

It would be nice to have a Commander-in-Chief who has served or had a family member who served, but America deserves one who, at the very least, respects the Americans who put their life on the line for us, and certainly those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

We veterans see it, too, @kayleighmcenany. Seems we’re not as easily fooled as you.

You’re going to die in jail @realDonaldTrump Kelly, Mattis and Dunford didn’t miss their shot.

Now I get why @realDonaldTrump won’t stand up to Putin for bounties on our troops. Does Trump act as a Russia agent? Yes. But, Trump also thinks any US troops killed by Russia bounties are “suckers” or “losers.” He hasn’t defended them. He never will.

2nd Lieutenant Freddy Trump, Air National Guard

I don’t want to read anymore anonymous sources. Rome is burning. I want to see the Joint Chiefs resign in protest.

"A former senior administration official confirmed to The Washington Post that the president frequently made disparaging comments about veterans and soldiers missing in action, referring to them at times as 'losers'."

On his first day as president, Trump stood before Memorial Wall at CIA to talk about himself—not the dead reflected in the engraved stars behind him. Ambassador Ryan Crocker at the time: “I can’t imagine a worse Day One scenario. And what’s next?”

Trying to confirm


NEW: Statement by Vice President Joe Biden on the Deepening Repression in Tibet

Our military has been repeatedly BETRAYED by Trump. Now he is panicking, using any excuse to show up in military communities. Like today, in Wilmington, NC. But service members know better. Donald Trump, you are going to lose.

Trump is now attacking PA Gov. Wolf for, in his words, shutting down the state. In Harrisburg today Deborah Birx said PA has done a "remarkable job" fighting the pandemic.

The National Security Council PANDEMIC playbook by @JoeBiden & @BarackObama given to Trump in 2016 yet IGNORED clearly states in the Community Mitigation Measures section to: 🔹close schools 🔹cancel large gatherings 🔹mandate masks 🔹social distance All which TRUMP fails to do

“Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” “Who were the good guys in this war?” Our President asked this? As a vet who served alongside those who gave their life for our nation, and son of a 2-tour Vietnam vet, these are disgusting, un-American statements

John Kelly confirms to ⁦@washingtonpost⁩ and adds more color

She was paid with taxpayer $ to lie for @realDonaldTrump all day everyday.

Updates on Michael Reinoehl killing: • 4 officers reportedly shot at him. • He was leaving apartment and getting in vehicle. • Agents on scene said he had a gun, but investigative team hasn't confirmed that. • Protesters write: “Michael was murdered

An hour before he was killed, Reinoehl was working on setting up a GoFundMe page and talking about plans for his two kids, a friend say

UPDATE from the sheriff's agency investigating the shooting: The department says 4 officers shot their guns. They believe the suspect had a weapon but can't say right now whether or not he used it. The shooting happened around a vehicle near an apartment.

Well, you are a massive liar, since every single one of us heard what @realDonaldTrump called @SenJohnMcCain. Why, even lickspittle @DanCrenshawTX had to tell him to cut it out. And the sources are pretty obviously Mattis, Kelly, Dunford and Fuentes. I’ll take them over you.

Breaking. @MSNBC exclusive Mary Trump reacts to The Atlantic report: "Anybody who is surprised by Donald's comments is once again letting him off the hook when he has time after time demonstrated himself to be nothing but an anti-American, anti-military traitor to this country."

This sentiment is going around.

If you remain in the Administration after this story, your legacy will be bonded to Trump’s disgust for our dead and wounded soldiers. Walk out now, or own this forever.

Ex-NRA insider speaks out: Gun owners should be 'horrified' by what I saw In an exclusive interview, Joshua Powell breaks ranks with the NRA

Within an hour of this tweet the suspect was dead ‘in a scuffle with police’ Trump is killing via tweets now.

Your piece on how he never really disrespected John McCain will be eagerly awaited.

UPDATE: Penn State has formally issued a correction—not 30-35%, but 15% of Big 10 athletes who were infected with #Covid19 suffered from myocarditis. Newspaper correction now posted too.

Trump rarely speaks to press upon returning to DC. Can't recall when he ever has. But he did tonight in the dark to vigorously deny the Atlantic story. "I would be willing to swear on anything that I never said that about our fallen heroes...What animal would say such a thing?”

@madrid_mike My father serving in the early 1950s as a Marine. He’s 90 now and cannot believe what Trump said.

My father just called me , he is 86 yr old . A 25 yr Ret Marine MSGT. He is pissed off , he was cussing over the phone before I could say hello. I am a 8 yr Army vet as well , but hearing my father this upset over Trump is disturbing to me

"The president told senior advisers he didn’t understand why the US government placed such value on finding soldiers missing in action because they had performed poorly and deserved what they got, according to a person familiar with the discussion."

Dear @realDonaldTrump: You lie. You are on videotape calling American hero John McCain a loser. Also, when are you going to condemn Vladimir Putin for paying the Taliban money to kill US troops?

Time has come General Kelly.

Kinda felt like a hired gun for the top 3%. Protecting rich mans interests then spit in our faces. Lost freinds,family who shed blood and died. Now we die again for a liar and a fraud. Bounties for votes just to stay in power.

Talk about rapid intensification, wow. Super Typhoon #Haishen is churning up the waters of the West Pacific, a Cat. 5 storm that is fcst to hit parts of Japan and South Korea this wknd. Plenty of warm water ahead of it, too.

In 2 months we can elect a Commander in Chief who truly loves our military and supports them as heroes not “suckers” or “losers”

Here’s my promise to you: If I have the honor of serving as the next commander in chief, I will ensure that our American heroes know that I will have their back and honor their sacrifice. Always.

The President responds

My father was taken prisoner in occupied Shanghai by the Japanese military in 1943 because he’d become an American citizen years earlier. Trump would’ve called him a “sucker” and a “loser.” How wrong can someone be? The biggest loser in American history is Donald J. Trump.

Pompeo and Simple Jared have been in the Middle East strategizing with Netanyahu, MBZ and MBS on the US election - chew on that. They have also been planning the cover up in case Trump is removed from office. Barr is back home covering their asses. America 2020 sucks ass.

Read Jeff Goldberg’s article in The Atlantic. How could anyone support Trump?

Recall that John Kelly launched a false attack on Rep. Frederica Wilson after she criticized Trump for purportedly telling the mother of a fallen soldier that “he knew what he signed up for.”

A judge removed Kanye West from the Virginia ballot because his campaign used "improper, fraudulent and/or misleading means" to secure a ballot position. Kanye faces a similar lawsuit in Arizona. He was accused of fraud in Wisconsin too. There could be real legal fallout here....

Watergate defendant Liddy's son sentenced for child porn

The president's words about Senator McCain have always said far more about his own character than the Senator's. None of it will ever change what he means to the U.S. Navy, Arizona, our country, or me. We remember him as a hero.

People risked getting the coronavirus and dying to listen to this material

THE US PRESIDENT AND THE KREMLIN AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ALIGNED LIKE THIS. THIS ISN'T NORMAL. 🗳️ Russia and Trump push false claims of massive voter fraud 💰 Russia and Trump push false claims of Biden corruption 🩹 Russia and Trump push false claims of Biden's mental decline

Heads up, media. Tea Pain’s about to read you the riot act. Reportin’ has been confirmed that Donald Trump calls our fallen military “losers” and “suckers.” Your job is to track down every member of Congress for comment. Will you rise up for truth or support Trump with silence?

After WH "briefing given by the then-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joe Dunford, Trump turned to aides and said, 'That guy is smart. Why did he join the military?'" How can anyone with integrity & values support this sorry excuse for a man

The President didn’t attend the memorial at the cemetery but he did show up at an event the following day to greet Putin

I’m not standing for the National Anthem until America removes @realdonaldtrump from the @whitehouse, either by vote or force.

Biden is acting like he's already the president, which is easy to do when the actual president is on the golf course or hiding in a ramp tunnel. The nation is starved for leadership at the top. Joe is providing that leadership.

18 Jul 2015

Have never seen the Trump White House mobilize to deny a story faster and more vigorously than this Atlantic article

My great grandfather Theodore Roosevelt jr (and his brother) are buried in Normandy. Even as sons of a president, born into privilege, they understood they had an equal obligation to serve this great nation. There is a “loser” here, but it is not anyone buried in Normandy.

Update: a second source, specifically a senior U.S. Marine Corps officer with knowledge of President @realDonaldTrump comments confirmed the @TheAtlantic story. Here’s my copy at the @AP