Sunday, August 20, 2017

Someone drew a swastika on lDonald Trump walk of fame star. Unfortunately, no way to know if it's someone who hates him or supports him

Rohrabacher to Consult With Trump Before Sharing Wikileaks Info

‘Then they came for me’: A Hitler supporter’s haunting warning has a complicated history

Robert Reich: Trump's Defense of White Supremacists Is Just Part of a More Nefarious Plot

Something about the crowd in Boston today looks awfully familiar..

So Julian Assange is STILL interfering in US politics violating his condition of being in the Embassy.

Trump: I consulted the military about the transgender ban. Military: no, you didn’t

Dem lawmaker: Trump's presidency is unraveling before our eyes

Trump-linked oligarch’s company goes bust as intrigue grows

Trump sabotage could cost country billions, says CBO, but not destroy Obamacare

Joe Arpaio’s office nearly bankrupted itself in taking on immigration “enforcement,”

Rush Limbaugh says white supremacists and the KKK ‘are not the problem,’ warns of second civil war

Whataboutism: The Cold War tactic, thawed by Putin, is brandished by Donald Trump

Legal fight erupts over deposition of Trump dossier author Christopher Steele

Trump names bottled water industry lawyer to Interior. Interior ends ban on bottled water in national parks

THE MEMO: GOP fears that Trump has significantly damaged the party

From Russia with Blood

Steve Bannon wants to settle scores with the White House

Senior W.H. official: "No one liked him. People didn't know what he did other than stab his colleagues in the back"

Texas women will now be forced to take out "rape insurance" for abortion

How to win friends and stigmatize Nazis

Behrends tossed frm Foreign Affairs Commtee due to relationships w/pro-Russian lobbyists.

The U.S. president is walking a dangerous line with Xi Jinping