Sunday, September 24, 2017

The new travel ban is in place indefinitely, and bans countries POTUS acknowledges as allies in the War on Terror

Jared Kushner used his personal e-mail account on dozens of occasions to communicate with White House colleagues.

Bharara: Mueller will look at everything including obstruction of justice

Exclusive: After Zuckerberg dismissed impact of fake news in election, Obama tried to send him a wake-up call

Trump signs proclamation restricting travel from 8 countries

Why Donald Trump Is Attacking Black Athletes on Twitter

It’s not Trump’s flag. It’s not Trump’s anthem. He wants you to cede him those symbols. Don’t.

JUST IN: Pittsburgh Penguins accept invite to Trump White House

Merkel wins fourth term as far-right enters German parliament

WATCH: LeBron James: I can't be silent when Trump is using sports to divide the country

Exclusive: Trey Gowdy's Biggest Donors Link to Russia's Hack of America

Nigel Farage will join former Trump advisor Steve Bannon to support homophobic Roy Moore in AL election

Mnuchin on Trump promising rich wouldn't receive a tax cut: "It was never a promise"

The mysterious group that’s picking Breitbart apart, one tweet at a time

The man who declared war on Ivanka for a pair of sandals isn't backing down

Here is the law that 45 broke with his speech and tweets yesterday

Fox & Friends host: "Millionaire millennial" Steph Curry should be quiet since he “dribbles a ball for a living"

US Conducts new strikes in Libya

Monday we go to Cyprus court for emergency injunction to stop Cypriot gov't assisting Russia on Magnitsky cover-up

Real-time tracking system measures Russian interference in German elections

During Trump campaign, Parscale subcontracted work to Harris, the nature of that work is not known

JUST IN: Collins: "Very difficult" to see a scenario where I support GOP ObamaCare repeal bill

And the sealed indictment that exists on Donald Trump is RICO and concerns Felix Sater and Bayrock.



NEW POLL: Two-thirds of Americans say Trump has done more to divide US than unite it

John McCain comes out against GOP's last-ditch Obamacare repeal bill

Putin is a threat to all our democracies. First get Trump out. Next-Regime change in Russia. We have no choice

What Russia wants in Germany?

Woman warned her husband would be killed if US deported him. US deported him anyway. Then last week, he was killed.

American Sociopath

This is what Putin paid for. Chaos. Loss of US standing and credibility.

Russian link to Trump and UK ‘murder’

Clapper: Intelligence community ‘cast doubt on the legitimacy' of Trump's victory


Trump knocks Iran deal after Tehran tests missile

Vladimir Putin claims flesh-munching robots will EAT humans in future

DHS Never Ran Audit to See if Votes Were Hacked

Florida Gov. Rick Scott deleted public records with info on 11 nursing home patients who died after #Irma

NFL commissioner: Trump's "divisive comments" show a "lack of respect" for NFL

Corey Lewandowski appears to be working with another lobbying firm

The First White President

Constituents boo GOP senator at tense town hall over ObamaCare repeal bill

WATCH: MSNBC hosts blow up Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed $3 billion tax dollar giveaway to Foxconn

Top Dem Senator Forcing Trump Treasury Dept. To Turn Over #TrumpRussia Documents Proving Money Trail

Like many Americans, Stinson Dean has nervously watched this year's national health care debate

NFL owners speak out in support of players, against Trump.

Trump tweets threats against North Korea after U.N. speech

Bruce Maxwell is the first MLB player to kneel for national anthem

Former Facebook sales rep: "We used to joke that we could sell the whole election to the highest bidder.


NFL Players Association: "No man or woman should ever have to choose a job that forces them to surrender their rights."

Republicans continue Obamacare repeal work despite opposition

George Clooney goes off on Trump criticizing "Hollywood elites":