Sunday, June 23, 2019

The disastrous environmental legacy of Scott Walker lives on. Not only did he delay taking action on these chemicals, he made it harder and longer for the state to regulate heath risks going forward.

Boris Johnson has lied about a great many things to the British people. Johnson lied about the depth of his contacts with London Russian Embassy staff, especially Sergey Nalobin, who was PNG'd as a spy in 2018 ( though FO denies this

The Real Reason Iran Has Been Provoking Trump

Damn, these judges are NOT happy with Trump appointee Sarah Fabian.

Boris Johnson lied to the UK public about the extent of his relationship with Steve Bannon. Today we find Bannon was helping Boris write speeches prior to the Brexit vote. Bannon was VP at Cambridge Analytica at that time

Judge: “It’s really cold. It gets colder when they complain. They’re forced to sleep crowded w/ lights on all night, on concrete floors w/ aluminum blankets. No one would argue that this is secure & sanitary." Sarah Fabian (DOJ): “I would"

I honestly think our society is debating the semantics of concentration camps because we can’t face the horror that we’ve allowed Trump and the GOP to create concentration camps where children are suffering and dying. It’s not complicated. It’s Denial 101.

In some sense everyone who defends this administration is Sarah Fabian

This is the guy who planned a strike that would start World War III and called it off at the last minute so he could take credit for averting World War III. Also, he's an accused rapist.

Remember when that DOJ lawyer asked to postpone the hearing for the reunification of migrant children because she had to "dogsit"? Same lawyer. Sarah Fabian tried to argue that children don’t need soap, toothbrushes, or beds to be ‘safe and sanitary’

The point of modern propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.

WATCH: @ToyBattle letting a cop know that HE knows his rights and the rights of others. You really took your life into your own hands in the defense of someone else.

Psychologist John Gartner: "Two years ago I compared Trump to Hitler. People didn't believe me."

These are serious times. @BorisJohnson talked to emissaries of the Russian government during the Brexit campaign. Can ANYBODY in the UK press ask him about it please; he’s a walking blackmail risk. (@gchq UKIC looks like a chocolate teapot)

Christa Jones, who is now Census chief of staff, communicated directly from her private email address with GOP redistricting expert who conducted study showing census citizenship q would help whites/Repubs. She was also on emails discussing redistricting w other GOP operatives

#ClosetheCamps trends nationwide on Twitter as @realDonaldTrump suffers massive public rebuke

A helpful resource right now. It shouldn't be necessary, but it is. "Advocates say the fastest way to help immigrants separated from their children: Post their bail"

How is this not an armed insurrection? How is this not #sedition? How is this not #treason? Republicans are clearly willing to use violence to undo the will of the people. White or wrong

In a tremendous new essay, @NiskanenCenter's @gabeschoenfeld argues that the "nationalist conservatives" following Yoram Hazony's lead (as laid out in "The Virtue of Nationalism") are a direct threat to the American Republic. It is a time for choosing.

Make no mistake about it, Republicans, including @marcorubio @MittRomney @VP know Trump is a serial rapist. They don't care. As long as Trump can get away with it, that's all that matters to them.

Send every single member of this administration to The Hague

This is not a question of whether the president is fit for office — he is not. This is not a question of whether the president has abused his power — he clearly has. ICYMI: Why I believe it's time to open an impeachment inquiry

no one could have predicted that the evil fucker who created a fake charity and used it to steal money raised for children with cancer would be the same evil fucker who is now denying sick and imprisoned migrant babies access to doctors and medicine— or even soap, for fuck's sake

This attitude right here is how Auschwitz became Auschwitz and stayed Auschwitz for all those years.

It’s interesting that in the United States you can get your armed terrorist group politely termed a “militia” by both law enforcement and the media if you adopt a right-wing ideology.

I cannot believe where we are. We rationalized torture a decade ago. We have now rationalized concentration camps. We have rationalized mistreating of children. And so many of the blind still call America great. Great nations don't abuse children. We are not great. #CloseTheCamps

Homeland Security hired a for-profit surveillance company to monitor demonstrations against the Trump administration’s family separation policy and track the Facebook accounts of protesters.

"When a leader puts people in camps to stay in power, history shows that he doesn’t usually stop with the first group he detains." - 'Call immigrant detention centers what they really are: concentration camps' - Los Angeles Times

Warning Issued For Millions Of Microsoft Windows 10 Users via @forbes

Faced with evidence of nefarious activities by such countries, and pushed by hawkish advisers to mount a military response, Trump keeps stepping back from the ledge

White House official once appeared on podcast whose host touted race pseudoscience and interviewed white nationalists

When senators asked #HopeHicks if she’d read the Mueller Report, she replied, “I *lived* the Mueller Report.” No, hon, WE lived the Mueller Report. You lived a longer-than-usual episode of The Apprentice.

Almost none of the children had come across the border themselves alone. Essentially, they came across the border with family. And they are trying to be reunited with family who are living in the United States... waiting for them... ready to care for them.

She: no motive to lie; no record of lying He: abundant motive; thousands of documented lies, the latest instance occupying most of the front page of the NYT this AM So it's basically "he said, she said."

A firsthand report of 'inhumane conditions' at a migrant children's detention facility

ICE raids delayed ahead of Pence’s 'Latinos for Trump' rollout in Miami

Yes which Democrat is going to pay for all the accusers of the president come to the first presidential debate and ensure they all have prime time media coverage and are mentioned from the stage?

JUST OUT: welcome to operation #SecondaryInfektion, a Russian-based information operation that's persistent, sophisticated, and well resourced. Suspected source: Russian intelligence.@DFRLab has been investigating. Top takeaways here.

Both women in this photo have accused @realDonaldTrump of rape

‘Mr Kim praised the letter as "excellent" and said he would "seriously contemplate the interesting content," the KCNA news agency said.’

JUST IN: Federal court overturns Trump administration decision that would have allowed the use of a railroad right-of-way to PLUNDER a vital Mojave aquifer. Great news! We must protect the desert from dangerous water grabs!

Somali pirates gave me toothpaste & soap

Kamala Harris

34,000ft over the Caribbean heading to #Venezuela πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Russian Air Force

I'm reading the Kushner plan for economic peace—really, what else would I rather do on a beautiful Saturday evening in June?—and I'll tweet some thoughts on it as I go.