Monday, July 2, 2018

Top farmers union: Trump tariffs creating "a lot of anxiety" for farmers

NBC News found at least a dozen organizations paid to use restricted images of the Trumps in 2017 that, thanks to an unusual deal with a photo agency, resulted in an indirect payment of at least $100,000 to Melania Trump.

Federal investigators broaden focus on Facebook’s role in sharing data with Cambridge Analytica, examining statements of tech giant, reps for the FBI, the SEC & the Federal Trade Commission have joined the Justice Department in its inquiries about FB & CA

The many ways Ben Carson has bumbled through his time at HUD.

Verified White House account being used to target individual US Senators.

BREAKING: US district court blocks Trump policy of arbitrary detention of asylum seekers fleeing persecution, torture, or death. Judge orders case-by-case review of whether each asylum seeker in our class action lawsuit should be released on humanitarian parole.

Trump declines Annapolis mayor's request to lower flags in memory of Capital Gazette shooting victims

As a career prosecutor, I actually went after gangs and transnational criminal organizations. That's being a leader on public safety. What is not, is ripping babies from their mothers.

The deadly shooting at a Maryland newspaper is a reminder that some Americans have come to see the media as an enemy of the people. Instead, it’s a crucial pillar of democracy.

JUST IN: Federal judge rules Trump must give migrants seeking asylum individualized parole hearings

Judge sets hearing in Michael Flynn case

Before Kennedy resigned he put up a vote up for a federal double jeopardy case. Which would allow pardons if passed

Here’s a photo I found of Alan Dershowitz & Sen. Lindsey Graham with a Putin-linked billionaire who made his fortune off Russian oil. He gave a million to Trump's inauguration, $800K to Graham. $2.5M to McConnell, $1.5M to Rubio & $1.1M to Scott Walker. Mueller is investigating.

Trump judicial pick who blogged favorably about the KKK and had to withdraw. Now he's at the Justice Department.

Lawmakers demand Trump release list of all migrant children separated from their parents

The official White House account goes after a sitting senator.

Trump loves to put in his act about the evils of the “coastal elites”....but he has no problem taking their money.

Internal records show that Konstantin Kilimnik, indicted for alleged witness tampering along with President Donald Trump's ex-campaign chairman Paul Manafort, played a bigger role formulating pro-Russia strategy with Manafort than was previously understood

Exclusive: Largest U.S. business group attacks Trump on tariffs

Pres. Trump predicts "vicious" fight over Supreme Court vacancy.

Trump’s joint defense agreement with Cohen ending

Schumer suggests Senate could force Trump to nominate moderate Supreme Court pick

Scott Walker's taxpayer giveaway to Foxconn keeps going up - now $4.8 billion. What sold Foxconn were the massive tax breaks Wisconsin offered to seal the deal – breaks that could end up costing the state $4.8bn if the project hits all of its targets.

Microchip, Roger Stone, John Cardillo, Kurt Schlichter, RT, Sputnik, The Federalist, Steve King and now Laura Loomer are all telling us the new Civil War is coming or already here. Why is @MSNBC's Malcolm Nance pushing the same message?

Comedian who allegedly prank-called Trump hires Stormy Daniels lawyer

Gen. Flynn. From today's filing

Mad Dog Pac trolling Trump and GOP

President Trump's longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, says his loyalty is first to his family and country, not Trump

In 36 states, student journalists do not have full first amendment protections. My story on how these impressive student reporters dealt with censorship from their administrations:

COHEN- DAVIDSON TAPES The FBI seized recordings President Donald Trump's attorney made of his conversations with a lawyer representing two women who had alleged affairs with Trump, a source familiar with the matter tells CNN.

Michael Avenatti on Cohen interview: “This is Michael Cohen trying to send a message to the president that he wants the president to pay his legal bills or he’s going to flip. He’s playing games with the American people.”

Dear @realDonaldTrump: The "dumbest" law you refer to is called the United States Constitution. Specifically the 14th Amendment which provides due process to all persons, not just citizens.

Donald Trump St Andrews: US President’s secret attempts to buy landmark hotel

Even Scott Pruitt’s Friends Have Given Up on Him

Man injures 9 in stabbing attack on refugee families in Idaho

Trump admin ran 'pilot program' for zero tolerance at border in 2017

Supreme Court fight affects state campaigns in unusual ways

CREW found that Ivanka Trump’s business has gotten at least 8 Japanese trademarks since Donald Trump became president

Benghazi versus Mueller investigations

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador wins landslide victory in Mexico's presidential election -- he is estimated to have received over 53% of the vote, more than double the total of his closest rival

‘A way of monetizing poor people’: How private equity firms make money offering loans to cash-strapped American

Acosta rejects invite to appear on Spicer's talk show: "He wants to bash CNN"

The History of the Secret NSA-AT&T Buildings Across the Country

Former President Barack Obama tells Democrats: "This is a moment of great urgency and you are right to be concerned."

Trump’s bill to blow up the WTO is called the FART Act.