Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hurricane Harvey first responder gets flesh-eating bacteria from Texas storm water

Sen. Kamala Harris: Pres. Trump testifying about Russia is on the table

President Quesada is Back!

This is hillarious.

It's official: No storm on record, anywhere on the globe, has maintained winds 185mph or above for as long as Irma

Trump Jr. on Senate meeting: I trust this interview fully satisfied their inquiry

DeVos: "Prior administration weaponised the Office for Civil Rights" & "sexual assault definition is too broad

The most intriguing part of this isn't that Cobb got fooled by email prankster, but what he says about investigation

FEMA could run out of cash this weekend

BREAKING: Ninth Circuit upholds expanded injunction against Muslim Ban 2.0. Refugees protected. Rejects US government appeal entirely.

Americans always answer the call.

Steve Bannon tells 60 Minutes: "The Republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election."

Equifax executives dumped $1.8M in stocks before news of their hack went public: report

The office of Chris Coons, who sits on the Judiciary Cmte., just sent out the statute on giving false statements to Congress.

The @HouseJudiciary chair just cut debate on our resolution of inquiry into #TrumpRussia. We're walking out. This is unacceptable.

Donald Trump Jr.’s new statement about June 2016 Trump Tower meeting is significant both in what is included & what is excluded.

Here is Donald Trump Jr's entire statement, almost 1,800 words. Zoom in to read each page.

Appeals court: Grandparents not part of Trump's travel ban

BREAKING: @DonaldJTrumpJr just admitted intent to collude with Russia to Senate investigators

In scathing lawsuit, first responders describe vomiting, gasping at Texas chemical plant fire

With Putin evidently fearing forthcoming elections, his principal opponent's campaign is systematically attacked.

Want to understand how big pharma created the opioid epidemic? Read this report.

"..a reckless decision to honor a reckless campaign promise invites Iran to pursue an unfettered path to a bomb

Massachusetts approves ballot initiative requiring presidential candidates to release tax returns

Day 8: Trump's "pledge" to donate to Hurricane Harvey victims still unpaid

Latest map. Stay safe people. Go to their site for more info.

Tucker Carlson now promoting white nationalist social media site on his show

Trump to drought-stricken North Dakotans: You're "better off" than Harvey flood victims

If we're talking Facebook, here's a quick refresher on Brad Parscale.

Almost immediately the Kremlin/ WikiLeaks /KEK trolls show up. "Michael Gray" certainly has an interesting TL

This is direct evidence that our adversaries try to turn us against each other. They know we're weak when divided. Will we let them succeed?

American niceness, our cheery national façade

Trump voter fraud commission may have violated federal law

Behind Support For 'Adoption,' A Web Of Clandestine Russian Advocates

Stephen Colbert is weirded out by Ivanka calling Donald Trump "daddy":

A total of 9 defendants are accused of helping Iran facilitate payments through the U.S. financial system

Lawrence: Democrats have Trump and the GOP where they want them

Lawrence O'Donnell explains that President Donald Trump's weak negotiating skills allowed Democrats an opening that could affect his agenda and allow Democrats future legislative wins.

Trump creates new problems for his own GOP agenda

Sen. Harry Reid's former Chief of Staff, Adam Jentleson, and New York Times columnist David Leonhardt join Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss how Donald Trump's cave to Democratic demands will create future problems for Trump, Ryan, and McConnell.

George Will: Trump is consistent – on backing Trump

Republicans gasped when Trump took the Democrats' debt deal and Steve Bannon and the House Freedom Caucus chair have reportedly discussed who could replace Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George F. Will joins Lawrence O'Donnell.

Putin's Ukraine Peace Offer Is a Trojan Horse

More than 4,000 signatures have been collected so far on a petition to rename Hurricane Irma as Hurricane Ivanka

Putin rues awarding U.S. top diplomat Tillerson Russian state honor

The big question: Did the Trump campaign (especially Jared Kushner) provide the targeting data?

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos expected to share plans on Title IX enforcement.

Three House Republicans voted against Harvey aid bill

Reps. Justin Amash (Mich.), Thomas Massie (Ky.) and Andy Biggs (Ariz.) 

Dennis Rodman emerges with an offer to "straighten things out" between his 2 friends Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump

Toxic floodwaters pose health risk after Hurricane Harvey

Rachel Maddow reports that while the floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey are receding, biological and industrial contamination are presenting a secondary threat to residents in the storm's wake. Duration

Icahn story details could give NY AG Schneiderman jurisdiction

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, talks with Rachel Maddow in general terms about the jurisdictional issues around cases like question of self-dealing surrounding Donald Trump adviser Carl Icahn.

Schneiderman suing Trump over DACA cites 'discriminatory animus'

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman talks with Rachel Maddow about the coalition of states suing Donald Trump over his suspension of DACA.

Russia makes internet a propaganda playground, including Facebook

Massimo Calabresi, deputy D.C. bureau chief for Time Magazine, talks with Rachel Maddow about Russia's use of Facebook and the Russian view of the internet as a new platform for the dissemination of propaganda.

Reversing denials, Facebook admits Russia-tied election ad buy

Rachel Maddow looks back at the months of denials from Facebook that Russia was using their platform to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and notes that their admission to the contrary today is not only vindication for reporters but a new criminal matter for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to consider.

It would be a crime for Bannon to lobby the White House within two years of departure. 18 USC 207.


GOP prevents Vote to Ban 'Federal Theft & Gift Spending' at Trump Businesses

Trump's $1 trillion infrastructure plan is actually Pence's—and it's all about privatization

Bannon talking with top conservative lawmaker about replacements for Ryan: report

Today's Facebook Russian Ad Bombshell was the end of the data chain. Revisit the beginning.

This Yandex tag in Breitbart's code is about to get a lot more interesting to people

EXCLUSIVE: Russians choose Trump condos in Miami to have U.S.-born kids

Russian in hacking probe linked to alt-right stock fraud

Top Trump supporter breaks with Trump: Siding with Dems is a "betrayal"