Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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Bob Dole Worked Behind the Scenes on Trump-Taiwan Call

WASHINGTON — Former Senator Bob Dole, acting as a foreign agent for the government of Taiwan, worked behind the scenes over the past six months to establish high-level contact between Taiwanese officials and President-elect Donald J. Trump’s staff, an outreach effort that culminated last week in an unorthodox telephone call between Mr. Trump and Taiwan’s president.
Mr. Dole, a lobbyist with the Washington law firm Alston & Bird, coordinated with Mr. Trump’s campaign and the transition team to set up a series of meetings between Mr. Trump’s advisers and officials in Taiwan, according to disclosure documents filed last week with the Justice Department. Mr. Dole also assisted in successful efforts by Taiwan to include language favorable to it in the Republican Party platform, according to the documents.
Mr. Dole’s firm received $140,000 from May to October for the work, the forms said.
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Study: Uninsured rate could rise above pre-ObamaCare levels under repeal

Repealing ObamaCare would drive the nation’s uninsured population to levels even higher than before the law went into effect, according to an Urban Institute study released Wednesday. 
The number of uninsured people would more than double to 29.8 million people by the end of President Trump’s first term, with the biggest impact hitting lower-income families, the nonpartisan analysis found.  
The 50-page study, written by several leading healthcare researchers, offers the most comprehensive projections yet on a post-ObamaCare landscape in the wake of Trump’s election.
The research is based on the GOP’s repeal bill from 2015, which would strike down the law’s mandates, subsidies and Medicaid expansion but leave in place some non-budget related provisions.
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