Friday, June 28, 2019

Trump lavishes praise on MBS at breakfast, telling him he has done a "spectacular job." He makes no mention of Khashoggi murder, which the US has concluded the crown prince ordered.

Neo-Nazi James Fields, who killed Heather Heyer by crashing his car into counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, sentenced to life in prison

Russian journalists were allowed in the room when Trump met Putin today. American journalists were not.

The climate crisis is an existential threat to us as a species.

Immigrants housed in a federal detention center in Texas were fed frozen sandwiches, cold burritos and potato chips, and detained children and young mothers have complained of hunger to visiting attorneys, according to Bloomberg.

House Ethics announces probe into Rep. Matt Gaetz tweet appearing to threaten Michael Cohen ahead of his testimony. In response, Gaetz says lawmakers are “psychoanalyzing my tweets” and he “won't be joining them in the endeavor."

Russian journalists who run afoul of Putin's Kremlin have a habit of succumbing to lead poisoning. Seems Trump wants that for America. This really happened.

A federal judge reviewing allegations of squalid conditions for migrant children orders a court-appointed monitor to examine the situation

“I’ve gotta use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her.”

Mr. President, Maryland is mourning the loss of five journalists who were murdered at the Capital Gazette shooting one year ago today. Instead of taking action to combat the gun violence epidemic in America, you’re joking with Putin about getting rid of journalists? Despicable.

Striking words from a former U.S. President

Jimmy Carter says Trump is an illegitimate president

As @realDonaldTrump's company applies to build 500 new houses at its struggling Aberdeen golf club, a watchdog finds their old development has destroyed a protected ecosystem.

Thousands of Immigrant Children Said They Were Sexually Abused in U.S. Detention Centers, Report Says

Jimmy Carter: "Everyday we send a disgraceful signal around the world, that this is what the present U.S. government stands for, and that is torture and kidnapping of little children." He called the tactics of ICE "a disgrace to the United States."

Carter calls Trump an illegitimate president Elected by Russia

Unbelievable > Obstructionist Senate blocks effort to restrict Trump's power to attack Iran

Q: So do you believe President Trump is an illegitimate president? Jimmy Carter: "Based on what I said, which I can't retract." [Then he laughs]

Former President Jimmy Carter: If fully investigated, it would show that Trump didn't actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election and he was put in office because the Russians interfered ...on his behalf.

How traumatic would it be to have your baby shot and killed in your womb, and then be held legally accountable for the death. What kind of hell are we inflicting on an already grieving

#Russia's state TV finds it amusing that Trump was sucking on a mint, apparently concerned about the freshness of his breath, while waiting for Putin to arrive

I don't know how the Republican Party can tolerate any of this. No amount of political differences with Democrats can justify the GOP selling their patriotism & breaking their Constitutional oaths to protect this POTUS & ignoring Russia's actions

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Capital Gazette shooting.

Mike Pompeo is on the record, testifying before a senate committee, that Putin directed the interference. He's fucking laughing here.

Can anyone point to anything of value that the US has gained from these presidential meetings with Putin? How is this in the US interest? The administration doesn't even try to justify it.

NEW: Former president Jimmy Carter says a full investigation “would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016….He was put into office because the Russians interfered.” Does that mean he’s an illegitimate president? “Based on what I said, which I can’t retract.” p

Sure, MAGAs...”nobody” is laughing at America or Trump. That’s why Russians are sending around this meme of Putin arriving late to find Trump waiting for him, offering a ceremonial loaf of Karavai bread in supplication to his master.

Tell me again how Russia & China don't have a multi faceted plan to screw America over? Remember, state media shills like RT push out news that is important to Moscow

Here are the top recipients of campaign contributions from the for-profit prison industry:

Alan Dershowitz has changed his mind about ‘welcoming’ a lawsuit alleging he had sex with a minor

Trump jokes to Putin that they should "get rid" of journalists

Election meddling, so funny, ha-ha

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, accused in a lawsuit of having sex with a 16-year-old girl, has asked a judge to toss her court filing — one that he had publicly “welcomed’’ as a means to vindicate himself

Fox's Alan Dershowitz has changed his mind about ‘welcoming’ a lawsuit alleging he had sex with a minor

Dershowitz is one of the president’s defenders and like so many of the presidents defenders he has some issues himself.

Since Trump's first day in office, Russia has loomed over his presidency. Yet every time he’s had a chance to cast aside people's doubts, Trump does the opposite

Hey Scott - how can you possibly justify the gerrymandering you supervised in Wisconsin? Democrats got way more votes and far fewer seats. Anti-democratic. Can you win a fair election? And putting up a picture of two black guys is an example of the worst of us. And you.

Can you imagine a secretary of state not challenging a foreign adversary that has just attacked the United States? Well, read this piece and you don't have to imagine

It’s a fact. @TulsiGabbard has been pushed by right wingers/fascists from @CassandraRules & @JackPosobiec and even David Duke. She’s this years @DrJillStein

Testimony from children in border patrol custody filed as part of case seeking temporary restraining order

Just like that, the Koch Bros eliminate the only electoral safeguard in a system of co-equal branches of govt. The Founders saw checks and balances as a way to limit any one branch from becoming too powerful. Without a means of redress, this becomes impossible.

The gerrymandering and census cases in the Supreme Court show conservative justices helping a desperate GOP hold onto their Republican minority rule. This is why McConnell and the GOP pack the courts, and why dark money paid so much to put Kavanaugh and Gorsuch on SCOTUS.

Perspective: We’re not the enemy of the people. We are the people.

The President of the United States is a traitor

BBC News - What is the Einstein visa? And how did Melania Trump get one? She was a nude model and escort for many men. She has little education did not finish school.

Opinion: Trump says war with Iran wouldn’t last very long. He hasn’t read enough history.

Remember, there is an entire industry that profits from Trump's immigration crackdown. Corporations are making millions to keep thousands of immigrant children in squalid conditions. We must resist this cruelty and greed.

The joke's on us

Former HUD Assistant Inspector General Indicted for Concealing Procurement Fraud Scheme

Rachel Maddow: A "newspaper recently released portions of an interview you gave ...'My own view on guns is, everything being equal, states should make those decisions.'" Bernie Sanders: "That's a mischaracterization of my thinking." Maddow: "It's a quote of you."

This is disgusting. Putin’s regime has murdered many, many journalists. And the President of the United States is joking about abusing the press with Russia’s despot, who likely ordered some of those killings.

"Back Chanels" Kushner Conveniently Failed to Mention All His Meetings With Foreign Leaders - The first son-in-law reportedly kept the State Department in the dark about numerous meetings, including with Saudi leaders.

Trump’s New Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Has Two Recent DUI’s

‘Traitor!': Disheveled Paul Manafort Assailed at Hearing for 16 New Charges

Trump also bonded with Putin over a scorn for journalists. “Get rid of them. Fake news is a great term, isn't it? You don’t have this problem in Russia, but we do.” “We also have,” Putin answered, in English. “It’s the same.” They shared a chuckle.

This is the ex-campaign manager for the President of the United States.

More white supremacist propaganda appeared on U.S. college campuses this academic year, marking a three-year rise in racist materials, according to an Anti-Defamation League report

White House Considers Capital Gains Tax Break That Would Benefit Wealthy

  • Trump team considering bypassing Congress to adopt change
    Trump would likely face legal challenge by acting on his own

Vladimir Putin says liberalism has ‘become obsolete’

Indicted congressman Duncan Hunter's campaign reported spending money at the Trump Hotel DC four times. Here's what we know—and what we don't.

This is an inexcusable submission by Nancy Pelosi and the moderate Democrats who apparently prodded her to accept the Senate border funding bill, which offers only the administration’s word that they won’t misuse the $4.6 billion that they’re given. Right.

The @FT asked Putin 30+ questions in an exclusive interview. Not a single one was about Russia's annexation of Crimea, ongoing role in eastern Ukraine or the shooting down of MH17. Did you not think those were important issues

#OTD in 2011, the FBI arrested 10 Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) operatives. This 10 year case—dubbed Operation Ghost Stories—was a chilling reminder that espionage on U.S. soil did not disappear after the Cold War ended.

Putin laughed when Trump told him not to meddle in the election. Didn’t appear that Trump was actually admonishing the Russian president; he clearly wasn’t being serious. Putin got the joke

Roger Stone's response to the DOJ's argument that he violated the gag order is very weak. On this record, Judge Jackson could take Stone into custody if she wants to do so. Enforcing a gag order always invites a potential appeal down the line, so she may proceed cautiously.

Trump laughed off election interference and doesn’t bother to raise Putin’s belligerent , illegal behavior against Ukrainian sailors. Disappointing but no longer shocking. Trump consistently appeases Putin at expense of US national security interests.

Trump asks lawyers if census can be delayed, calls Supreme Court decision ‘totally ridiculous’

So a bunch of white guys, one of whom is bro in law of republican Kevin McCarthy, have pretended to be Cherokee to win hundreds of millions of dollars of preferential govt contracts. I never want to hear about Warren's DNA test again. Thanks.

.@maddow quotes Sanders on his position on guns. Sanders: "That's a mischaracterization..." Maddow: "That's a quote."

Looking forward to debating @realDonaldTrump. Agenda: his failure on immigration, his failure to control spending, his failure to stand up to Russia and North Korea, his failure to support rule of law, his failure to represent American values of decency & compassion.

I will never get tired of watching Paulie Fucknuts doing the perp walk

Trump says "it's a great honor to be with President Putin... we look forward to spending some pretty good time together... so, Vladimir— thank you very much." When pressed by reporter, Trump mockingly grins, nearly rolls his eyes as he tells Putin: "Don't meddle in the election."

Eric Swalwell: I’ve laid out a comprehensive plan to end gun violence

Joe Biden defends himself, says Kamala Harris mischaracterized his positions

Kamala Harris: If segregationists had their way, I wouldn’t be Senator

Full video: Second night Democratic presidential debate

Maddow: Second night candidates took debate into their own hands

Trump lightheartedly wagged a finger at Putin and told him not to meddle as the Russian leader laughed.

WATCH: Kamala Harris' impassioned criticism of Joe Biden on race and busing. More from tonight's debate:

Trump, yukking it up with his foreign policy and national security advisors, Putin and MBS.

Drudge polls being gamed by Russian bots to pump their preferred candidate. This seems...familiar.

Rex Tillerson accused Kushner of setting up his own private State Department, according to a congressional transcript seen by The Daily Beast

Impeach me, I'll jail you - Philippines' Duterte dares foes to test him

"Walked side-by-side"? That's not what I'm seeing

Twitter says it will label tweets from Trump and other leaders that break its rules

As President Trump continues to deny a sexual assault claim by columnist E. Jean Carroll, two women come forward to say they can confirm Carroll privately confided in them in separate conversations after the alleged attack