Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Many migrant children have suffered unimaginable trauma. We have a duty to care for them. Instead, the Trump Administration is using their therapy sessions as a weapon against them in court. This is a truly monstrous abuse of patient privacy and basic decency.

George Zimmerman is suing presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren, saying they maliciously connected him to “white supremacy” and “racism” in the death of Trayvon Martin.

“Barr is a man on a mission, and keeping Trump’s ego stroked and his legal bases covered is the entire ballgame,” @therickwilson says.

Will Bernie Sanders (and Mike Bloomberg) Do to the Democrats What Donald Trump Did to the GOP?

My latest after today's Pardonpalooza. Enjoy. Trump Pardons Crooks to Feel Like a King

Hey NBC, you can't just ignore Elizabeth Warren. She's not Matt Lauer's history of sexual harassment

Pretty sure House Intel needs Comrade Rorabacher’s ass in the chair, oh, TOMORROW.

In point of fact, as @DefendAssange repeatedly, and publicly, lied that this was the case in 2016 - he repeatedly said 'Russia was the not the source' and tried to blame Seth Rich - this makes very little sense. Assange never *stopped* saying this.

I’m old enough to remember when the president said people should get the death penalty for drug offenses.

It cannot be said enough: A budget is a statement of values. The #TrumpBudget is a frontal attack on the health and wellness of low income working families. To be blunt, “This budget will make America sicker, poorer, hungrier, and less safe.”

Trump Offered to Pardon WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange if He Cleared Russia on Hack, Lawyers Say

Trump's sudden interest in pardons explained. This. Could. Be. Massive

CORRECTION: Julian Assange’s lawyer claimed in a London court that President Trump offered to pardon the WikiLeaks founder if he agreed to cover up the involvement of Russia in hacking emails from the DNC

Thanks for having me on to talk about @realdonaldtrump charging rent to his own Secret Service detail -- and sending the bills to taxpayers.

Imagine what Sanders will lie about if he’s president lying about medical records in the primary ?

Trump's supporters have been insulated against anything involving the word "Russia" by Fox and a fleet of compliant pundits and wordsmiths. "Resistance" people don't want to hear anything unless it confirms that Trump is a mole who takes orders from Putin through his fillings.

BREAKING: 11th Circuit upholds broad interpretation of Florida re-enfranchisement law, says state can't require fines before registering those unable to pay. Ruling:

On top of the 2000+ former DOJ officials who joined @protctdemocracy in demanding Barr resign, over 85,000 citizens have joined @CREWcrew in demanding Barr resign! 85k! Let's get to 100k! Retweet if you've signed already, and add your name if you haven't

Please, it really matters.

Oh, did he pay hush money to a porn actress?

What in the world?

Sanders campaign has clearly concluded that the heat he's taking for hiding his medical records is not as bad as what's in them.


Trump voters who rationalize their support for a dangerous, bigoted, authoritarian by pointing to their wallet rather than following their values are actually sacrificing both:

Analysis: Trump keeps pardoning himself

Rood differed w/WH on Ukraine. Hours after Trump's July 25 phone call with Zelensky, Rood emailed Defense Sec Esper saying: "placing a hold on security assistance at this time would..undermine our defense priorities with a key partner in the strategic competition with Russia."

NEWS: John Rood has stepped down as the top policy official at the Defense Department. He was involved in certifying to Congress that Ukraine was eligible to receive $250 million in security assistance

The Trump re-election campaign has reportedly hired a top former Cambridge Analytica staffer

During the monthslong negotiations between Washington and the Taliban delegation in Qatar, the Afghan government was completely excluded.

He failed to report a felony in a bribery case — that shouldn’t be a crime because it’s exactly what @realDonaldTrump wants someone to do. It’s the guy who does report a felony in a bribery case who will get prosecuted by this DOJ

Here's Bernie Sanders press secretary Briahna Joy Gray on CNN comparing demands for Sanders's medical records to birtherism and dismissing them as "a kind of smear campaign."

The Sanders campaign has reminded us in the last 24 hours about who they are. They set their own rules, no one can question them and only Sanders, no other Dems, can solve the nations problems. Sound familiar? Right out of the Trump playbook.

Here's Bernie Sanders press secretary Briahna Joy Gray on CNN comparing demands for Sanders's medical records to birtherism and dismissing them as "a kind of smear campaign."

“...what Trump is really after is the normalization of corruption. The fact that Blagojevich was a Democrat makes it all the better. Trump would never argue that Republicans are clean and Democrats are dirty; he wants to convince you that everyone is dirty.”

The Saudi crown prince has learned he can persecute Americans with no pushback from Trump or Pompeo

How to survive a Siberian winter with no home

McConnell, Graham and McCarthy supporting Barr as he torpedos rule of law in America #IsAMajorRedFlag. Wake up, America.

During Stone's trial, prosecutors also introduced testimony & evidence showing about 60 separate communications between Stone & Trump from Feb to Nov 2016, including at least one discussion about WikiLeaks' plan to dump information embarrassing to Hillary Clinton.

Some math for you:@LindseyGrahamSC is to Trump as that walker is to Harvey Weinstein.

The art of not making a deal

The prosecutors who helped convict Blagojevich issued a stern statement in response to the commutation, noting that Blagojevich extorted the CEO of a children's hospital, withholding funds for sick children until he issued campaign contributions.

Trump's pardon of Bernie Kerik also apparently wiped out Kerik's $103,300 debt to taxpayers

Putin’s Foreign Assassination Playbook

Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are also courting Moscow. Mr. Trump even wants to invite authoritarian President Vladimir Putin back into the G-7 club of democracies. The timing couldn’t be worse.

Just didn’t have the space for a sixth.

Because Trump ridiculed my reputation, laughed at my looks, & dragged me through the mud, after 26 years, ELLE fired me. I don't blame Elle. It was the great honor of my life writing "Ask E. Jean." I blame @realdonaldtrump

And let me guess, those three administration officials promising that Barr is really, super duper mad this time are Bill Barr, Jeff Rosen, and Kerri Kupec. W

Prince Andrew's sorrowful 60th: There’ll be NO palace celebration or fanfare for the fallen royal after Epstein scandal cost him his job, his official role and even his promotion to Admiral

Jeremy Stone — FBI Records Vault

#Reagan & Bush 41 Justice Dept. veteran Donald Ayer declares: Bill Barr Must Resign. Sees Barr’s “unfitness for office.”

A third of delegates aren't decided until Super Tuesday. What we do now matters. Our campaign needs critical funds to reach voters and caucus-goers, so we’ve set an ambitious goal: $7 million before the Nevada caucuses. Will you chip in $5 or more now?

If you’re wondering why there is a #WarrenMediaBlackout consider two things: Who owns the media? Billionaires. Why are billionaires out to get Warren? Because they know she can win, take away their power, and put it in the hands of the people.

Trump Is Going to Cheat How should Democrats fight against a president who has no moral or legal compass?

CNN’s chief legal analyst also explained the “chilling corollary” of Trump’s clemency blitz.

Early voting begins today in Ohio’s 2020 presidential primary

Colonel (Ret.) Rich Hooker is a class act. He’s a decorated war veteran and former NSC colleague of mine. In this essay he writes a personal and patriotic defense of LTC Vindman. One might hope a serving DOD official will stand up and do the same.

Trump, who promised to drain the swamp, pardons Milken at the recommendation, among others, of a billionaire who threw a $10 million fundraiser for the president on Saturday.

And for their next trick... corporate media will make Elizabeth Warren completely vanish. Voila!

Trump’s pardon craze has only one destination: Manafort, Stone, Flynn. They never gave up the Russia affair. They made sure Mueller “did not establish a conspiracy between the Trump Campaign and Russia.” Trump owes them big. He will get more corrupt—we have to stop him.

This is just weird. The biggest probe we know of is the SDNY one, but now EDNY is going to play the role usually owned by the Deputy AG to coordinate among US attorney's offices. No clue what is actually going on here.

Kyrgyzstan is about to receive a new air-defense system from Russia, but why does the country need it?

Obama signed the Recovery Act eleven years ago this week that helped to kick-start an economic recovery that has lasted for over a decade and create the longest period of job growth in U.S. history.

Most unpopular qualities for a prez candidate in the new NBC/WSJ poll (combined reservations + very uncomfortable): Socialist: 67% Heart attack in past year: 57% 75+: 53% Self-funder: 41% Under 40: 40% Gay/lesbian: 27% Woman: 14% Feb 14-17, RVs, MOE +/- 3.3%

China has expelled three Wall Street Journal correspondents in direct retaliation for the headline on a column that no one in the Beijing bureau had anything to do with. A very sad and alarming development for all foreign reporters working in China

.@MSNBC, why do y'all have Amy Klobuchar's face for Elizabeth Warren? C'mon

Warren is polling 3rd in this race, RIGHT behind the 2nd place number but you don't have her in this? Riiiiiight.

Read @RadioFreeTom here. As bizarre as it sounds, the Democratic front-runner for 2020 right now is a guy whose take on the USSR was...problematic, shall we say? It would be super if the MSM did some digging -- or at least asked some basic questions

Washington state becomes the first state to restrict companies from bottling local water — calling the process ‘detrimental to public welfare’

Trump is salivating at the prospect of running against Sanders. If Sanders is the Democratic nominee, he’ll lose by a huge margin & cost us our House majority. Maybe not like Nixon’s landslide victory over McGovern, but damn close. Anyone too young to remember, please Google it.

Inside the Fight to Topple Lindsey Graham—and Trump’s Senate Majority

If Hillary Clinton had a heart attack 4 years ago and said this, CNN would have run non stop panels featuring Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Oz and a magic wall that only showed various searches of WebMD.

The National Association of Christian Lawmakers posted a poll about religion in politics. They didn't like the response.

Donald Trump: I Won’t Be Releasing My Tax Returns Bernie Sanders: I Won’t Be Releasing My Medical Records

Trust us, @KerriKupecDOJ, we believe #QAnon is more plausible than your boss Bill Barr pretending to be angry with Trump.

??? No, it has the aim of demonstrating that Trump is in control, and that his lackey is so loyal he WON’T resign even as he makes the AG look like a fool for suggesting that he operates independently of the President. Have we learned nothing about how Trump operates?

"Bloomberg is smart about messaging, not because he’s a Machiavellian genius, but because he runs a successful multinational media company whose growth and profitability has been built on similar strategies and tactics,"

“Having studied his political brain and the manifestations (including on Twitter) of [Trump’s] thoughts, feelings, concerns, and insecurities, I can say with some confidence that Trump fears running against Bloomberg more than against all the other candidates combined.”

Imagine needing OTHER people to convince you not to vote for the guy who used your dead father as a punching bag at a campaign rally

This man is mentally disturbed.

File this under: "Someone who should never leave her trailer

Quick reminder: Blagojevich was a contestant on "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2010.

The World Health Organization has been far too deferential to China during this crisis. That has slowed its response and made the epidemic more threatening

Elizabeth Warren's staff members, surrogates and supporters believe her message is being ignored during a pivotal moment. They say writing her off would be a mistake.

Vacate your seat and see if Blago tries to sell it.

Fmr. federal prosecutor: Trump uses his pardons as a signal to associates

Dems battle to retake control of the Senate in 2020

The Trump economy *is* the Obama economy, but with a sugar high built on unjustifiable & reckless trillion dollar deficits. Voters who rationalize support for Trump with their wallets over their values are blinded to the reality: they’re sacrificing both.

A study has found that the novel coronavirus is more contagious than the related viruses which cause SARS and MERS. While Covid-19, is not as fatal on a case-by-case basis, its greater spread has already led to more deaths than its related coronaviruses.

It looks like in the Trump White House, you can buy a pardon. This is corruption, plain and simple.

"In short, then, the pardons were entirely personal in origin, and so the granting of them was exclusively an exercise of Trump’s own power... The only cost is the further degradation of the government, moving our system closer to a cult of personality."

CNN townhall, Bernie asked if he’ll condemn Bernie bros. Says condemns “all personal attacks” & “bullying” but mostly attacks against his campaign. Thinks (angry checkmark) bros attacking unions may be “bots or something”. What is so remarkable:

Attorney General Wiliam Barr considering resigning if the president keeps tweeting

Trump’s pardons are a big f-you to the prosecutors and FBI agents who worked long and hard on these cases—and a signal to those who target subjects with ties to Trump that their efforts may be for naught. And that’s the point.

Bernie refusing to release his medical records after promising to do so should be disqualifying. Period.

Um holy cow. A Mexican citizen was allegedly tracking a US government source in the US on behalf of a Russian official, and has been arrested for it. “The Russian government official ... told Fuentes to note the physical location of the source’s vehicle.”

Every Trump financial thread pulled results in scandal

Lawrence and Rachel question reports that Barr might leave DOJ over Trump tweets

Trump weaponizing DOJ is worst case scenario envisioned by Obama officials

DOJ memo shows Barr's lid on reported Giuliani investigation

Trump hush money case seen in new light after new reports on Barr