Friday, August 28, 2020

Prince denied participating in We Build the Wall board mtgs, oversight, fundraising, said if he saw something unsavory, he would have done something about it buried lede

Children can carry coronavirus in their noses and throats for weeks even if they don't show any symptoms, which might explain how the virus can spread silently, researchers in South Korea reported

BREAKING: A University of Pennsylvania professor has asked the school to launch a probe into allegations that President Trump faked his admission exam.

Pool report: "Many of the protesters along the avenue greeted the motorcade with raised middle fingers. There were far too many middle fingers to count. Several of the peope in the crowd opted to raise both of their middle fingers in a double barreled one finger salute."

I grew up in the Soviet Union. I am horrified by what Trump is doing. America is in peril. VOTE

I went to bed last night because @realDonaldTrump wouldn’t shut up, but to me, his speech at the end as he ran overtime was weak. It sounded like pleading, begging people to stop preferring @JoeBiden. That kind of weakness won’t appeal to MAGA, IMO

Trump has Chinese debt. Ivanka got Chinese patents. So when China says roll over, that's exactly what Trump will do.

Facebook employees are furious with CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who admitted during a company-wide meeting that the company made an “operational mistake” by failing to remove a self-proclaimed militia group’s “call to arms” ahead of the Kenosha protest

NEW story with @Chandelis -- The nonprofit started by 2 Trump allies who stirred up controversy earlier this year for holding cash giveaways in Black communities had its tax exempt status auto-revoked by the IRS for failing to submit its required forms

Protestors seeking criminal justice reform gather at the National Mall under the rallying cry "Get Your Knee Off Our Necks." FULL COVERAGE:

The law prohibits using taxpayer resources to promote a campaign. Period. Breaking the law should never be a “model." Upholding, cherishing and strengthening the rule of law should be. Trump has nothing but disdain for democratic values. It will be up to us to restore them.

Mr. President, Americans are canceling weddings and holding funerals without family. They're sacrificing so more Americans don't have to die. But instead of leading by example, you hosted a super spreader event on the South Lawn. When will you take the presidency seriously?

White supremacists and militias have infiltrated police across US, report says A former FBI agent has documented links between serving officers and racist militant activities in more than a dozen states

One of the biggest eyebrow-raising moments of the final night of the RNC was when Ivanka said how much Trump loves his grandchildren, GOP operative Tim Miller told @therickwilson and @mollyjongfast on @newabnormalpod

"Two countries, two classes of citizen, two systems of law. That was the message Trump so masterfully communicated with his abuse of the White House Thursday nigh,” writes

The NBA announced a series of further steps to advance social justice as well. Hear one of the best voices on the topic in this interview with @SteveKerr.

Rep. Gerry Connolly has asked Postmaster General DeJoy to turn over his recent communications with anyone associated with the Trump campaign. Connolly tells DeJoy there are "grave concerns about the veracity of your [recent] testimony."

BREAKING: The House Foreign Affairs Committee has announced contempt proceedings against POMPEO

NEW: Despite DeJoy's vows to halt changes, serious problems persist, postal workers say

Kentucky attorney general whose office is leading the Breonna Taylor investigation, said he believes Pres. Donald Trump is "best for this country" while sidestepping Trump's controversial response to ongoing unrest over racial justice.

This is your mind on Trump.

Here we go >> Two attendees and two staffers working at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte have tested positive for the coronavirus

Rudy Giuliani is making a case that four more years of Trump are needed to save America from Donald Trump's America

Viral pro-Trump tweets came from fake African American spam accounts, Twitter says Disinformation experts are anticipating that social media platforms will continue to be central to foreign and domestic efforts to mislead voters.

HerbalLife, through its counsel, pleaded not guilty to the allegations. (I deleted and replaced an earlier version of the tweet at the top of the thread to correct a typo.)

Father of slain Navy SEAL: "If you hear one thing, let it be this: 'Don't Trust Donald Trump, with your kid's life or your own.'"

EXCLUSIVE: A hot-mic video captured Donald Trump bragging about threatening the Better Business Bureau to change Trump University’s failing grade. Watch Trump when he didn't know a camera was rolling.

A compassionate POTUS would have cancelled Hatch Act Speech Night and gone to help the people of Louisiana.

Federal officials are considering a contact tracing program that would require all incoming air travelers to the U.S. — including American citizens — to hand over phone numbers and email addresses regardless of whether they have contracted COVID-19.

So apparently, if you’re really tired and scared of all that’s happening in Trump’s America (and Trump is saying we should be), we’re supposed to re-elect Trump?

When I was in charge of the Hatch Act in the White House, I walked into the office of a senior staffer who loved the Grateful Dead. They had an autographed an Obama campaign sign for him & he had hung it up. I made him take it down: politics in the federal workplace are illegal

This for @RichardGrenell, who RT’d my comment & then stated I wasn’t there when Trump “charmed” Merkel. No, I wasn’t In the room. But she was. I can translate the German for you, Ric - and for all the MAGA/QAnon trolls who came to my TL - if you need help.


What it takes for Black girls to become leaders, according to Michelle Obama

Mary Trump: The convention has been "disturbing to watch" because of its efforts to portray the president as an empathetic person who cares about women. There's "so much evidence he doesn't care about other people" or even "people in the family."

Let’s break down each individual piece of bulls**t from Mike Pence’s RNC speech:

2020 is a battle for the soul of our nation. “Trump would never have been elected if you took fear manipulation out of the mind control techniques.”

Trump's big health promises ignore the coronavirus pandemic's reality

“Maybe Mr. Trump’s “silent majority,” in other words, only seems silent because we’re not looking at their Facebook feeds.” Scary.

Perspective: NBA players set a new standard of civil disobedience. Now there’s no going back.

The reality television star turned president whose top aide coined the term “alternative facts” has had past success constructing the reality his supporters ascribe to. But can Trump pull it off again?

Federal judge gives Trump administration 10 days to answer questions about USPS slowdowns.... in other words, get their lies straight

Jacob Blake’s father chokes up as he describes seeing his son in the hospital, saying he was “shackled to the bed.” “His next question was, ‘Why did they shoot me so many times?’ And I said, ‘Baby, they weren't supposed to shoot you at all.’”

The Trump Pandemic A blow-by-blow account of how the president killed thousands of Americans.

.@VP Pence was scheduled to visit Wisconsin on Saturday for the second time in as many weeks to deliver a commencement address, but Wisconsin Lutheran College says after "careful consideration of the escalating events in Kenosha," they are choosing a new speaker -- a pastor.

Some would say the Republican National Convention was a superspreader event where the President presented to the country the carnage he created and blamed it on someone else. That sounds about right to me.

"Even though there is one year to go in my tenure and there are challenges to be met, I have decided to stand down as prime minister." Shinzo Abe, the longest-serving Japanese prime minister in history, has resigned, citing health reasons.

NEW: His anguish still raw, Broward dad of slain SEAL denounces President Trump in ad

“I’m getting attacked on my religion by Donald Trump?” Joe Biden says. “When’s the last time he darkened the doorway of a church?"

the green screen dress that keeps on giving

“Listen, liberals. If you don’t think Donald Trump can win re-election in November, you need to spend more time on Facebook.” Yes, this

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is poised to endorse nearly two dozen freshmen House Democrats for reelection. The shift toward Democrats has deeply worried Republican officials, who have long regarded the organization as key campaign infrastructure

The Fed is literally buying equities directly with over $1.25T+ for the first time in US history and you find this rally “stunning”.... Okay...feed the stupid I guess

The Fed is literally buying equities directly with over $1.25T+ for the first time in US history and you find this rally “stunning”.... Okay...feed the stupid I guess

"There is zero ambiguity here. Manafort as campaign chair worked in concert with an enemy intelligence officer to sabotage the election…and then, just in case there was any doubt whose side he was on, he lied about it to federal prosecutors."

I missed the part where the heavens opened up & #drugprices favored nations executive order came forth... He signed it July 24. He's still not released the text. And, EOs have limited authority, can be difficult to enforce, take months/years to implement & can easily challenged

Sean Reyes claims no one has done more to combat human trafficking in history than Trump. He literally sent well wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell, a notorious human trafficker and pedophile, only 2 weeks ago

“David Dorn’s daughters want it known that their late father did not support President Donald Trump and would not want his name or image to be used to further Trump’s political agenda.”

‘They just need to disappear’: Kenosha sheriff once called for Black shoplifters to be ‘warehoused’ and kept from having children

The Lincoln Project

Who did this

Kushner, the son of a billionaire whose only professional achievements have been handed to him by members of his family, has taken a bold swipe at NBA players for their wealth and privilege

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia gave an ominous warning to protesters in Belarus not to push too hard to topple their country’s president, saying that Russia had formed a special force of security officers to restore order in the event of chaos

Putin says he'll send "a certain reserve of law enforcement officers" to prop up Belarus's dictator against mass pro-democracy protests. Crickets from Trump. Navalny's in a coma, poisoned, France and Germany offering him asylum. Crickets from Trump.

Yesterday, I appealed to the President of France Macron to raise concerns over the human rights violation in Hong Kong with Chinese FM Wang Yi. It’s important that the democracies stand together and defend democratic values.

China arrests 10 people after intercepting boat 'fleeing Hong Kong'

Wilbur Ross is 82 and not wearing a mask. Only @SecAzar is wearing.

NEW: Civil Rights Division alums tell me they’re really alarmed by what they see as DOJ’s political targeting of four Democratic governors

.@jmeacham contrasts the DNC and RNC: "You saw a patriotic vision of the country presented last week. This week, you saw a propagandistic one. Last week, you saw a generous one. This week, you saw a greedy one. It's not just style — this is substance too."

The crowd is filling in outside the White House:


China launched a series of ballistic missiles into the South China Sea this week, according to US defense officials, part of a flurry of military exercises extending thousands of miles along the country's coastline

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia gave an ominous warning to protesters in Belarus not to push too hard to topple their country’s president, saying that Russia had formed a special force of security officers to restore order in the event of chaos

“But we can never have a situation where things are going on as they are today.” ~Donald Trump last night, forgetting that he is currently the president of the United States

“This Republican party dances to whatever tunes come into Mr Trump’s head. What is missing is a link to any coherent plan for his second term. For the first time in its history, the party did not publish an agenda this year.”

Covid 19 coronavirus: US Ambassador Scott Brown bypasses quarantine in NZ despite US trip - NZ Herald

Watch Scott Walker turn off his camera and cut short a CNN interview as Anderson Cooper presses him on the absurdity of trying to blame Joe Biden for civil unrest in Trump’s America

She launders money for the world's worst criminals and her husband plotted to let thousands of Americans die for her father's political campaign. She's a criminal. Arrest her.

It’s not a “communication style”, its cruelty and indecency. Trump said he didn’t like POW’s who were captured, implied my father was burning in hell after he died and constantly trashed him while he was fighting brain cancer. This is how they have lost all decent people. — Meghan McCain

Fact Checker: Trump touts conspiracy theory that Obama "spied" on him

Mitch reminded us again tonight that he isn't changing. But in November, Kentucky can make a change.

Trump: "We have already built 300 miles of Border Wall." Only about 5 miles of new border wall have been built. The rest just replaced border wall that already existed.

Well you never thought you’d see it because it’s ILLEGAL to use federal property for partisan campaigning. Give this your best “Hillary Clinton Emails” energy.

“His name spelled out in fireworks”

Do you know what I see? Literally thousands of Hatch Act violations— one for every federal official who helped with or participated in this revolting display. The greatest mass Hatch Act transgression in US history. Even the fireworks are a violation.

Police should have arrested this man on site for showing up to a #BlackLivesMatter protest in BLACKFACE in DC. Think about how safe that WHITE man knew he would be protected by police to show up in BLACKFACE. We are living in two different Americas.

180,000 dead and counting. Millions protesting injustice. Russia and China in control. Postal Service under siege. Hate crimes at record high. War criminals pardoned. Kids left to die in cages. 30 million unemployed. Journalists murdered. White House abused. NATO allies pissed.

If I had tried to vote by mail, I suspect my application or my ballot would have been rejected I have no idea how I or anyone in my position could have fixed this in time. The double-whammy of Trump sabotaging the census and the mail... Disaster. Vote EARLY IN-Person!

When our powerful institutions become nothing but shills for one party or another, we will have lost what makes us the envy of the world. Just a third world kleptocracy where each party seeks power so its cronies can steal.

Get off our lawn. — Amy Klobuchar

Not bad enough that Trump is misusing the White House building and grounds for political purposes. He has to misuse the Washington Monument too. What a desecration of our republic and a violation of the rule of law.

‘She was the aggressor’: Former Liberty student alleges sexual encounter with Becki Falwell A former student at the evangelical university opens up about a 2008 incident with the wife of the school’s president.

Days before I was arrested, @RudyGiuliani tasked me to go to Vienna to prepare an interview with Victor Shokin for @seanhannity What you won’t hear in his speech tonight was how invested @realdonaldtrump, Rudy, and Sean were in digging up dirt on @JoeBiden.

Kamala Harris before Trump's re-election nomination: "We will only achieve that [promise of equal justice under the law] when we finally come together to pass meaningful police reform and broader criminal justice reform and acknowledge...systemic racism."

Robocall targets battleground states with falsehoods about mail-in voting

Since Donald Trump just took credit again for the Veterans Choice act, here’s a picture of him signing it into law in 2014.#RNC2020

Over 350 former Bush, Romney and McCain staffers unite to endorse Joe Biden

Quite the fact check from @ddale8 of Trump’s speech.

Leave so you can fight another day – Kasparov’s message to Hong Kong’s democracy activists

President Biden is really doing a bad job handling civil unrest

The Justice Department is asking New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan for data on nursing homes, as it considers an investigation into how the states handled the pandemic in those settings

Farm workers are laboring in dangerous wildfire smoke. What is Cal/OSHA doing to protect them? Tell @cal_osha they need to be in the fields right now to ensure the people who labor so hard to feed us are kept safe. Act now

In his 70-minute #RNC2020 speech, Donald Trump sidesteps a key concern for voters: his plan for winning the Covid fight that has killed 180,000 Americans

When you date Rudy Giuliani, you double as an armpiece and a gym towel.

Very little social distancing. Very few masks in sight on the south lawn of the WH for Trump’s speech.

Nicole Wallace: "You could fill all those seats with the people who were alive yesterday and are dead today" from COVID-19.

Remember: every example of violence Donald Trump decries has happened on his watch. Under his leadership. During his presidency. — Joe Biden

HUGE—a broad rebuke of Trump White House by public health leaders. Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Texas, New Jersey and New York all plan to continue to test asymptomatic people for #COVID19, despite new CDC guidance not to. Bravo

BREAKING: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resigned to undergo treatment for a chronic illness, ending his run as the country’s longest serving premier