Tuesday, August 21, 2018

100% chance Trump loses his shit and further incriminates himself tonight at his campaign rally in West Virginia.

How many more are still out there

"totally unglued and weird"

Former US Attorney @PreetBharara says Trump could possibly face impeachment over Cohen: 'This is terrible for Trump'

BIG DAY: We have learned that we have a criminal President of the United States, who was elected by deceiving the American people. And a man who does not respect the foundation of our nation — the rule of law.

Kremlin: Chief of Putin’s security council, Nikolai Patrushev, to meet John Bolton on Thurday, continue discussions begun in Helsinki.

NEWS: Trump adviser Larry Kudlow hosted publisher of white nationalists at his home

USA v. MICHAEL COHEN (SDNY Case No. 18-cr-602)

standby for news

Paul Manafort – found guilty. Michael Cohen – pleads guilty, implicates Donald Trump. Donald Trump has nominated a Supreme Court justice who believes he can’t be indicted. Not a coincidence. Not a witch hunt.


Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort found guilty on: • 5 counts of tax fraud • 1 charge of hiding foreign bank accounts • 2 charges of bank fraud

Former Trump campaign chairman Manafort found guilty on eight counts

BREAKING: Michael Cohen pleads guilty, admits to working ‘at direction’ of Trump to silence Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal with payments

The day keeps getting better for the president. *COHEN SAYS HE VIOLATED CAMPAIGN LAW AT DIRECTION OF CANDIDATE

Omarosa says she has video tapes. She's going to bring one to #Hardball tonight at 7.

Manafort guilty on 8 counts: 1 count failing to file foreign bank account, 2 counts bank fraud, 5 counts tax fraud. All felonies.

BREAKING: Former Trump campaign chairman Manafort found guilty of tax fraud


BURR says the Senate Intel cmte “recently re-engaged Cohen” after reports about the Trump Tower meeting.

NEW: Cohen in court was asked “how are you?” and nodded with a dour expression. He let out a loud sigh as he reviewed and signed paperwork

Why the Cohen plea deal is bad for Trump: It puts him very close to an actual crime

NEW: A NY State judge rejects TRUMP's effort to dismiss a lawsuit against his private security team for roughing up protesters, writing that Trump "authorized & condoned the specific type of conduct of defendants @KEITHSCHILLER45, GARY UHER & EDDIE DECK."

Perspective | CIA officers learn to keep quiet. Why are so many of us speaking out about Trump?

BREAKING: Per @MSNBC Cohen is going to plead guilty to CAMPAIGN FINANCE VIOLATIONS

BREAKING: Michael Cohen has surrendered to the FBI ahead of a 4 p.m. ET court proceeding

Dem senator: "Smelly special interest network" of dark money involved in Kavanaugh nomination process

BREAKING: @MichaelCohen212 has reached a plea deal w feds, @GStephanopoulos reports.

I’m told ABC news is reporting that Cohen has reached a plea deal.

Trump lied. The Pentagon did NOT brief the president on parade costs before he cancelled it, as he claimed.

Jurors in the Paul Manafort fraud trial are in 4th day of deliberations today, reviewing 388 documents and the testimony of 27 witnesses

JUST IN: Sen. Elizabeth Warren's new reform bill would ban members of Congress from owning individual stocks

Illinois Governor blocks bill that would give people with criminal histories information about their voting rights

Microsoft claims win over 'Russian political hackers'

Russia can't win a conventional war against the US, nobody would win a nuclear war, but Cyberwar, looks like they got it nailed w/o leadership to stop them.

Ultimately, the president is making clear that this whole conversation about security clearances has nothing to do with national security, but everything to do with criticism of him vs being "nice" to him.

"Could Facebook really distort social relations to the point of violence? The University of Warwick researchers tested their findings by examining every sustained internet outage in their study window..."

The President openly threatening a former DNI with consequences if he isn’t nice to him is fucking grotesque

Trump trillion-dollar-plus deficits are putting America on a path to fiscal ruin

Protestors at UNC Chapel Hill just tore down Silent Sam, a statue of a confederate soldier. The 2018-2019 school year has officially begun.

BREAKING: Microsoft says it's uncovered new Russian hacking attempts targeting U.S. political groups ahead of midterm elections

.⁦@JRubinBlogger⁩ calls out John Bolton for accusing John Brennan of misusing classified info without offering an iota of evidence. Disgraceful, and ironic, given Bolton’s own history of politicizing intel.

At the time the Trump legal team allowed McGahn to testify, the president’s lawyers did not believe they were waiving privilege and that they could seek to prevent Mueller from using some of McGahn’s testimony down the road by asserting exec privilege.

What is Paul Ryan doing today in Jackson Hole, WY, 1,300 miles away from his district? He's hosting a posh retreat for his mega donors and Ivanka and Jared will be there. It's been a 1049 days since Paul Ryan last did a town hall meeting in his district.

Interesting to look back on this Nov. '16 Bloomberg report. Now-W.H. counsel Don McGahn's history with Trump goes back well before the W.H.—when he was FEC commissioner, he killed an investigation into a PAC headed by Michael Cohen during the '12 election

Trump makes clear that Phillip Mudd’s security clearance depends on the views he expresses on television

New Russian Hacking Targeted Republican Groups, Microsoft Says

You can smell the fear.

Over 175 ex-US spy officials join Brennan clearance outcry

Bolton is as compromised a Russian surrogate as you can get, @traciemac_Bmore. The Butina/NRA interaction is just the visible part of decades-long relationship with the Kremlin, which led previous U.S. administrations into wars we later regretted.

Trump is assailing the Marine who led the FBI in the years after 9/11 and the career CIA official who ended up coordinating the Bin Laden raid. That says a lot more about him than them.

Could Trade War Lead to the Real Thing?

“Helping Russia against Browder will be costly for Cyprus” my Cypriot lawyer says in this story.

Corker: Trump revoking security clearances of officials who criticize him is "banana republic" thinking

"Don McGahn.... has seen everything, knows everything and [he] is going to tell the truth. That is why the President had a meltdown. He figured out this weekend that the White House counsel is not your lawyer and he didn't lie for you"

EXCLUSIVE: Trump says he would consider lifting sanctions on Russia if Moscow were to take steps to work with U.S. on issues like Syria and Ukraine.

Florida election officials seek info as support builds for Bill Nelson’s Russian-hack claim

The 2008 crisis cost every American $70,000, Fed study finds

Interesting to look back on this Nov. '16 Bloomberg report. Now-W.H. counsel Don McGahn's history with Trump goes back well before the W.H.—when he was FEC commissioner, he killed an investigation into a PAC headed by Michael Cohen during the '12 election.

This is the Hispanic-American immigration officer who Trump just invited onto the stage in the White House East Room. The President prefaced it by saying “he speaks perfect English”

Jared Kushner refused to divest from his holdings in Kushner Companies. Then he sucked up to executives from a big bank & investment company with personal White House visits. In return, they gave his family business $509 million in loans.

Yet another person who served this country in uniform, with honor, attacked by a man who refused to do so and continually shows that he has none.

Phil’s a hero. Counter terrorism giant. I saw the same hit live on Friday. Saw it differently.

One of the first things prosecutors learn in law school is that you can’t prosecute yourself...so there’s that. Also, you couldn’t operate a lemonade stand let alone a criminal investigation.

Should the judge in the Paul Manafort case have done more to protect the jury's impartiality from the corrupting influence of Donald Trump?

So @realDonaldTrump will make up lies to denigrate a combat decorated U.S. Marine and falsely accuse him of trying to influence U.S. elections but he won’t even imply that @PutinRF_Eng has ever done a damned thing? There’s your national disgrace.