Sunday, December 27, 2020

Former U.S. Amb. to Iraq, #RyanCrocker, and retired general #DavidPetraeus condemn Trump pardons for Blackwater contractors as “an action that tells the world that Americans abroad can commit the most heinous of crimes with impunity."


Anthony Quinn Warner, person of interest in Nashville bombing, had electronics expertise


A 37-year-old member of the military from Florida has been charged with the random shooting at an Illinois bowling alley that left three men dead and three people injured


BREAKING: @MNPDNashville officer says the RV used in the #nashvillebombing was playing the song “Downtown” by Petula Clark. Lyrics: “When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go downtown.”


"Virus besets Belarus prisons filled with president’s critics"


Republicans eating their own >>U.S. Rep. Steve King files ethics complaint against House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy objecting to the manner in which he was stripped of all of his House committee assignments last year


Perspective: Toxic media destroys democracy. Here’s what to do about it.


In Russia, tough new laws and stepped-up defiance abroad mark Putin’s shift toward unfettered control


You mean Republican efforts to restrict voting has been built on lies? Say it ain’t so.


While in Florida golfing, Trump allows jobless benefits to expire for millions


#Belarus Day 141. 20th consecutive Sunday of the protests. @telegram channels did not announce rallies today, but people are on the streets since early morning, in #Minsk and in regions. Revolutions are made by people, not by technology


My @FT op-ed explains the counter-intuitive fact that it’s the very breadth of the president’s pardon power — its “plenary” character— that enables an ex-president to be prosecuted for using that power as part of a criminal scheme to obstruct justice:


"Belarusians are stupid. Stupid. Politically illiterate" — RT correspondent Konstantin Pridybailo talks to Soloviev, Mastermind of Kremlin's propaganda


However, as @mfa_russia is listening to our holiday wishes, and purports to have a link to Ded Moroz, the best gift would be the immediate release of wrongfully detained US citizens


Imagine people discussing Steven Mnuchin’s credibility as if he ever had any, as if he never took $500B in PPP Covid loan relief and funneled tens of millions to himself, Demoness Betsy DeVos, Tom Brady, Devin Nunes, Kanye West, Jared Kushner, GOP donors, as if he’s not a fraud.


Two Texas billionaires got a $35 million pandemic-relief loan for one of their fracking companies, but only after Sen. Ted Cruz weighed in


If I were a top-tier corporate sponsor of the 2022 Beijing Olympics I’d be nervous.


The effort to vaccinate millions of people in poor and developing countries against COVID-19 faces monumental obstacles. Health workers have to contend with wars, insurgencies, corruption, poor infrastructure and suspicions about vaccinations.


Conspiracy theories ripped through the internet this year, destroying relationships and endangering lives - worlds apart from legitimate concerns. Here I reflect on their casualties and my year reporting on the impact of viral disinformation


China hails its ‘extraordinary’ success curbing Covid-19 ahead of WHO probe


The world is keeping a watchful eye on the #HongKong 12 as they begin trial on trumped up charges tomorrow under the cover of Christmas holidays. The UK Government should take note & lodge a strong complaint to the Chinese Government.


One week from tomorrow, a man who herded 1 million Uighurs into camps, jails human rights activists, crushed Tibet, disappeared courageous men and women who sounded the alarm on the coronavirus, and suffocated freedom in Hong Kong will join the U.N.'s highest human rights body.


Hong Kong national security law: ‘about 30 people overseas sought by police’


Jobless Benefits Run Out as Trump Resists Signing Relief Bill


This is for the COVIDiots that try to sound smart by constantly bringing up the “survival rate” as their excuse to be selfish


“Dr. William Good, who battled Nazis in Poland, dies of COVID-19... [B]y choosing humanity over revenge, he took the first steps on a path that would end up touching tens of thousands of lives.”


Like I said, all of Trump’s henchmen wind up in the shark tank.


Georgia Republicans are being asked to #BoycottGeorgia. Supporters of Trump lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell say by not voting, "there will be so few [votes] that GOP vote totals will go negative... The fraud will be so obvious, SCOTUS can then invalidate [2020]."


Latest CDC projections indicate >400k Americans dead by the time he leaves office. If USG had mirrored Germany's performance, 2/3 of them would still be with us. If we'd managed to do as well as Japan, 97.5% of them would still be with us. Common sense indeed.


Economists have assumed lockdowns were the main cause of reduced economic activity. But in reality, fear of coronavirus is probably a much more important factor keeping people in their homes


A global pandemic ravaging America is no time to forget the first rule of American health care: There is no set price. One out-of-network medical provider in Texas seeks permission from patients to charge fees as high as six-figures to their insurance


2. Here, I document how Facebook has failed to enforce Facebook's policies on ads that include false attacks on Warnock, Loeffler's opponent Has Kaplan been involved in any of these decisions?


The Florida couple was given $7.2 million from the government through the Paycheck Protection Program


The series of edicts from Chinese regulators represent a serious threat to the expansion of Ma’s online finance empire


Because of @realDonaldTrump and Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in Congress, #unemploymentbenefits for millions of Americans have expired