Thursday, May 28, 2020

The spike in pneumonia deaths in Florida shows an earlier, deadlier arrival of coronavirus, experts say

AILA filed a lawsuit today over Trump’s move to temporarily block some immigrants abroad from getting green cards, saying it’s “much more draconian” for children who turn 21 because it will bar them from the US “for decades, and perhaps forever”

Yesterday: Dr. Fauci declares hydroxychloroquine ineffective. Today: Kayleigh McEnany encourages use of hydroxychloroquine

PA Republicans Surely Not Secretly Trying To Infect Democrats With COVID-19, No They'd Never!

Trump’s Plan: Break The Internet To Suppress The Vote

Coronavirus pandemic could push 86 million more children into household poverty by end of 2020, new report from UNICEF, Save the Children

AHAHAHAHAHA holy shit it is *literally* MAGA internet chain letters this is fuckin hilarious

Read the text of President Trump's executive order targeting social media companies

After the manufacturer of Remdesivir gave the government a stockpile of the first drug found to be effective in treating the coronavirus, the Trump administration fumbled its distribution and caused unnecessary delays in treatment to severely ill patients

In other words, the same bullshit they pulled with Trump and Zelenskyy in Ukraine. They got caught committing treason - yet again.

Mark Zuckerberg makes the high-minded claim that he's protecting free speech by doing little about political misinformation on Facebook. What he's really doing, obviously, is protecting profits while currying favor with Trump and his political allies.

Even Fox News is saying President Trump's executive order towards social networks can backfire on him and his rightwing trolls.

Just the other day, I was bringing my license to the store to buy some cereal when some hooligans rushed by looking to score some ballots.

This is dumb. decision that will backfire & will cause significant harm to US tech industry. In response, ALL tech companies should immediately block ALL PAC & campaign ads “Trump Signs Executive Order on Social Media, Claiming to Protect ‘Free Speech’”

Wait, you mean Trump was partnered with the CEO of the Turkish division of *RUSSIA's tech giant Yandex?* You mean Mehmet Ali Yalçındağ - also head of TAIK?

JUST IN: House Democratic Leaders Demand DHS and ICE Halt Deportations of Unaccompanied Children and Guarantee Due Process Protections

Donald Trump is one nasty piece of work in his depraved attacks on the Klausutis family. Not only have we never had a POTUS like this, I can't recall a another demagogue this cruel. Trump makes even Joe McCarty look good.

Just a year ago governments wanted them to censor more...

JUST IN: Pres. Trump signs executive order targeting Twitter and other social media giants. The move comes after Twitter added fact checks to two of his tweets about mail-in voting this week.

Twitter CEO Tells Trump: We’ll Keep Pointing Out Your Factual Inaccuracies

Zuckerberg went on Fox News—a hate-for-profit machine that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracy theorists—to talk about how social media platforms should essentially allow politicians to lie without consequences. This is eroding our democracy.

Super excited to hear the conservative defense of trump shutting down Twitter

Trump Org’s Turkish business partner for Trump Towers Istanbul personally lobbied **three White House cabinet members** for Turkey's business group to capitalize on the pandemic. He then forwarded those letters to Trump. My latest, @CourthouseNews

Small businesses have been crying out for help. It's clear the Paycheck Protection Program needed critical changes. That's why I voted for a bipartisan fix to extend the loan forgiveness period and provide other flexibility. Congress must help small businesses stay afloat.

Graham urges senior judges to step aside so Trump, GOP can replace them They are trying to squeeze every judge they can out of this giant orange.

It’s because this country has used absentee voting to conduct democratic elections reliably for over 150 years, including from the front of a hotly contested civil war. The soldier vote in 1864 made the difference in re-electing the first Republican president.

THIS is called looting.

BREAKING: Spox confirms Trump is laying groundwork to cast doubt on election results.

Bye, Richard. — Rep. Eric Swalwell (

US charges North Korean bank officials in sanctions case

If President Trump doesn’t like Twitter, he can do everyone a favor and stop tweeting.

@Jack, this is exactly and precisely the sort of thing you should be doing something about. Your heart is in the right place. Please remove Russia's state-backed agents of influence. This isn't even a "troll", it's literally FARA-registered Russian agents @Ruptly cc @FBIWFO

Breaking with long-standing precedent, the Trump White House will NOT release formal economic forecasts this summer showing the extent of the projected downturn. I wonder why?

The Minneapolis police officer at the center of George Floyd's death was the subject of at least a dozen police conduct complaints that resulted in no disciplinary action and one that led to a "letter of reprimand."

Trump’s refusal to address racism threatens the identity of our country

"I'm absolutely sorry for the pain, the devastation and the trauma that Mr. Floyd's death has left on his family," Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said. "I cannot allow criminal acts to …threaten the safety and also … the trauma that already exist"

“Process” — ha! The call Fynn lied about happened in 2016. It’s 2020. You couldn’t figure out how to release that? So were you bad at your job? It’s not “process,” it didn’t help Trump. I think we’re done. Thanks for trying.

A judge who asked a woman if she had closed her legs to try to prevent a sexual assault has been ordered removed from the bench by New Jersey’s highest court.

New Trump campaign Facebook ads mock Biden wearing a mask with a China flag behind him While Trump is shown with no mask in front of an American flag

If they didn’t “collude”, I wish someone in the Trump outfit would explain why they were so engaged with Russians during a presidential run. What possible reason would a campaign trying to win votes in Iowa need to engage Russians? Anyone?

Trump shared a video that begins “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.” Remember: when he referred to immigrants & asylum seekers as an “invasion”, an “infestation”, as “animals” they - and anyone perceived to be an immigrant - became targets. 23 people murdered in El Paso.

So a bunch of white guys with guns storm Michigan's capital and the authorities stand around doing nothing. Then, people protest the murder of a helpless black man by the police, and the authorities unleash rubber bullets and tear gas on them. This is despicable. This is America.

Not sure the active measure known as “The Alt-Right” woulda had all the funding it needed, if Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t overpaid for Oculus Rift by a BILLION - money that went primarily to its founder, & alt right OG, Palmer Luckey (photo left)

Epstein lived only a mile for Mar-A-Largo, conveniently right next to @realDonaldTrump. “ I’ve know Jeffery for 15 years, Terrific guy,” He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

People on the ground in #Minnesota are saying there are a lot of white undercover cops doing a lot of the vandalizing and arson out there. But all of it gets blamed on Black people. They caught this guy red handed with a hammer in his hand

NSA warns of ongoing Russian hacking campaign against U.S. systems

The United States has passed over 100,000 dead from COVID-19. Between 5 p.m. Wednesday and noon Thursday, Fox News devoted just 11 minutes of airtime to the story

.@EvanHurst "Always assume the worst about Republicans, especially in the Trump era, and especially during this pandemic. Do not put any act of immorality or criminality past them. They have not earned your benefit of the doubt."

"Amid the global #pandemic, the Trump administration is declaring open season on bears and wolves through its sport hunting rule on national parklands in Alaska,"

Big Thread: 1. This is a clarifying moment. It shows exactly what Facebook is and who Zuckerberg is Trump is violating Facebook's rules on election misinformation Zuckerberg's response was to go on Fox News and defend Trump's right to undermine the integrity of the election

Twitter is Trump's greatest weapon in his war against media/reality -- to make us all believe a radical minority is a majority. See also: the 10 million totally real 🙄 new accounts added to his following in 4 months. Without Twitter & Facebook, he is dead already. He knows it

CORONAVIRUS Dem lawmaker goes on epic rant after GOP colleague admits hiding positive coronavirus test “Out of respect for my family, and those who I may have exposed, I chose to keep my positive case private," Pennsylvania state Rep. Andrew Lewis said.

Opinion: Trump has told 16,000 lies. Now he’s trying to silence those who correct him.

Barr appoints Texas prosecutor to review Obama officials’ ‘unmasking’ requests

There is body camera footage. We’ve obtained it. @NBCNews is reviewing it right now.

Mitch McConnell is without a doubt the single most loathsome elected official on the planet. Great piece from @ProjectLincoln

The Psychopath in Chief

Minneapolis police ID 4 officers fired in connection with George Floyd's death; mayor calls for charges against cop kneeling on Floyd's neck

After 35 years, Kentuckians are still waiting for the kinds of opportunities #RichMitch has worked so hard to give himself. 👉 This ad is on TV and digital media in @senatemajldr’s home state TODAY. Pitch in now to help:

Lawmakers across the country are proposing legislation that would criminalize calling police as an act of racial prejudice

We know this isn't legitimate because, among other reasons, it's being run out of DOJ rather than by the (Acting) Intelligence Community IG. Barr is attempting to create a patina of criminality on routine practices to advance Trump's conspiracy theories.

Check the date.

Zuckerberg says Twitter is wrong to fact-check Trump

I am losing my job. My beloved career. I'm going to have to take an early retirement. Thanks a lot covid19. Thanks a lot GOP you could have sustained us. I can't stop crying.

Trump jacked around for two months as COVID swept America, lying, denying it was coming, and failing to prepare this country for the pandemic. But someone pisses him off on Twitter and the government moves like a scalded dog.

While Trump threatens to shut down private companies and accuses reporters of murder, @JoeBiden is busy doing the job of a president.

A active-duty soldier hit a gunman with his car this morning in Leavenworth, Kansas, and “saved countless lives.” The suspect was randomly firing at vehicles with a handgun and a semi-automatic rifle. This shooting won’t even make the national news.

Trump admin fails to include staff in prison coronavirus testing at some facilities

Protesters clashed with riot police firing tear gas for a second night in Minneapolis in an outpouring of rage over the death of a black man seen in a widely circulated video gasping for breath as a white officer knelt on his neck

Some states unmoved by Trump's tepid suggestions on nursing homes

CDC undercuts utility of antibody tests as key COVID-19 tool

China's legislature has approved a proposal to impose a highly contentious national security law in Hong Kong, in an unprecedented move that critics say threatens fundamental political freedoms and civil liberties in the semi-autonomous territory.

Hong Kong's protesters are back. This latest round of demonstrations has been fueled largely by the Chinese Communist Party's move to impose new national security legislation for Hong Kong. Here is a guide to the demonstrations challenging Beijing.

BREAKING: The Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners voted to approve a motion to grant a portion of President Trump’s West Palm Beach golf resort a rent deferral due to the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more here:

Trump’s empty threat to shut down ⁦@Twitter⁩ is toothless and harmful at the same time. ⁦@tribelaw⁩ and I share thoughts

Tucker Carlson calls the Minneapolis protests over the police killing of George Floyd a “form of tyranny”

Can you imagine living in a country where this is necessary?

A friend sends

For your reading pleasure, here’s the draft of Trump’s upcoming EO regarding social media.

If you want to know why Trump routinely gets away with things that would destroy just about every other politician, I explored that question in my latest column:

Fox News is so disgusting. Every hour, hosts are pretending to be furious Twitter “fact checked Trump.” They had Mark Zuckerberg on—who knocked Twitter for fact-checking Trump. Zuckerberg said that private companies shouldn't be 'the arbiter of truth.

Tucker Carlson says the Minneapolis protests are "a threat to every American," "tyranny," "oppression" and says putting down the protests is "defending society itself"

I am Dem Chair of PA House State Government Committee. We’ve met 12 times in the last 2 months. The meetings take place in a smaller room off the House floor. Not informing anyone there is a #Covid_19 positive member with multiple GOP members in quarantine should be criminal.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on Wednesday separately announced they were both working on legislation to strip Twitter of federal protections that ensure the company is not held liable for what is posted on its platform.


Opinion: Trump’s latest display isn’t just deranged. It’s also an abuse of power.

Weird math, opaque policies keep people in the dark on COVID-19

Federal records show OSHA worked for six years to create new rules to prepare for an airborne infectious disease pandemic. The Obama White House formally added it to a list of regulations to be implemented in 2017. Then President Trump took office