Monday, April 1, 2019

Senior WH officials overrode career professionals to grant security clearances to 25 people

Post publisher Fred Ryan writes: It’s been six months since Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, and Trump has done nothing

Senate Dems to introduce constitutional amendment to abolish Electoral College

Bernie Sanders is up to his old tricks again...trying to knock out Biden

Trump shoved the Arab allies he’s counting on to back his peace initiative into a corner

The Florida chapter of a Chinese influence group shut down right after Mother Jones reported on Cindy Yang’s ties to the organization

How much of traitor is Flynn, and how screwed is Team Trump? Turkish agents actually owned part of Flynn Intel Group when he was picked for APNSA.

Rick and Ann Scott’s financial trail leads to Cayman Islands tax haven

Trump Ally Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University Has Pentagon Contracts


Kamala Harris has sent a letter to A.G. Barr demanding answers about what she calls the DOJ's "extreme and legally flawed" attempt to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

Polls. Release the full Mueller report?

1) Because of the GOP Tax Scam for the rich, working families are experiencing a rude awakening in their tax returns. 2) Republicans have *no* health care plan and *still* want to destroy people's pre-existing condition protections. 3) See one and two

Jeanine Pirro says an example must be made of "the traitorous treasonous group that accused Donald Trump"

“Americans, you pay taxes but will your government protect you? Maybe not” - wish more discussion this morning about @thedailybeast story last night alleging Bezos hacked by Saudi regime & then smeared by an American company. WOW, bad sign & can go crazy

The cruelty of Trump border policy and a harsh camp under an El Paso bridge are a feature, not a bug. And a new move to cut off Central America aid is proof of Trump's immoral view that increasing misery at the border will get him re-elected.

"Mexicanish countries" are a thing on Fox News

"Pay particular attention to two of Mueller's phrases: 'did not establish' and 'did not exonerate.' Lawyers will know that those two phrases actually hint at the opposite of a complete Trump vindication."

Mulvaney: Mueller meant for Barr to rule on obstruction of justice

"The evidence of collusion is in plain sight...let me tell you what some of that evidence is..."

How Democrats are losing 2020, already: Trump must not win reelection, but the candidates lining up to beat him are giving a good chance

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - March 31, 2019