Friday, September 6, 2019

If the Washington Post is right that Ukraine is not getting its military aid unless they do something to try to hurt Joe Biden's presidential campaign...??? If that's really what's going on here, I honestly am going to walk out of this movie.

"Mr. Trump is not just soliciting Ukraine’s help with his presidential campaign; he is using U.S. military aid the country desperately needs in an attempt to extort it."

"... military has spent $11M on fuel at the Prestwick Airport — the closest airport to Trump Turnberry — since October '17, fuel that would be cheaper if purchased at a US military base." The resort "lost $4.5M in 2017, but revenue went up $3M in 2018"

This new reporting implicates Trump, obviously, but also the military who apparently went along with this, didn't peep about it, and now isn't cooperating with congressional oversight committees that are trying to investigate it.

SCOOP: The Judiciary Committee is preparing to take its first formal vote to define its Trump impeachment investigation. Language still in flux but a draft is tentatively planned for Mon. morning, with Wed. vote.

Advice to @DevinNunes: Get out of the courts. They actually have real work to do. #DevinCow

BREAKING: NOAA has sided with President Trump, rather than its own scientists:

Susan Collins tells Maine Public Radio today that if she runs again and wins reelection she plans to continue supporting Mitch McConnell as Senate leader. She doesn't expect any Republican to challenge him.

"“The committee does not believe that U.S. taxpayer funds should be used to personally enrich President Trump, his family, and his companies,” wrote Representative Elijah E. Cummings..."

BREAKING: House Oversight is investigating whether US military expenditures have been propping up Trump Turnberry. A peculiar refueling stop in Glasgow by a US Air Force crew, who stayed overnight at the resort—there & back—tipped them off. Our exclusive:

Donald Trump understands enough about the workings of journalism to loathe it and work to undermine it. Eric Trump just seems confused by the whole thing

"Everything conservatives hoped for and liberals feared": Neil Gorsuch makes his mark at the Supreme Court

BREAKING: Maine is set to become the first state to allow voters to rank candidates in a general presidential election.

So Egypt = "meh we're done pretending we care about human rights or basic freedoms" = $300mil US aid Ukraine = constantly working toward checklist of reform, civil society vibrant and engaged = aid on hold pending whatsapp chat with Putin Sounds cool

Defense contractor influence is part of why we have a wasteful, unsustainable Pentagon budget. It's corruption, plain and simple. I'll make real cuts, and I've introduced sweeping anti-corruption legislation to limit lobbyist influence at the Pentagon.

Defense contractor influence is part of why we have a wasteful, unsustainable Pentagon budget. It's corruption, plain and simple. I'll make real cuts, and I've introduced sweeping anti-corruption legislation to limit lobbyist influence at the Pentagon.

It's not enough for the Trump Admin to roll back Obama-era regulations on car emissions. Now, they seek to punish automakers who worked with California to keep our air clean for everyone. Once again, Barr shows that his Justice Dept. works for President Trump, not the people.

Judge may release names linked to Epstein

Leaders of the House Foreign Affairs panel are urging the White House to release security assistance funds for Ukraine meant to deter Russia

A Summer of Unprecedented Brutality in Moscow

BIG: Treasury Dept proposes new regulations gutting donor disclosure by some 501(c) nonprofits—including politically active "dark money" groups—after federal court found IRS rule no longer requiring donors' names be reported in tax returns violated the law

According to government watchdog group CREW, at least 250 Trump administration officials have made at least 630 visits to Trump-owned properties, most frequently his senior advisers, daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Netanyahu is now signaling to the Israeli public that its elections are no longer legitimate, because they might bring about the end of his rule | Anshel Pfeffer

Casting Doubt on Election's Integrity, Netanyahu Commits the Worst 'Terror Attack on Democracy'

The two most powerful western democracies are failing in dealing with the Kremlin. Trump helps Putin by denying his efforts to disrupt American democracy and Germany is displaying embarrassing weakness in failing to deal with an assassination in its capital city.

The economy added 130,000 jobs during the month of August, sharply missing expectations and showing a continuation of a softening in the labor market in the face of global economic headwinds

Paul Ryan sold shares on same day as private briefing of banking crisis

Republicans to scrap primaries and caucuses as Trump challengers cry foul The moves, which critics called undemocratic, are the latest illustration of the president's total takeover of the GOP apparatus.

Netanyahu and his gang have some major problems ahead, and I suspect there will be some extradition from Panama.

Trump’s ‘total takeover’: States are cancelling GOP primaries to protect the ‘soft’ president from challengers

Mitch McConnell should explain why he insisted on obscuring evidence of Russian interference before the election | Lexington Herald Leader

To fund his border wall, Trump is taking almost a $1 billion from a program created to shore up European defense after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014. @K8brannen report

White House Press Secretary @grisham and her deputy @hogangidley45 hit back at the Washington Post for its "Trump's lost summer" article.

#Russia's state TV discusses Trump defunding more than $770 million in military projects designed to shore up European defense against Russia. Host Evgeny Popov says that could mean only one of two things: "Either Trump is ours, or we [Russia] are not a threat."

Opinion: Mitch McConnell sinks to new lows in enabling Trump’s corruption

Farm loan delinquencies are at a record high at Wisconsin community banks. Delinquencies have more than doubled in Wisconsin since January 2017 and are higher than in any of the top 10 farm states.

Anonymous Man Spent Almost $50,000 on Generators and Food for Hurricane Victims in the Bahamas

Former Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz announces he will not run for president

The woman who got bromine out of kids' pajamas fears it's coming back

Labour and other UK opposition parties agree not to back PM’s demand for general election before October EU summit

BREAKING: Dozens of attorneys general probe Google and Facebook for antitrust at the state level; Texas and New York to lead

US blocks UN Security Council statement on Israel

According to the Financial Times, the captain of an Iranian tanker suspected of shipping oil to Syria was offered millions by Brian Hook, a policy adviser to Mike Pompeo, to sail the ship to "a country that would impound the vessel on behalf of the U.S."

An Air Force plane accidentally fired a rocket into the Arizona desert and investigators are now asking how that was possible

‘It’s Kind of Like an Addiction’: On the Road With Trump’s Rally Diehards A small band of the president’s most devoted fans will do whatever it takes to attend his campaign rallies

"Rosenstein forfeited his legacy," writes @page88. "He now deserves to be known as an obstructor of justice and not an avatar of it." "And he seems to know it."

Mexico won't pay for the wall, neither will Congress, so Trump is helping himself to Pentagon funds.

"If this man, this president, is able to literally appropriate his money for his own purposes, then the balance of power, the power of the purse, has been taken away from Congress and we may not even exist in any meaningful way in the future." -Rep. John Garamendi

NYT: This week, families at Fort Campbell discovered that they would not get the new middle school they were expecting so that President Trump could build his border wall.

Sanctions against Russia, removal from the G8, military aid to Ukraine, assistance to NATO to deter Russia, all of that, piece by piece, dismantled by the Trump administration

Forget Trump 2020, Worry About Don Jr. 2024

Trump holds up Ukraine military aid meant to confront Russia

Perspective: Trump has a wall to build, so military kids will wait for better day care and schools

This shouldn’t be a controversial statement: The United States must embrace hand-marked paper ballots

"NATO has felt incapable of taking a hard line with President Vladimir Putin over his weapons program in part because of US President Donald Trump's troublingly friendly approach to Russia..."

Trump officials broke law by using entrance fees to keep parks open, watchdog says