Monday, January 22, 2018

Zinke didn't bother disclosing his shares in a gun company that does business with the government

Trump’s judicial nominees have been so extreme that what was once considered beyond the pale is now acceptable.

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down State’s Congressional Map, Saying It Illegally Benefits GOP

‘President Miller’s Shutdown: Yes, Republicans Will Be Blamed—and They Should Be

A powerful explosion at an Oklahoma gas well shot flames 50 feet in the air Monday morning. Rescue crews arrived in three helicopters and recovered 17 people -- 5 are still missing

The president has the power to reverse his decision on DACA—he doesn’t actually need a deal in Congress

Presidential historian assesses Trump Year One

18 senators voted against the motion to advance a spending bill to end the government shutdown

Russia is biggest threat since cold war, says head of British army

Alleged payment to porn star was illegal donation to Trump campaign, watchdog says

BREAKING: Pence says adult film star's account of a sexual encounter with Trump in 2006 is a 'baseless' allegation.

BREAKING: Ivanka Trump is leading the search to replace John Kelly

Dems in disarray

The decline and fall of Wilbur Ross

U.S. senators strike deal to end government shutdown

Trump’s voting commission asked to see Texas records that identify all voters with Hispanic surnames, newly released documents show

White House says Trump to make immigration deal only if good for U.S.

Rupert Murdoch calls on Facebook to pay publishers for content

Pelosi rejects McConnell's DACA offer

Protesting Arab Knesset members wave signs before being removed by security during Pence's speech in Israel's Parliament

Trump has humiliated Commerce chief in meetings by ripping his work, intelligence: report

Why did Jared Kushner--who does not have a full security clearance--meet with the Chinese ambassador alone?

"High stakes for State of the Union"

BREAKING: Sheriff's office says a shooter is in custody after a high school shooting south of Dallas; no injuries reported.

GOP senator: I won't vote for an immigration deal just because Trump supports it

Nafta talks resume as the U.S. turns up the pressure on Canada and Mexico to radically alter the pact

Republicans rally for public release of memo on FISA abuses

ICE released private information of callers to immigrant-crime hotline

This ordinary fraud is controlling negotiations from the WH simply because he excels at kissing ass

Vice President Mike Pence said Monday that he was proud to be in Jerusalem, “Israel’s capital.”

Trump keeps low public profile during shutdown, but is ‘itching’ to be involved

The Thorny Logistics Of A Government Shutdown

Ending TPS would be disastrous for the restaurant and bar industry

2 IEDs explode at Florida mall, police say

Heres a report card for Trumps first year in office

Is K.T. McFarland Headed for Singapore? Or Mueller’s Clutches?

Amid Shutdown, Trump Singlehandedly Saved Taxpayers $3.6 Million — By Being Forced To Skip Mar-A-Lago

'Criminal Cabal?' FBI Fears Political Attacks May Imperil Work Of Field Agents

Sen. Schumer on Senate floor: "The president must take yes for an answer. Until he does, it's the Trump shutdown."

The two Russian lobbyists who met with then-candidate Donald Trump's top campaign officials at Trump Tower in June 2016 also attended the inaugural festivities when he was sworn in as president

Undocumented Irish Unexpectedly Caught In Trump's Immigration Dragnet

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been pushing FBI director Christopher Wray to oust two key officials who have been targeted by President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans

Fact Checker looks into President Trump’s claim that ‘nearly 3 in 4’ convicted of terrorism are foreign-born

First there was Prince. Now Tom Petty. When will America finally wake up to the opioid crisis?

In post-presidency, former Pres. Barack Obama finds balancing act in countering Donald Trump.

Troops caught in shutdown crossfire

Of all the wealth created in 2017, 82% went to the richest 1%, a new report says

FBI: House Intel chair hasn't shared memo GOP claims will prove bias in Mueller probe

In D.C., the second annual Women's March casts a shadow over the White House

WH blasts bipartisan immigration plan ahead of key shutdown vote

The White House has barely stopped reeling from author Michael Wolff’s account of life in President Trump’s West Wing. Now another life-in-the-White-House book is about to drop, this one by Fox News host Howard Kurtz.

Syria's U.S.-backed Kurdish militia says it has repelled Turkish troops and their allies from two villages they briefly captured during the Turkey-backed offensive against the enclave

Pence arrives in Israel after public scolding in Jordan

Third day of shutdown hits government after Senate fails to reach a deal

WATCH: Snow and Trump set to besiege World Economic Forum

It's time to end #CitizensUnited — Beto O'Rourke

Global women's marches extend into second day

Anxiety for U.S. federal workers facing government shutdown furloughs

U.S. Treasury’s list of Putin "oligarchs" jolts Russia's elite class

White House fires back at Graham over Stephen Miller using Graham's own words: "He's been an outlier for years"

Factbox: Effect on commodities markets due to U.S. government shutdown

Dallas County Republicans file lawsuit to kick 128 Democrats off election ballot FILED UNDER

Shutdown throws Trump’s Davos trip into doubt