Thursday, July 6, 2017

Trump's FBI Director nominee Christopher Wray's law firm represents Russian-controlled oil companies.

ACA - Opinion: A GOP stunt backfires, and accidentally reveals a truth Republicans want

Hey Paul Ryan, where's that Russia sanctions bill the Senate passed 98-2?

The administration needs to ask hard questions about how North Korea was able to develop an ICBM so quickly

"Why does Trump's voting commission want data it shouldn't have?"

“Trump’s Republican Party is not a party I recognize,” Mindy Finn says, deriding the president as “dangerous”

Trump gives win to Putin by granting unearned meeting

Rachel Maddow reports on the recent political shift in Poland that is the context for Donald Trump's visit, and notes that where previously a meeting with a U.S. president is an earned honor, what Vladimir Putin has done to earn his meeting with Trump is not clear.