Saturday, August 1, 2020

The feds have been using a new tactic in Portland: arrest them on offenses as minor as “failing to obey” an order to get off a sidewalk on federal property — and then tell them they can’t protest anymore as a condition for release from jail

Our ⁦@pvercammencnn⁩ is live at one food bank in LA... where the line started forming at midnight. People are waiting in line for 7 hours for food... as the pandemic’s toll on the economy continues to crush the most vulnerable

Let's talk about the 'L' in the GOP #HEALSAct. It stands for 'Liabity protection'. It's the Republican euphemism for "you can't sue your employers for giving you #COVID but they can sue you for demanding safer working conditions"

Nobody--including the Navy--wanted sexual predator and former GOP governor Eric Greitens back in the Navy. Except @VP Mike Pence.

As President Donald Trump continues to demand a return to in-person classes for schools around the country, the school attended by his youngest son has received an order prohibiting on-campus learning until at least October

Grijalva added: “Numerous Republican members routinely strut around the Capitol without a mask to selfishly make a political statement at the expense of their colleagues, staff, and their families.”

Xi Jinping made 3 big errors, best thing for China now would is if he resigns, says Fareed Zakaria to me on #ThePrintOTC

Trump was apparently unbothered by the news that Russia placed bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan

.@stengel says the US withdrawing almost 12,000 troops from Germany is Russian President Putin's "dream since he was a KGB officer in Dresden and watched the Berlin Wall fall."

Jackbooted thugs leave and peace breaks out

Trump wants to make it harder for you to #VoteByMail & I want to do the opposite of what Trump wants. My friends at @votesaveamerica created a one-stop-shop for state policies + quarantine-friendly resources. Check it out:

Freaked out scientists and gleeful captains of fossil-fuel tankers have a front-row seat to the Arctic's final summer


Ok. This is very very funny. And 100% on point.

Let’s not mince words on this one: Americans are dead because the Trump administration wanted to use this pandemic for political gain.

Rep. Schiff reacts to Trump calling bounty reports a ‘Russia hoax’

President Trump releases his annual financial disclosure (more than two months late) that shows his businesses last year had a modest growth in revenues, particularly in golf courses. This is before Covid19 hit.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signals to Republican Senate candidates: Distance from President Trump if necessary

Time for UPS, Amazon, FedEx and other national delivery services to step up and design a supplemental system to the US Postal Service to deliver ballots for the 2020 election. Plus statewide drop boxes everywhere. Can’t let Trump win by destroying the Postal Service, his plan!

Someone should tell this guy that any crimes involving the Postal Service are federal crimes & Joe Biden's Attorney General will start work on Jan. 20.

This is 100 percent false. In fact the opposite is true. She not only says in her depo that she met you, & had sex with but she said she was in your own Massachusetts house.

For him

If this is true--if a plan to save American lives was abandoned because probably the "right" people would suffer & die before the elections-- About 140,000 people died in the Yugoslav wars. Around 200,000 Liberians died under Charles Taylor. We'll pass that before it's over.

Secretary Pompeo released 0 documents to Congress during the impeachment process, which was predicated on eye-witnesss accounts of Trump’s betrayal. Yet he’s released more than 16,000 documents to support the Senate’s efforts to malign the Bidens. That’s pure politicization.

I lived for a time in Zimbabwe during the Mugabe years. This week made me feel like I had returned — Jeff Flake

Russia commends US decision to pull thousands of troops from Germany

Perspective: The next Lost Cause?

“None dare call it treason, but perhaps one day they will," the MSNBC host wrote in his column for The Washington Post

Senators worry Post Office changes may obstruct November ballots

"San Jose police officer Robert Foster has been charged with using his off-duty private security company to commit insurance fraud, tax evasion, wage theft and illegally laundering about $18 million, prosecutors announced Friday.

Nothing on Trump’s Saturday and Sunday schedule, per WH

They stole easily 3 times that.

Why do we have more deaths?

Before President Trump wished Ghislaine Maxwell "well," they had mingled for years in the same gilded circles

As an Indiana school district welcomed students to the 2020-21 academic year, one of their students tested positive for Covid-19 on the first day of class, according to a letter sent to parents

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-01): $10,000 contributed by KochPAC to Scalise for Congress. He also received another $10,000 from KochPAC for his The Eye of the Tiger Political Action Committee. Scalise also received $85,000 from KochPAC for his Scalise Leadership Fund #KochNetwork

Those who watch US-Russian relations might say these 37 examples are the most obvious, but this certainly isn’t a complete list. There’s a reason for the mantra “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

Internet accuses Jared Kushner of ‘genocide’ and ‘murder’ over report huge testing plan was nixed to hurt blue states

Lawmakers opened an inquiry into reports that a U.S. ambassador urged policy changes in Brazil to help President Trump get re-elected

First rule of Presidential Advance: if nobody shows up, "collapse" the event (close the gap between the press in the back and the crowd up front), though "crowd" seem to be too generous a term in this case. More like a small gathering. Then fire your Advance Director.

a reporter actually followed up with trump about something he said would happen "in two weeks" two weeks ago! this is the first time this has ever happened!

So glad to see the presidents daughter is making money while pretending to government.

How on Earth can Congress adjourn for the weeken — Jake Tapper

Every advance in the push for justice for the survivors of the vile predatory depravities of Epstein & Co. is because of the journalism and tenacity of @jkbjournalist. It is because of her that I subscribe to the @MiamiHerald and you should too!

They were not “young women” they were children. @AlanDersh has revealed his personal feelings in that one sentence. They were kids you monster. You should not be proud of getting a child molester off when that resulted in hundreds of more victims.

Trump says he will ban TikTok through executive action as soon as Saturday

Alan Dershowitz named at least 86 times in released Giuffre vs. Maxwell docs. Prince Andrew, Bill Richardson, George Mitchell, Glenn Dubin, Marvin Minsky, Jean Luc Brunel, Stephen Kaufman, Thomas Pritzker, prince & hotel owner also included. #Epstein #EpsteinFiles #MaxwellFiles

Who do you believe: The doctor who graduated top of his class and worked for 6 different presidents, or the wrestling coach who covered up child molestation?

It’s completely crazy, that China thinks they can claim jurisdiction over anyone who is not even a Hong Kong resident, who is anywhere in the world, doing anything that they deemed threatening. But that’s where we are now.

HK police is targeting a US citizen for lobbying my own gov't. I might be the 1st non-Chinese citizen to be targeted, but I will not be the last. If I am targeted, any American/any citizen of any nation who speaks out for HK can-and will be-too. We are all Hong Kongers now.

Rep. Schiff reacts to Trump calling bounty reports a ‘Russia hoax’

brilliant piece. the crudeness of the Trump White House propaganda and disnfo is staggering. this, which the white house sent out today, cannot be seen as mere spin by any sentient human.

TUCKER: Obama is sleazy. ALSO TUCKER: With me now is Professor Alan Dershowitz.

They left yesterday

We got a TikTok ban before we got a national mask mandate

Dear Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham & Marco Rubio, Trust me, Trump distrusts and despises each of you. Kissing his ass works until it doesn't.

Conspiracy theories "are not harmless," says Lenny Pozner, whose son, Noah, was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting. "So, spreading hate, vilifying people, there’s someone that will read it and possibly take action … I’ve seen that happen in my life."

Fallacy of Trump mail voting criticism exposed by Colorado success

Trump, GOP neglect of housing help escalates eviction risk

Trump's red state presidency leaves U.S. without unifying leadership