Sunday, August 30, 2020

DAMN! This @ProjectLincoln ad is something special

It's a message. Not a love letter. The Russian navy has conducted major war games near Alaska involving dozens of ships & aircraft, the biggest such drills in the area since the Soviet times that included the Omsk nuclear submarine surfacing near Alaska.

Will Trump Be Meeting With His Counterpart — Or His Handler? A plausible theory of mind-boggling collusion. By Jonathan Cha

France: senior military officer suspected of spying for Russia

'It's you who have created the hate': Portland mayor blasts Trump

Michael Schmidt's book: White House counsel McGahn had to write a memo to Trump telling him to stop pressing the Justice Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton. I would like to see this memo

“Mine is legitimate back channel.” Disgraced Republican financier Elliott Broidy is accused of secretly lobbying for China in a filing related to an expected guilty plea Monday by one of his partners in a complicated and, allegedly, super corrupt scheme.

NYPD has stopped sharing a wide variety of paper records and has been redacting the names of potential witnesses without explanation. It has allowed officers to refuse to be interviewed by investigators. It often doesn’t produce body-worn camera footage.

"Are you complicit or will you act to correct your mistake? America is at stake."

We Don’t Know How to Warn You Any Harder. America is Dying.

During its search for a new postmaster general, the USPS Board of Governors was presented with 53 candidates. Not on the list: Louis DeJoy. DeJoy's name was added by a board member acting on behalf of the board's chairman, a former RNC chairman.

Gut punching—Univ of Alabama⁩ has 1,200 students who have tested positive for #Covid19. Over 1000 of which were in last 2 weeks since campus reopened for fall semester. Leadership? President of @UofAlabama recommended masks in letter on Wed. #COVID19

I'll never get used to telling an elected official in real time that the President of the United States is spending his day watching cable news and live-tweeting hot takes in response to what he's just seen on his TV

Leaked McGahn memo reveals alarms about Kushner's security clearance

Wisconsin governor to President Trump in letter: “I am concerned your presence will only hinder our healing. I am concerned your presence will only delay our work to overcome division and move forward together.

President Trump posted 89 (!) tweets or retweets between midnight and 8:04 am DC time this morning

Trump offered FBI director job to John Kelly, asked for loyalty

EXCLUSIVE: From my new book .. DOJ in '17 secretly curtailed FBI counterintel investigation of Trump financial/personal ties to Russia. DOJ concealed this from FBI at time, leaving FBI w/ impression Mueller would do it. But Mueller ultimately didn't

The date was June 7, 2017 - a day before Comey told the world about his firing. Kamala Harris tried to secure absolute independence for Mueller from Rod Rosenstein. She was protecting America - from traitors.

Trump & Co are like the villains in movies who helpfully explain their plots to the audience. Thus @KellyannePolls: “The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who’s best on public safety.”

Stop with the moral equivalency. The choice is clear. Biden condemns violence. Trump incites it.

Mueller apparently didn’t tell McCabe about Rosenstein’s order, either...”I expected that issue and issues related to it would be fully examined by the special counsel team. If a decision was made not to investigate those issues, I am surprised and disappointed. I was not aware”

Mike Pompeo is the worst secretary of state in history

How many good Americans had Rosenstein's back while he was quietly puttin' a knife in theirs?

That’s a very very good question — Gen Michael Hayden

Twitter has taken down a tweet containing a false claim about coronavirus death statistics that was made by a supporter of the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory — a post that President Trump retweeted earlier in the day

"this is a company that facilitated an attack on a US election by a foreign power, that live-streamed a massacre then broadcast it to millions around the world, and helped incite a genocide"

“But when will republicans condemn the violence by their supporters?” asks no one

Will the FBI Director, CIA Director, NSA Director, and DIA Director all uphold the DNI's ban on live briefings on election interference to the Congress? Are they loyal to Trump or to the Constitution? Congress should compel them to speak and find out.

When a coronavirus vaccine comes on the market, people will likely need two doses, not just one — and that could cause real problems

Inbox: On Monday, August 31, Joe Biden will travel to southwestern Pennsylvania to lay out a core question voters face in this election: are you safe in Donald Trump's America?

I join @JoeBiden in condemning this violence. This can not—and must not—be who we are. Americans deserve a president who will heal our country and bring people together—not fan the flames of hate and division.

“LAW & ORDER!!!” said the president from his golf cart.

The deadly violence we saw overnight in Portland is unacceptable. Shooting in the streets of a great American city is unacceptable. I condemn violence of every kind by anyone, whether on the left or the right. And I challenge Donald Trump to do the same.

The same folks who brought you #pizzagate are inciting violence in Portland. Shocking, isn’t it?

From the man that literally visited Russia on the 4th of July.

“Specifically, the special counsel’s report addressed conspiracy and obstruction of justice but did not discuss related counterintelligence issues. Schmidt reveals that we can blame that on Rod Rosenstein, then deputy attorney general.”

Florida shows 947.9% increase in COVID-19 cases since DeSantis reopened state

ABC will air “Black Panther” commercial-free as a tribute to its star, Chadwick Boseman, followed by a special about the actor, who died Friday at age 43 after a battle with colon cancer.

“Because this is a company that facilitated an attack on a US election by a foreign power, that live-streamed a massacre then broadcast it to millions around the world, and helped incite a genocide. I’ll say that again. It helped incite a genocide.”

I Was a U.S. Diplomat. Customs and Border Protection Only Cared That I Was Black

Information warfare. Please use #TrumpRiots when describing the riots. Hashtag every post. It’s Trump’s fault, let’s stick it to him

Three Afghans accused of links to insider attacks killing US troops among Taliban prisoners up for release, but no protests from Washington, unlike France and Australia. Meanwhile UK refusing to say if any on the list killed Brits.

When a political leader convinces his followers that they are victims and the real enemy is their neighbors, expect the worst

Is this the equivalent of the Trump administration pleading the 5th on election crimes?

Update: Rubio has issued a statement

For those wondering, I have not seen any response from @senatemajldr @GOPLeader @marcorubio or @RepDevinNunes to the news the ODNI is ending in-person briefings for Congress on election interference ... If I do, will share. — Jake Tapper

As usual, President Trump is lying and projecting. Trump fired the last DNI for briefing Congress on Russian efforts to help his campaign. Now he’s ending briefings altogether. Trump doesn’t want the American people to know about Russia’s efforts to aid his re-election.

A former paramedic in St. Paul, Minnesota, has filed a whistleblower lawsuit claiming that police pressured him to administer ketamine, a sedative, during an arrest. He claims that the incident is part of a larger trend among the region’s law enforcement.

New leaked audio of Trump's sister: Ivanka is a mini-Donald


College Democrats of Massachusetts sent Morse a letter of apology for the politically-motivated smear attempt:

“That damn Ivanka puts this picture of the ‘Madonna and child’ on Instagram when the big news of the day was how kids are being ripped from their families,” Barry is heard saying

POTUS stokes the energy of conflict and potential violence instead of pulling it back, and yet you will mostly hear over and over “has biden condemned the rioters and looters enough times?”

“But when will republicans condemn the violence by their supporters?” asks no one

Is this noncompliance? We were told, noncompliance is a death sentence. I need an explanation.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance's office told a federal court that President Trump's effort to block a subpoena for years of his financial records is based only on "repackaging" arguments previously rejected by the courts

The American people have both the right and the need to know that another nation, Russia, is trying to help decide who their president should be. Read my statement with @RepAdamSchiff

That’s amazing. But it’s par for the course. I am afraid for my country. — Gen Michael Hayden

“Cohen’s estate now joins the estate of Tom Petty, Rihanna, Elton John, Adele, Guns N Roses, Pharrell, Queen, the estate of Prince, Aerosmith, Earth Wind and Fire, The Rolling Stones, & Neil Young in making public their unhappiness with Trump's campaign.”

The Trump administration blocked my bipartisan election security bill. Now they are denying me the information I need to do my job. Why? This plays right into Russia’s hands. As Speaker Pelosi once said, with President Trump, “all roads lead to Putin.”

China has arrested one of the early organisers of a global parliamentary alliance co-chaired in Australia by Liberal Andrew Hastie and Labor MP Kimberley Kitching. More here

For much of its history, Hong Kong has been a place where people have sought refugee from wars, famine and political oppression. Now it’s a place that some people are fleeing from

US military releases video of what it says was an "unsafe and unprofessional" intercept by Russian Su-27 jets of a B-52 bomber while it was flying over the Black Sea yesterday. The US said the Russian jets crossed within 100ft of the B-52 while in afterburner causing turbulence

When a political leader convinces his followers that they are victims and the real enemy is their neighbors, expect the worst

It’s 90 degrees there but he’s wearing a windbreaker, probably not the biggest issue but he is weird about everything

NEW: #MAGA terrorists shoot paintball guns at loud, but peaceful #BlackLivesMatter protestors after a #BLM demonstrator burns a #Trump flag in downtown #Portland. #PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots #Clackamas *Shooting paintballs at random people is domestic #terrorism* Movie cameraMikeBaker

A 25-year-old man living in Reno, Nevada, appears to be the first person in the United States with a confirmed case of COVID-19 reinfection.

I've been quiet, waiting for this to play out, but if Schiff says ODNI is politicized, ITS POLITICIZED, and Congress needs to take charge

This November is the decision between a decent America or a slide into violent white nationalism. There is no gray area — you support what this man believes, or you don't. Republicans, make your choice.

The Congress created the DNI. It can disband it.

Despite the fact that this letter from the ODNI to ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ is stamped as having been delivered Friday, a source in the Speaker’s office says she was sent it Saturday evening after 5 pm, via email, hours after the story broke and hours after CNN obtained a copy.