Sunday, September 8, 2019

Not a fundraiser for a political campaign, actually. A private organization’s dinner — Jack Posobiec

For top Pentagon job overseeing SOF—amid discipline crisis in SEAL community—DOD & WH are looking to nominate Lou Bremer, a Trump-connected pre-9/11 SEAL from Cerberus Capital Management whose boss played a role in pitching Afghan war privatization in 2017

Unqualified And Ideological: A Guide To Trump's Worst Judges- and this is and will be a disaster for decades...

Negotiations to end America’s longest war are not a reality show, and an ill-prepared summit — as with North Korea — was not the answer. Let the diplomats do their work. Any peace deal must meaningfully ensure Afghanistan is never again a platform for terrorists who threaten us.

The tick-tock on the Camp David visit will be interesting. Who knew what? Who did what? When? The planning seems to have been far along--including presumably use of military aircraft, alerting intel and counter-terrorism officials, etc. But was Gen. Dunford in the loop? Bolton?

Is Trump strong-arming Volodymyr Zelensky for political gain? - The Washington Post

"GOPers & their big donors now see the court as part of their team. They can achieve political gains there that they cannot win in Congress. The supposedly apolitical nature of the court partly protects these political gains from critique."

“POTUS’ motorcade arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, at 10:08 AM after an uneventful ride. This is his second day in a row at the club.” Top secret Taliban meeting at Bedminster or golf? Taxpayers have funded $109 million of golf

Mattis was just on @FaceTheNation and was not asked about this.

Uhh the President of the United States invited the Taliban to Camp David.... ... And pretends to cancel because they admitted to a recent attack that killed Americans, but ignores that the Taliban has been using Russian equipment to target US Special Forces soldiers all year...

Yes, Democrats Should Impeach Trump — and Make Mitch McConnell Defend His Acquittal

Mike Pence went out of his way to line the president’s pockets with taxpayer money by staying at Trump’s hotel. That has a name: Corruption—plain and simple.

"For a generation, Democrats have been afraid to run aggressively on guns. But that was then. Finally, it’s the Republicans who should be afraid"

GOP lawmakers celebrate the 4th of July in Russia, the Taliban gets invited to Camp David just in time for 9/11. Everything is perfectly normal.

A Democrat isn’t even supposed to be competitive in this red district — but with three days to go, we’re TIED. Let’s get this done!

Trump canceled a meeting with Denmark because he was upset at how they rebuffed his idea to sell Greenland to the USA, but actually invited the leaders of the Taliban to meet with him at Camp David just days before 9/11? Just think about how insane that is.

NEW, exclusive: NOAA staff warned in Sept. 1 directive against contradicting Trump

“Sen. Graham chose to go to Europe during a state of emergency while hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians were threatened by the impact of Hurricane Dorian," Jaime Harrison, who is challenging Graham in the 2020.

Report: Sen. Mike Lee discussed loosening sanctions against Russia during Moscow visit - The Salt Lake Tribune

Thousands of protesters, some carrying American flags, marched through central Hong Kong calling on U.S. lawmakers to pass a bill defending the city's autonomy

The U.K. may be heading toward a snap election. Here's how that would work

Trump invited Taliban leaders to meet face to face with him at Camp David just days before the 9/11 anniversary. And he thought it was a good idea to tell the world he did so even after the plans fell apart because the Taliban did what the Taliban have been doing for decades?

Demonstrators in Hong Kong march to the U.S. Embassy, urging President Trump to "liberate" their city as they press for more democratic freedom in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

Corey Lewandowski will answer questions in an open hearing with the cameras rolling—making him the first Trump associate to do so before Jerry Nadler’s committee

You brought the Taliban to the United States the week of September 11?

#Russia's state media: Draft peace agreement between the Taliban and the Trump admin said that U.S. forces will leave five bases in Afghanistan within 135 days of signing the document, the U.S. & the Taliban insist that Russia be present at the possible signing of the agreements.