Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Democrat Margaret Good has won a special election for state representative in Florida’s HD-72 tonight, marking the Democratic Party's 36th legislative flip since Trump’s inauguration

Trump proposes slashing National Weather Service budget despite record-setting weather disasters

NEW: @USChamber breaks with Trump and McConnell, pushing Congress to protect Dreamers with “no reduction in legal immigration.”

Last year, @TimKaine and I wrote to @POTUS to request the legal justification for the strike in Syria in April 2017. He never responded. Now we’ve learned there’s a memo explaining legal basis. The Congress and American people deserve to see it

Sens. Grassley and Graham ask Obama natsec adviser @AmbassadorRice about an email she sent herself on the day of Trump's inauguration, memorializing an Oval Office meeting with Obama on Russian hacking

CIA Director Pompeo just told the Senate: the NYT story—which is the basis for Trump’s tweet below—was false. Pompeo’s words: the reporting was “atrocious” and “ridiculous.”

A rundown of the politically toxic measures in the bill backed by Mitch McConnell

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook's main purpose may not work for our world

Trump’s budget hits poor Americans the hardest

Reports indicate that potentially dozens of senior #Trump Admin officials, who lack a permanent clearance, may currently be accessing highly classified materials they are not authorized to. Read our letter to #ChristopherWray

Omarosa on Mike Pence: ‘He thinks Jesus tells him to say things’

Angus King: We can't confront Russian election meddling if Trump "continues to deny that it exists"

FACT: Russia attacked our democracy in 2016, and they will be back in 2018. That’s not just my opinion. It’s the unanimous conclusion of our nation’s top intel officials.

#BREAKING: Our coalition of 17 AGs just won a preliminary injunction blocking @POTUS’s discriminatory attempt to end #DACA and deport DREAMers.

FBI chief: Trump hasn't directed me to stop Russia from meddling in 2018 midterms

I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. Huckabee copied me.

As DNI Coats just now warns that #Russia will continue to use “sympathetic spokesmen” to advance its interests in the US, note how far right-wing talking points mirror those of Russian bots.

American Spies Get Fooled by the Kremlin Again

America's intelligence directors were asked today if Russian agents had interfered in the 2016 election, & if they thought the Kremlin would continue to meddle in the 2018 elections. The FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, NGA & the DNI all agree: Putin is attacking us.

WATCH: @SenJackReed asks FBI Director Wray and intel chiefs if @realDonaldTrump has directed them or their agency to take specific actions to confront and blunt Russian influences activities that are ongoing. Their answers are not surprising.

If @POTUS chooses to leave our democracy vulnerable, Congress must fill the vacuum. My bill would create a unified Russian response center to combat these continued attacks.

From DNI Dan Coats on potential threats to US elections/voting systems: "We need to inform the American public that this is real...we are not going to allow some Russian to tell us how we're going to vote. There needs to be a national cry for that." DNI Coats

Trump tells a lot of little lies. This is the big o

NEW: If there is a Sat Night Massacre, both DOJ officials now in line after Brand have potential TRUMP-RELATED CONFLICTS that’s must be considered

“Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement”


FBI Director Wray tells intel hearing FBI continues to have “grave concerns” about Nunes memo.

FBI Director Wray’s timeline on Rob Porter’s background check that directly contradicts the White House’s claims.

Trump’s Lawyer Michael Cohen Is Shopping a Book About the First Family, Stormy Daniels, and Russia

CIA director strongly denies report Russia bilked U.S. spies

CIA director met with DNC hack conspiracy theorist at Trump's urging


Trump’s choice to be DNI, Dan Coats, with a stark warning in testimony to Senate Intel: “There should be no doubt that Russia views ... the 2018 midterm elections” as another target to attack

Head of the Intelligence community DNI Coats identifies the national debt as the greatest long term threat to US national & economic security.

DAUGHTERGATE: Ivanka Trump Scrubbed From Trump Poker Shell Companies

ICYMI Must Read

.@McFaul: It is very mysterious why all 3 Russian intel chiefs came to US, esp when one is sanctioned. Somebody went to a lot of trouble to organize that meeting. We don't know the agenda. GRU are the guys that stole the DNC data and had a massive affect on our election.

Russia is Trying to Bury This Video—And They Might Shut Down YouTube to Do It

Manufacture a debt crisis with $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to justify slashing Medicare and Medicaid. Everyone saw it coming. Will the press hold them accountable?

Blake Farenthold, who spent $84,000 in taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit by a former female aide, said he would immediately repay the money to the Treasury Department. He never sent the check, HuffPost reports

White House Budget Calls For Deep Cuts To HUD

Putin cancels all forthcoming public events. Various reasons given - from illness to exacerbation of the situation in Syria.

White House: Trump call for due process on abuse claims 'not tone deaf

Credible sources say there is a tape being held of Trump smacking Melania around in an elevator.

Trump budget defunds program that helped thousands of DC students go to college

.@newtgingrich: "In any reasonable system of law, Secretary Clinton would already be in jail. All of her senior aides would be in jail."

In any reasonable system of law, Mr Gingrich would already be in jail

What John Oliver really thinks

Pence PAC shaping Republican governor races, with an eye on 2020

Coalition members must help Iraq rebuild, Tillerson says

Tillerson says the fight against the Islamic State is far from over

Koch network starts tax-related attack ads against Democrats in Indiana, Missouri

America’s infrastructure is broken. But instead of making real investments to fix it, @realdonaldtrump wants to pass the burden on to local governments & let private companies make up the difference. Americans want safer roads & bridges – not higher tolls.

BREAKING: US strikes killed 200 Russians in Syria. Deadliest clash since Cold War.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that Trump had authorized the Russian leader to speak on his behalf

LIVE NOW - Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing on Worldwide Threats

Exxon fights back against lawsuits accusing company of covering up climate change evidence: report

Dow opens more than 100 points lower as choppy trading continues on Wall Street

The largest American office of China's largest bank sits on the 20th floor of Trump Tower, six levels below the Donald Trump's office. The bank, owned primarily by the Chinese government, pays Trump's business an estimated $2 million a year for the space.

I’m glad FSBook learned their lesson. Now they’re pushing a “security” VPN app they own (yet fail to mention) where they collect ALL of your usage data from your device while using the service. This company is driven entirely by greed

ICYMI: Watch me discuss Kremlin election hacking and push back on charges of "Russophobia" on @McLaughlinGroup

Trump Justice Dept proposes eliminating office that helps communities combat racial conflict

The only certainty in Trump's budget: Oceans of red ink

Justice Dept. proposes eliminating office that helps communities combat racial conflict

Rob Porter ex-wife Colbie Holderness responds to Kellyanne Conway in op-ed

Spanish company Pence brought in to build the highway had never built a U.S. road before; days after the contract was signed its officials in Spain were arrested on embezzlement charges - they had profited illegally from a bribery scheme related to a high-speed rail project

Federal complaint filed against Trump Interior Dept for using acting directors to bypass nomination process

Editorial: General Motors Death Watch 230: How Bob Lutz Destroyed GM

Markey: Trump's Infrastructure Plan Is 'One Big Monetary Mirage'

It’s a 'bizarre time' for a big infrastructure plan, economists say

Trump budget would eliminate National Endowment for the Arts

International rights group decry Egypt's upcoming presidential vote as neither free nor fair

Trump proposes slashing CDC funding by $1 billion during historic flu season

Health insurer loses $73 million after Trump halts ACA subsidies

Whats the immigration status of Melania Trumps parents?

The Trump budget would cut NIH by $130 billion over the decade - a 41% cut by the final year.

After the hurricane, Puerto Rico's suicide rates spike

Ad-Industry Insiders Create Campaign to Give Russian Hackers Proper Credit for Their Achievements

Corker might change his mind on retirement, run for reelection: reports

Rattled by U.S. fiscal, monetary tug-of-war, investors start looking abroad

White House tries to deflect questions about Porter's security clearance

A Whirlwind Envelops the White House, and the Revolving Door Spins

WATCH: Trump budget seeks cuts to domestic programs, Medicare, favors military and wall

Forced arbitration imposes a workplace culture of silence that protects abusers and constrains victims of sexual harassment. Every AG in the US just sent a letter to Congress urging legislation to free victims from arbitration and secrecy in their fight for justice

The AG legit just said in a written statement that "the office of Sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement." Not American Anglo-American, ie White heritage

YOU MUST READ this spot-on analysis by @AriMelber of how Trump might well suffocate the Mueller probe without making any explosive move at all. That’s the greatest danger we face

Trump takes ‘shackles’ off ICE, which is slapping them on immigrants who thought they were safe

A father facing deportation is taking refuge this morning inside a Phoenix church. Jesus Berrones has been ordered to surrender to immigration officers *today.* His five-year-old son is battling leukemia, and his wife is five months pregnant.

The Sex Worker and Putin’s Shady Billionaire Buddy Who Could Hold Keys to the Russia Investigation

June 2015: Facebook adds Kaspersky's FSB software to its site. Tells people it's "anti-malware". It's the opposite


'People familiar with the security clearance process in Trump’s W.H. said it was widely acknowledged among senior aides that raising questions about unresolved vetting issues in a staff member’s background would implicitly reflect on Kushner’s status.'

Trump to introduce tax on imports

JUST IN: Cruz is only senator to vote against starting immigration debate

In newly revealed Jan. 5 meeting, we are told, national security team discussed with Obama how much to disclose to incoming Trump team about Russia probe bc of concerns some of them may be compromised. Grassley/Graham now questioning Rice on it.

Trump's infrastructure plan is pathetic. What happened to his big promise on real investment in America's roads and bridges? His plan would be undercut by his own budget—and it forces Americans to pay new #TrumpTolls & taxes.

Trump budget plan would severely restrict choices for food stamp recipients

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that Trump had authorized the Russian leader to speak on his behalf.

A float in a parade in Germany

White Powder. Provokatsiya. Secret Service clears all their mail. This is a bullshit incident.

Hi Tucker. I know another guy who's really supportive of repressive leaders. . .

Political experts agree that Devin Nunes is nervous.

The Silicon Valley Giant Bankrolling Devin Nunes

At least eight times, Americans were the last to know about Donald Trump speaking with Russian officials. Why is that?

Rob Porter is my ex-husband. Here’s what you should know about abuse.

Thomas Brunell, Trump’s pick for the (normally NON-partisan) DepDir of the Census Bureau, WITHDRAWS nomination no prior government experience, registered Republican who *champions* GERRYMANDERING.

NEW: For the last six months, a team led by a former top FBI and White House cybersecurity official has been traveling the globe on a secret mission to verify parts of the Trump dossier

Trump pitches plan to replace food stamps with food boxes

Americans kept in dark about Russian intel chiefs' visit to US

Michael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador to Russia, talks with Rachel Maddow about the unusual visit of all three Russian intelligence chiefs to the United States and the fact that U.S. officials have said less about the visit than Russians.

Americans again made to learn from Russia about Trump Putin call

Rachel Maddow reviews what now makes at least eight times that Americans have learned about Donald Trump interacting with Russian officials from Russian media instead of the White House.

Trump White House failing to secure proper security clearances

Chris Lu, who ran the 2008 Obama presidential transition, talks with Rachel Maddow about how a normal presidential transition handles necessary security clearances ahead of taking office.

Trump camp ties to Russia a transition quandary for Obama team

Rachel Maddow shows how a newly released e-mail from Susan Rice illuminates the challenge for Obama officials trying to decide how to communicate with Trump officials they knew were under investigation