Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Wide-ranging interviews with public health and national security officials reveal the story of a viral infection that exposed gaps in leadership and left millions of Americans vulnerable. An @ABC News investigation:

Trump says nuclear proliferation is scarier than climate change. He's failing at both.

Tyranny check! Deploying federal agents in 2020 vs. 2014

NEWS: former President Barack Obama will deliver the eulogy for Congressman #JohnLewis, per source to @kwelkernbc. The funeral will be held tomorrow in Atlanta.

We passed critical #covid relief over nine weeks ago. The GOP has been blocking it this whole time. Let’s be clear: the current crisis is one that they chose to inflict on us. But that could change today: please urge the Senate GOP to stop the politics and pass lifesaving relief.

Almost 30 million Americans didn’t have enough to eat last week

First Look at ‘The Comey Rule’: The TV Drama That Will Enrage Trump SPOILER: It will. I can attest to it.

Former House Intel Chair: Trump reaction to Russia aiding Taliban to kill U.S. servicemembers is ‘indefensible’ @RepMikeRogers discusses

I dedicated my latest op-ed with @Essence on one of the biggest threats facing our nation right now: the looming evictions crisis. Congress must act quickly to protect renters and pass my RELIEF Act to help stop evictions, foreclosures & utility shutoffs.

I would love to see the internal polling that led him to declare a racist war on the poor.

Bill Barr is not a "useful idiot" for Putin--only because he's not an idiot. Look at all the ways he is helping Russia, as Moscow once again intervenes in a US presidential election. Please read, RT, and share.

So, Senator McConnell: Why'd you keep telling Americans they needed to pause for 98 DAYS while they were suffering? And why are you holding up help for people now to make sure you can give corporations immunity if they expose their workers or customers to COVID?

Multiple former public health officials describe to @ABC News painstaking lengths to which previous administrations planned for pandemics. Many of those officials condemned the Trump administration for failing to execute on the strategies gathered.

MARK MEADOWS, as he left pelosis office just now: “we’re nowhere close to a deal. ... it means enhanced unemployment insurance provision will expire” on Friday.

Kevin McCarthy accidentally calls Louie Gohmert "Congressman COVID"

"They loved our country so much they couldn't breathe"

Senator Mitch McConnell: Americans on the brink of eviction are not crying out for a sweeping corporate liability shield. We need to focus on the needs of the American people. The Republican COVID proposal is not even a useful starting point.

BREAKING: A federal judge in New York BLOCKS the Trump administration from enforcing the "public charge" rule for the length of the pandemic-related national emergency.

Having just watched the SecDef, Vice CJCS and @US_EUCOM Commander, I am sickened by this decision and explanation. It is not tied to any strategic advantage, and in fact is counterproductive to showing strength in Europe. A couple things: 2/ — Mark Hertling

I wrote a new thing: Dr. Trump’s Desperate Attempts to Revive Himself Flatline

.@JeffBezos @amazon has a significant problem w/ counterfeit products that are misleading and dangerous. Why don’t the customers & companies who depend on your platform deserve a guarantee that everything bought & sold on your platform is authentic?

This is racism.

Whoa—FAUCI: “Eye protection may be recommended at some point” #covid19 We’ve known coronavirus infection via the eye 👁 is possible. But this is getting serious.

Judge: Purdue Pharma must halt some political contributions

We have to hit Russia back hard. They do not respect weakness

Republican Governors Resist Mask Rules Despite Coronavirus Surges

Treasury quietly lifted almost all sanctions on Oleg Deripaska’s Gaz Group last week. Is there a deal in place a la Rusal? Hard to know without any public details.

Thanks @JohnJHarwood for speaking truth to reality.

Louie Gohmert tests positive for COVID-19 after refusing to wear a mask at Barr hearing

Exclusive: Brett Kavanaugh urged his Supreme Court colleagues to avoid ruling on abortion and President Trump's financial records

To our VIPs — our Volunteers In Politics — keep working, keep fighting for the next 97 days #ForThePeople. So much is at stake. -NP

Rep. LOUIE GOHMERT has covid. Tested positive this morning. Has NOT been wearing a mask on the Hill, and defended the practice to

Rep. Louie Gohmert, who refused to wear a mask, tests positive for coronavirus via @JakeSherman Gohmert attended Tuesday's hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr in person, where lawmakers were seated at some distance from one another.

US to withdraw nearly 12,000 troops from Germany in move that will cost billions and take years

.@HouseJudiciary @JudiciaryGOP hearing on Antitrust Law. Testimony from CEOs: Mark Zuckerberg (@Facebook) Tim Cook (@Apple) Jeff Bezos (@amazon) Sundar Pichai (@Google) LIVE at noon ET on C-SPAN3, @cspanradio & online here

Every lawmaker who claims to revere the US military must be asked their reaction to the Commander in Chief repeatedly refusing to warn Russia from targeting US forces in Afghanistan.

The US will withdraw nearly 12,000 troops from Germany in a move that has attracted bipartisan congressional opposition and roiled key allies who see the move as a blow to NATO

More than 6,200 inmates had tested positive at correctional facilities across Florida as of Monday afternoon.

Champagne will be flowing at the Kremlin.

Peter Navarro says he's "sitting on millions of doses" of hydroxychloroquine. THIS is why the administration can't let it go. They bought so much of this shit, they don't know what to do with it. It must be humiliating to be this dumb.

US to withdraw troops from Germany, sending 6,400 home and 5,400 to other countries, under shakeup sought by Trump.

President Donald Trump said he hasn't discussed US intelligence that alleged Russia offered bounties to Taliban fighters to kill US troops in Afghanistan with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a recent telephone call.

.@MaddowBlog: President Trump is touting a doctor who has made claims about alien DNA and the effects of having sex with demons while dreaming. He thinks her voice is "important."

Says the Russian asset who does whatever Putin wants.

Senior Trump advisors have told me the source for Trump’s understanding of several issues - from the history of WW2 to his hostility toward European leaders - is Vladimir Putin. See pg 62 of “The Madman Theory: Trump Takes on the World” - out Aug 11:

Jobless benefits for hundreds of thousands of Floridians will expire this weekend.@RonDeSantisFL doesn't care and neither does Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) -- US government officials tell AP that Russia is using 3 English-language websites to spread coronavirus disinformation.

4 of the most difficult minutes I've ever listened to. my head is going to can anyone in the administration defend this? minute after minute of babbling nonsense

This is deeply disturbing. Beyond admitting he never raised Russian bounties intel to Putin in at least 8 conversations, asked about Russia arming the Taliban, Trump says “Well, we supplied weapons when they were fighting Russia, too”. A Russian talking pt

Trump trade and manufacturing adviser Peter Navarro says he stands by hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus treatment. “I'm sitting on millions of doses of it,” he says on CNN.

ICYMI: Trump Camp Accused by @CampaignLegal of Hiding Nearly $170 Million in Payments

Joe Biden says MLB and NFL seasons are "probably not going to be able to happen"

Michelle and I have spent a lot of time together these past few months. We’ve had a lot of good talks—and this one’s up there with the best. Take a listen to the very first episode of Michelle’s podcast:

The Republican congressmen participating in today's hearing are eager to talk about another issue: the tech industry’s supposed bias against conservatives

Hillary Clinton went dark in Michigan in late October 2016, diverting funds to states like Arizona in hope of widening her win. Trump is going dark in July 2020, diverting funds to Georgia, Iowa, and Ohio in hope of averting total GOP catastrophe.

William Barr Only Claims to Respect the Rule of Law

Imagine a president saying nothing to a foreign leader who encourages the assassination of American GIs. Well, you don’t have to

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said yesterday she did not believe Mitch McConnell was ready to reach an agreement on coronavirus relief: “What the leader said today sounded like a person who had no interest in having an agreement.” Pelosi is set to meet with McConnell today-stay tuned.

Somehow I don’t think @realDonaldTrump read this @Judgenap op-ed he is retweeting. It calls @DHSgov officers “thugs” and says their presence in Portland is “unlawful, unconstitutional and harmful.”

150,000 dead Americans from COVID? Trump is discussing other things. Putin's bounty on American soldiers? Trump is discussing other things. Peaceful protestors being beaten and gassed? Trump is discussing other things. Trump is busy discussing other things, a lot.

Rep. Jayapal was on fire today. We think we can all agree that #SheGotItRight

NEW: President Trump tells @jonathanvswan on #AxiosOnHBO that he didn't raise the issue of alleged bounties on U.S. troops during his call with Vladimir Putin last week: "That was a phone call to discuss other things."

The US had >1,300 #coronavirus deaths—the largest 1-day increase since May. Arkansas, California, Florida, Montana, Oregon and Texas each had record #COVID19 deaths As I warned, August will be hell—and so will this fall if we don’t act

Me me me me me me me me me me me

His words, body language, and excuses are damming. — Mark Hertling

Putin is in complete control of the President of the United States.

Good morning to @SenSusanCollins and @SenSusanCollins only.

Belarus state agency says 32 "foreign mercenaries" have been arrested near Minsk. 11 days until the election...

How much longer will Turkey remain in NATO,

Portland protest day 62

President Donald Trump's return as the face of the Covid-19 response has deteriorated into a misinformation masterclass that explains why America is in such a mess

AG Barr has been repeating false conspiracy theories peddled by the President to cast doubt on voting-by-mail. The President has voted by mail and so has AG Barr. When I asked him if he had any evidence to back up these claims, Barr said, under oath, “no.”

Digging into Last Supper: A life-size statue depicting Benjamin Netanyahu feasting alone at a long table is on display in Tel Aviv, the latest in a summer of demonstrations calling on the Israeli prime minister to resign.

Not one question to Bill Barr about HOW his DAUGHTER got her job at Treasury (directly under Mnuchin) or WHAT her DUTIES are. What a shame.

Hong Kong's economy contracted 9% in the second quarter, deepening a recession that could turn into the longest on record

This is important. @Jim_Jordan played a full-on propaganda video on the House floor using misleadingly edited video clips

Jayapal asks about Michigan protesters calling for the governor to be "shot and beheaded." Barr says he's not aware. Jayapal: "You're aware of certain kinds of protesters, but in Michigan, when protesters carry guns and Confederate flags ... somehow, you're not aware of that."

Bill Barr is aggressive towards Black Lives Matter protests but not armed right-wing extremists threatening to lynch a Governor. Why? Because white men with swastikas storming a Capitol are part of Trump's agenda while people of color protesting injustice are seen as terrorists.

No, Mr. Attorney General. It doesn’t matter "what kind of assistance." It doesn’t matter whether it helps your boss. Or if it’s dirt, a donation, or a social media campaign. Accepting foreign election help is always wrong – and illegal. Americans decide American elections.

Colby College poll: Maine Senate Sara Gideon (D) 44% Susan Collins (R) 39%

Republicans: We're going to shield corporations from liability if their employees get sick. Also Republicans: We refuse to implement an OSHA safety standard that would help keep essential workers safe on the job during the #COVID19 crisis.

Six U.S. states see record COVID-19 deaths, Latinos hit hard in California

Without any evidence, Attorney General Barr once again claims that voting by mail will lead to massive voter fraud. Yet both the President AND the Attorney General have voted by mail in the past. Let that sink in.

Bloomberg Vowed To Spend Whatever It Takes To Beat Trump. Dems Are Still Waiting

Opinion: Bill Barr’s election meddling is a total riot

So this violent, aggressive arrest of this woman was for suspicion of vandalism?

Just in: FT Exclusive: A Chinese scholar who was fired from Beijing’s elite Tsinghua University after criticising Xi Jinping plans to sue the police in a rare act of public defiance

Rep. Jerry Nadler to Attorney General Bill Barr: "Again and again, you personally have interfered with ongoing criminal investigations to protect the president and his allies from the consequences of their actions."

Trump lamenting Fauci's popularity, saying it's "sort of curious a man works for us with us very closely, Dr. Fauci, and Dr. Birx also highly thought of, and yet they're highly thought of but nobody likes me."

The President of the United States has now spent more time defending a crazy doctor who claims medicine is made from alien DNA than he’s spent defending our troops from being targeted by Vladimir Putin.

NEW: Hackers suspected of working for China penetrated the Vatican’s systems and those of representatives in Hong Kong, a US research group says. The attack came months before the Vatican & Beijing open talks over bishops

The academic purge begins in Hong Kong: Pro-democracy activist Prof. Benny Tai is fired for misconduct by the University of Hong Kong (HKU), where he is currently serving as an associate law professor.

Rep. Eric Swalwell: "Are you investigating Donald Trump for commuting the prison sentence of his longtime friend and political advisor Roger Stone?" William Barr: "No." Swalwell: "Why not?" Barr: "Why should I?"

If your notion of addressing food security is a tax deduction for expensive business dinners but not making sure that no child in America goes to bed hungry, you may be a Republican Senator. — Nancy Pelosi

21 former security leaders: We oppose militarized DHS deployment in Portland

White House announces steps to roll back DACA program; move comes after the US Supreme Court ruled that the president's effort to end the DACA program was unconstitutional.

Day 32. Still no word from Trump about Putin reportedly offering bounties for the killing of our troops. — Tammy Duckworth

President Donald Trump's return as the face of the Covid-19 response has deteriorated into a misinformation masterclass that explains why America is in such a mess

“Incredibly, neither The Washington Post’s nor The New York Times’ editorial page has called for Barr's resignation. Given his reckless track record, it's almost impossible to imagine what he'd have to do in order for major newspapers to demand he step down.”

Teen models, powerful men and private dinners: when Trump hosted Look of the Year

Pelosi on Barr testimony: “He should be answering for what he did at Lafayette Square, a disgrace. ... He was like a blob. He was like a – just a henchman for the President of the United States instead of the Attorney General of the United States of America,” she said on MSNBC

Three years ago today, Sen. McConnell voted (again) to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Thankfully, he failed, and thousands of Kentuckians got to keep the health care they depend on. Can you imagine trying to face this global pandemic without the ACA? That’s what Mitch wanted. — Amy McGrath

I’m a science fiction fan, so when I saw Alien DNA trending I was intrigued. Did not expect it was related to a kooky doc that @realDonaldTrump is using to promote #hydroxycholoroquine (recent study in NEJM shows it doesn’t work). Why does @POTUS trust kooks over his own @US_FDA?

Unemployment benefits slashed, no money for food assistance, but nearly 2 billion dollars to protect the president's hotel made it into the bill. There is no shame.

NYC is taking after Portland - a trans femme protestor was pulled into an unmarked van at the Abolition Park protest - this was at 2nd Ave and 25th Street

In Benham, KY’s Coal Miners Memorial Park this AM. One retired miner told me, “nobody’s going to bat for us.” I’ll go to bat for you in the Senate. Every. Single. Day. — Amy McGrath

So let's be clear. Barr blamed the OBAMA era CDC lol. What happened then? Trump and his people had 3 freaking years to fix it! How the hell do you blame the previous guy for that?! Obama turned the economy around in 2 years after he took office from Bush. BUT never once blamed...

Republicans had 10 weeks and came up with a wholly inadequate proposal that: -Cuts the $600 unemployment benefit to $200 -Does not reinstate the eviction moratorium -Provides no money for state and local governments -Gives $8B for weapons systems but not enough for testing

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has withdrawn his emergency request for a court to stop enforcement of Atlanta's requirement that faces masks be worn in all public places

The pass that Lindsey Graham gets from DC media is emblematic of a lot of its broader failures.

The woman whose “important voice” he was amplifying the other day was demanding that Dr. Fauci, Chris Cuomo and the rest of us at CNN turn over our urine to her so she could test it for hydroxychloroquine which she insists we are all secretly taking. Totally normal.

It's really quite simple: we cannot reopen our schools until we prioritize the health and safety of our educators and students. We understand this deeply, which is why today I spoke with Pittsburgh teachers about their real concerns and needs as educators.— Dr. Jill Biden

Wow, just wow

.@Jim_Jordan and @JudiciaryGOP so misrepresented the context of how journalists @DianneG and @joshscampbell described violent protests it constituted a lie. They owe them — and others whom they lied about — apologies and corrections.

Listen to the scientists: Wear a mask.— Joe Biden

Latest Lincoln Project ad: 'It's Trump's virus now'

Dr. Anthony Fauci defended himself, saying he is "not misleading the American public under any circumstances" after President Trump retweeted messages criticizing the nation's top disease expert. "I just will continue to do my job no matter what comes out"

‘It was like a kidnapping’: Viral video shows NYPD officers forcing protester into unmarked van

Minneapolis 'umbrella man' is white supremacist who smashed windows to 'incite violence,' police say

According to Barr, throwing someone in a van, driving them away, and searching them doesn't necessarily qualify as an arrest.

Scathing SBA watchdog report details "pervasive" fraud in coronavirus disaster loan program

Conservative think tank leader says schools in Texas should reopen since most Texans who are dying from COVID-19 are elderly or Hispanic

Wuhan, huh..... weird.


What has the Trump virus taken from you?

Barr defends his intervention in the Roger Stone case: "Do you think it is fair for a 67-year-old man to be sent to prison for 7 to 9 years?"

There is no Antifa - only white supremacists

Wait, so a white supremacist is doing crimes and blaming antifa? I’m so very shocked and surprised.

This video—of a protester in New York City being thrown in an unmarked van—is terrifying and should be unacceptable to everyone who respects the constitutional rights this country was founded on. There must be an immediate explanation for this anonymous use of force.

Barr is enabling crime by his statement. It is never legal to take any foreign help. It does not matter what kind.

Rep. Jerry Nadler to Attorney General Bill Barr: "Again and again, you personally have interfered with ongoing criminal investigations to protect the president and his allies from the consequences of their actions."

Lindsey Graham campaign ad features image of opponent with digitally altered darker skin tone

Rep. Jayapal: 'Bill Barr is the personal henchman for Donald Trump'

Barr, confronted on Roger Stone commutation, offers pallid response