Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sources: Russia probe means President Hatch; RICO Case Against GOP


With brutal Sept. to-do list, GOP already clashing over Harvey relief, debt limit

Al Franken: Trump Is Not 'Equipped To Handle The Job

JUST IN: Mattis: There will be a "massive military response" if North Korea threatens US

Ex-US diplomat John Bolton questions CIA judgement on Russian election hacking

President Smirk

Senators call out EPA head Scott Pruitt for running the agency 'under a veil of secrecy', possibly violating federal record-keeping laws.

Trump Is Trying to Cut Disaster Relief to Build a Border Wall


Chuck Johnson worked with Peter Thiel on the Gawker case and the Trump transition.

Obama’s Letter to President Trump on Inauguration Day

Watt to carefully consider how to distribute $17M in hurricane relief donations

JUST IN: Hundreds of religious leaders urge Trump to keep protections for "Dreamers": report

WV man who allegedly tried to set up Trump-Russia meeting identified

Two Notorious 'Alt-Right' Figures May Play Key Roles in Russia Investigation

'Are you on drugs?': Top Trump lawyer Ty Cobb slams 'rabid' press in lengthy response to questions on Comey letter


Spokeswoman of #Russia's MFA re: Trump's recent closure of RF facilities: "Not all US Presidents were able to complete their term in office"

Lawmakers fear Trump’s combative style will lead to nuclear war with North Korea

Trump administration wants to tie Harvey recovery aid to debt ceiling legislation

Trump won't tell Americans how many troops he's risking in war zone

Russia: U.S. order to vacate diplomatic property 'blunt act of hostility'

Trump has a 6 part strategy to discredit Mueller & dismiss any evidence of collusion while he gets closer

Polls - No, this isn't normal.... Let alone by Fox News

The GOP faces a Sept. 30 deadline to kill Obamacare this year, but many in the party have already moved on

U.S. President Trump discusses North Korea with Japan's Abe

They've cut funding to ACA advertising as part of their attempt to sabatoge our healthcare. It's up to us to make sure the word gets out!

Evidence of Russian election-data tampering mounts as urgency to investigate does not

Trump lashes out at Kelly, & Kelly says in his 35 years in public service, no one has ever spoken to him like that.

Trump retweets supporter trolling Clinton over her book about election loss

George Clooney: "There's a dark cloud hanging over our country right now"

Who’s Who in the Trump-Russia Investigations

Senate looking to mandate full, government-wide ban on use of all products made by Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab.

NY AG had Donald Trump under state surveilance


Russian Hackers May Have Affected 2016 Election Vote Totals

Cambridge Analytica worked in Kenya to get Kenyatta elected. Supreme court just overturned b/c election hacking

Activists face rain and security threats as 10-day march against white supremacy continues

Amid Nuclear Tensions, Trump Mulls Exit From South Korea Trade Deal

ICE Denies Food, Water, and Restroom Access, ACLU Reports

Trump plans to select Victor Cha as ambassador to South Korea

What to do when political chatter at the office stresses you out

Ten things we've learned about Trump's unpredictable, anti-Obama, alpha-male, strongman-loving foreign policy

NEW: US Natl Security Adviser McMaster spoke with S. Korean counterpart in emergency call after N. Korea bomb test

North Korea says it tested an H-bomb with "unprecedentedly big power" that can go on an ICBM

Trump aides averted more detailed letter justifying Comey firing

EPA says Superfund sites around Houston aren't accessible to its personnel. @AP got to 7 by boat, vehicle, on foot

WATCH: Law prof explains legal reasoning why Trump’s new memo puts Mike Pence ‘in legal jeopardy’ for impeachment