Sunday, April 21, 2019

Nadler says Democrats will call Donald McGahn to testify

"With 'Trump Clean' and 2020 looming, we’re finally going to see the president unbound. This is the start of his presidency and, as he said when he thought Mueller meant the end of it, we’re fucked,"

House Oversight Chair Elijah Cummings has accused Jim Jordan of deliberately trying to undermine the Committee's probe into rising drug prices. "Your efforts to interfere with this investigation represent a new low for a Member of this Committee."

Rep. Elijah Cummings says that even if impeachment proceedings against President Trump failed, "I think history would smile upon us for standing up for the Constitution"

House Judiciary chairs says he doesn't understand why Mueller didn't charge Trump Jr.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s not ok to seek Russian help in your campaign. It’s not ok to use materials they stole from your opponent, or to make it part of your campaign strategy. Sadly, my GOP colleagues do think that’s ok.

Oh @RudyGiuliani there sure is. You can’t use the fruits of espionage to further yourself in an American election. You also can’t have an enemy nation like Russia attack our sovereignty to ensure you get elected to the presidency. Seems you might be enjoying a cell next to Trump.

Five things to know about impeachment

Elijah Cummings: A.G. Barr "is acting as the defense counsel for the president of the United States when, really, he's supposed to be our lawyer— the people's lawyer." Via CBS

"If we do nothing here the president is going to be emboldened. And his aiders and abettors, Republicans in Congress [will] continue to go along with him. We cannot afford that, our democracy cannot afford that."

Giuliani: Treason is legal, everybody does it.

I wonder why @realDonaldTrump hasn't slandered @GovBillWeld yet after he announced his run for the @GOP pres candidate? he does it to all other "enemies". did i miss it?

Rep. Cummings: "I hear a lot of people say that they're tired of hearing about the Mueller Report. Well we don't have time to get tired, because the Russians aren't getting tired. They are attacking our electoral system every single day, if not every hour"

So a bunch of former WH aides testified how Trump was so unhinged, dangerous, & unethical that they refused to carry out his potentially illegal orders & yet are more terrified of Trump's ire than the damage he's doing to the presidency/country

Easter Sunday bomb blasts shatter 10 years of relative quiet since the end of a civil war in Sri Lanka

Smoking guns like these tend to be obscured by the very smoke they generate . . . until they’re showcased in national tv hearings with live firsthand witnesses who blow the smoke away. Live testimony made all the difference with Nixon. This is way worse.

Trump Treasury Secretary helped his old college roommate Eddie Lampert turn Sears into the longest, slowest corporate raid in history, sending the venerable retailer spiraling into bankruptcy. Now, they’re being sued for it

Mike Flynn was allegedly fired for lying to Mike Pence so what does Mike Pence get for lying to us -- 140+ times?

Barr lying to the American people about what the Mueller Report says, (confident most won't read the report) necessitates impeachment hearings so that the truth is exposed live on TV. For example, most people don't know Trump ordered Lewandowski and McGahn to obstruct justice.

Imagine a family with 43 brothers, each of whom has dozens of children and hundreds of grandchildren, every one of them confident that he is the one worthy of being king. That, in a nutshell, describes the Saudi royal family

Jared Kushner met with MBS on a temporary security clearance. Jared Kushner met with MBS on a downgraded clearance. Jared Kushner met with MBS on a suspiciously obtained clearance. Jared Kushner met with MBS while his company sought funding from a Saudi-backed fund.

Rudy Giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, defends using information that was illegally hacked by a foreign power to sway a presidential election. "There's nothing wrong with taking information from Russians."

The Mueller Report makes clear: it is time for American political candidates at all levels and across parties to pledge not to use disinformation tactics against ine another. The price is too high...

Barrs financial entanglements with Russia Should William Barr Recuse Himself From Mueller Report? Legal Experts Say Attorney General's Ties to Russia Are Troubling


#Russia's state TV describes the #MuellerReport as a "bestseller about the absence of collusion between Trump and Russia," blames the media and American intelligence agencies for "hounding Trump" in what the host claims was a "collapsed investigation" and a waste of $30 million.

Capitalism in crisis: U.S. billionaires worry about the survival of the system that made them rich

Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks in Keene, NH: "There are just 3 big top lines that are just inescapable. A hostile, foreign government attacked our 2016 elections in order to help Donald Trump. Donald Trump welcomed that help."

At an Easter vigil in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis encouraged people to resist cynicism or pursuing the “glitter of wealth,” and to avoid seeking life’s meaning in “things that pass away”

How the IRS Gave Up Fighting Political Dark Money Groups

.@MarthaRaddatz: "Do you believe the president did obstruct justice?" Rep. Adam Schiff: "I do believe that he obstructed justice and did so in many ways"

“There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians,” Rudy Giuliani tells @jaketapper.

REMINDER: "McConnell ran interference for Trump during the [2016] campaign to stop Obama from warning the country about things Trump was lying publicly about."

JUST IN: Rep. Adam Schiff tells @MarthaRaddatz congressional Democrats "may" take up impeachment in the wake of special counsel Mueller's report, and that the decision will be made based on "what is the best thing for the country"

Are you completely confused about the difference between “collusion” and “conspiracy”? If so, congratulations – you’re a victim of an information warfare tactic called “reflexive control,” as I explain here

The only headline I saw was: "Prodded by Putin, Russians Sought Back Channels to Trump Through the Business World"

Still can’t get over this revelation: Not only did Trump order Don McGahn to order Rosenstein to fire Mueller, but then he ordered him to write a statement denying that he ever asked him to do so.

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt began working on policies that would aid one of his former lobbying clients within weeks of joining the Trump administration, according to a POLITICO analysis of agency documents

So whatever happened to that White House rebuttal of the Mueller report that we kept hearing Trump’s lawyers were preparing? Wonder why they chose not to release it? Did they conclude Barr had already done their work for them?

How Mueller used Bitcoin to catch Russia

Mueller says here that his team did NOT examine voting systems to determine if votes were changed or manipulated, but that other investigative bodies were doing so. And yet, in June 2017, @dhs' Jeanette Manfra told Senate Intel the agency had NOT done so. I blv NO ONE ever has.

“I was up on the roof. I was thinking of jumping." The incredible narrative of how Michael Cohen- briefly suicidal- turned on Donald Trump, how Rudy Giuliani epically mishandled the whole thing & @TomArnold played an unexpected role in cementing the rift

Trump reportedly grew angry as he watched cable news coverage of the Mueller report because a theme was emerging that vexed him: a portrait of a dishonest president who is regularly managed, restrained or ignored by his staff.

138 million.

Nothing to see here, just the president of the United States throwing his support behind a murderous would-be dictator

Good call, @Mimirocah1. 18 USC §1513: one of my favorite federal laws! Of course Trump will claim he’s immune and Barr will back him up. But that doesn’t bind Congress in impeachment proceedings, where a pattern of such abuses of power can be a “high Crime and Misdemeanor.”

Mueller increases the number of known Trump-Russia contacts from 102 to over 140. But keep claiming “no collusion.”

Missed this - Trump at 37% post Mueller. That may go down, not up

Donald J. Trump now faces indictment, prosecution and imprisonment for obstruction of justice upon leaving office. That takeaway has not fully sunken in. The President of the United States has prosecutable criminal charges awaiting him upon his departure from office.

Chuck Grassley on impeaching the president

Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks in Keene, NH: "There are just 3 big top lines that are just inescapable. A hostile, foreign government attacked our 2016 elections in order to help Donald Trump. Donald Trump welcomed that help."

The Next Recession Is Coming. Now What?

At least 100 people reported killed in Sri Lanka attacks, with death toll expected to rise further

This is like having termites in your house and we’ve just found out finally how much rot there is. The campaign, the family, the business, the transition in the administration all approached by Russians? It was eye-opening

Because Fox News, and lack of critical thinking skills. This is what happens when you defund education, repeatedly, generation after generation. And expose them to a 24 hour propaganda cycle.

FOX NEWS' Judge Napolitano on the Mueller Report: “It might be enough to prosecute. But it did show a venal, amoral, deceptive Trump, instructing his aides to lie and willing to help them do so. That’s not good in a president. On obstruction, Trump is not exactly cleared.”

Here’s Trump giving a thumbs up as if he’s milking a cow after he played golf today on his vacation

The mix of incompetence, disorganization and self-interest... In the #MuellerReport, top members of the Trump team take meetings with foreign representatives without so much as Googling their names

"Despite Mr. Trump’s protestations of wrongful persecution, the fact of the matter is this: Any other president would now be facing impeachment, and any non-president would be fitted for an orange jumpsuit"

Opinion: This country is in need of a miracle

Franklin Graham Cites Death-to-Gays Bible Verse in Post About Pete Buttigieg

Trump jokes about being president for 16 years: "I’m not looking to do it, unless you want to do it" This was no joke. If he gets defeated he won't go willingly, he'll say the election was "rigged". If he wins again he'll do ANYTHING to stay in power

Why'd Robert Mueller trust Bill Barr?

This isn’t a “border militia” and they’re not “detaining” or “arresting” people. This is a white nationalist terrorist group kidnapping desperate people.

Trump has endorsed Gen. Hafter in Libya, an authoritarian attacking a United Nations backed government. Just like his reversal of North Korea sanctions weeks ago, Trump’s decision contradicts the statements of his own cabinet. Bad judgment and incompetence are a toxic mix.

Two things matter: 1. The House can no longer let the odds of Senate conviction hold impeachment back. It’s a point of principle, as @SenWarren said. 2. Only fully public hearings, visually enacting Mueller’s evidence and findings, will move public opinion.

Former White House Counsel Don McGahn breaks his silence, confirming that details within the Mueller Report were “accurately described.”