Tuesday, June 5, 2018

BREAKING: Albio Sires wins Democratic nomination in New Jersey's 8th congressional district.

Sen. Jeff Merkley: Asylum seekers held in "cages that looked a lot like dog kennels" at a facility in McAllen, Texas, where children were also being separated from their parents

Nearly 120k voters omitted from the voting rosters in LA County because of a printing error. Among other things, this could affect Dem primaries in the 25th and 39th. If your name is not on the list, you can still vote by provisional ballot. STAY IN LINE.

Mnuchin urged President Donald Trump to exempt Canada from steep steel and aluminum tariffs, two senior administration officials and two sources close to the White House tell ABC News; but not all of the advisers were in agreement

Putin Moves to Capitalize on Europe’s Fury With Trump: With looming G-7, Trump has had unusually bad-tempered phone calls re: tariffs with French President Emmanuel Macron & British PM Theresa May. Germans and Canadians are furious about the tariffs

DEVELOPING: White House worker arrested today after Secret Service discovered he is a fugitive, wanted on charges of attempted murder.

The U.N. human rights office is calling on he Trump admin to "immediately halt" its policy of separating children.

BREAKING: Facebook has given at least four Chinese companies access to user data. One has been flagged by U.S. intelligence as a security threat.

First person to serve prison time in Mueller probe gets deported

"Swatting" David Hogg wasn't a "prank," it was attempted murder

Mueller was investigating Trump adviser Papadopoulos as unregistered agent of Israel, his wife says, adding that Trump should pardon him

GOP state lawmaker: Businesses should be allowed to "turn away people of color"

Wednesday's FT: "Nix 'withdrew $8m' as scandal loomed at Cambridge Analytica"

McConnell cancels Senate's August recess, preventing Democrats from campaigning for midterms

The White House press secretary today said the president doesn't consider the protected free speech of NFL players against police brutality to be free speech. Which is a totally accurate reflection of how he sees it and a pretty remarkable statement.

Merkley: Migrant Kids Are Kept In Cages On Concrete Floor At TX Border Station

Richard Painter Warns That Trump Could Push The US Into Dictatorship

Some news to watch -> former FBI Director Andrew McCabe in negotiations with Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley for immunity deal for upcoming hearing on forthcoming DOJ IG report

Trump aide who joked about ‘dying’ John McCain leaves White House under mysterious circumstances

If these reports are true, @realDonaldTrump has put China, not the United States, first. By letting ZTE off the hook, the president who roared like a lion is governing like a lamb when it comes to China. Congress should move in a bipartisan fashion to block this deal right away.

EXCLUSIVE: Dennis Rodman will be in Singapore for Trump-Kim summit

As the Trustees’ report shows, the #GOPTaxScam is already robbing & weakening Medicare & Social Security to cover tax breaks for the wealthy & biggest corps. Despite @realDonaldTrump's campaign promises, the GOP policies will strip away the benefits America’s seniors earned.

Mueller Finally Starts to Target Trump’s Israel Ties

In Orange County, turnout is up 43% compared to 2014 midterm levels. This seems good but we need a strong finish.

.@realDonaldTrump’s legal team has made clear they are seeking access to classified materials not for any legitimate purpose, but instead to frustrate & discredit publicly the work of DOJ & the FBI.

Scott Pruitt Sought ‘Business Opportunity’ With Chick-fil-A While Leading E.P.A

Dana Rohrabacher is all tangled up in the Russia scandal. Today we’ll find out if voters care.

FUN FACT: Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign manager that selected Mike Pence as @VP will most likely be in jail by tomorrow night.

Exclusive: ZTE signed U.S. agreement in principle to put Chinese firm back in business - sources

Schumer on floor: "If a president can pardon himself, it's virtually a monarchy ... If presidents had the power to pardon themselves, we'd no longer be a democracy." If presidents were beyond reach of probes, one could "engage in rife corruption, self-dealing without consequence"

Trump doesn’t need those Philadelphians defiling his Oval Office.

Trump holds seven-minute event at White House without Philadelphia Eagles

A man takes a knee during Trump’s celebration.

Motivation to VOTE!

We set sail to get @DanaRohrabacher to listen to his constituents. If we won't come to us, we'll come to him & his donors!

#tRump must sit for a seven-hour deposition by Jan. 31, 2019, in a defamation case brought by former “Apprentice” contestant Summer Zervos, a Manhattan judge ruled Tuesday.

Merkley says images of migrant processing center are "seared" in his mind

NFL players called Trump’s decision to yank a White House celebration for the Philadelphia Eagles a “cowardly act” and even asked why he hasn’t been impeached yet

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt wanted his wife to have a Chick-Fil-A franchise. So he got a senior EPA aide to call the company's CEO -- and then later met with the CEO himself. It didn't work out.

In a massive demonstration of magical thinking, school safety panel will not look at guns, DeVos says

new survey from National Association of Business Economists signals 2018 growth of less than the 3% Trump WH promises: "median forecast is 2.8%, off the 2.9% expected in previous survey. 57% of panelists believe risks to real GDP growth are weighted to the downside”

Manafort’s Dumbest Move Yet: Using a Former Russian Intelligence Officer for Witness-Tampering?

Since we raised the issue of SF-86 omissions by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, reasons for concern about their suitability for security clearances have grown. Yet somehow both were granted clearances on the same day last month.

Having suffered through a fascist regime themselves, our German friends recognize a rising dictatorship when they see it. This cover art captures it exactly. We must not let the fascists gain control of our republic.

Three things to watch in Californias crucial primary races

California, New Jersey primaries crucial to November U.S. elections

A plague of Twitter bots is roiling the Middle East

Fmr. Trump Campaign Chair accused of Witness Tampering

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation asked a court to revoke former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort’s bail, accusing him of trying to tamper with witnesses. Former Deputy Atty Gen Harry Litman and former Asst. US Attorney Mimi Rocah say this is very bad news for Paul Manafort.

Netanyahu pushes Iran agenda on European tour

Donald Trump says he can pardon himself. Richard Nixon was told he couldn't

Sen. Merkley denied access to detention center for immigrant kids

Rachel Maddow reports on an effort of the weekend by Senator Jeff Merkley to see inside a former Walmart where he says 1,000 children are being held after being forcibly removed from parents seeking refuge in the United States.

Mueller filing claims evidence Manafort tried to coach witness

Josh Gerstein, senior White House reporter for Politico, talks with Rachel Maddow about the details, timing, and implications of Robert Mueller's prosecutors accusing Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort of attempting to tamper with witnesses.

A Suicide Mission: White House and GOP Leadership Fear New Obamacare Repeal Push

Mueller accuses Manafort of attempting to tamper with witnesses

Rachel Maddow shares breaking news that Robert Mueller's prosecutors have accused Paul Manafort of attempting to tamper with witnesses, and are asking the judge in his case to adjust or remove his release ahead of trial.

White House blasts Merkley after his attempt to visit a shelter for migrant children

The week Trump went full dictator and no one tried to stop him

Ex-Navy sailor pardoned by President Trump says he’s suing Comey and Obama

Melania Trump appears at first White House event in weeks

Breaking: Special Counsel prosecutors say Paul Manafort was "attempting to tamper with potential witnesses while on pretrial release and, accordingly, has violated the conditions of his release."

Swiss banks freeze $1 billion in the accounts of Russian metals tycoon Viktor Vekselberg over fears that they may be fined following U.S. sanctions against the businessman

Charlottesville Hate Marcher Elected by Republican Party

Germany Appalled by Threats From Trump’s Ambassador to Help Far-Right Nationalists Take Power Across Europe!

He was cheered at his graduation for quoting a speech by President Trump. Then he revealed who actually said it: Barack Obama

Russia and China Will Deploy 500 Weapons Systems in Joint Military Exercise!

A United States Army veteran has been charged with attempted espionage for the Chinese government, the Justice Department said

Tips for Trump and his team preparing for the North Korea summit: Expect lies. Do your homework. Remember that Kim Jong Un considers himself a supreme being

.@JRubinBlogger: "Elected Republicans created a constitutional monster — and, along the way, violated their oaths and their moral authority to govern...The voters in November will get to decide if that’s the sort of government...they want."

BREAKING: Maine superior court says LePage can't keep dragging his feet on Medicaid expansion, orders guv to submit the paperwork by June 11

EXCLUSIVE: Mexico to impose a 20 percent tariff on U.S. pork imports - sources

Trump torches Macron, his last friend in the G-7

Rudy Giuliani a few minutes ago in Western Wall, Jerusalem

Trump pardon strategy would have to include Russians to end probe

Rachel Maddow explains why if Donald Trump wanted to pardon his way out of the Mueller investigation by pardoning all of his family, friends, and colleagues, the Russian indictments would still keep everyone on the hook, so Trump would have to pardon the Russians too.