Wednesday, May 2, 2018

BREAKING: Contradicting president, Giuliani says Trump repaid Michael Cohen for $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels.

Remarkable: Hannity tries to give Rudy opportunity to clean up comment Trump reimbursed him for Stormy payment. But Rudy insists: “I was talking about the $130K payment

Giuliani just referred to federal law enforcement agents from the district where he used to be US attorney as “stormtroopers.” What a despicable human being he is.

Rudy also says Trump repaid Cohen the $130k.

Rudy: everyone must agree that North Korea negotiations are much more important than this “totally garbage investigation”

Giuliani calls for Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned: "I'm sorry, Hillary, I know you're very disappointed you didn't win. But you're a criminal. Equal justice would mean you should go to jail. I do not know why the justice department is not investigating."

There are at least 156 people with ties to the Trump Organization, Trump 2016 campaign, transition or Trump administration that are connected to the Russia probe

Did the Trump administration actually ask Ukraine to stop helping Robert Mueller? We should probably ask.

JUST IN: Rudy Giuliani tells the Washington Post President Trump's interview could be "max 2-3 hours," with a "narrow set of questions"

Trump is a grifter, same as ever

Ukraine, Seeking U.S. Missiles, Halted Cooperation With Mueller Investigation

Crackers, granola and cereal one FDA official brought from his home tested positive for a widely used chemical linked to cancer in 2017 — but the results were never made public, according to a report

Black men arrested at Starbucks settle with Philadelphia for $1 each, plus $200K for youth

Today in Trumpworld: Trump's new attorney has Clinton ties

A Rigged System - You don’t want to turn over the Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) to Congress or the American people. What are you afraid of? Why so much hiding and unequal “justice?” At some point THE PEOPLE will have no choice but to use their powers and get involved!

The Senate and the House are net fishing,” Caputo said. “The special counsel is spearfishing. They know what they are aiming at and are deadly accurate.”

Big caveat with today's Cambridge Analytica news: Parent company SLC Group has already set up a mysterious new company called Emerdata, according to The Guardian.

Cambridge Analytica is declaring bankruptcy and shutting down.

Mike Pence Caught LYlNG About Trump's Wall

Steve Bannon is not a fan of Ty Cobb and hopes his departure leads to more adversarial relationship w Mueller. His texted quote

Summer Zervos, Trump Accuser, Subpoenas ‘The Apprentice’ Recordings

It bears repeating that I appear on less than 1/3 of the shows that request me. Why is interest so high? Because the American people cannot get straight answers about the lies and cover-up, and more damaging facts come out on a daily basis regarding MC and DJT’s conduct.

Trump to Add Clinton Impeachment Lawyer Emmet Flood to Replace Ty Cobb

New statement from Sarah Sanders: “Emmet Flood will be joining the White House Staff to represent the President and the administration against the Russia witch hunt. Ty Cobb, a friend of the President, who has done a terrific job, will be retiring at the end of the month.

Both Trump and Clinton spent millions on Facebook ads, but the company’s own internal analysis concluded that Trump’s campaign, developed with the help of Facebook employees, was far more targeted and complex than Clinton’s.

Rick Santorum: Trump "says things that don't comport with the facts. You want to call it a lie, call it a lie. I don't like calling people liars but the reality is this President has a problem"

There was no Collusion (it is a Hoax) and there is no Obstruction of Justice (that is a setup & trap). What there is is Negotiations going on with North Korea over Nuclear War, Negotiations going on with China over Trade Deficits, Negotiations on NAFTA, and much more. Witch Hunt!

GOP strategist Rick Wilson nails Trump’s ‘deep male vanity’ evident in doctors’ health evaluations

Vice President Mike Pence recognizes ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio during a tax policy event in Arizona, calling Arpaio a "tireless champion of strong borders and the rule of law."

Seizure of Trump's medical records 'standard operating procedure, especially when STDs and Substance Abuse are involved’ White House says

Trump’s legal team lacks the security clearances needed to discuss sensitive issues related to a possible presidential interview with Mueller, sources say

GOP Senate hopeful defends ad calling McConnell "Cocaine Mitch"

POST EDITORIAL: Under oath or not, Trump owes the country answers

4 mln Americans have lost insurance since 2016; largest losers: lower-income families

Mueller raised possibility of presidential subpoena in tense meeting with Trump’s legal team

EXCLUSIVE: Sealed Indictment granted against Donald Trump


Trump's legal team prepares for showdown with Mueller

Louisiana secretary of state resigns after accusations of sexual harassment