Sunday, March 8, 2020

Rep. Val Demings: "In this chaotic, disruptive time in America's history right now...we need somebody who's going to unify this country. We need someone who's going to unify the Democratic party and I just happen to believe Joe Biden is the right person."

#BREAKING: Total presumptive and confirmed coronavirus cases in Massachusetts rises to 28, state health officials say

Rep John Lewis leads walk across Selma, AL bridge with Speaker Pelosi, Senator Kamala Harris and others, where Lewis said he thought he was gonna die 55 years ago: “I thought I was going to die on this bridge, but somehow and someway, God almighty helped me here.” @repjohnlewis

WARNING: Anthony Fauci—NIH’s top infectious disease expert says #CoronavirusOutbreak is only getting worse & warns the elderly & sick/frail to think twice before traveling or circulating in crowds. This contradicts Trump, & makes it clear he’s been lying

Of course Trump’s Surgeon General who is 30 years younger than @realDonaldTrump says Trump is “healthier than I am.” It’s impossible to work for Trump without lying. Impossible.

"It was Trump himself, mind you, who argued that playing golf and running the country weren't compatible. [In August 2016], Trump's insistence that he wouldn’t play golf as president was coupled with disparagement of Obama for doing exactly that."

If @JoeBiden & @SenSanders would tape a message together, giving Americans reliable public health information about #coronavirus, they’d be doing a tremendous public service for the country.

1972: Establishment wrote my gang rape fantasy. 1993: Establishment made me vote against the Brady Bill. 2017: Establishment made me vote against Russia sanctions. 2018: Establishment made me say a woman can’t win presidency. 2019: Establishment caused my heart attack.

Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden. Announces she will be with him in Detroit on Monday night ahead of Michigan’s Tuesday primary. This race is all but over.

Wash. governor weighing ‘mandatory measures’

Kamala Harris is the 10th former Biden rival from this election cycle to endorse him for president.

The president is golfing at a private club he owns and profits from while representatives of his administration go on TV and admit they don’t have a plan to deal with 3,500 people on the coronavirus-infected Grand Princess cruise ship that is set to dock tomorrow in California

During a January meeting, HHS Secretary Azar was having trouble focusing Trump's full attention on his coronavirus briefing. Azar had arrived to brief Trump, but Trump instead interjected, badgering Azar about the admin's messy flavored e-cigarettes ban.

Fiona Hill says Putin has America 'exactly where he wants us'

Report: Russian Election Trolling Becoming Subtler, Tougher To Detect

Four Russians about to go on trial in The Netherlands for murder of 298 civilians on flight MH17

Don't you mean "Russia must be held accountable"?

Imagine a woman whining as much as Bernie Sanders

From the archive: What do you say to young kids when the news might be scary? Here are some tips from experts, including: 🔹 check in with them 🔹 give them facts and context 🔹 take positive action together 🔹 remember: "look for the helpers"

Prepare for the possibility of a #COVID19 outbreak in your community & learn ways to support older adults in your family and your community. — CDC

If you need help creating a system in every Health care facility plus Testing laboratories, to report a simple number of tests, with positives and negatives, @salesforce can help American people believe that @WhiteHouse is holding information...information is key to success .

CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp tells me he interacted with attendee who has tested positive for coronavirus. While the timeline is unknown, Schlapp shook Trump's hand on stage the last day of the conference.

So @SenSanders hired a 9/11 truther/conspiracy theorist? Why would you do that?

Bernie always playing the victim of the establishment card. The endorsements Amy & Pete gave Biden were full hearted & genuine. No one forced them out. They knew they had no path & chose Joe because he’s the best candidate suited to beat Trump & help win down ballot races.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The Grand Princess is docking tomorrow. What's the plan for the 3,500 people on board? BEN CARSON: They're coming up with one S: It docks tomorrow C: The plan will be in place S: Shouldn't you be able to say what it is? C: It hasn't been fully formulated

While Americans cancel vacations, skip eating out, and take other precautions to avoid the coronavirus, thousands of tipped employees have to figure out how to pay their bills. We need to raise the minimum wage, including tipped wages, so families aren’t left in crisis.

Because Mike Pompeo is the U.S. Secretary of State, our nation’s top diplomat, I can only conclude that this is a tribute to @ewarren and the little girls she has inspired. Anything else would be vulgar, sexist, demeaning, and incredibly offensive.

If Trump had to choose between, say, 10,000 people dying and admitting he doesn't know what he's doing, which do you think he'd choose?

So the Bros are gonna pull yellow vest shite if they don't get their own way? This is straight up useful idiots looking to use Russian inspired active measures. The @DNC needs to call this out hard for what it is, by name

Pressed on plans to handle 3,500 people on board the Grand Princess Cruise ship where 21 passengers tested positive for COVID-19, Sec. Carson tells @GStephanopoulos he doesn't "want to preview the plan right now."

On a serious note, I hope everyone who attended is ok. But I do find it hilarious — and ironic — that the people who spent the last two weeks decrying this as a hoax to take down the President will now be wondering if they’re infected. Karma, you beautiful bitch you.

I’m sure @BarackObama and the rest of America will appreciate learning @BernieSanders hired this man

New: Skeptical of ODNI from day one, intel veterans are spooked by Trump's efforts to politicize an office they never wanted—an office w/ a grip on the PDB, whistleblowing & source protection, and broad discretion over the IC’s responsiveness to Congress.

The CDC has contracted with a company for coronavirus test kits that Trump previously owned stock and he has shown NO PROOF of divestment. There has been NO explanation about WHY he refused the WHO kits in Feb. Is Trump profiting from #CoronavirusUSA?

How many phone banks overseas are campaigning for Bernie, aka foreign election interference?

.@amyklobuchar has been a constant advocate for confronting Russian intervention in US elections. More senators should give a damn. But @senatemajldr acts like he is on Russia’s side

You flew healthy patients back to the US next to infected ones

Dear @realDonaldTrump: You lie. Also, when are we going to get the #coronavirus test kits?

Carson is right. The last thing you want to do is give the coronavirus a chance to adjust to their plans.

Medical experts offered to board the Diamond Princess as the coronavirus spread. They were told to stand down. 8 people died

"There is no evidence that the #coronavirus outbreak will end in the summer like an influenza season. Statements to the contrary are a ‘false hope,’" says @WHO's emergencies program

Sanders campaign is using foreign nationals around the world to do this. He is a hypocrite when he talks about his grassroots campaign against the "Establishment". If it was grassroots, why aren't US citizen volunteers doing this?

Extraordinary times. Italy's draft emergency Coronavirus law to ban entry and exit to whole of Lombardy region - capital Milan- Venice, Padua, Parma & 8 others. Weddings and funerals banned. Cinemas, gyms, pubs, museums all closed. Anyone violating law can be arrested and fined

The Ingraham Angle Coronavirus Cold Open - SNL

Tests, doctors in Hazmat suits, lots of Gatorade: A report from inside a coronavirus quarantine

Despite statements from President Trump and senior administration officials affirming the importance of controlling outbreaks... infectious-disease experts are not anticipating that the administration will budget additional resources. - Feb. 1, 2018

Just got an email from UCONN saying that if you get the coronavirus and exaust your 3 sick days per semester you have to use vacation days or personal leave days to recover. This is how you get people to come back to work when they are still contagious.

U.S. airport screeners, health workers plagued by fear and anger as coronavirus spreads

Can someone please explain to me the difference in @BernieSanders blaming & scapegoating “The Establishment” & @realDonaldTrump blaming and scapegoating “The Deep State”?

Nursing Home Hit by Coronavirus Says 70 Workers Are Sick

Coronavirus symptoms include a runny nose, cough, sore throat, headache and a fever that can last for a couple of days

Dr. Stein, didn't you do enough damage last election, helping (aided by Russian media outlets) to deny a historic opportunity for Americans to elect the first woman ever as the U.S. president? Given the damage you did to Clinton in 2016, "Dems" should not listen to you in 2020.

You identified as a political eunuch when you let Trump say your wife was ugly and your dad killed JFK without punching his lights out.

The optics of the president dining with an authoritarian at a private club he still owns and profits from while his government bungles its response to a deadly, spreading virus are not great

Coronavirus detected in attendee at CPAC meeting, which many White House officials attended less than two weeks ago

A damming account of how a rudderless White House compromised our safety. If you read this, prepare to be furious

Matt Gaetz thought it would be funny to wear a giant gas mask on the House floor to mock the panic over the coronavirus pandemic. Now one of his own constituents has died. Idiots like this have no business taking up space in jobs meant for public servants.

Lobster prices have plummeted to the lowest in at least four year, delivering a potentially "fatal blow" to suppliers already hurting from lost sales to China

Breaking: Reports that #King #Salman of #Saudi_arabia Arabia has died (still unconfirmed), which may explain Crown Prince’s arrests of other royal family members. If true, will pave way for a very different-looking Saudi Arabia.

"This is the most frightening disease I've ever encountered in my career." Richard Hatchett, the doctor leading efforts to find a vaccine for coronavirus, says it is much more lethal than normal flu.

You protected a man who molested college kids. Sit your hobbit ass down.

After Sanders says his differences from Biden are dwarfed by their shared difference from Trump, he knifes Biden on Iraq and the Hyde Amendment. To what effect? It can only give Parscale ammo with which to hurt Biden against Trump once he’s the nominee. Hypocrite Bernie!

How is a tennis court on the White House grounds — which can’t be used by anyone other than someone she or her husband invites — “contributing in the community”??

PENCE was set to evacuate infected Americans from a cruise ship. Then TRUMP stepped in — worried how “the numbers” would look if more cases were documented on the mainland. How Trump’s approach made the coronavirus crisis worse. NEW tonight, from me.

Israel plans to deploy the military and an army of teenagers to help fight the coronavirus

Is that an official position of the US intelligence community? Is it vetted through the bureaucracy? Is the term “fake news” now an analytical phrase used to report intelligence? As acting DNI, you might think twice before fighting on Twitter.

Nine of @realDonaldTrump’s prized EU trademarks have been subject to a drawn out legal dispute going back two years. The potential ramifications are considerable. Forget bricks and mortar - Trump has made millions of $ licensing his name, all built on intellectual property rights

Remember in "Jaws," when the mayor keeps the beach open?

WHO shipped #COVID19 tests to >50 countries by end of Feb. Why did the US decline it?@girlsreallyrule thinks it could be because Trump owns Thermo Fisher Scientific stock…which owns Applied Biosystems…which makes an instrument used for the CDC’s test.

When you read this excellent reporting from @ddiamond on Trump’s handling of coronavirus it seems undoubtedly clear that his narcissism and rank incompetence is going to get a lot of Americans killed

Fmr. Bloomberg adviser Tim O'Brien: "If Republicans really want to make an issue out of Hunter Biden ... there is going to be a scorched earth response aimed at all of the Trump children that is going to be unlike anything they've experienced thus far."

Trump’s aides discouraged HHS Sec. Alex Azar from briefing the president about the coronavirus threat back in January. “Trump’s created an atmosphere where the judgment of his staff is that he shouldn’t need to know these things.”

Erik Prince,, the brother of the Education Secretary, reportedly recruited a spy to infiltrate the largest teachers’ union in the nation.

CPAC confirms an attendee tested poaitive for coronavirus. Last week at CPAC, the outgoing WH Chief of Staff characterized coronavirus media coverage as designed "to bring down" the president.

Remember when Republicans, who destroyed our economy and ushered in the Great Recession, wanted to let US automakers go bankrupt? I do. I also reminder Obama / @JoeBiden not only saving the auto industry, but earning us 9 billion on our investment!

But the demand for tests and the cost of care for infected patients are still two major hurdles to containing the virus.

Please welcome Sen. Elizabeth Warren to The Ingraham Angle

U.S. airport screeners, health workers plagued by fear and anger as coronavirus spreads

The Trump administration and its co-conspirator media will never rid themselves of this stain

House Speaker Pelosi urges Trump family 'intervention' with U.S. president - Reuters

BREAKING: The White House overruled health officials who wanted to recommend that elderly and physically fragile Americans avoid flying on commercial airlines because of the new coronavirus, a federal official tells The Associated Press.