Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Price’s private jet trips combined visits with colleagues, lunch with his son.

Senate Judiciary Committee appears to support shielding the special counsel, Robert Mueller, from being fired

Trump administration denies Puerto Rico's request to waive the Jones Act, which it did for Harvey and Irma.

New descriptions of the Russian-bought Facebook ads suggest that at least some were working at cross purposes

McCain defends NFL protests: "That's their right to do what they want to do as citizens."

Trump Grotesquely Blames Puerto Rico's Humanitarian Crisis on 'Broken Infrastructure' and 'Massive Debt'


The WikiLeaks Tweets Roger Stone Can’t Explain

Former Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Tuesday that her successor’s use of private chartered flights is “stunning.”

Dem lawmakers press Mattis for details: How many people would die in a war with North Korea

Trump on delivering aid to Puerto Rico: "This is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean. It’s a big ocean, it’s a very big ocean."

John McCain urges Department of Homeland Security to waive the Jones Act for Puerto Rico to aid recovery efforts in the wake of Maria

‘Slowly unfolding human catastrophe’: Fox’s Geraldo Rivera blasts ‘mind-boggling’ Puerto Rico response

Acting head of Drug Enforcement Administration will resign at end of week, reportedly citing dismay over Trump

Rep. Schiff: Robert Mueller should “follow the money wherever it leads, and it may ultimately lead to the President’s tax returns”

Senate Health Committee chair ready to resume bipartisan health care talks after ObamaCare repeal efforts collapse

Obamacare is alive!

AT LAST: Murkowski weighs in on Graham-Cassidy. Never says how she would have voted. But slams "lousy" process for this bill.

Groups demand Gorsuch cancel speech at Trump hotel

Nursing home owner in Caguas, Puerto Rico: "There is no help"

The Senate GOP hope you won't notice when they vote to take away your legal right to take big banks to court. This is all hands on deck.

A new study shows tens of thousands were blocked from voting in Wisconsin last year

Sen Alexander says he'll seek "consensus on a limited bipartisan plan" on markets, premiums, following collapse of GOP repeal effort.

Exclusive: IRS shares information with special counsel in Russia probe

Investigators follow $ to Trump from donors w/Russian ties, Blavatnik, Kukes, Intrater, all connected to Vekselberg

BREAKING: FEMA Administrator Brock Long says the USS Comfort hospital ship will be dispatched to Puerto Rico

WaPo: North Korea has approached Republicans for help in trying to figure out Trump

Special counsel interviews with WH staff could start later this week!

Sean Spicer hires a lawyer

Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker Won't Seek Reelection In 2018

BREAKING: The Senate won't vote on the GOP health care bill, sources tell CNN

Trump administration today will urge U.S. court to rule federal law doesn't ban discrimination against gay employees

BREAKING: Russia fires ballistic missile with HUGE warhead as Putin ratchets up WW3 threat

Sessions says the DOJ will intervene on behalf of people who sue colleges claiming free speech rights were violated

Multiple indictments set to roll out!

Internet troll posing as Jared Kushner tricks lawyer into spilling beans on private email use from White House

President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with President Rajoy

He's late.

Sen. Mark Warner says the "million-dollar question" is how the Russians knew who to target on Facebook with ads

NEW VIDEO: A trip in a WEEK? Aid in TWO? Trump is letting Puerto Rico DIE, for his inhumanity, madness and prejudice

Professor Vladeck testimony zeroes in on firing & appointment of a Special Counsel & Presidential Pardons

"One of the greatest scandels in American history."

Mr. President, people are dying in Puerto Rico.

WARNER tells me committee will probe "million-dollar question:" whether Russia had help in targeting Facebook ads.

Elizabeth Warren "certainly had a right to criticize my nomination. And I think she really had the right to read the letter," Sessions says

Georgetown law professors took a knee to protest a talk about campus free speech by Jeff Sessions

U.S. Dismisses North Korea’s Talk of War

Bannon declared war on the GOP establishment at a raucous rally in Alabama: "They think you're a pack of morons"

Here's NASCAR showing utmost respect for the American flag

THE MEMO: Trump faces difficult 48 hours

Trump's Puerto Rico golf course went bankrupt & stuck tax payers with the bill. He helped create the problem there

Romney pleads with lawmakers: Put aside controversies, Puerto Rico is on "brink of humanitarian disaster"

Hillary Clinton suggested Pres. Trump's anthem controversy should come as no surprise.

‘It’s God’s plan’: North Carolina church helped members commit unemployment fraud to keep tithing

“If you want a hearing, you better shut up,” Sen. Hatch said to protesting disability rights activist

Roger Stone's opening statement before the House Intel Committee is leaked

Roger Stone's time before the House Intel committee approaches. I pieced together all his lines and evasions

Americans want to raise taxes on the rich. We need to raise taxes rich. Trump's GOP wants to do the exact opposite

Tapper shames Trump’s ‘crude’ NFL attack: He’s ‘looking for divisions to exploit in the nastiest manner possible’

Bill Cassidy: The public face of a doomed health-care bill

Watch: A Seth Rich ad with Russian subtitles will run on TV in the U.S.


If Trump’s not a white supremacist, he does a good impression

Lost in Donald’s attacks on the NFL are his most far-reaching denials yet about Russia

White House aides say they will try and direct blame to McConnell for dual Ocare/Luther Strange failures

As tensions rise between the US and North Korea, you may hear some unfamiliar terms. Here's what you need to know

Steve Bannon plotted to plant a mole inside Facebook days before he took over Trump campaign


Assange stirring pot for Putin in helping to split Catalonia & Spain. Trump meets Spain president Tuesday. Hmmm

Mitch McConnell could see his tenuous majority upended by the Alabama Senate race

Capitol Police says it arrested 181 people today at health care demonstrations.

JUST IN: Sen. Susan Collins announces that she opposes Graham-Cassidy health care bills

Partisan gerrymandering is heading for a Supreme Court test that could change the rules

Twitter Admits We Need to Do Better Over Trump Tweets

Congress refuses to police stock trading by staffers—even when the stocks involve firms overseen by their committees

Use of personal devices rampant in Trump WH.

Sen. Susan Collins announces opposition to Graham-Cassidy. "It would have a negative impact on millions of Americans who are now insured."

Trump's promised tax overhaul could cause major headaches for over 50 Republican lawmakers

Ex-White House aide: Trump’s anthem tantrum before all-white Alabama audience was outright ‘plantation politics’

The Curious Case of the March for Truth And The Bulgarian Hacker


Trump was paid off by a dictator, then praised him in front of the United Nations

Jared Kushner wasn't the only Trump staffer using private email accounts

Trump still has no plans to visit PR, tho devastation caused by Maria is far worse than Harvey in TX or Irma in FL.

Trevor Noah on Trump: "How can one person be on the wrong side of everything in history?" Our late-night roundup

Clinton's emails were "covered more than Watergate or any political scandal in U.S. history,”

No power, little access to water, dwindling food: this is the situation in Puerto Rico right now

Nigel Farage just introduced Steve Bannon at the Roy Moore Rally calling him "the greatest political thinker in the Western hemisphere."

Clock running out on health program for 9 million kids

Little attention has been paid to a bipartisan program providing coverage to millions of American children.

European Union ambassadors defend the Iran nuclear deal, pushing back at US President Donald Trump

Steve Bannon: Take a knee for Trump and thank God he is president

The Ethics of Impeaching Donald Trump

How cynical is the Republican National Committee for raising money by peddling Trump's "Fake News Media" propaganda? Is this the GOP?

Number of Trump tweets about pro sports since Friday: 20 Number of Trump tweets about Puerto Rico since Friday: 0

In Puerto Rico, another desperate plea for help

Sarah Sanders Huckabee faced a brutal grilling over Trump’s anthem tantrum — here are the 5 most notable moments

Trump Foreign Policy Still Being Driven By Fox & Friends

Trump wanted to be an NFL team owner, but they thought he was a ‘scumbag huckster’

Ivanka Trump and Donald Jr. tried to 'bump' Tiffany out of her inheritance, according to newly released recordings

"The racist next door"

Feature: How Fake News Turned a Small Town Upside Down

Trump's bullying tactics are backfiring spectacularly

Americans in Puerto Rico beg for federal help six days post-storm

Rachel Maddow reports on the still dire situation in Hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico and the inadequate response so far from the federal government, which has had to be reminded that Puerto Ricans are Americans.

Protesters dragged from health care repeal hearing

Rachel Maddow reports on the ADAPT protesters who waited in line all day for the only Senate committee hearing to be held on the new ACA repeal bill, and the protest and arrests that soon followed.

Trump dangerous bellicosity raises nuclear war risk with N. Korea

Joe Cirincione, MSNBC nuclear security analyst, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Donald Trump's insult-comic threats against North Korea have only escalated the threat of war with North Korea.

Facebook warned FBI of Russian activity twice during 2016...

Rachel Maddow reports on developments in what is known about how Russia used Facebook to manipulate the American democratic process including buying ads to amplify American cultural divisions.

Trump, Republicans failing again on promised health care repeal

Rachel Maddow looks back at how the Republican Congress swore in early to get a jump on the campaign promise of repealing Obamacare and yet are poised to fail to do so again despite controlling Congress and the White House.

Today is primary day in Boston. The races for district city council seats could change the political landscape