Saturday, March 14, 2020

A whole neighborhood in Italy is singing “Roar” by Katy Perry while they’re on lockdown and self-quarantined.

Democrat Biden tacks left, backs Warren bankruptcy plan with student loan relief

California officials “were stunned” to see Trump team “present a graphic for a modest pilot program that California's been developing with Alphabet as if it were a Trump administration program that was a nationwide initiative and ready to go...”

Wait, just so I’m clear: The Coronavirus hoax that the Democrats made up to hurt Trump is actually the Obamavirus National Emergency from which Trump is saving us. Did I do that right?

A coronavirus cautionary tale from Italy: Don’t do what we did Many of us were too selfish to follow suggestions to change our behavior. Now we’re in lockdown and people are needlessly dying

"President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser—who has zero expertise in infectious diseases—saw the administration floundering and inserted himself at the helm, believing he could break the logjam of internal dysfunction."

BREAKING: Georgia postpones presidential primary over coronavirus pandemic

Republican Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel is ill and being tested for #coronavirus after visiting Mar-a-Lago: repor

Trump just announced to reporters he has taken a coronavirus test. He took the test Friday night after getting questions at a press conference.

Schumer Blasts Mitch McConnell For Closing The Senate Before Passing Coronavirus Aid

We simply must reconvene the Senate. No excuses. The virus is not waiting until Monday at 530 pm, and neither should we

Sicily has figured out this whole self-isolation thing

This is a public health crisis & a meltdown of the U.S. economy. The country cant wait 60 hours until Monday night @senatemajldr. Cancel your Kentucky events, head back to Washington, reconvene the Senate & #passthebill

So the White House physician isn’t an M.D. Good Lord.

You don’t even have to have gone to medical school to know that this is bunk. The real question is why are they lying to us?

Here are the Republicans who voted no on the #coronavirus bill

“Who will take care of people when the providers get sick?”

Trump Meets Nemesis, Punisher of Hubris

Here's a step-by-step look at what happens inside the body when the coronavirus takes hold

The RNC Gave Big Contracts to Companies Linked to Its Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel’s, Husband and Political Backers

“Americans have now seen the con man behind the curtain. The president, enraged for having been unmasked, will become more desperate, more unhinged...His administration may stagger on, but it will be only a hollow shell. The Trump presidency is over.”

“Scores of teenage girls in evening dresses and miniskirts, some as young as 14, danced under disco lights. It could have been a high school prom, were it not for the crowd of older men surrounding them.”

"This is everything I've trained for." What it's like on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus.

McConnell needs to call the Senate back into session this weekend for a vote on paid sick leave. Millions of workers, who have symptoms or kids whose schools have closed, do not know if they will get paid if they stay home on Monday. Why is McConnell leaving them in limbo?

BREAKING: A federal judge has just BLOCKED Trump's first food benefit cut from taking effect next month.

D.C. District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell said the Trump administration's arguments against the use of nationwide injunctions were "off-the-wall"

Trump appears to be promising there will be thousands of testing sites across the country set in parking lots of CVS, Walmarts, and Targets by Sunday night. Can this be done?

Third Mar-a-Lago guest tests positive for coronavirus

How many lives could have been saved if the Senate had removed King Fool from his idiot throne?

Doctors: Avoid shaking hands and touching common spaces Trump Coronavirus Response Team:

May 2018 - Top White House official in charge of pandemic response exits abruptly. His team at NSC has been disbanded. “These moves make us materially less safe,” one expert says.

“Again, we don't want everyone taking this test,” says Trump. On what medical basis?

I asked Pelosi: You spoke with Mnuchin more than 20 times over the last day or so. Did you speak to the president at all over the course of these negotiations? Pelosi: “No. No.” Raju: And why not? He’s the one who signs this into law. Pelosi: “Well there’s no need for that”

Thread: Everyone who still acts shocked about anything Trump does: He's an agent of foreign powers sent to damage everything he can. This clears up all confusion.

Inbox: Sen. Kamala Harris to Mitch McConnell: Cancel the weekend & call the Senate back to vote on the emergency coronavirus bill.

Thread: WORD TO THE WISE>> During this coronavirus crisis, keep an eye on every move of my old industry: health insurers. Behind the PR spin, they will be doing everything they can to deny care & maintain profits, while making it look like they’re heroes. Here’s what to look for

A couple in Vancouver have spent $70,000 buying all the disinfectant wipes at multiple Costco outlets and selling them for up to four times as much on Amazon

The office was disbanded by Bolton and folded into the WMD directorate. Dr. Fauci on Wednesday said “it would be nice if that office were still there.” Of roughly 115 policy specialists at NSC, there are currently just 2 people who specialize in pandemics.

“Trump is such a habitual liar that he is incapable of being honest, even when being honest would serve his interests.”

A 68 second snapshot of how the Trump presidency will be remembered.

Trump uses the term “nasty” when a smart, strong woman confronts him w/ hard facts & questions he can’t handle. Yes, the Trump administration fired the U.S. pandemic response team 2 years before the coronavirus crisis.

BREAKING: Brazil's Chargé d'Affaires in Washington, Ambassador Nestor Forster Jr., who was seated at a table with TRUMP, IVANKA, and JARED KUSHNER during a dinner at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday, has tested positive for coronavirus.

Uh... please wash those hands.

Meanwhile, the United States Army is withholding funds from its top bio research lab -- the place where they work on vaccines for the deadliest of infectious diseases.

Trump slapped tariffs on medical supplies coming in from China, despite warnings that doing so would hurt America’s ability to cope with a public health emergency.

Trump just essentially handed responsibility for handling a once-in-a-century pandemic to a bunch of for-profit corporations.... which he made sure to individually name in the minutes right before the stock market closed.

Trump’s False Claims About His Response to the Coronavirus

So the message sent is that if you are in close proximity to and shaking hands with TWO INFECTED INDIVIDUALS you should NOT get tested. How is this anything but an attempt to suppress the numbers of those infected?

Trump fanned the flames of this #pandemic by failing to deploy sufficient testing capacity that we still don’t have. As a consequence, the #coronavirus has been allowed to spread undetected across our country for many weeks.

Great pity for all of her own people and her friends and Allies that #USA has the misfortune to be lead ,at a moment of great crisis,by @realDonaldTrump ,totally inadequate and so obviously not up to the job in any single respect #WhollyDelusional

Trump admin fails on basic guidance to Americans facing coronavirus

Threat of crush of coronavirus cases calls for creative solutions

Seattle mayor shares insights on responding to coronavirus outbreak

No quick solution to treat coronavirus despite hopeful leads

Infection rate charts forecast steep rise in US coronavirus cases

The Trump Presidency Is Over

“ No, I don’t take responsibility at all.” Donald Trump 03/13/20. Let these words end this disgraceful Presidency. He is unfit for his high office and profoundly so for this moment of national emergency. He doesn’t understand the concepts of service or leadership at any level.

I’m hearing he’s apparently arguing over a single sentence (not sure which one). Seems like he wants to delay commitment to Monday to hit stock market.

COVID-19 In 2018, health experts warned Trump. Putting tariffs on medical products would hurt US preparedness for pandemics. He did it anyway. How Trump's tariffs may contribute to shortages at the time of a national health crisis. My latest

The Fox Business show hosted by Trish Regan is going on hiatus following controversial comments she made on the air Monday about the coronavirus

The House just passed another bipartisan bill putting American families first as we respond to Coronavirus: Coronavirus tests at no cost to all who need them. Paid sick leave, expanded food security, enhanced unemployment insurance and more. We’re all in this together.

After Trump said earlier he would probably get tested for coronavirus, his White House doctor issues a memo saying he shouldn’t self-quarantine or get tested despite interacting with multiple people who have since tested positive

Mexico is considering closing its border to stop Americans bringing coronavirus into its country

Poll: Democrat Sara Gideon leads GOP incumbent Susan Collins by 4 points in Maine Senate race

A scathing rebuke to Roberts: "The only constitutional freedoms ultimately recognized may soon be limited to those useful to wealthy, Republican, White, straight, Christian, and armed males - and the corporations they control. This is wrong. Period. This is not America."

Trump said the whole system will be up and running by Sunday night. Now, it turns out, it’s a pilot program for just the Bay Area? This is crazy. And he had the audacity to take a jab at the ACA website. Is this just another Trump con?

Utah Jazz used more than half of Oklahoma’s daily coronavirus tests

Trump’s doctor claims he doesn’t need to be quarantined or tested despite physical contact with two individuals who tested positive. What do other medical professionals think?

"As of Friday evening, at least 2,110 people in 48 states and Washington, D.C. have tested positive for coronavirus, according to a New York Times database"

Schumer: "It was remarkably irresponsible and out of touch for Sen. McConnell to send senators out of town for the weekend in the middle of this public health crisis and before the House passed this ... legislation. Sen. McConnell & Republicans should pass this ... immediately."

NEW : CBS News has confirmed that the State Department hauled in the Chinese ambassador for claims the foreign ministry made that the coronavirus may have originated with the US military.

The House’s Coronavirus Bill will pass tonight. Trump is ready to sign it. But Mitch McConnell is taking a 3-day weekend to party with Brett Kavanaugh, so the Senate wont be able to pass the bill until Monday. A total dereliction of duty. Meanwhile more Americans get sick.

Trump may have trotted out the head of CVS, but Sherrod Brown brought the damn receipts.

As of 6:22pm ET today at least 46,000 schools closed due to #coronavirus affecting 26 million kids. Learn how you can join @NoKidHungry in helping the kids who rely on school for nutrition:

If you wanna know what @Yamiche was asking about, here's Trump ADMITTING to cutting the Pandemic Response Team in 2018

Seriously? Maybe the President should focus on getting testing for the Coronavirus out to the people of this country instead of unfairly blaming Barack Obama & Joe Biden for the H1N1 response ten years ago. Here’s what really happened:

BREAKING: The full D.C. Circuit has granted the House Judiciary request to rehear the lawsuit for McGahn's testimony, oral arguments set for April 28.

Not true, @realDonaldTrump. I wrote to you more than 600 days ago demanding answers after you fired the entire White House pandemic team

Asia’s richest man say's he'll donate 500,000 testing kits and 1 million masks to the U.S. in an effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic

BREAKING: The full federal Court of Appeals in D.C. has *vacated* the ruling against the House in the MCGAHN case and agreed to rehear the matter.

From a GOP source: "We're worried because of how bad he did in primetime and how whenever he opens his mouth the market tanks and people panic even more. It's not a good look for the U.S."

Donald Trump just stood at a podium in the Rose Garden and blatantly lied about Google developing a website that would screen people on whether or not they need a test for the coronavirus. We know this because moments later Google flatly denied it. This is our reality.

Google confirms that it is not building a nationwide coronavirus screening website, contrary to what Trump announced. Another Alphabet company, Verily, has an early project that only works in the Bay Area. @backlon with the scoop:

A senior White House official now says the coronavirus bill deal has hit a snag. That person says “Text doesn't yet reflect agreement between Secretary Mnuchin and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

(Verge) - Google is not working with the US government in building a nationwide website to help people determine whether and how to get a novel coronavirus test, despite what [POTUS] said in the course of issuing an emergency declaration ..

Since lots of people have asked me: No, Trump cannot use his executive powers, even in a national emergency, to delay the November 2020 election. Only Congress can set the date of the presidential election.

President Trump closed the White House pandemic office. I ran it.

....kill us all

"I don't take responsibility at all." - Trump. March 13, 2020. This quote will be etched in history. Just remember it.

The companies that feed America brace for labor shortages and worry about restocking stores as coronavirus pandemic intensifies

“I don’t take responsibility at all.”

Strange. But trump and the republicans response to the corona-virus makes me wonder if they want it to spread throughout the country? Can't figure out why? Any ideas?

Yes, Putin runs USA pandemic response.


Four people at Mar-a-Lago with Trump last weekend have now tested positive for coronavirus: Bolsonaro's lawyer Karina Kufa, his aide Fabio Wajngarten, Miami mayor Francis Suarez, and an unnamed Republican donor. Probably more.

Down to a four day supply of gloves *at the hospital*. Tracks with what Seattle’s mayor told me tonight about their local first responders also running out of gloves, goggles, and masks.

BREAKING: @DepSecDef just announced Pentagon is banning all DOMESTIC travel for everyone affiliated with the Department of Defense.

Germany sends a million facemasks to Italy

Thread: I just spent hours waiting, outside, in the cold and rain, at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles waiting to get my daughter tested for #coronavirus after a week of symptoms and the discovery of a recent exposure.

President Trump accused one reporter of asking a “nasty question” at his press conference because it implied he has not handled the coronavirus pandemic perfectly

Despite Speaker Pelosi announcing an agreement with the White House, there has now been a significant snag, based on what @Phil_Mattingly & I are hearing. Secretary Mnuchin was supposed to be on Lou Dobbs’s show earlier this hour but it’s been pushed...

JUST IN: White House puts out memo from Trump's physician saying his exposure to two people who developed coronavirus doesn't require self-quarantine or a test.

The House overwhelmingly passed 363-40 the economic relief bill for the coronavirus, dedicating tens of billions of dollars for paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, free testing and other measures to help Americans impacted by the crisis.

BREAKING: A federal judge has just BLOCKED Trump's first food benefit cut from taking effect next month.