Sunday, June 9, 2019

The cheater in the Oval Office should be banished from the tribe - Los Angeles Times

“Call immigrant detention centers what they really are: concentration camps” Los Angeles Times

Two senators plan to introduce a bill designed to force a vote on U.S. arms sales and other military support to Saudi Arabia, saying it's time lawmakers checked Trump's attempts to bypass Congress on foreign policy

A Saudi teenager faces the death penalty for participating in anti government protests when he was 10 years old.

Mitch McConnell has ZERO legislative agenda. The Senate, under his leadership, isn't doing a thing. One GOP Senator pushes back, but is it widespread in the caucus? Let this video make clear: The Republicans have no vision for this country

Evidence of the cheap herbicide’s danger to biological functions and the environment continues to mount. Why are U.S. regulators not listening?

On climate change, a senior Trump National Security Council official criticized State Dept scientific testimony by saying “a consensus of peer reviewed literature has nothing to do with the truth.” Policy liberated from facts and reason is a road to Hell.

Largest popular vote margin in history in November 1972. Gone by August 1974 because Congress did its job. 45 years later they’re scared of a Russian stooge who lost the popular vote? Pathetic. Nixon reelected in landslide, Nov. 7, 1972

So ridiculous and so grandiose. One can see why @realDonaldTrump likes him. “Yes, Billy, you are just like those D-Day paratroopers.”

The Golf on Your Own Damn Dime Act of 2019 is gaining momentum. Now we just need a Congressional sponsor or two

Military judge refuses to drop war crimes case against Navy SEAL

Beto O'Rourke says Trump committed crimes that he believes can be prosecuted. "We must proceed with impeachment so that we get the facts and the truth, and at the end of the day there is justice for ... 2016 and the other potential crimes that this president has committed."

ICE deported veterans while ‘unaware’ it was required to carefully screen them, report says

Trump, the ‘lying press’ and the Nazis: Attacking the media has a history

A "Central Park Five" survivor's tear-filled plea: "Donald Trump put a bounty on our heads"

'It's been a disaster.' Inside the Trump super PAC struggles

Later this morning... on CNN’s @ReliableSources with @brianstelter and @CBSSunday learn more about my new book: “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.” It’s out on June 11th. The truth is worth the fight...

He basically disrespected the memory of those who died in action.#DraftDodger #WilliamBarr (@TheJusticeDept) told "lawmakers he did not register for the military #draft during the Vietnam War, before saying... that he had in fact signed up."

Yes, Trump's tariffs are costing billions. No, China isn't paying

.@realDonaldTrump ran a great scam but for the #Kochbrothers @The_JBS to deliver America to Russia and China was a masterstroke. Also provides evidence Fred Koch was a mole. Like his father Hotze Koch. The most disloyal family in America. What should be their penance?

As usual Trump made a threat (tariffs on Mexico) that he couldn’t fulfill (Congress was going to block him) and so he had no leverage with Mexico. Mexico knew this, so they just committed to do things they were already doing. No breakthrough. No way to judge if they make good.

Forget Alex Jones — the real star of the conspiracy internet is Natural News founder Mike Adams. He sells beet powder and calls for Trump to purge "journo-terrorists."

2 former state senators found dead in Arkansas and Oklahoma within days

ICYMI: earlier this week, WaPo published a great expose on Trump hotels. This isn’t getting near the attention it should. This is exactly why you don’t elect a president with sprawling business interests who refuses to divest. People are trying to bribe Trump to go to war.

FACT: The joint US-Mexico declaration, which is less than 500 words long, requires Mexico to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING it isn't already doing. It is not a "deal." It is a fig leaf to cover up Trump's humiliating diplomatic defeat

"Let’s be blunt: Some in our media are uncomfortable using the word 'terrorist' when the person involved is white as opposed to brown... But by charging white supremacists formally with terrorism, the media would be required to use the word."

Trump says he inherited a mess. What's the world think?

Mexico never agreed to buy more U.S. farm products as part of the deal struck with the Trump admin, three Mexican officials tell Bloomberg, contradicting a claim made by Trump.

Mitt Romney says he may not endorse Trump in 2020

Would someone get Trump a dog. He needs a friend so he won’t endlessly vent on Twitter. He’s uninterested in government and policy. He doesn’t read. He doesn’t exercise. He has no real friends. A dog might save humankind. Admittedly, it a lot to ask of a dog. But help is needed.

U.S. embassies defy Trump admin policy and fly rainbow flag for Pride

Donald Trump's sons still haven’t paid the tab on their Doonbeg pub crawl

I'm a #Navy #Veteran and I am greatly concerned about allowing Saudia Arabia access to our weapons manufacturing technology. This is a betrayal & you can bet this will be used against us. Republicans are no longer protecting our country.

A veteran died in police custody. After his body was returned to his family with some organs missing, they're looking for answers

Bloomberg News: "Mexico never agreed to buy more U.S. farm products as part of a deal reached late Friday on border security and illegal immigration that averted the threat of U.S. tariffs, said three Mexican officials."

White House blocked intelligence agency’s written testimony saying human-caused climate change could be "possibly catastrophic"

House Democrats plan event to examine Donald Trump's allegedly deteriorating mental health

Bill Barr "strayed from the ideals of the DOJ and everything it should stand for," Mimi Rocah says

Breaking News: President Trump hailed his new deal with Mexico to avoid tariffs. But the terms were actually agreed on months ago, officials in both nations said.