Friday, November 3, 2017

Mercers “bought their way into stratospheric influence, even as regulators and legislators stand by,”

Trump administration releases report finding ‘no convincing alternative explanation’ for climate change

Im calling, alongside @replouiegohmert & @RepAndyBiggsAZ, for #Mueller to step down from Special Counsel immediately

Bob Corker blasts Trump for pressuring DOJ

BREAKING: Canada sanctions 52 individuals from Russia, South Sudan & Venezuela on the basis of new Magnitsky Act

Solving the Mystery of the Maltese Professor

BREAKING: Mass. adopts ban on bump stocks; becomes 1st state to do so since Las Vegas massacre

Right wing blogger Jenna Abrams, who has 70,000 followers, does not exist, was created by St. Petersburg troll farm

JUST IN: DNC email hacker altered stolen emails to get media attention: report

JUST IN: Conservative tax group: Economic growth from GOP tax bill will only pay for a third of its cost

What's in the House GOP tax plan? News Hour read through the 400-page bill to explain what it might mean for you

Federal judge in NY has denied request for Natalia Veselnitskaya to re-enter the US for new Prevezon hearings

Here’s why Ed Gillespie doesn’t like to talk about his lobbying clients

My full statement — Senator Bob Corker

Source who is being examined by special counsel: "It's every man for himself"

tRUmp and #TeamTreason need Sessions out as AG so they can quickly replace with a lackey to fire Mueller. Don’t fall for it.

These folks are always right.

Sen Warren respomds to Trump

NEW Filing In Manafort CaseπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Manafort’s response to Judge’s Minute Order.

Trump is leading the most corrupt administration in US history, one of first-class Kleptocrats

News: Special counsel told US District Court judge that prosecution will need 3 weeks (15 trial days) to present case against Manafort/Gates

EN+, Russian Firm Controlled by Putin Ally Oleg Deripaska, Raises $1.5 Billion in IPO on Friday

Judge mulls gag order in Manafort, Gates case

Carried Interest Loophole Preserved in House Republican Tax Bill

Monsanto created a huge problem. Now that problem might be driving sales.

How Russian Facebook ads used race and religion to inflame divisions

Ivanka Trump's speech about sexual harassment baffles everyone

Why are Republicans suddenly willing to embrace $1.5 trillion in new debt?

Declaring the NYC attacker an "enemy combatant" would just be faking toughness on terrorism, argues

At courthouse overseeing Trump-Russia probe, DOJs Rosenstein extols rule of law

Most Aggressively Unqualified Presidential Staff Like Ever, OK?

The GOP’s hidden 46% tax bracket

Drinking water at risk? Crazy: Trump administration recommends uranium mining in the Grand Canyon

President Trump is the master of abhorrent identity politics

Republicans have a plan to hurt blue states. It could backfire.

The Massachusetts Legislature moves to ban bump stocks

Drill, baby, drill: GOP aims to sell wilderness drilling rights — dirt cheap

Senate littered with tax reform land mines

BREAKING: Possible Trump-Putin at APEC summit being discussed

The Trump Administration Is Being Sued Over Its Secretive Plan To Shrink National Monuments

Republicans want to send the NY terror suspect to Guantanamo because he could be tortured there

As Mueller Picks Up Pace, Capital Roils With Talk Of Pardons And Firing

With Asia Trip, Trump Hopes To Shift Focus From Russia To North Korea

Senate Republicans Say Trump Ruled Out 'Dreamer' Protections In Spending Bill

My Latest-->We'll know soon why this Reality TV president kowtows to Putin. The season finale is gonna be YUGE!

Duty to warn

If Johnson Amendment is repealed, you can kiss the idea of separation of church and state goodbye.

Opinion | The grotesque GOP tax bill is a plan almost nobody can love

Joseph Mifsud, Papadopoulos's professor contact, has closed up shop in London, and the Guardian can't find him.

Milo SVB Mercer story reveals Bob Mercer’s SVB link. This story is why Mercer is under an espionage investigation


A 'digital hit list' and new DOJ findings offer the clearest evidence yet that Russia hacked the DNC

58% of Americans approve of how Robert Mueller is handling Russia probe, ABC News / Washington Post poll finds.

Why does Lindsey Graham applaud Trump's irrational foreign policy?

35% of US stocks are foreign-owned, so $70 billion a year of tax benefits would go to people in other countries.

Trump: 'I will be blaming Mnuchin and Cohn' for any trouble with tax reform

Former CIA director John Brennan says on record he asked Repubs to condemn Russian sabotage, and was rebuffed

Ex-Trump adviser: Sessions warned campaign aides not to discuss proposed Putin meeting over leak concerns

Oregon and New York top the list of states hit by ending certain tax deductions

Poll: Almost half of Americans think Trump committed a crime related to Russian meddling

The fix is in. They set up Sessions to take the fall. After he is gone, a new acting AG fires Mueller.

Trump withdraws US from international agreement to fight oil and gas corruption

Lawmakers: Carter Page withholding documents from their Russia probe

A departing Twitter employee deactivates Donald Trump's account on their way out the door

There are two Donald Trumps. Which will show up in Asia?

Trump: 'We'll see' if Tillerson lasts duration of term

Trump and Sessions denied knowing about Russian contacts. But Mueller filed court documents suggesting otherwise.

Trump: "We don't need" to fill top State Department posts because "I'm the only one that matters"

Exclusive: Carter Page testifies he told Sessions about Russia trip

WATCH our two-part investigation, "Putin's Revenge," online, at any time

Trump: It's "sad" and "frustrating" that I can't be involved in FBI investigations

Facebook now says as many as 60,000,000 of its accounts are fake

The Republicans’ tax bill would let ministers endorse political candidates

Robert Mercers Horseh*t Mea Culpa Is Too Little, Too Late

NEW: Carter Page privately testified that he mentioned to Sessions he was traveling to Russia during 2016 campaign

Holy cow. The Cut Cut Cut Act repeals the credit for small businesses to provide access to disabled people. Not a joke

NEW: George Papadopoulos met with Greek politician in December-that same politician met with Pence, was at WH event w/Trump & at Blair House

Pence spokesman clarifies: Pence never spoke with Russian officials during campaign

Security and trade will loom large during President Donald Trump's first official visit to Asia.

Lamar Smith to retire from Congress

Who gets most of the $1.5 trillion in tax cuts?

The Trump-GOP tax cuts mostly go to big business, followed by the super-rich. Less than a fifth goes to ordinary Americans. Josh Barro and David Cay Johnston join Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss.

Carter Page says he told Jeff Sessions about Russia trip

Rachel Maddow reports late breaking news that Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page says he told Jeff Sessions about his trip to Russia, exposing Sessions for having told the Senate he wasn't aware of any such contacts.

Schumer: Trump hurts country seeking political gain in tragedy

Senator Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump attacking him on immigration in the immediate aftermath of the terror attack in New York City.

Schumer: GOP tax bill stinks like a dead fish

Senator Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow about the problems he sees in the new Republican tax bill, the right wing's faux concern about deficits, and the GOP's twisted idea of bipartisanship.

Schumer on Sessions Russia testimony: Perjury would be looked at

Senator Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow about Jeff Sessions' ever-evolving story about contacts with Russia, and protecting Robert Mueller's Trump Russia investigation from Trump supporters who would derail it.