Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Netanyahu officially indicted in court after withdrawing immunity bid

Asked if Bolton should testify at Trump's impeachment trial, John Kelly said he supports calling witnesses. Kelly said if the reporting on what Bolton wrote is accurate, he believes Bolton: "If John Bolton says that in the book I believe John Bolton."

White House claim: Trump has been impeached over a policy disagreement. Reality: He created an irregular back channel for Ukraine policy through his personal political lawyer. "There's a lot of talk about Biden's son" is not a policy.

Adam Schiff calls out Trump lawyers for making two opposite and competing arguments about impeachment witnesses

Trump lawyer @JaySekulow just made a great argument for why the U.S. Senate should call John Bolton as a witness

If this report that the RNC is paying personal Trump's lawyers is correct, he must disclose that gift on his annual financial disclosure form, which is due May 15, 2020.

Congressional Dems are continuing to call for witnesses and documents, and they warned more damaging information about Trump’s interactions with Ukraine could come out

Schiff to Trump defense team: Mulvaney has said he disputes what John Bolton has to say. Let them call Mick Mulvaney. Let them call Secretary Pompeo. Let them call people that are percipient witnesses...if they want a witness for witness. But that’s not really what they want

This is either willfully ignorant or super dense. The reason Rep. Schiff says we can't trust whether the election outcome is fair is because THE PRESIDENT IS TRYING TO CHEAT AND GAIN AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. It's literally what the trial is about. Good lord McSally, keep up.

Pretty big news: DOJ announced this morning that the chairman of Harvard's chemistry department was arrested in connection with aiding China. Another Chinese national was arrested & charged w/attempting to smuggle 21 vials of biological research to China.

Rand Paul dismisses Bolton's potential first-hand knowledge of a corrupt quid pro quo: "You have to ask if they have any motives that are for their own self-interest & not for betterment of the country ... I think he's angry he was fired ... it should be taken w/ grain of salt"

"If we don't [have their support], life goes on" -- Trump admits he hasn't even spoken to Palestinians about his Middle East peace plan

This Amazon warehouse’s rate of serious injuries — those that require job restrictions or days off work — was nearly three times the national warehouse industry average. Here's an inside look at the Fresno fulfillment center's injury rate

@WHO Situation report - 7 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) 27 January 2020

Germany has reported its first case of Wuhan coronavirus, according to a statement released by the Bavarian Ministry of Health in Munich late Monday

When does ordinary Republican partisanship become treason? - Baltimore Sun

White House claim: Abuse of power is not impeachable. Reality: The Framers made clear that it is. Hamilton: impeachment is for “those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust.”

Hong Kong to suspend rail, ferry services and halve flights to mainland China in bid to stop spread of coronavirus

Buy some plane tickets and ask foreign governments for press credentials along Pompeo’s itinerary. That’s what I did when my press pass was seized and Trump went to France. Cover him anyway.

NPR reporter Michele Kelemen was notified that she was being removed from the press pool covering Mike Pompeo's upcoming trip to the UK, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan — just a few days after Pompeo responded angrily to an interviewer from NPR

Robert Ray is correct that the call by @realDonaldTrump to the Ukrainian leader was less than perfect. In fact, when you put that call in the context of the overall pressure campaign by Trump and his associates, it was perfectly ILLEGAL.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday he has withdrawn his request for immunity from prosecution on corruption charges

Once again, the argument that Dersh is making undercuts the defense. He is saying any kind of quid pro quo, *even if there is a personal benefit* is not impeachable, let alone a crime. Then what was there to investigate w Biden??? He has the same defense!

Emails obtained by The Washington Post show that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s staff agreed he could be asked about Ukraine in an interview with NPR, despite him later denying this and calling NPR’s reporter a liar.

The White House is reportedly considering taking out a restraining order to silence the former national security adviser

Remember, Biden's job was to fire the prosecutor who REFUSED to prosecute the firm that employed his son. A prosecutor that the EU, the IMF & others wanted fired because he refused to prosecute corruption. Biden was doing what was in the nation's interest, not his son's interest.

Ken Starr’s “Rodino Rule” that you only proceed with impeachment when it is bipartisan is baloney, and a distortion of history. The Nixon process became bipartisan only as Republicans discovered his guilt. The GOP of 1970s refused to coverup for him! Not so today, it appears.

Trump bought off the jury and hints at bigger tax cuts. 7 Senators which include Ron Johnson and David Perdue, have personally reaped hundreds of millions from the tax law and are repaying Trump by serving as his propaganda machine

There is a strong consensus among legal scholars and impeachment experts that the arguments Dershowitz is making right now on the Senate floor... are bogus. He’s arguing that there must be a crime to impeach a president.

John Bolton is an extreme hawk on Iran. 2 days after Bolton submitted his manuscript to the White House, Trump killed Iran's General Qassem Soleimani. Coincidence? Or was Trump trying to influence Bolton not to testify to the Senate?

Imagine if the abuse of power weren’t impeachable. A president could use his command of the military to halt elections, or leverage US tax dollars to attract illegal foreign backing and then, you know, obstruct law enforcement and Congressional investigations without consequence.

"CNNs Don Lemon Cracks Up As Rick Wilson, Wajahat Ali Trash Trump Supporters As Ignorant Rubes"


Spoken like someone who’s never been to war. Just like his boss.

BARR told Bolton that Trump was implying to dictators in Turkey and China that he (Barr) could end investigations there if those countries did specific favors for Trump.

Notable. Trump attorney Robert Ray tells Senators he understands if they believe Trump’s call was “less than perfect.”

Harris: Trump Biden attack a trial red herring

John Bolton cannot be dismissed as a liberal deep-state conspirator

Bolton revelations could change calculus on impeachment witnesses

You know Ukraine is just the tip of the criminal iceberg. Think how many foreign calls he likely crossed the line

I wrote something for @nytimes: Don't be Confused by Trump's Defense. What He Is Accused of Are Crimes.

Rudy Giuliani's son makes $95,000 as sports liaison for White House

Try as they might, the White House should know that the evidence against Donald Trump will not be hidden forever. On day one as president, I will order the release of every document related to this impeachment inquiry. The American people deserve to know the truth.

Seeing progress, Schumer warns of Trump, McConnell power over GOP

Bolton manuscript delivers series of shocks to Trump impeachment

Breaking: Bolton's team believes White House made copies of his book

what is even happening

"Bolton was regularly appalled by what he saw from the president, the people close to him said. He wondered at times if Trump was acting in America’s best interest or if he was inspired by nefarious reasons..."

The defense team’s strategy rests on pretending that news doesn’t exist. — Justin Amash

Alan Dershowitz wants senators to ignore the specific charges in the articles of impeachment and focus only on the headings, which he calls deficient. The articles are not just the titles “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction of Congress” but also the text describing the misconduct.

In answer to Dershowitz, If President Hillary Clinton tried to coerce Xi to open an investigation of Ivanka to help her reelection in 2020 against electoral challenger, Trump, I would consider that corrupt behavior.

This lawyer also said “Most of the Democrats’ witnesses have never spoken to the President at all, let alone about Ukraine security assistance.” It's all quite an attempt at misdirection, by a taxpayer funded lawyer who is supposed to defend the Presidency, not the President.

Hannity previews Trump’s final defense: So what if he’s guilty?

Fox really isn’t taking the John Bolton News very well

"The former national security adviser shared his unease with the attorney general, who cited his own worries about the president’s conversations with the leaders of Turkey and China."

House Minority Leader Schumer comments on unfolding information tied to Trump-Ukraine scandal: "It's a little like Watergate. Things keep dripping out...the truth comes and the Republicans and the president lose ground."

Remember when people had to go to 4chan for conspiracy theories this nuts?