Monday, October 16, 2017

GQ Magazine 5:13 Donald Trump is the Weinstein of Washington

A year ago: Obama press conference in the Rose Garden, when he criticized Trump for “whining” about voter fraud and not showing “toughness.”

Fusion GPS co-founders will invoke their constitutional privileges not to testify before the HPSCI after Nunes subpoena.

The Pentagon is worried about hackers causing a stock market crash

NEW: State Department spokesperson says U.S. is "very concerned by reports of violence around Kirkuk, Iraq" and monitoring situation closely

Sally Yates: The W.H. has violated “important norms” governing the rule of law in its relationship with the DOJ.

Having a VP Koch Addict in the WH is impacting strategy, and positioning a Koch-Pence presidency post-Trump.

JUST IN: Senate confirms Callista Gingrich as Trump's ambassador to Vatican

Pres. Trump on Sen. McConnell and Congress: “We’re not getting the job done … and I’m not going to blame myself.”

Trump's EPA swears off settling lawsuits with environmentalists

Trump claims that Obama and “most” other presidents “didn’t make calls” to families of fallen American soldiers.

My convo w/ @voxdotcom on climate politics, my carbon fee bill & why the GOP can't survive as the party of deniers

Bharara on whether Turkey pushed for his ouster

Naval hospital sits on Puerto Rico's shore, nearly empty

Trump ignored the central question: What were U.S. soldiers doing in Niger in the first place?

Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist

Thanks to Trump, America's word is now worthless.

Trump: Cuba is 'responsible' for sonic attacks on embassy staff

VIDEO: Devastating short-film of a Kansas Republican laying out the damage Trump/Brownback tax breaks do

In the wake of this Washington Post report, Schumer calls on @realdonaldtrump to withdraw Marino nomination


When the conversation in a meeting turned to gay rights, Donald Trump motioned toward Mike Pence and joked

White House calls for black female reporter who criticized Trump to be fired

Russian spies lobbied a GOP presidential campaign to support a major change in its foreign policy.

Is Donald Trump Installing a Mole in the Mueller Probe?

The scamming runs very, very deep

McConnell says he is eliminating the blue slip for judicial nominees. Here's everything you need to know

Psychologists march through New York calling for Trump to be removed from office

Shep Smith lambastes Trump for claiming ‘Obamacare is dead’: ‘It is still the law of the land’

Trump attacks past sexual assault allegations against him as "fake news"

Florida governor declares state of emergency ahead of Richard Spencer speech at University of Florida

Here’s the Memo the Kremlin-Linked Lawyer Took to the Meeting With Donald Trump Jr.

Paul Ryan: Claim that GOP tax overhaul favors wealthy is 'class warfare rhetoric'

Conservative columnist: Bannon "used to leak against" Trump

Trump Keeps Getting Mad When He Finds Out What His Policies Actually Do

HOUSE INTEL interviewed figures enlisted by GOP operative who sought hacked Clinton emails

Opinion: The opioid epidemic simply slipped through the cracks

WATCH: Trump: "There's no such thing as ObamaCare anymore"

'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

Collins: Women in Senate face ‘extra barrier,’ must 'prove that we belong'

Trump is Horrible, but Pence May Be Worse. This is Disgusting!

Democrats will not be cowed by Donald Trump’s efforts to bully us into paying for his border wall

Man rescued from Taliban: I thought my captors were kidding when they said Trump was president

The Koch brothers (& their friends) want President Trump’s tax cut. Very badly.

Dozens still missing in California wildfires as crews gain ground

Donald Trump and the Dawn of the Evangelical-Nationalist Alliance

Bannon: Kochs "would own" Pence if he became president

Mike Huckabee Endorses Biblical Slavery For Criminals

St. John, which is part of the US Virgin Islands (all American citizens), is 100% without power since Sept. 6.

The Danger of President Pence

Hillary Clinton suggests Russian interference in US election was a "cyber 9/11"

Former DEA deputy says drug distributors turned a blind eye to pain pills being diverted to illicit use

'The American government has failed.' Celebrity chef José Andrés slams FEMA's Puerto Rico response

Donald Trump’s appetite for half-hearted destruction

Analysis: Trump’s attacks on Senate Republicans are paying political dividends

Trump allies worry that losing the House means impeachment

During the transition, Wilbur Ross quietly moved assets into trusts—left $2BIL+ off his financial disclosure report.

Franken: Trump decertifying Iran deal undermines America as a world leader

Former DEA agent: Congress, drug industry hindered opioid crackdown

Health insurance is good not just for individuals but for democracy

Trump voter fraud commission staffer arrested on child pornography charges

Inside the adult day-care center: How aides try to control and coerce Trump

La Crosse doctor, back from Puerto Rico, suspects hundreds more dead

Fearing deportation, many domestic violence victims are steering clear of police and courts

The WPA2 security protocol used by virtually every Wi-Fi network has been breached

Did Donald Trump forget to wish Tiffany Trump a happy birthday?

Lawsuit accusing Trump of violating Constitution's ban on payments from foreign governments heads to court

Trump's presidency is bad for business — his own

White House pitches corporate tax cut swearing that it’s a win for workers

Feinstein draws primary challenge from Democrat de León

Sen. Lindsey Graham: If tax reform doesn't get done, "it'll be the end of Mitch McConnell as we know it.

Trumps Executive Actions May Mean More Headaches For Struggling Congress

The Kushners' ambitious plan for their Fifth Avenue tower gets blocked by partner

The World Once Laughed at North Korean Cyberpower. No More.

The Trump campaign is paying for Donald Trump, Jr.'s mounting legal fees in the Russian probe

Marijuana farmer’s dreams go up in smoke during California wildfires

Deficit hawks trampled in GOP tax cut stampede

The White Houses Pathetic Breast-Cancer Pinkwashing

Trumps Big BetThat Republican Voters Like Him More Than Their Party or Congress

Marine, Fighter Pilot, War Vet and Woman and Democrat

Facebook is looking to hire people who have national security clearances, a source says

Weather company CEO nominated to head NOAA. He wants Gov to stop giving you free weather forecasts so you can pay for it.

Evacuees in shelters struggle to adjust but heap praise on volunteers as California wildfires rage on.

Inmates in Texas prisons donate more than $53,000 for Hurricane Harvey relief

It Appears Putin & Trump Helped Create the Seth Rich Hoax

Right-Wing Troll Charles Johnson Maxes Out Donation to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

Hannity Knows Better Than USIC

The startup cost of influencing a US presidential election with fake news on Facebook is $50

Bob Schieffer: Trump's attacks on media are "undermining the foundations of our democracy"

Russian trolls were ordered to watch "House of Cards" to understand U.S. politics and craft messages, ex-worker says

Q&A: Masha Gessen sees a bleak future for Putin's Russia

Macron: I warned Trump against decertifying Iran deal

Japan exasperated by Trump’s trade policies

Firefighters from Merced, CA, hoist American flag they found untouched amid wildfire devastation in Sonoma County


Janet Yellen says her "best guess" is that U.S. inflation will accelerate soon

Oil jumps on concerns over potential renewed U.S. sanctions against Iran and conflict in Iraq

The EPA announced it will let farmers keep spraying a pesticide that has drifted into and damaged neighboring fields

California already had a severe housing shortage. Where will people who lost their homes to the wildfires live now?

The United States and South Korea have started five days of naval drills, which likely will anger North Korea.

Trump campaign's legal spending tops $1 million during third quarter

How to force Facebook to fix its fake news problem

1600 PENN Trump's Love Affair with Coal

Trump silent as questions remain over deadly Niger ambush

Former 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick files grievance against NFL owners over alleged collusion to keep him out of league

FCC commissioner on Trump's media threats: 'History won't be kind to silence'

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley: President Trump thinks he's a "wrecking ball"

Scoop: Trump privately predicts he will appoint four justices

The list of women who have come forward about Donald Trump & Sexual assault/harassment

Presidential obstruction of justice: The case of Donald J. Trump

Trump reelection campaign raised $10 million in third quarter, spent $1.1 million on legal fees

Dem lawmaker: At least one Republican is considering articles of impeachment against Trump

Equifax - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Oct 15, 2017