Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hey look, everyone! Breitbart advertiser amazon also has ads on an article calling Jake Tapper a "filthy kike"!

Reince Priebus. The report says, "Priebus vouched for Spicer and against Trump's instincts."

Dolores Umbridge

Jim Baker to @sbg1: “We have allies that are just scared to death”

Sen Al Franken on aftermath of DeVos confirmation

Republicans are moving to make it much easier to commit voter fraud.

Illegal voter hoo ha by Trump just smoke screen lead up to this. We know what you're doing.

Once again Little Marco Rubio had an opportunity to do right and show America he could lead. Just like w/Tillerson confirmation, he choked.

Judges grill lawyers over Trump's immigration order. Find out more

Government by White Nationalism Is Upon Us. It’s not just rhetoric anymore

How might Betsy DeVos enact programs supporting school choice and vouchers? She will need cooperation from Congress,

Screw It, Let's Watch Barack Obama Kite-Surfing Wet And Half-Nekkid

Opinion via Sen Schumer: Neil Gorsuch needs 60 votes

US government's warnings to law enforcement agencies largely cite media reports that Pres. Trump says don't exist

Betsy DeVos Was confirm by a tie-breaking vote. Pay-to-Play!!

Beware Trump's Reichstag fire

Rep. Keith Ellison discusses the Democratic Party’s way forward. Trevor Noah

Government By Chaos - We Know Exactly What You're Doing

List oF GOP Shame

Mitch McConnell gives psychiatric diagnoses. Um Mitch, while you're at it...

Hey America, Your Republican ‘Representatives’ Are Literally Scared Of You. GOOD JOB!!

Army reportedly green-lights completion of Dakota Access Pipeline

Betsy Devos-our new Ed Sec has a $5.3M fine SHE STILL OWES-for breaking election laws in OH

As we now know...certain income brackets are above the law. \

Call your Senator now: 202-224-3121, and tell them to Stop Sessions tomorrow!

Why Trump voters will be hit the hardest by his policies

"There are a number of signs" that Donald Trump is an authoritarian

Mitch McConnell warns Democrats of "dysfunction fatigue" over slow rate of cabinet confirmations

Weed them, hot plate them, make fools of them, mock them, taunt them, act utterly befuddled by them, create chaos for them, turn your back on them...how chefs expedite the departure of undesirables

We are this close to a constitutional crisis

What Steve Bannon wants you to read

Pretty obvious who runs the country. Read on...

Melania’s lawyer is right: the White House is a “once in a lifetime marketing opportunity” for the Trumps

NEW: Starbucks sends letter to employees offering to direct legal resources to those affected by Pres. Trump's immigration order.

Doing the right thing wins forever loyalty

GM fourth-quarter profit falls on currency losses; stock tumbles

Yo Trump, Mr. Business Indeed

35% of Americans don’t understand that Obamacare is just another name for the Affordable Care Act

"Nancy Pelosi said was she was not ready yet to talk about impeachment. I’m ready to talk about it." - Rep. Waters

Hooray a Patriot!

As Mike Pence breaks Senate tie to confirm DeVos as education secretary, see Trump's Cabinet so far:

No matter how rich they are, the urge to grift is obsessive with this pack of jackals 

Here's the video. Let's not take any chances here. Let's destroy Donald Trump's career first. Immediately.

“Who is the state senator?” President Trump replied. “Do you want to give his name? We’ll destroy his career.”
Well if that isn't abuse of power, I don't know what is. Oh, just cuz they laugh, as we have learned with Trump, there are no jokes only retribution and revenge. IMPEACH HIS ASS NOW!

Donald Trump invites sheriff to 'destroy' the career of a Texas state lawmaker who opposes asset forfeiture

Daily Mail Called Melania A Hooker, And Now She Can’t Sell Us First Lady Fragrances! Lawsuit!

I'll up it. A gift from Putin????

Behold, The ‘Alt-Right’ ‘Proud Boys’: Fedora-Wearing, Non-Masturbating Defenders Of ‘Western Culture’

NEW: U.S. Senate votes 52-47 to advance nomination of Jeff Sessions as attorney general to full vote

President Bannon's white supremacist agenda, a racist AG. great.
Ugh...so I guess we do have to have a revolution.

I talked to a dozen+ organizers with 8 BLM groups to find out what's next for the movement under Trump

GOP senators, if you cannot bring yourself to vote No On DeVos, is there anyone POTUS could nom for any position who you could vote against?

Nope, Money from their masters, party then country...and for some that country is Russia, GOP priorities. Cowards, traitors. Out they go with a curse from history on them and their family for all time. Your very own constituents did not want this. Over  70% of Americans did not want her.
They sold our kids to DeVos, who will weed out kids with special needs, she will indoctrinate them to her Jebus somehow and the insufficient amount of money going to educate Americas children will be picked away at  further as people try to profit from public schools. God help us.
Well, now we know.

We lost. We all lost big. VP Pence breaks tie and confirms Betsy DeVos - The New York Times

GOP bought totally bought and paid for...just ask Betsey DeVos

She expected a return or her investment and it paid off. You could all have schools like we do in Massachusetts but noooooo. Who needs a good education in the times of Trump.

Hooray for the 2 who could not be bought.
Susan Collins of Maine
Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

Senate GOP leaders are confident they can squeak through President Trump's education secretary pick Betsy DeVos

Donald Trump keeps claiming he’s never spoken to Vladimir Putin. In this 2014 video, Trump says he did

Listen, Speaker Ryan: "Defunding" Planned Parenthood would be devastating for health care. A look at Racine, WI

DEMOCRAT SOROS FUNDED Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham in 2016!

Fragile Xenophobic Snowflakes Triggered By Super Bowl Ads That Forgot To Hate Mexicans

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Trump FDA pick a 'seasteading' advocate, no medical background

Rachel Maddow reminds viewers of the peculiar ideas of Jim O’Neill, Donald Trump's pick to lead the FDA, and the threat he poses to federal drug safety regulations. Duration: 3:17
Guy is dangerously bonkers..find out what "seasteading"

Why it’s so hard to find that 51st Senate vote against Betsy DeVos


Classic Trump: take a legit point -- MSM downplays jihadism -- and turn it into something totally bonkers

The Three Faces Of Trump

Russia propaganda turns up in US foreign policy query

Rachel Maddoow reports on Russia propaganda about Poland invading Belarus, which would be an obscure story except that senior White House officials have reportedly made inquiries about it, leading to questions about where the White House is getting its information. Duration: 16:06

Another state just passed a major anti-union law

Major American companies are increasingly willing to take on the new president publicly — despite potential backlash

Pence's vote to confirm Betsy DeVos would be the first by a vice president to break a tie on a cabinet nomination

Leaks suggest a White House in chaos.

One Brave GOP Sen Can Save Education But DeVos Paid Them To Play.

Trump’s cadre of cabinet members is already worth about $4.5 billion. Meet the latest billionaire who may join

Alex Jones says he is ready to die for Trump: "This is bigger than 1776 if Trump can deliver."

Die already you traitor to America

Veterans Returning To Standing Rock As Fight Against DAPL Continues

Women’s March group announces plan to hold a general strike of unprecedented proportion

Joe Scarborough: Trump’s reckless shot at a federal judge

Ask yourself, "Why DeVos"?

David Petraeus: America must stand tall

Trump Wants to Use the "Nuclear Option" to Confirm His Supreme Court Pick. Here's What You Need to Know.

Today the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments regarding President Trump's immigration order

Donald Trump seems to see allies as a burden

Steve Bannon has made common cause with elements in the Roman Catholic Church

We Love you Pope Francis!

Resistance Works

Schumer, "Now is the time to put country above party."

Democratic senator says public pressure may have swayed enough Republicans to bring down Betsy DeVos' nomination

Andrew Puzder, Trump's labor pick, admitted that he had employed an undocumented immigrant to clean his house

How Trump got credit for slashing price of fighter jet when he didn't

Trump Gives a Boost to Putin’s Propaganda

Mystery death of ex-KGB chief linked to MI6 spy's dossier on Donald Trump

California Democrats counter Trump’s threat to defund the state.

Filibuster On DeVos Nomination, Live, all night

DeVos Fillibuster - Thank You

Rural, Republican states have the most to lose from ending NAFTA

Trump attacks "out of control" California in sanctuary fight

Donald Trump's Cabinet picks, by the numbers

Dems Stand Up To GOP

CBS: Trump Spent All Day Lying To Americans

The White House has begun dismantling rules intended to protect American consumers from Wall Street banks

Bannon, "I'm a Leninist"

Bannon, "I'm a Leninist"

European Central Bank head warns on Trump deregulation push

White House memo confuses Wall Street on fate of fiduciary rule

Wall St cant wait to start fleecing folks from their retirement money again...Good times.

So-called President Trump, Daily Show

Yes but what world leader believes Trumps America anymore???

An influential investor's letter warning about the administration is hot reading material on Wall Street

A Quiet Giant of Investing Weighs In on Trump

Syria's Assad sees Trump's Islamic State view as promising

French ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy to stand trial in illegal campaign finance case, judicial sources say

What Democracy does to thieving presidents, Trump.

After sham trials lasting minutes, Assad's Syria has executed 5K to 13K people in mass hangings in just one prison

Khamenei tells Trump 'no enemy can paralyze' Iran

Trump is reportedly very angry that Sean Spicer was portrayed by a woman on SNL. Thinks that makes him look weak

"[Conway] basically said the people jamming up the phones don't matter to this White House".

Rosie has the perfect plan to help SNL drive Donald Trump over the edge

Randy Rainbow - Fact Checker