Thursday, March 9, 2017

No Russia, No Russia, YOU’RE The Russia! Wonkagenda

Ex-CIA chief: Trump is undermining intel gathering

Trevor Noah on the GOP health plan: "You done f**ked up"

NEW: 9 days after his speech made him forever presidential, Trump ain't presidential any more:

Fox's Shep Smith sounds off on the White House for defending Mike Flynn: "There's been a lot of lying."

Robert Reich on why Jeff Sessions should resign

Democrats are pushing hard for a special prosecutor in the Trump-Russia probe

Trump admin intends to press forward with its plan to send immigrants of any nationality back to Mexico

The 'nuggets of reality in sea of Trumpian paranoia'

Is a 'hostile' presence inside the federal government seeking to weaken Trump? Did this presence simply not exist before Trump took office?

Tom Cotton On New Immigration Ban, Health Care Reform, Wiretapping Claims | Morning Joe

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., discusses meeting with the president on immigration, the GOP plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, why he says the party is moving too fast on health care and Trump's tweets.

Between the Scenes - Paul Ryan's Health Care Bluff: The Daily Show

Trevor weighs in on how Paul Ryan tricked his fellow Republicans into thinking he had a health care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

Clinton on International Womens Day: "Stand up. Resist. Run for office."

Carville: It won't be easy to sell 'Chumpcare'

James Carville says that if Republicans thought it would be easy to pass their health care bill - aka Trumpcare - they have another think coming.

Bernie Sanders sounds off on Trumpcare

Trumpcare will be a disaster and hurt Trump voters the most - just listen to Senator Bernie Sanders describe how bad it will be, especially for older, poorer Americans.

Voting against your own interest

Steve Bannon's weird journey from biosphere champion to climate denying crank

Bin Laden Won His War

We are part of Russia now.

Trump allies look to turn tables on Dems, media

Did A Weird Russian Spy Lady Send These Gun-Humping Trump Creeps To Moscow? WHOA IF TRUE!

Jeff (Lying) Sessions

The American Medical Association announced that it opposed the House Republicans' proposed health plan

Dan Rather: “Every one who normalizes Mr. Trump now, or has in the past, will have to answer to future generations for their acquiescence, silence or sophistry – if, indeed, not outright cowardice."

Trump administration considers $6 billion cut to HUD budget

Republicans Release New Health Plan, And We're All Going To Die

Stephen reviews the GOP's new healthcare plan, which has many Americans worried, but not the Grim Reaper.

Ivanka's hubby Kushner owes billions to foreign interests...

Authorities looked into Manafort protégé

Long Day's Journey Into CPAC

We sent Mike Rubens to CPAC on a covert mission to figure out if conservatism is still a thing.

Full Frontal Insta-vestigation: Scott Walker Is A Human Garbage Disposal

We're here to shame Scott Walker into being a better politician, and maybe save his life.

That Was the Week that WTF | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

A new cornerstone of the conservative platform: media whiplash for all Americans!

Putin animosity for Clinton stems from role at State Department

Rachel Maddow reviews the case that Russian President Vladimir Putin developed his disdain for Hillary Clinton when she, as secretary of state, criticized the legitimacy of his election.

Trump, Tillerson weaken State Department as Putin would want

Rachel Maddow shows how the Donald Trump's State Department under Rex Tillerson is being drastically weakened, a situation that suits Vladimir Putin well in taking U.S. soft power influence out of his way.

Truth closer on Trump camp pro-Russia influence on GOP platform

Rachel Maddow looks at new information on ties between the Trump campaign and Russia and its influence on the Republican Party platform at the national convention, adding credibility to another piece of the unverified Trump dossier.